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kinda squishy

i didnt mean to type that there


im 31

yeah im not human either so its a common mistake

im a crab

and your a kangaroo

so it would have never worked

lmaooooo a stalker ๐Ÿ˜ฎ

says the dude who just did

keep up the delusion

you need to stop following me everywhere its a little obsessive

2017-11-04 16:43:03 UTC [The Right Server #voice_chat]  

omg his laugh is so creepy

2017-11-04 16:48:02 UTC [The Right Server #voice_chat]  

so close to a bingo

2017-11-04 16:48:41 UTC [The Right Server #voice_chat]  

but i think he might have said christian world view

2017-11-04 16:48:49 UTC [The Right Server #voice_chat]  

any judge around to weigh in?

2017-11-04 17:13:03 UTC [The Right Server #voice_chat]  


2017-11-04 17:18:56 UTC [The Right Server #antifa_chimpout]  

oops wrong chat

2017-11-04 17:19:20 UTC [The Right Server #voice_chat]  

alex better make DD screaming his name his ringtone

2017-11-04 17:19:31 UTC [The Right Server #voice_chat]  

'ALEX ALEX' "oh cool a text"

2017-11-04 17:19:40 UTC [The Right Server #voice_chat]  


2017-11-04 17:20:15 UTC [The Right Server #voice_chat]  

theres a soundboard

2017-11-04 17:20:17 UTC [The Right Server #voice_chat]  

lemme find it for you

2017-11-04 17:20:46 UTC [The Right Server #voice_chat]  

there ya go buddy

2017-11-04 17:20:54 UTC [The Right Server #voice_chat]  

theres an entire youtube channel called dawkins greatest hits too

2017-11-04 17:21:31 UTC [The Right Server #voice_chat]  

buts its okay to love me, im not a man, theres no homo involved

2017-11-04 17:22:28 UTC [The Right Server #voice_chat]  


2017-11-04 17:24:54 UTC [The Right Server #voice_chat]  

the meltdowns are so good

2017-11-04 17:27:51 UTC [The Right Server #voice_chat]  

who just yawned. they made me yawn >[

2017-11-04 17:31:28 UTC [The Right Server #voice_chat]  

but why green cheese

2017-11-04 17:38:04 UTC [The Right Server #voice_chat]  


2017-11-04 17:38:09 UTC [The Right Server #voice_chat]  


2017-11-04 17:42:23 UTC [The Right Server #voice_chat]  

im not :[

2017-11-04 17:42:41 UTC [The Right Server #voice_chat]  

ask dawkins

2017-11-04 17:42:43 UTC [The Right Server #voice_chat]  

he'll know

2017-11-04 17:43:33 UTC [The Right Server #voice_chat]  

hes not even listening hes just waiting to talk

2017-11-04 17:43:43 UTC [The Right Server #voice_chat]  

thats the issue with dawkins he doesnt listen, he just waits to talk

2017-11-04 17:44:11 UTC [The Right Server #voice_chat]  

someone ask him to explain miracles

2017-11-04 17:44:13 UTC [The Right Server #voice_chat]  


2017-11-04 17:44:15 UTC [The Right Server #voice_chat]  

watch him spin

2017-11-04 17:47:50 UTC [The Right Server #voice_chat]  

jesus christ can god make you get off of the white theme?

2017-11-04 17:47:56 UTC [The Right Server #voice_chat]  

how the fuck do you see anything

2017-11-04 17:48:35 UTC [The Right Server #voice_chat]  

his poor eyes tho

2017-11-04 17:48:38 UTC [The Right Server #voice_chat]  

think of his eyeballs

2017-11-04 17:48:50 UTC [The Right Server #voice_chat]  

he prolly looks away from the screen and the discord is burned on his retinas

2017-11-04 18:08:10 UTC [The Right Server #voice_chat]  

@johnnybbadd cant argue that, thats legit magic there

2017-11-04 18:08:15 UTC [The Right Server #voice_chat]  

i throw my hat in. you win

2017-11-04 18:08:23 UTC [The Right Server #voice_chat]  


2017-11-04 18:09:46 UTC [The Right Server #voice_chat]  

omg what movie is this

2017-11-04 18:09:57 UTC [The Right Server #voice_chat]  

i NEEED it

2017-11-04 18:11:01 UTC [The Right Server #voice_chat]  


2017-11-04 18:11:03 UTC [The Right Server #voice_chat]  


2017-11-04 18:11:21 UTC [The Right Server #voice_chat]  


2017-11-04 18:12:47 UTC [The Right Server #voice_chat]  

its only 15 minutes

2019-11-14 00:02:24 UTC [Bread Club #voice-chat]  


2019-11-22 03:44:31 UTC [Bread Club #voice-chat]  


2019-11-22 04:09:20 UTC [Bread Club #voice-chat]  

i like you

2019-11-22 04:09:23 UTC [Bread Club #voice-chat]  

you got what it takes

2019-11-22 04:09:42 UTC [Bread Club #voice-chat]  

i wouldnt want it here tbh

2019-11-22 04:09:44 UTC [Bread Club #voice-chat]  


2019-11-22 04:10:23 UTC [Bread Club #voice-chat]  

can i just say that despite the fact that gus is a dirty liberal i love the hell out of him

2019-11-22 04:10:32 UTC [Bread Club #voice-chat]  

and i just want to write my appreciation for gus

2019-11-22 04:41:07 UTC [Bread Club #voice-chat]  


2019-11-22 05:05:29 UTC [Bread Club #voice-chat]  


2019-12-15 13:31:43 UTC [Bread Club #general-n-memes]  


2020-01-17 23:10:16 UTC [Bread Club #general-n-memes]  


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