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2020-01-16 01:58:26 UTC
2020-01-16 02:00:19 UTC

Body shape, fertility, more childish features @Methode

2020-01-16 02:00:29 UTC

Softness of body

2020-01-16 02:38:03 UTC

That's not what I asked you either

2020-01-16 02:38:10 UTC

Let's call it why should methode talk to you?

2020-01-16 02:38:17 UTC

Why should I talk to you

2020-01-16 02:39:24 UTC

This is more general

2020-01-16 02:45:06 UTC

Methode should talk to me cause i have a clean butt

2020-01-16 02:47:48 UTC


2020-01-16 02:52:04 UTC


2020-01-16 02:55:18 UTC

Would anyone like to vc

2020-01-16 02:57:39 UTC

Well I’ll be in vc for a bit if anyone wants to join aswell

2020-01-16 03:00:03 UTC

No one?

2020-01-16 03:00:06 UTC


2020-01-16 03:00:15 UTC

This server must not be too active

2020-01-16 03:00:33 UTC

Depends on the time of day

2020-01-16 03:00:42 UTC


2020-01-16 03:02:21 UTC

It usually active

2020-01-16 03:31:23 UTC


2020-01-16 03:35:21 UTC

I hope you're happy leftoids

2020-01-16 03:35:28 UTC

I've been cleaning up the server

2020-01-16 03:36:53 UTC

@Number2TypeB I'll log into Reddit and upvote

2020-01-16 03:53:40 UTC

and I survived? I thought you were all against women and right wingers

2020-01-16 03:53:47 UTC


2020-01-16 03:54:25 UTC

1.) Not a woman

2020-01-16 03:54:38 UTC

2.)not a fascist/Nazi

2020-01-16 03:55:18 UTC

3.) No one hates women here

2020-01-16 04:38:59 UTC

I'm a woman

2020-01-16 04:48:17 UTC

Wasn't talking about you

2020-01-16 05:00:46 UTC

I would have to be left wing to be a Nazi <:Hehe:643131561004367872>

2020-01-16 05:01:02 UTC

we do agree on that point though, I'm not a fascist

2020-01-16 05:01:41 UTC

Dunno why you are so triggered about me being a woman, but k

2020-01-16 05:01:59 UTC

>3.) No one hates women here
(x) doubt

2020-01-16 05:02:59 UTC


2020-01-16 05:03:11 UTC

im not triggered its just an obvious larp

2020-01-16 05:03:27 UTC


2020-01-16 05:07:40 UTC

think whatever you want, who cares <:ayaya:644891959076454400>

2020-01-16 05:19:02 UTC


2020-01-16 06:54:05 UTC

Geeettttttt dunked on !

2020-01-16 07:48:49 UTC

methode salt posting

2020-01-16 08:37:57 UTC

Here's my official political ideology tier list


2020-01-16 08:42:06 UTC

In retrospect, the US Republican Party should probably be Brainlet Tier because it's worse than libertarianism

2020-01-16 08:42:51 UTC

link me the tier list page for this

2020-01-16 08:44:40 UTC
2020-01-16 08:44:57 UTC

I used this one and just changed the name of the last tier for obvious reasons https://tiermaker.com/create/political-ideologies-46003

2020-01-16 08:45:31 UTC

And there were three that I left out because I didn't know wtf they were

2020-01-16 08:46:47 UTC

Now I realize that two of them were DeLeonism and Left Communism which both probably would have gone in A tier

2020-01-16 08:54:20 UTC



2020-01-16 12:03:48 UTC

Good mornyan eveynyan! Remember that God is

2020-01-16 12:11:49 UTC

....... evil, gay and narcissistic

2020-01-16 12:11:53 UTC

I finished your sentence for you

2020-01-16 13:44:54 UTC

nobody wants to be honest. im the only objective person. nutrition is too complicated for anyone to understand. semen retention is too complicated for anyone to understand. anyone who says they know, is delusional.
the carnivore people who believe carnivore is the answer are just as bad as people who think carnivore will kill you.
the people who believe semen retention is definitely beneficial are just as bad as people who dismiss it. nobody knows.

