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2019-05-13 22:01:05 UTC

Bro come to the US

2019-05-13 22:04:38 UTC

Tbh us sounds like better deal for me

2019-05-13 22:07:46 UTC

but fuck i yellow fever is my shit

2019-05-13 22:07:57 UTC

Then come to the PNW

2019-05-13 22:08:10 UTC

Yellow women as far as the eye can see

2019-05-13 22:08:30 UTC


2019-05-13 22:08:41 UTC

So US is my place to go

2019-05-13 22:09:03 UTC

Yeah. Japan is super hard to immigrate to. And their economic situation isn’t the greatest

2019-05-13 22:10:38 UTC

First i need to stop being poorfag to move to US

2019-05-13 22:15:52 UTC

Let me know if you need help with immigration shit

2019-05-13 22:16:36 UTC

Thanks i will hit you up when i will start doing it

2019-05-13 22:20:02 UTC

Good man. It’s going to be a little bit of a culture shock for you. But you can buy guns and say fuck the government/police/church and there’s no worry about getting snatched up at night for your beliefs

2019-05-13 22:20:20 UTC

I don't think so

2019-05-13 22:21:30 UTC

Only thing i was shocked about is that you don't take off your shoes before you go inside a house

2019-05-13 22:22:36 UTC

And i don't get super bowl thing but this is some sport shit and i don't realy care about it

2019-05-13 22:22:46 UTC

Lol. I kick mine off as soon as I get inside

2019-05-13 22:23:08 UTC

Football is garbage man. Hockey is where it’s at

2019-05-13 22:23:21 UTC

What might surprise me in US?

2019-05-13 22:24:09 UTC

I will tell if we do that in Poland cuz i don't thing in culture we are that different

2019-05-13 22:24:27 UTC

All the different geographical areas we have

2019-05-13 22:24:55 UTC

And just the sheer size of the country

2019-05-13 22:25:21 UTC

It took me 54 hours to drive from coast to coast

2019-05-13 22:25:26 UTC

I don't really care about it tbh

2019-05-13 22:25:41 UTC

I'm not type of person that cares about shit like that

2019-05-13 22:26:31 UTC

Most Americans are good people, although slightly ignorant

2019-05-13 22:26:53 UTC

If you ever meet a Texan they will let you know.

2019-05-13 22:27:25 UTC

I think if i don't tell them i'm from another country they won't care about me really

2019-05-13 22:27:49 UTC

You’ll get a lot of questions about Poland

2019-05-13 22:28:19 UTC

I don't care about it tbh it will be place where i lived and thats all

2019-05-13 22:29:27 UTC

I worked with the poles in Afghanistan. Your army doesn’t give a fuck lol. Bunch of great guys to go shoot sand people with.

2019-05-13 22:30:35 UTC

We really don't it is like nationality thing

2019-05-13 22:31:04 UTC

If we cared we would care what is happening in gov right now

2019-05-13 22:32:41 UTC

Don’t give a fuck in that context was a figure of speech my friend. Like they were all about going on patrol and killing bad people and breaking their shit

2019-05-13 22:33:16 UTC

I know what you mean

2019-05-13 22:33:28 UTC

I'm talking here about small stuff

2019-05-13 22:33:41 UTC

There’s a lot of apathy here about government here too. Most people just take their opinions from CNN

2019-05-13 22:34:50 UTC

Tbh we something similar but is gov TV station

2019-05-13 22:35:37 UTC

Ew. We have something similar but they’re mostly apolitical

2019-05-13 22:37:03 UTC

I'm going to bed i need to get some sleep before 2 last finals

2019-05-13 23:21:36 UTC

good luck on the finales my man

2019-05-13 23:51:54 UTC

I wouldn't say apathy. Just disenchantment. We recognize that they're not gonna do shit for us no matter who gets elected and that you have better odds of the fairy fuckin' godmother existing than you do a politician doing something for the people

2019-05-13 23:52:15 UTC

Sounds like apathy to me 🤷🏻‍♂️

2019-05-13 23:52:19 UTC


2019-05-13 23:52:28 UTC

Sounds like apathy to me

2019-05-13 23:52:45 UTC

Apathy implies you don't care. Disenchantment means you care but you feel like there's no point

