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2019-09-08 05:42:25 UTC [333 #lobby]  

2020-01-18 19:49:24 UTC [Bread Club #general-n-memes]  

There is sexism in play when guys give me free csgo skins.

2020-01-18 22:03:22 UTC [Bread Club #general-n-memes]  

your avatar?

2020-01-18 22:03:37 UTC [Bread Club #general-n-memes]  


2020-01-18 22:04:07 UTC [Bread Club #general-n-memes]  

Is this some kind of convoluted way of you asking me for the full image?

2020-01-28 23:11:19 UTC [Bread Club #general-n-memes]  

Finally back

2020-01-28 23:11:34 UTC [Bread Club #general-n-memes]  

Feels good

2020-01-28 23:11:46 UTC [Bread Club #general-n-memes]  

@LustrousMandrill can I have my roles pls?

2020-01-28 23:13:27 UTC [Bread Club #general-n-memes]  

I don't even remember what they were πŸ˜… I'll ask again when I remember

2020-01-28 23:13:46 UTC [Bread Club #general-n-memes]  

I did have access to FALGSC though

2020-01-28 23:14:47 UTC [Bread Club #general-n-memes]  

Member and FALGSC

2020-01-29 00:53:51 UTC [Bread Club #general-n-memes]  

Transfascism gang

2020-01-29 00:54:00 UTC [Bread Club #general-n-memes]  

Estronationalism gang

2020-01-29 01:09:00 UTC [Bread Club #general-n-memes]  

if it was a pastel pink I'd agree

2020-01-29 01:49:55 UTC [Bread Club #general-n-memes]  

thats hot

2020-01-29 02:41:27 UTC [Bread Club #general-n-memes]  

@LustrousMandrill pastels > hot pink

2020-01-29 12:37:55 UTC [Bread Club #general-n-memes]  

@Danacrag the ancestors argument is the biggest cope. I can't imagine being so weak spirited that I can't accomplish anything myself and instead have to appeal to my ancestors accomplishments as if they were my own

2020-01-29 12:48:36 UTC [Bread Club #general-n-memes]  

@Buelli you have a really cute pfp

2020-01-29 12:50:59 UTC [Bread Club #general-n-memes]  

@Danacrag doesn't matter that we're a part of a narrative. I refuse to claim the achivement of my ancestors I think that's pretty lame. I'd rather active something myself than claim something that's not mine. The majority of the people I see claiming their ancestors achivements are the people who never actually do anything. People who are functionally useless and have no will

2020-01-29 12:56:07 UTC [Bread Club #general-n-memes]  

@AusFox Loki-chan~

2020-01-29 12:56:40 UTC [Bread Club #general-n-memes]  

Wait, dana

2020-01-29 12:56:45 UTC [Bread Club #general-n-memes]  

You didn't know it was me?

2020-01-29 12:56:46 UTC [Bread Club #general-n-memes]  


2020-01-29 12:58:37 UTC [Bread Club #general-n-memes]  

@AusFox what are your notes on me anyways πŸ€”

2020-01-29 12:58:55 UTC [Bread Club #general-n-memes]  

I don't have notes on anyone sadly. Maybe I should make some

2020-01-29 12:59:07 UTC [Bread Club #general-n-memes]  

Shhh don't call me that

2020-01-29 12:59:32 UTC [Bread Club #general-n-memes]  

I can't

2020-01-29 13:00:18 UTC [Bread Club #general-n-memes]  

I can't

2020-01-29 13:00:49 UTC [Bread Club #general-n-memes]  

Because I have too much at stake lol I'm not gonna transition

2020-01-29 13:04:56 UTC [Bread Club #general-n-memes]  

you're not confusing me for anyone else. check my steam-discord connection, its me. Sasha thought it was someone else too, I can't blame you. I just dissapeared for a bit and came back like this so I'm not surprised people aren't convinced

2020-01-29 14:25:02 UTC [Bread Club #general-n-memes]  

@Danacrag to me? Yes

2020-01-29 14:25:07 UTC [Bread Club #general-n-memes]  

