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2018-09-12 00:13:59 UTC

Send one girl a dp and it's news for a month

2018-09-12 00:15:53 UTC


2018-09-12 00:16:01 UTC


2018-09-12 00:17:40 UTC

sending a dick pic to a chick you don't know sure is retarded

2018-09-12 00:17:50 UTC

I'm aware

2018-09-12 00:18:00 UTC

Don believes Qanon smh

2018-09-12 00:18:14 UTC

i do not

2018-09-12 00:18:22 UTC


2018-09-12 00:18:24 UTC

also did you even get nudes

2018-09-12 00:18:28 UTC

thank God

2018-09-12 00:19:12 UTC

I got pics

2018-09-12 00:19:21 UTC

i just believe Hollywood is full of kid fuckers and degenerates

2018-09-12 00:19:31 UTC

Not impressed

2018-09-12 00:20:20 UTC

Out of pity, she showed her body to Nitro *DUMBZ* after he exposed his frail auschwitz body to her

2018-09-12 00:20:21 UTC


2018-09-12 00:20:47 UTC

Salty salty salty salty retarded rapist is salty

2018-09-12 00:20:49 UTC

Proooobleeeeeem???? <:trolled:437512288438714368> <:trolled:437512288438714368> <:trolled:437512288438714368>

2018-09-12 00:20:53 UTC


2018-09-12 00:23:49 UTC

"it's september 11th"

2018-09-12 00:23:56 UTC

*leans shoulders back*

2018-09-12 00:25:11 UTC

A man is walking in the woods and he sees a really big hole, he wants to know how deep it is
he sees an anchor near him so he throws it down
a couple minutes later, a goat comes speeding towards him and jumps in the hole
a farmer comes by, he says "have you seen a goat?"
the man replies " Yea it ran down here and jumped into this hole"
the farmer says "Thats impossible he was tied to an anchor"

2018-09-12 00:34:07 UTC


2018-09-12 00:34:37 UTC


2018-09-12 00:34:40 UTC

hot new meme format boyos

2018-09-12 00:40:10 UTC


2018-09-12 00:40:15 UTC

Nicks logo has a white box around it


2018-09-12 00:40:21 UTC


2018-09-12 00:40:26 UTC

I finally got paaaaaiiiiiiiid

2018-09-12 00:40:29 UTC


2018-09-12 00:41:29 UTC


2018-09-12 00:46:01 UTC

uh oh

2018-09-12 00:53:51 UTC


2018-09-12 01:00:09 UTC


2018-09-12 01:00:33 UTC


2018-09-12 01:01:38 UTC

Socialists patrolling our thots

2018-09-12 01:01:41 UTC

That is quite epic

2018-09-12 01:02:01 UTC

Who is that guy?

2018-09-12 01:02:24 UTC

I've seen people posting his screen caps but I got no idea who he is.

2018-09-12 01:03:39 UTC

He's based and redpilled I'll tell ya that much

2018-09-12 01:04:41 UTC


2018-09-12 01:11:55 UTC

he's getting arrested I'll tell ya that much

2018-09-12 01:15:29 UTC

Did he forget to mention his Irish ancestry? Shame!

2018-09-12 01:15:46 UTC

Lol nevermind

2018-09-12 01:16:20 UTC

Niggas survived on potatoes, Irish niggers are way better than Italian niggers.

2018-09-12 01:16:54 UTC

>imagine being proud of being Italian(black) and not irish

2018-09-12 01:18:11 UTC

i am sorry but what empire has stemmed from Ireland?

2018-09-12 01:18:32 UTC

Maybe if you fags didn't opress them

2018-09-12 01:18:53 UTC

they are only relevant because we oppressed them

2018-09-12 01:19:09 UTC

You're likely part Irish yourself

2018-09-12 01:19:23 UTC

Most anglos are

2018-09-12 01:19:23 UTC

i am

2018-09-12 01:19:36 UTC

I'm a third Irish, Anglo and german

2018-09-12 01:19:43 UTC

i am a self hating (partly) Irish

2018-09-12 01:19:46 UTC

Mainly German tho I believe

2018-09-12 01:20:06 UTC

Shut up potatonig

2018-09-12 01:20:26 UTC

I vote no Irish in the Ethnostate

2018-09-12 01:20:40 UTC

Well the Irish spread their genes more than Italians, not counting mestizos

2018-09-12 01:20:51 UTC

No Italians either

2018-09-12 01:21:07 UTC


2018-09-12 01:21:10 UTC

I vote no more than 3 european mix in the ethnostate

2018-09-12 01:21:17 UTC

@St. Aidan of Lindisfarne I can see your nose from here

2018-09-12 01:21:28 UTC

I vote no smelly prots in the ethnostate

2018-09-12 01:21:32 UTC

what about half anglo half german <:smug:402400327313391616>

2018-09-12 01:21:50 UTC

I vote no Whites in the ethostate

2018-09-12 01:21:54 UTC

Only Hapas

2018-09-12 01:21:56 UTC


2018-09-12 01:22:01 UTC

which side is the anglo side?