2020-01-16 16:05:31 UTC

Both sides dumb 5head

2020-01-16 16:05:47 UTC

Thank you everyone no need for applause

2020-01-16 16:26:33 UTC

You forgot the most important


2020-01-16 16:26:44 UTC


2020-01-16 17:15:09 UTC

This isn't real

2020-01-16 18:51:17 UTC
2020-01-16 18:51:50 UTC
2020-01-17 00:14:58 UTC

Honestly... I think it's amusing that in all their education... most people won't realize that they're in high X% quintile percent...
Unironically because philosophy memes... hedonic treadmill.
You won't realize that when you hit the 50-60k income bracket, you're doing better than what? 60% of Americans? And thus... like 95% of the world?

2020-01-17 00:15:33 UTC

The empirics are completely irrelevant to people's lived experiences, because they don't have the insight of other people's experience to compare to. It has no emotional weight (empirics)

2020-01-17 00:17:01 UTC

There is that study that says you're happiness increases up until like about 70-75k

2020-01-17 00:27:30 UTC

Goodnyaght everynyan! if i dont win the lottery on firday then thats that i guess. not very well tonight.

2020-01-17 00:59:00 UTC

That should be location adjusted @sydtko

2020-01-17 00:59:15 UTC

Of course

2020-01-17 00:59:24 UTC

I am aware of demographicing / cost of living

2020-01-17 01:00:36 UTC

There's fucked up laws about cohabitation

2020-01-17 01:00:39 UTC

So ... get fucked

2020-01-17 01:01:08 UTC

kind of a joke https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Common-law_marriage how prudish the intent of the law is though

2020-01-17 01:01:14 UTC

If cohabitation, you're married, rolf xd

2020-01-17 01:01:40 UTC

But honestly. It's almost necessarily with no reasonable welfare net

2020-01-17 01:03:52 UTC


2020-01-17 01:04:00 UTC


2020-01-17 01:04:16 UTC

^ - methode, 2020

2020-01-17 01:21:34 UTC

5k ping doing nothing

2020-01-17 02:16:50 UTC



2020-01-17 02:16:59 UTC

<@&644177706367451163> i had this on my calendar and he won't do it

2020-01-17 02:17:46 UTC

I'm not surprised

2020-01-17 02:18:14 UTC

Debating empirics is hard, boring and well

2020-01-17 02:18:28 UTC

If you could do it, it's likely that you would be paid by some think tank

2020-01-17 02:18:47 UTC

Philosophical stuff can be for fun and normies can partake

2020-01-17 02:19:29 UTC

@actual_communist_boi Pretty much why I was disengaging or half engaging yesterday.
I'd literally have to read all three of those studies again to have reasonable critiques

2020-01-17 02:19:39 UTC

But I still believe the US is more plutocratic than you assert

2020-01-17 02:20:08 UTC

And there's huge reasons to believe so... but it's on "whatabout" or external principles
Like media consolidation and Chomsky's memes of Manufacturing Consent. (which I still haven't read)

2020-01-17 02:20:13 UTC

I've had it as a bookmark for like... a year

2020-01-17 02:20:38 UTC

@sydtko ok then read them

2020-01-17 02:20:39 UTC


2020-01-17 02:22:59 UTC



2020-01-17 02:23:49 UTC

All your physical attributes will belong to a corpse eventually

2020-01-17 02:23:55 UTC

Give in

2020-01-17 02:24:51 UTC

Reading is shit

2020-01-17 02:25:26 UTC

The point was that democracy can be propagandized to vote against their own interests

2020-01-17 02:25:49 UTC

Or educated in such a cursory, odd way that they can't even ... really align their own interests

2020-01-17 02:26:10 UTC

Which is ... a hilariously big problem in democracy and assuming rational actors

2020-01-17 02:29:09 UTC
2020-01-17 02:30:17 UTC


2020-01-17 02:31:03 UTC

It's anti-semitic, but I think it's funny
Also, you could deflate it and say he's a generalized Arab man

