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I demand to be level uo to become a wizard to gain access to <#421515206762430474> chats

Dogs are tamed from wild wolves to guard the herds of early shepherds

@irix evidences?

@irix still that doesn't specifically states that cannibalism is widespread in China.

@irix and it was cited that some people are believed to cut themselves to feed their parents as a sign of piety, a claim that has been rejected as a metaphor and hyperbole on the importance of piety in Chinese society.

@Thule-Gesellschaft [โ˜ฉ] same with Koreans, they're barbaric too?

@Tohryn same thing happens with any other protests in authoritarian countries.

I'm not defending the habit of eating dogs, they're not bred specifically for human consumption and most probably people there develop a taste for them due to past famines from wars. But not all Chinese eat dogs, I can assure you as a Chinese living in SEA

Any people of many culture has committed cannibalism during harsh times.

@irix no it wasn't, if it was there would be no one left in China, it's used as a metaphor of extreme piety, if you look up that wiki article you posted. Children are told the story of adults carving up pieces of themselves to feed their parents during harsh times.

@irix it's just a story, nothing more.

@irix dude just read the wiki article

@irix it's from a story of a filial and piety son who carved his flesh to feed his parents.

Because they had constant famines, any culture would have had cannibalism occur when there is a famine.

@irix it was during the cultural revolution. Not a widespread phenomenon of government sanctioned cannibalism

And no that story wasn't the foundation of China

@irix no it wasn't eaten by Chinese rulers throughout history, it wasn't in the wiki either

Organs harvested to be sold on the black market for those who need organs. Not to eat them...

@irix so did anyone during times of war and chaos.

@irix in which way are they barbaric

@irix not for 4000 years of history they're not.

@irix there used to be a Republic of China up until the end of 1949

@irix yet Europeans left Africa in a truly deplorable state, same as in Asian countries who had to sort the problems themselves. Don't get me wrong, I would support colonialism but it could have been done way better

Trump is just another puppet by the zionist wealthy elite <:GigaLul:363417447078035457>

When supporting a different political party suddenly becomes a real problem....


Depends on which Europe you're referring to, those living in the Balkans and east Europe are just as poor as those in African countries

@Darkstar damn Nordic countries and their well funded welfare programmes

Austria is central Europe I think

Scandinavian countries, CGP grey has a good video explaining the Nordic terms.

@thrill_house it must include purchasing power parity tho, as living costs in each individual country is different

I thought that's only Italy, Ireland and Spain

Which in turn gives everyone affordable healthcare and education

You will be glad about that when you're old and sick, or your parents grow old.

Um can you give me how the unemployment welfare structure works in Finland?

@thrill_house and not investing money into education worsens everything. Look at the US honestly, largest economy yet it's industry mostly comprises low-skilled manufacturing which can easily be subjected to competition by developing countries with a large labour force like China.

When in terms of exports I mean, the US manufacturing industry is way behind other developed countries overall.

@thrill_house as you suggested, why not reform your middle-high school education? State schools in the US are funded by the property taxes right? That would mean schools in poorer districts where the lands have much less value would be heavily underfunded, the people in these areas would generally receive poor quality education where the teachers and curriculum wouldn't help to prepare the students when they enter society. Thus creating less jobs and employment opportunities for people living in these districts, hindering economic growth in these areas, repeating the cycle. Anyway those for-profit colleges are the reason why the US education standards are watered down, they accept just about anyone with a student loan regardless whether whatever they teach in return is what the industry wants, that's why Bernie Sanders was popular among tertiary education students.

Wait, since the school budgets are funded mostly by property taxes, how is it equal? Unless you're telling me the US government gives subsidies to these schools to ensure equal funding.

Yep, they're mostly best players bought from all over the world

@Logical-Scholar Nah, their own home league is filled with talented immigrants, giving less opportunities for the English
They do have Harry Kane though

Daniel Sterling and Harry Kane are one the best known English football players in the EPL currently. Daniel Sturridge's reputation however has fallen as much as his ability to get back on the field.

@thrill_house Pfft France won with a team consisting of people from different races, so stop being such an EN.

@thrill_house these people were born in France and they helped France won the World Cup, so race isn't really a factor here.

Only 2 out of 23 French national team are immigrants.

Jesus dude, have you done anything to improve the image of the US in the global stage? If you haven't, that means you're even worse than those negroes who won for the countries they live in.

@Noxar not talking to you lol.

@Noxar not American too so jokes on you

Flawed democracy. But we just toppled a coalition that ruled our country for the past 70 years via voting them out @Logical-Scholar

@Logical-Scholar We are probably famous because of the corruption scandals that our ex PM has been under fire from

@Logical-Scholar indeed we had a similar situation but the South Koreans only voted for a different candidate from the same party if I'm not wrong. However we had it even worse, Our PM managed to dodge all accusations of misconduct and corruption because his cronies controlled the entire government and institutions. He even forced out our Central Bank governer for attempting to fine 1MDB (the company he founded accused of embezzlement and extracting of civilian funds for his own benefit). He dismissed the former Vice PM for asking him to explain himselfwhen shit hits the fan and fired the Attorney General and installed a new one to fend off investigations into his malice.

@Logical-Scholar luckily we voted them out and now the new coalition has charged them for his crimes. The Malays who used to stick to the BN coalition as they promoted and guaranteed their "bumiputera" (native) rights finally woke up and decided to help the Chinese to get rid of him and his cronies that have degraded the integrity and separation of powers in our country.

@Logical-Scholar Hmmm I'm not an expert on him, but the crimes he was accused of is already plenty, he purged his ranks and sent a lot of people into gulags to work to their deaths.

Ewww an immigrant

Well at least they got rid of Florida.<:GigaLul:363417447078035457>

@Lockmarth you are one of them, kys. I'm mememing, just so you know.

@Logical-Scholar no not really, we already unsubscribed the sports package at my house so I pay less attention to sports news now.

RIP new user.

Nice bait



*Sauron theme plays*

@เธฟโฑคษ†ำพล‚โ‚ฎษ†ษ†โฑค it's your lymph node, did you have a recent bad cold or something? It will swell up if you had an infection recently

My lymph nodes had always been visible since I was a kid, but I had morning flu all the time, but now I've outgrown them and yet still have them abit swelled up.

@เธฟโฑคษ†ำพล‚โ‚ฎษ†ษ†โฑค or was it your thyroid gland? I'm not sure.

So your GP confirmed it was your lymph node?

Did he at least take a blood test or something?

Hi Yugoslavian <:GigaLul:363417447078035457> Jkjk how is Croatia? You guys are near to your winter season right? Is it getting wetter and colder there?

Major US weapons manufacturers has rigged the entire US so that if each senators of each state withdraw support of funding and buying the projects from these corporations, they would lose jobs in their homes states and be blamed for it. Lockheed Martin and Boeing have their factories each producing different parts spread across the entire US so as to ensure the government keeps paying them for fear of increasing unemployment.

Anyway I find it funny that the US Congress keeps blaming the executive department for spending on a list they made from an already tiny budget that they already set.

"South Africa's ANC to amend constitution to allow land expropriation" -

A reminder that this is going to be a reality in SA.

Even if there is a God, the Bible can't be assumed as his direct words without any opposition from others.

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