2018-09-12 01:22:10 UTC


2018-09-12 01:22:10 UTC

@DustyActual are you intimidated by my Germanic genes?

2018-09-12 01:22:28 UTC

we bombed them then took their women

2018-09-12 01:22:56 UTC

My dad is irish, anglo with a little bit of German and my mom's side is mainly german

2018-09-12 01:23:26 UTC

That's the trifecta of euromutts

2018-09-12 01:23:27 UTC

That's a healthy amount of German, I take back my earlier statement @Deleted User

2018-09-12 01:23:32 UTC


2018-09-12 01:24:08 UTC

Sure roasted me

2018-09-12 01:24:10 UTC

real shame they couldn't continue that progress

2018-09-12 01:24:24 UTC


2018-09-12 01:24:38 UTC

>imagine wanting to be med.

2018-09-12 01:25:02 UTC

The Italian man is the epitome of male dominance and masculinity. Let's start by looking at his body. His body is large. His domineering size makes his presence known without him even needing to point himself out. He is muscular, as a result of his high levels of testosterone. This gives him the appearance of health and strength. He is then covered by his white Mediterranean skin. This Mediterranean skin reminds us of his ruggedness, a feature that developed due to being exposed to the blazing sun of Italy, made to withstand such an extreme condition. It also has a psychological effect on the observer. The Mediterranean skin reminds us of our dark, deep desires that emerge from our primal subconscious past.

The Italian man's demeanor is one of alphaness. He is dominant, assertive, and can be explosively aggressive. His behaviour strikes fear into the more timid, cowardly races of man.

The summit of expression of his masculinity on his body is his Stromboli. The Italian Stromboli is largest of all the races. As the Stromboli is the penultimate symbol of manhood, this alone would suffice to make the Italian man, the most masculine of men. This large Stromboli is able fulfill the desire of the neediest of women, being able to more than fill all the recesses of the female calzone. Its length ensures that when it ejaculates, the potent Italian seed will immediately enter the calzone of the woman the Italian man impregnates.

In total, the Italian man expresses this masculinity in a most exemplary manner in bed. When he shouts, he unleashes the entirety of his lusts and desires upon his partner without any restraint.

All this is the reason why the Italian man is the epitome of masculinity and male dominance.

2018-09-12 01:25:27 UTC

Italians got conquered by muzzies, get owned libtard.

2018-09-12 01:25:52 UTC

this man could be from any med country


2018-09-12 01:26:01 UTC


2018-09-12 01:26:09 UTC


2018-09-12 01:26:27 UTC

why are you posting a northern european med cuck

2018-09-12 01:26:38 UTC


2018-09-12 01:26:44 UTC

epic self own

2018-09-12 01:26:54 UTC

>Muh Mussolini

2018-09-12 01:27:11 UTC


2018-09-12 01:27:21 UTC

muh sphagetti

2018-09-12 01:27:24 UTC

Couldn't even conquer Greece without needing help from the Germans

2018-09-12 01:27:34 UTC

Germany is getting blacked right now while Italy is trying to stop migration

2018-09-12 01:27:37 UTC

Mussolini is the epitome of the Italian man


2018-09-12 01:27:46 UTC

@Awakened Saxon nice shop

2018-09-12 01:28:00 UTC

don't say that again

2018-09-12 01:28:02 UTC

3people are niggers

2018-09-12 01:28:05 UTC

Mussolini was chad

2018-09-12 01:28:08 UTC


2018-09-12 01:28:10 UTC


2018-09-12 01:28:13 UTC


2018-09-12 01:28:15 UTC

Nigga needed a lawnmower to shave his football field of a chin

2018-09-12 01:28:24 UTC


2018-09-12 01:28:38 UTC


2018-09-12 01:28:46 UTC

ban all meds

2018-09-12 01:28:53 UTC

why does nitro have the worst takes always he also has noodle arms

2018-09-12 01:29:06 UTC

hes awful

2018-09-12 01:29:06 UTC

@Joe the boomer people are counter signaling meds

2018-09-12 01:29:06 UTC

Slavic gang Slavic gang Slavic gang Slavic gang

2018-09-12 01:29:12 UTC

Slavic gang Slavic gang Slavic gang Slavic gang

2018-09-12 01:29:15 UTC

Slavic gang Slavic gang Slavic gang Slavic gang

2018-09-12 01:29:16 UTC

if you counter signal meds

2018-09-12 01:29:21 UTC

or slavic meds

2018-09-12 01:29:30 UTC


2018-09-12 01:29:33 UTC

>Slavic meds

2018-09-12 01:29:36 UTC

u wil be deport from server

2018-09-12 01:29:41 UTC


2018-09-12 01:29:46 UTC


2018-09-12 01:29:47 UTC

the anglo destroyed his country for muh cummies and then sold himself out to international finance lol