2020-01-17 02:31:53 UTC

Mainly because I think that can apply to ... any malicious capitalist actor but 🤷‍♂️

2020-01-17 02:32:03 UTC

I am known for having very generalized interpretations

2020-01-17 02:36:25 UTC

I'm sad

2020-01-17 02:36:31 UTC

@sydtko make me not sad

2020-01-17 02:36:33 UTC

Be my friend

2020-01-17 02:40:00 UTC

I ... don't know how to do that, since I don't know how to make myself not sad.
Then secondly committment to people boils my insides

2020-01-17 02:40:06 UTC

People are disgusting

2020-01-17 02:40:28 UTC

I guess, in some sense, we can be friends or are already friends though <:PEPELAUGH:643817011117424708>

2020-01-17 02:40:45 UTC

Literally, all my thinking is insanely misanthropic so nihilism is good for me.
A return to zero

2020-01-17 02:41:08 UTC

@Methode You need to accept his horn

2020-01-17 02:41:16 UTC

And ask him if it's rational to use your money to further your interests

2020-01-17 02:41:25 UTC

Because it is

2020-01-17 02:41:29 UTC

It's literally the definition of rational

2020-01-17 02:41:58 UTC


2020-01-17 02:42:05 UTC

I don't have the energy for crazies anymore

2020-01-17 02:42:08 UTC

@actual_communist_boi tf does her shirt say

2020-01-17 02:43:08 UTC

Looks like "size"

2020-01-17 02:43:18 UTC

But I can't tell. I think it implies he likes big/tall chicks?

2020-01-17 02:44:01 UTC

Fucking StoneToss

2020-01-17 03:04:19 UTC

@Methode All statements are Shrodinger's Statments <:Smug:643129431434461194>

2020-01-17 03:04:32 UTC

Honestly, both you and him are constantly sarcastic

2020-01-17 03:04:39 UTC

So I can't tell if I'm supposed to interpret them in good faith or bad faith

2020-01-17 04:39:18 UTC


2020-01-17 11:15:25 UTC


2020-01-17 14:09:23 UTC

because i remain free of bias, i was able to push the debate farther on almost every topic.

2020-01-17 16:38:30 UTC

Good afternyan everyman! Something about lottery, something about university. Stress. Hopefulness. Pessimism.

2020-01-17 18:55:37 UTC

Why are you still here? @Danacrag

2020-01-17 18:56:04 UTC

to talk to people ofc

2020-01-17 20:03:03 UTC


2020-01-17 20:07:10 UTC

Love u @Danacrag, don't listen to mean old Methode 💕

2020-01-17 20:07:14 UTC

I don't like you

2020-01-17 20:07:19 UTC
2020-01-17 20:08:04 UTC

I like you

2020-01-17 20:08:11 UTC

@LustrousMandrill thank you fren

2020-01-17 20:08:35 UTC

I hate you

2020-01-17 20:09:20 UTC

I think you're belaboring the point a bit

2020-01-17 20:10:04 UTC

Define belaboring I

2020-01-17 20:12:03 UTC


2020-01-17 20:12:26 UTC

Yeah I am

2020-01-17 20:12:30 UTC

I hate them

2020-01-17 20:12:33 UTC

And I want them to know

2020-01-17 20:28:19 UTC

mean old methode

2020-01-17 20:56:54 UTC



2020-01-17 20:57:22 UTC

Because it's tru

2020-01-17 22:19:10 UTC

Is this a genuine trial or is the VC title for funsies?

2020-01-17 22:19:41 UTC
2020-01-17 22:20:35 UTC

There hasn't been a trial in a few days

2020-01-17 22:20:40 UTC

Methode just forgot to change it

2020-01-17 23:10:16 UTC


2020-01-17 23:22:57 UTC


2020-01-18 00:25:00 UTC

@goboblin join vc

2020-01-18 01:17:37 UTC

Goodnyaght everynyan! The idea that women can defend themselves is a dangerous one. I didn't win the lottery, so i guess thats the end of any hopes i had of avoiding university. probs not gonna buy anymore tickets. REEEEEEEEEEE. I hoped far too much to win and didn't do any work for uni. very sad about small problems.