2019-05-13 23:52:49 UTC

But guys. We got ourselves a new American. Hopefully

2019-05-13 23:53:01 UTC


2019-05-13 23:53:43 UTC

Scroll up. @DAnteForneus is thinking about coming over

2019-05-13 23:54:04 UTC

Oh shit son, get your ass over here. We got room

2019-05-13 23:54:49 UTC

I told him he needs to. Europe is about to be New Arabia

2019-05-14 00:34:32 UTC

Or ya know

2019-05-14 00:34:59 UTC

Stop letting that shit happen

2019-05-14 00:36:15 UTC

Eh. Europe is a lost cause. We bailed them out twice already. They’re too pussified to do anything about their problems now

2019-05-14 00:37:34 UTC

The only ones willing to do it are usually locked up fairly quickly

2019-05-14 00:37:54 UTC

That’s true.

2019-05-14 00:38:29 UTC

Not my business unless Marine Corps says otherwise

2019-05-14 00:38:48 UTC

I lived in Germany from 2009-2011 and it wasn’t terrible then but over the past 10 years it’s turned into a shit show

2019-05-14 00:41:31 UTC

@AKAlexei correct answer atm

2019-05-14 00:41:37 UTC

Stay out of politics

2019-05-14 00:42:12 UTC

@thatgoonsteve42 but yeah, ive noticed that pretty much everyone in the e.u. has been cucking out hard

2019-05-14 00:42:33 UTC

Basically the only ones that aren't are the eastern European countries

2019-05-14 00:42:41 UTC

It’s saddening

2019-05-14 00:43:12 UTC

Yeah the Eastern Europeans have been through this shit before with the USSR. They’re not about to go through it with Sharia law

2019-05-14 00:43:31 UTC


2019-05-14 00:44:31 UTC

Although a lot of their nations are starting to lean hard right

2019-05-14 01:00:19 UTC


2019-05-14 01:00:22 UTC


2019-05-14 01:56:26 UTC


2019-05-14 01:56:30 UTC

I have bad news

2019-05-14 01:56:49 UTC

The government is siding with Juan Quaido

2019-05-14 01:57:12 UTC

They are going to raid the Venezuelan Embassy and remove those who are legally occupying the building in favor of Maduro

2019-05-14 01:57:17 UTC

If this escalates...

2019-05-14 01:57:23 UTC

You know what may happen

2019-05-14 01:57:37 UTC

I could really use some support...

2019-05-14 01:57:38 UTC

a wild bugaloo

2019-05-14 01:57:44 UTC


2019-05-14 01:58:07 UTC

good thing i'm getting attached to seal team 18 as a comms tech

2019-05-14 01:58:28 UTC

I will fight for my Marines... those men and women beside me

2019-05-14 01:58:46 UTC

I care not for oil or riches... but for those who are in the shit with me...

2019-05-14 01:58:54 UTC

Am I wrong to see things that way?

2019-05-14 01:59:07 UTC

no thats how most people see it

2019-05-14 01:59:32 UTC

i dont like the government but i fight for the gods and my brothers

2019-05-14 01:59:45 UTC

For the gods and our brothers

2019-05-14 01:59:59 UTC

To Valhalla

2019-05-14 02:00:05 UTC


2019-05-14 02:00:20 UTC

Time to boogaloo

2019-05-14 02:00:31 UTC

Time to boogaloo indeed

2019-05-14 02:00:42 UTC

boogaloo in the jungle mk 2

2019-05-14 02:00:49 UTC

tropical paradise

2019-05-14 02:00:54 UTC

I like shooting motherfuckers in the face for freedom

2019-05-14 02:01:11 UTC

you where a sapper right?

2019-05-14 02:01:27 UTC

that and blowing things up are youre expertise

2019-05-14 02:02:57 UTC

Lol guilty

2019-05-14 02:04:07 UTC

Im glad we're holding blót this summer

2019-05-14 02:04:11 UTC

I need it

2019-05-14 02:05:45 UTC

I’d like to go or if y’all have any contacts up in Washington state that would be interested in talking to a curious party

2019-05-14 02:06:38 UTC

not sure if we have anyone in Washington and your welcome to come but its in VA

2019-05-14 02:07:15 UTC

I would but there in lies the problem

2019-05-14 02:07:38 UTC

ya distance is usually the problem

2019-05-14 02:09:14 UTC

Ironically I used to live in VA for part of 2017 and part of last year

2019-05-14 02:10:47 UTC

well dang we just missed you haha

2019-05-14 02:19:39 UTC

We have boots on the ground in Colombia

2019-05-14 02:20:02 UTC

we've had troops there for a hot min

2019-05-14 02:20:12 UTC

US diplomats have been ordered to leave Venezuela... citing that they are operating counter to "American policy"