2018-09-12 01:29:48 UTC

so chad

2018-09-12 01:29:51 UTC

counter signalling meds is the duty of every true white man

2018-09-12 01:29:54 UTC

Slavic meds = balkans

2018-09-12 01:29:56 UTC
2018-09-12 01:30:02 UTC

Ok, Croats aren't *that* bad

2018-09-12 01:30:11 UTC

i can kick you davis you fuggin wignat

2018-09-12 01:30:21 UTC

Serbs and Croats should team up and destroy Albania and Bosnia

2018-09-12 01:30:22 UTC

u change your avatar like three times a day what are you 12

2018-09-12 01:30:32 UTC



2018-09-12 01:30:57 UTC

meds are just light arabs

2018-09-12 01:30:57 UTC

Funny how all the chad European countries are either Slavic or med

2018-09-12 01:31:01 UTC

Funny how that works

2018-09-12 01:31:20 UTC

northern italy is the good part


2018-09-12 01:31:25 UTC


2018-09-12 01:31:45 UTC

Well you're not worried about being called racist when you're not white.

2018-09-12 01:32:00 UTC

meds and slavs are the last bastion of whiteness its true

2018-09-12 01:32:03 UTC

Shut up whitey

2018-09-12 01:32:11 UTC
2018-09-12 01:32:12 UTC

I won't counter signal Slavs tho

2018-09-12 01:32:13 UTC


2018-09-12 01:32:17 UTC

dont speak against us

2018-09-12 01:32:20 UTC
2018-09-12 01:32:24 UTC

we invaded britain once we will do it again

2018-09-12 01:32:34 UTC


2018-09-12 01:32:38 UTC

the east is gonna save the west again, byzantium style

2018-09-12 01:32:45 UTC

>Tfw you're still mad the Germans wrecked your city

2018-09-12 01:32:52 UTC

try it again

2018-09-12 01:32:53 UTC


2018-09-12 01:33:09 UTC

Once the schism is mended Slavs and meds will conquer Britain and end Anglicanism once and for all

2018-09-12 01:33:12 UTC


2018-09-12 01:33:27 UTC

@AlGoreRhythm I can get behind that

2018-09-12 01:33:29 UTC

he screams in chains

2018-09-12 01:33:33 UTC


2018-09-12 01:33:39 UTC

I hope Slavs conquer Britain, it's been blacked enough.

2018-09-12 01:33:54 UTC

anglos will be chad again

2018-09-12 01:33:55 UTC

we keep saxon as a adopted son in to the med race he gets to marry a beatiful olive skinned italian girl

2018-09-12 01:34:04 UTC

I have mixed Anglo Slavic heritage

2018-09-12 01:34:10 UTC

British Empire>Roman Empire <:smug:402400327313391616>

2018-09-12 01:34:15 UTC

Funny enough its polish

2018-09-12 01:34:29 UTC

Poles will inherit the isles

2018-09-12 01:34:36 UTC

i want a english/irish gf not a med gf

2018-09-12 01:34:52 UTC

saxon is banned from the daily braap

2018-09-12 01:35:09 UTC

also i will no longer defend him

2018-09-12 01:35:11 UTC

we gotta stick up for the anglo in us joe cmon now

2018-09-12 01:35:17 UTC

I wanna med gf

2018-09-12 01:35:17 UTC

med women look good until they are 25 then go to shit

2018-09-12 01:35:25 UTC

I want Anglos to return to God and sanity

2018-09-12 01:35:32 UTC

But until they do I'm gonna shit on them

2018-09-12 01:35:37 UTC

anglos r the real jews

2018-09-12 01:35:43 UTC

jew hater

2018-09-12 01:35:58 UTC


2018-09-12 01:36:03 UTC

That is a compliment joe

2018-09-12 01:36:12 UTC

You're a Jew hater sir.