2020-01-18 05:21:05 UTC

2968.07 available balance is petit bourg

2020-01-18 09:12:12 UTC

good mornyan everynyan! i did try harder to get more sleep but i cant really get to sleep now a days unless im properly tired. this is bad since uni starts Monday. it seems, to me, that even the prostitutes of the past were more moral than their modern day counter parts. not been well for the past couple of days, that includes today. making things because they can be made isn't reason enough for them to be made.

2020-01-18 09:41:39 UTC


2020-01-18 19:25:49 UTC

My step brother said theres sexist against men on twitch . hes so stupid

2020-01-18 19:47:28 UTC

you mean

2020-01-18 19:48:17 UTC

and there is, how many more examples do you need of women violating rules and not getting punishment? mostly thots tbh

2020-01-18 19:49:24 UTC

There is sexism in play when guys give me free csgo skins.

2020-01-18 19:51:25 UTC

I wouldn't call that sexism, it's not like men and women will ever have that kind of "equality"

2020-01-18 19:51:33 UTC

we always get free shit

2020-01-18 19:51:39 UTC


2020-01-18 22:03:08 UTC

@Princess Toshi who are you and why did you steal my avatar

2020-01-18 22:03:22 UTC

your avatar?

2020-01-18 22:03:32 UTC

Yeah mine

2020-01-18 22:03:37 UTC


2020-01-18 22:03:41 UTC

I had it first

2020-01-18 22:04:07 UTC

Is this some kind of convoluted way of you asking me for the full image?

2020-01-18 22:08:49 UTC


2020-01-18 22:22:27 UTC

squadW in the chat boys

2020-01-18 22:23:15 UTC

There's actual empirics on Twitch that someone made about comparisons between men and women

2020-01-18 22:25:45 UTC

Was it commie boi

2020-01-18 22:29:39 UTC

I don't believe so... I'd have to pull it up

2020-01-18 22:29:42 UTC

Jamie pull that up

2020-01-18 22:30:52 UTC

https://towardsdatascience.com/do-girls-have-it-easier-on-twitch-209f77e0808f?gi=f7db2af42987 ... there might be other articles. And obviously, be somewhat skeptical to this source because I don't know the author

2020-01-18 22:31:21 UTC

But when I have no other information to work off. It seems reasonable to trust your first source

2020-01-18 22:31:26 UTC

Until you find better data

2020-01-18 22:33:22 UTC

I dotn think their explaination of the data makes sense

2020-01-18 23:04:46 UTC

Sure. Always be skeptical of the cause / theory / explanation for the data.
But the data is the data

2020-01-18 23:05:19 UTC

If someone asserted something like ... women have it easier starting on Twitch, I'd agree.
But it probably is more difficult to become a larger streamer or to be taking seriously (which usually gets called a glass ceiling)

2020-01-18 23:42:10 UTC

I am the atheist messiah.
saved the world from unhappiness and religious dogma.

2020-01-19 01:02:27 UTC

Goodnyaght everynyan! last day of holidays.... hecc. i don't want to go back. the internet has created many perversions. sometimes i wonder if the industrial revolution was a mistake. >tfw actually bought more lottery tickets even tho i said i wouldnt. >tfw didnt win. i really wanted to avoid uni... and work in general.

2020-01-19 01:05:50 UTC

yeah, just blame the industrial revolution for being alive.
I hate the fact that there's the possibility of billions of more people alive and thus enabling the probilistic outcomes of being alive

2020-01-19 01:06:10 UTC

ha ha ha
all life is worth living, but I'm a doomer
ha aha

2020-01-19 01:06:30 UTC

Fucking Christians man. Figure your shit out

2020-01-19 01:21:59 UTC

Talmudic 6 Genders

2020-01-19 01:36:14 UTC


2020-01-19 03:10:02 UTC

@Danacrag Goodnight cutie, you're my favorite perversion

2020-01-19 03:10:06 UTC


2020-01-19 03:10:10 UTC


2020-01-19 03:10:16 UTC


2020-01-19 03:19:54 UTC
2020-01-19 06:40:12 UTC

ok, epic

2020-01-19 06:43:05 UTC

@Marcdoof gib me gay role bby

2020-01-19 06:51:44 UTC

there @Nate

2020-01-19 10:58:04 UTC

Good mornyan everynyan! start uni again tomorrow. i hate uni. any successful society requires executions. I wasted so much. It is sad how Christmas feels so far away already. I'm not well.