2019-05-14 02:20:34 UTC

We're checking Intel from as many sites as possible

2019-05-14 02:22:26 UTC

What I'm trying to say is that we all need to be prepared, boys. South American Intervention II: Electric Boogaloo might be not a joke

2019-05-14 02:23:01 UTC

Yeah no it’s about time too

2019-05-14 02:23:11 UTC

Easy to say, hard to experience

2019-05-14 02:23:18 UTC

Keep in mind, I'm concerned

2019-05-14 02:23:37 UTC

If I gotta go, so be it. But I'd rather not invade some country for oil

2019-05-14 02:23:44 UTC

Fuck Maduro and Guaido

2019-05-14 02:23:49 UTC

Buncha fuckin morons

2019-05-14 02:24:10 UTC

Eh. I’ve been to the big show. Don’t worry about the political reasons. Just worry about your guys

2019-05-14 02:24:20 UTC

That's true

2019-05-14 02:24:25 UTC

I'm trying

2019-05-14 02:24:36 UTC

Just would prefer to not HAVE to worry about my guys

2019-05-14 02:25:21 UTC

When you’re in the military you are a national asset. It should be completely devoid of politics. Violence is your trade. Doesn’t matter who you have to visit that violence upon

2019-05-14 02:26:06 UTC

>goes to be combat camera
>surprise reclass to 0311

2019-05-14 02:26:30 UTC

No argument there. And I won't protest if ordered to go, even if I could. But you can't honestly blame me for not wanting my Marines to have to fuck up a country for a bunch of oil magnates who want an Electric Boogaloo for it

2019-05-14 02:26:31 UTC

>the big oof

2019-05-14 02:26:43 UTC


2019-05-14 02:27:18 UTC

thoes people are down there starving aswell

2019-05-14 02:27:21 UTC

Step one: input policy that favors oil
Step two: Venezuela turns to shit
Step three: profit

2019-05-14 02:27:36 UTC

Personally, I'd love to be able to just go down there to hand out food and water

2019-05-14 02:27:47 UTC

would be liberation as well

2019-05-14 02:27:56 UTC

I don’t feel like Iraq pt 2 was about oil. I feel like GWB just wanted to put Saddam in his place for his dad.

2019-05-14 02:28:09 UTC

I think it was both

2019-05-14 02:28:16 UTC

Plus Cheney got rich off Iraq

2019-05-14 02:28:38 UTC

That's my motto about these things; God bless Dick Cheney's America

2019-05-14 02:28:55 UTC

Venezuela wouldn’t be about oil. When you run over your own people with MRAPs because they’re rioting over the conditions you caused for them, it’s time to go

2019-05-14 02:29:34 UTC

Yeah that's true

2019-05-14 02:29:36 UTC

I’m not saying America should be the world police, but there’s a reason so many people come to our country

2019-05-14 02:29:37 UTC

That footage was nuts

2019-05-14 02:30:26 UTC

As shitty as we think it is, there’s a kid out there that hasn’t eaten in days, with no clean water, wondering if his parents are gonna get yeeted in the middle of the night.

2019-05-14 02:30:52 UTC

I suppose I really am Joker, aren't I? The Marine with a peace symbol on his helmet... yeah

2019-05-14 02:30:55 UTC

Sounds like me

2019-05-14 02:31:18 UTC

You read any @AKAlexei

2019-05-14 02:31:23 UTC

A lot

2019-05-14 02:31:33 UTC

My bedroom walls are lined with books

2019-05-14 02:32:06 UTC

If you haven’t read Tribe by Sebastian Junger or On Killing by Col. Grossman pick them up

2019-05-14 02:32:29 UTC


2019-05-14 02:32:49 UTC

>pic related

2019-05-14 02:33:22 UTC

Read every book I own, cover to cover

2019-05-14 02:33:26 UTC

Nice. Most of my shit went missing when my ex said she wanted a divorce lol. I used to have a good collection like that.