I mean

2020-01-29 14:25:31 UTC [Bread Club #general-n-memes]  

It's not really slavery if I'm paying you for it though

2020-01-29 14:27:16 UTC [Bread Club #general-n-memes]  

That works

2020-01-29 15:14:00 UTC [Bread Club #general-n-memes]  


2020-01-29 18:39:06 UTC [Bread Club #general-n-memes]  

when am I gonna get the Shaun role back so I can help deal with stuff like this ^ @Methode

2020-01-29 18:39:18 UTC [Bread Club #general-n-memes]  


2020-01-29 18:39:24 UTC [Bread Club #general-n-memes]  

I prefer that role be called anything else

2020-01-29 20:45:20 UTC [Bread Club #general-n-memes]  

is he?

2020-01-29 20:49:42 UTC [Bread Club #general-n-memes]  

lol wtf

2020-01-29 20:50:15 UTC [Bread Club #general-n-memes]  

@Methode you hate Warren, Bloomberg, Biden, and Buttyjudge?

2020-01-29 20:50:30 UTC [Bread Club #general-n-memes]  

or just the 3 that start with a B

2020-01-29 20:56:49 UTC [Bread Club #general-n-memes]  

for a sec I thought you said he was a weeb and I was about to start supporting him based on that alone

2020-01-29 20:59:03 UTC [Bread Club #general-n-memes]  


2020-01-29 20:59:04 UTC [Bread Club #general-n-memes]  

he is

2020-01-29 20:59:41 UTC [Bread Club #general-n-memes]  

@AusFox whats your pfp? its so cute

2020-01-29 21:01:41 UTC [Bread Club #general-n-memes]  


2020-01-29 21:09:01 UTC [Bread Club #general-n-memes]  

i'd rather just have a smooth hairless body

2020-01-29 21:12:07 UTC [Bread Club #general-n-memes]  


2020-01-29 22:06:42 UTC [Bread Club #general-n-memes]  

prove animal pain

2020-01-29 22:06:46 UTC [Bread Club #general-n-memes]  


2020-01-29 22:06:54 UTC [Bread Club #general-n-memes]  

is it?

2020-01-29 22:07:05 UTC [Bread Club #general-n-memes]  


2020-01-29 22:10:02 UTC [Bread Club #general-n-memes]  

btw I meet a vegan hunter recently

2020-01-29 22:10:03 UTC [Bread Club #general-n-memes]  


2020-01-29 22:10:09 UTC [Bread Club #general-n-memes]  

a dude who hunts and kills animals

2020-01-29 22:10:14 UTC [Bread Club #general-n-memes]  

and doesn't even eat them

2020-01-29 22:10:18 UTC [Bread Club #general-n-memes]  

he just leaves them there

2020-01-29 22:10:23 UTC [Bread Club #general-n-memes]  

he's vegan

2020-01-29 22:49:40 UTC [Bread Club #general-n-memes]  

@Methode idk why he kills them tbh

2020-01-29 22:49:47 UTC [Bread Club #general-n-memes]  

he just hunts for fun I think

2020-01-30 02:11:18 UTC [Bread Club #general-n-memes]  

@kommunistkardashian what happened?

2020-01-30 02:22:01 UTC [Bread Club #general-n-memes]  


2020-01-30 02:22:15 UTC [Bread Club #general-n-memes]  

I have no idea what this is about and feel like I'm missing context

2020-01-30 21:28:29 UTC [Bread Club #general-n-memes]  

nah, give it to me

2020-01-30 21:28:56 UTC [Bread Club #general-n-memes]  

I'll grow it by at least 2.5% every month

2020-01-30 21:29:35 UTC [Bread Club #general-n-memes]  

yeah, you can be my maid and do chores around the house for me during market hours

2020-01-30 21:48:03 UTC [Bread Club #general-n-memes]  

@Methode I don't think I am, it would just be useful to have someone to give me their labour for free

2020-01-31 02:50:55 UTC [Bread Club #general-n-memes]  


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