2020-01-19 11:02:20 UTC

don't go to uni then

2020-01-19 11:02:22 UTC


2020-01-19 11:02:47 UTC

why get into debt going to uni if you don't even want it

2020-01-19 12:36:55 UTC


2020-01-19 16:36:49 UTC

societal expectations are what make people go to uni

2020-01-19 16:43:10 UTC

you can't scream society needs to change and then use it as an excuse for what you are doing. Pick one

2020-01-19 16:55:24 UTC

Why can't you? Society can need to change but also have the power to push you in certain directions.

2020-01-19 17:01:25 UTC

Good afternyan everybody except shiny admin

2020-01-19 17:43:51 UTC

@chaizu coz it's hypocrite

2020-01-19 17:43:53 UTC


2020-01-19 17:48:16 UTC

It's no more hypocritical than complaining about the lords while being a serf, you're allowed to criticize society while participating in it

2020-01-19 17:50:28 UTC

>complain about the stupid ppl that go to uni
>goes to uni
pick one

2020-01-19 17:51:05 UTC

>you're allowed to criticize society while participating in it
not even remotelly related to what was said. Good luck not living "in a society"

2020-01-19 18:03:07 UTC

I'm mostly responding to you saying I can't say society has to change but also use society as a reason to do things. Idk where Dana said people who go to uni are dumb but I don't read what Dana says most of the time.

2020-01-19 20:17:45 UTC

@hennyboo I feel singled out

2020-01-19 20:59:43 UTC

But I’m playing

2020-01-19 21:00:25 UTC

Good afternoon mon pocheurse

2020-01-19 21:01:40 UTC

Going to university fucking sucks and I say that as a person whos going to uni cuz some of us have bills to pay and cant afford to opt out of societally pushed Life Advancement Events

2020-01-19 21:07:46 UTC

@chaizu they didn't

2020-01-19 21:07:48 UTC

They didn't say that

2020-01-19 21:08:25 UTC

It's just @668510962537725992 is just a moron

2020-01-19 21:08:42 UTC
2020-01-19 21:23:34 UTC

@hennyboo you go girl, get that degree !

2020-01-19 21:24:20 UTC

Don't end up a NEET like me

2020-01-19 21:24:59 UTC

That's my two line poem

2020-01-19 22:51:42 UTC

Im too hot to be a neet

2020-01-19 23:05:17 UTC


2020-01-19 23:12:38 UTC

We are unhappy and civil society is breaking down
We need to follow someone. capitalism is barebones on purpose. its not meant to give you fulfillment, you are supposed to find that in your community, not politics. We need a secular religion to help people leave religion and also to help the negative effects of people leaving religion.

2020-01-19 23:16:27 UTC

The anomie is taking over .

2020-01-19 23:16:45 UTC

Shiny please meet me in pms

2020-01-19 23:19:02 UTC


2020-01-19 23:22:54 UTC

Goodnyaght everynyan! taxes are pretty awful. a lot of people are taxed far too much. dont want to start uni. sick of dealing with people.

2020-01-19 23:27:51 UTC

Why are you sick of dealing with people?

2020-01-19 23:28:19 UTC

Like random strangers at uni? Are you forced to interact with them?

2020-01-19 23:44:21 UTC


2020-01-19 23:46:27 UTC

sounds atrocious

2020-01-19 23:47:47 UTC

like uh

2020-01-19 23:47:49 UTC

like uhm

2020-01-19 23:52:09 UTC

its gonna take an atheist who sees the value of religion to be the one to eradicate and replace it

2020-01-19 23:58:44 UTC


2020-01-20 00:00:22 UTC

its gonna take a theist who sees the value of atheism to be the one to eradicate and replace it

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