2019-05-14 02:33:36 UTC

I've got more too

2019-05-14 02:33:40 UTC

That's just one wall

2019-05-14 02:34:05 UTC

I donated a lot of them though. Ones I'd read at least once or twice and wanted someone else to benefit from

2019-05-14 02:34:44 UTC

I used to do that when I was younger. If I had a paperback I had read a few times I’d leave them in restaurants and shit for other people to pick up

2019-05-14 02:35:13 UTC

They'd have called me a communist 60 years ago. But honestly, I'm not. People want weed, abortions, guns, whatever else, fine. Just don't hurt people or fuck with their rights to choose for themselves.

2019-05-14 02:35:34 UTC

Lol that’s a libertarian viewpoint

2019-05-14 02:35:51 UTC

I was one, once. Got tired of their pro-corporate bullshit

2019-05-14 02:36:33 UTC

The problem with Liberatians in the US nowadays is that they refuse to acknowledge that tyranny doesn't just come from governments. If power were shifted to corporations entirely, they'd be no different

2019-05-14 02:36:41 UTC

People matter way more than profit

2019-05-14 02:36:52 UTC

Lmao yeah I understand that

2019-05-14 02:37:07 UTC

I’m a

2019-05-14 02:37:43 UTC

I’m a Constitutionalist if you had to put a label on me.

2019-05-14 02:37:44 UTC


2019-05-14 02:38:05 UTC

But! Capitalism and Corporatism are completely different

2019-05-14 02:38:07 UTC

Also pic has no relevance

2019-05-14 02:40:13 UTC

My veiws summed up in one sentence "service guarantees citizenship"

2019-05-14 02:40:23 UTC


2019-05-14 02:40:34 UTC

Oh Odin's beard...

2019-05-14 02:40:38 UTC

I can get behind that. One of the best books ever written

2019-05-14 02:40:44 UTC

Don't even get me fucking started on Starship Troopers

2019-05-14 02:41:07 UTC

*desire to know more intensifies*

2019-05-14 02:41:16 UTC

Alright fine

2019-05-14 02:41:18 UTC

But yeah no seriously

2019-05-14 02:41:20 UTC

Here's my two cents

2019-05-14 02:41:39 UTC

The book was a fantastic way of criticizing the psychosis of militaristic fascist society

2019-05-14 02:41:42 UTC

I feel slighted by life. Born too early for cap troopers to be a thing. And I have to deal with anti vaxxers

2019-05-14 02:41:58 UTC

Oh boy. You’re gonna love the marine Corp

2019-05-14 02:42:26 UTC

The movie from the standpoint that it was a late 90s action flick with excellent special effects and good acting, was wonderful. From the stand point that it was based on a book, it was the biggest piece of shit

2019-05-14 02:42:41 UTC

It completely missed the point of the book

2019-05-14 02:42:48 UTC

And as a bookworm, it pisses me the fuck off

2019-05-14 02:42:54 UTC

I like to view them as separate entities

2019-05-14 02:42:59 UTC

Actually the director hated the book and made a satire propoganda piece out of it

2019-05-14 02:43:06 UTC

THat explains a lot

2019-05-14 02:43:10 UTC

I love the movie for the movie. I love the book for a fuck load of reasons

2019-05-14 02:44:29 UTC

Because obviously the movie was meant to make fascism look bad on every level, from poor leadership to "having nationalist veiws" as bad

2019-05-14 02:45:05 UTC

Heinlein is one of my favorite writers. He actually introduced me to libertarianism with The Moon is a Harsh Mistress or There’s No Such Thing As a Free Lunch.

2019-05-14 02:45:44 UTC

Well, actually if you look at it, it was anti-globalist. The world of starship troopers is united

2019-05-14 02:45:58 UTC

So really, it's anti-globalist fascism

2019-05-14 02:46:05 UTC

Still it was satire

2019-05-14 02:46:17 UTC

I mean look at star wars right

2019-05-14 02:46:27 UTC

Well yeah. Eventually the world will be one big country in like 300ish years.

2019-05-14 02:46:29 UTC

They made the empire fashy as fuck

2019-05-14 02:46:51 UTC

I have very different ideas on patriotism. I'm a patriot not from the point of view that my country is the greatest, but from the point of view that my country tries and can always do better

2019-05-14 02:46:56 UTC

That's what we Americans do

2019-05-14 02:47:01 UTC

The Empire still did nothing wrong. Fucking space ISIS out here plotting terrorist attacks in the name of a hokey religion.

2019-05-14 02:47:18 UTC

@thatgoonsteve42 alderan was an inside job

2019-05-14 02:47:27 UTC


2019-05-14 02:47:27 UTC

Oh my gods

2019-05-14 02:47:41 UTC


2019-05-14 02:48:08 UTC

My political stance makes no fucking sense

2019-05-14 02:48:34 UTC

I'm fairly right wing and a die hard constitutionalist

2019-05-14 02:48:56 UTC

Same on most issues

2019-05-14 02:49:06 UTC

If you wanna change that, cut out the fat. Trim it down so that it's basic and easy to understand. That's how the commies did it and look how easily they took control of like twenty countries in the course of a few decades

2019-05-14 02:49:13 UTC

For me it's this

2019-05-14 02:49:38 UTC

Don't fuck with people's rights, help people who are in need, and mind your business

2019-05-14 02:50:00 UTC

Basically I agree with that for the most part

2019-05-14 02:50:06 UTC


2019-05-14 02:50:23 UTC

I also have very different views about why guns need to be protected

2019-05-14 02:50:26 UTC

For starters

2019-05-14 02:50:31 UTC

gun control is racist

2019-05-14 02:50:42 UTC

No shit Sherlock

2019-05-14 02:50:50 UTC

star ship troopers wasnt fascism though

2019-05-14 02:50:59 UTC

Finally someone who gets it! @thatgoonsteve42

2019-05-14 02:51:05 UTC

in fascism no nation would show how a war was going bad

2019-05-14 02:51:09 UTC

The NFA only came about because The Black Panthers we’re out here with MGs and shit

2019-05-14 02:51:24 UTC

That was the Mulford Act. NFA was in the 30s

2019-05-14 02:51:24 UTC

and people wouldn't own businesses

2019-05-14 02:51:26 UTC

When it comes to guns. I think everyone should be legally required to own one and have training on how to use it. "A well armed society is a polite society"

2019-05-14 02:51:31 UTC


2019-05-14 02:51:35 UTC

That being said there's exceptions

2019-05-14 02:51:38 UTC

its more like hyper libertariaism

2019-05-14 02:51:52 UTC

Same thing @AKAlexei

2019-05-14 02:52:02 UTC

you can ignore the government completely if so desired

2019-05-14 02:52:15 UTC

and its almost frowned upon to join it

2019-05-14 02:52:45 UTC

This is true @Trash Squid

2019-05-14 02:53:16 UTC

The best concept of the book for me was the “you have to serve to have a say” facet

2019-05-14 02:53:16 UTC

now if you want a view of a libertarian future, cyber punk 2020

2019-05-14 02:53:29 UTC


2019-05-14 02:53:32 UTC


2019-05-14 02:53:35 UTC

shits amazing

2019-05-14 02:53:37 UTC

big gey

2019-05-14 02:53:48 UTC

I have the big gey for CP2020

2019-05-14 02:54:01 UTC


2019-05-14 02:54:03 UTC

Nah nah Neuromancer is the ultimate libertarian future.

2019-05-14 02:54:08 UTC

Now if we really wanna talk fictional fascism... Warhammer 40k

2019-05-14 02:54:16 UTC

Neuromancer was 20/10

2019-05-14 02:54:19 UTC

now thats hyper fascism

2019-05-14 02:54:19 UTC

Again satire lol

2019-05-14 02:54:29 UTC


2019-05-14 02:54:34 UTC

Satire is often accurate in my experience

2019-05-14 02:54:40 UTC

The imperium of man was meant to make fascism look bad

2019-05-14 02:54:43 UTC

>south park

2019-05-14 02:54:50 UTC


2019-05-14 02:54:57 UTC

then why does everyone love it lol

2019-05-14 02:55:04 UTC

Because it's accurate

2019-05-14 02:55:07 UTC

Dr. Strangelove is based satire

2019-05-14 02:55:09 UTC

But can still make you laugh at it

2019-05-14 02:55:09 UTC


2019-05-14 02:55:20 UTC

Strangelove taught me to love the bomb

2019-05-14 02:55:26 UTC


2019-05-14 02:55:33 UTC

i just enjoy the laws of nature

2019-05-14 02:55:45 UTC

Strong eating the weak?

2019-05-14 02:56:10 UTC

Fascism in itself is just shitty to me because whenever it's popped up, people suffer... same with communism

2019-05-14 02:56:22 UTC

To be fair

2019-05-14 02:56:34 UTC

All forms of government become shit at some point

2019-05-14 02:56:39 UTC

This is true

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