2018-09-12 01:36:38 UTC

i might record a video clip of me doing the jew hater bit just for you guys to link when ever u need it

2018-09-12 01:36:55 UTC

Thanks Joe

2018-09-12 01:36:57 UTC

maybe ill do it if we reach the funding goal

2018-09-12 01:36:58 UTC

Naming The Jews LLC

2018-09-12 01:37:02 UTC

You're my favorite boomer ngl

2018-09-12 01:37:03 UTC

jew the boomer

2018-09-12 01:37:08 UTC

the funding goal btw i s 120 bucks

2018-09-12 01:37:17 UTC

streamlabs me at joe the serb

2018-09-12 01:37:26 UTC


2018-09-12 01:41:38 UTC

I know which I would pick


2018-09-12 01:41:52 UTC


2018-09-12 01:42:22 UTC

literally get the fuck out of this server and dont come back

2018-09-12 01:42:45 UTC

Ashton wittie is a national treasure

2018-09-12 01:43:07 UTC

med women get fat on pasta

2018-09-12 01:43:11 UTC

She should be co-host of America first!!!!!!!

2018-09-12 01:43:16 UTC

wew lads

2018-09-12 01:43:25 UTC

and pizza

2018-09-12 01:43:31 UTC


2018-09-12 01:43:35 UTC

literraly wrong

2018-09-12 01:43:47 UTC

oh it is just their genes then?

2018-09-12 01:44:13 UTC

Lol this nigga wants to eat boiled cabbage instead of linguini alfredo

2018-09-12 01:44:49 UTC


2018-09-12 01:44:52 UTC

veggies make you smart dummy

2018-09-12 01:45:00 UTC

I'll give anglos one thing

2018-09-12 01:45:06 UTC

Fish and chips is god tier

2018-09-12 01:45:15 UTC

You did one thing right

2018-09-12 01:45:38 UTC

Especially with some malt vinegar and tartar sauce

2018-09-12 01:45:47 UTC

๐Ÿ˜ฉ ๐Ÿ˜ฉ ๐Ÿ˜ฉ ๐Ÿ˜ฉ

2018-09-12 01:46:46 UTC

jefferson davis

2018-09-12 01:46:52 UTC

you need to come on my show

2018-09-12 01:47:23 UTC

w-men sense my power, and they seek the life essence. I do not avoid w*men, but I do deny them my essence

2018-09-12 01:48:05 UTC

spaghetti is the only contribution to humanity from all meds

2018-09-12 01:48:32 UTC

Oops I accidentally DISCOVRED AMERICA

2018-09-12 01:48:34 UTC

saxon has so many bad takes today

2018-09-12 01:48:42 UTC

i dont know why he is rebelling against his med overlords

2018-09-12 01:48:51 UTC

guys start linking britain is fucked posts

2018-09-12 01:48:52 UTC

Gee what is the Renaissance

2018-09-12 01:48:55 UTC

Who is Galileo

2018-09-12 01:48:57 UTC

let me go to orwell and goode

2018-09-12 01:48:58 UTC

what has the balkans even do for mankind

2018-09-12 01:49:09 UTC

Nikola Tesla was Serbian

2018-09-12 01:49:13 UTC

>meds vs nords debate

2018-09-12 01:49:13 UTC

Try harder

2018-09-12 01:49:13 UTC

oops I governed the Church for millenia

2018-09-12 01:49:16 UTC

Galileo was a secret anglo

2018-09-12 01:49:22 UTC


2018-09-12 01:49:27 UTC

Nikola Tesla was a secret anglo

2018-09-12 01:49:38 UTC

Yeah ok buddy

2018-09-12 01:50:16 UTC


2018-09-12 01:50:20 UTC

<:dummy:402381089861271552> divide and conquer <:dummy:402381089861271552>

2018-09-12 01:50:20 UTC

julius caesar was an Anglo that is why he wanted britain so much

2018-09-12 01:50:39 UTC

let orwell and goodes twitter for ever be the chains saxon shud wear

2018-09-12 01:50:40 UTC

Is Salvini Anglo?

2018-09-12 01:50:44 UTC

joe the wignat

2018-09-12 01:50:56 UTC

im jewish

2018-09-12 01:51:01 UTC

Joe the chadnat

2018-09-12 01:51:16 UTC

BAM has been out for how many months now?

2018-09-12 01:51:32 UTC

I hope Poland becomes a theocracy

2018-09-12 01:51:50 UTC

hitler was mediterranean

2018-09-12 01:52:01 UTC

bad stuff

2018-09-12 01:52:11 UTC

>be slavic/med
>die defending my nation and all of western/northern europe from invaders
>watch from heaven as they then destroy their own nations and all of europe with revolutions and call my decendants turks

2018-09-12 01:52:39 UTC

turk rape babies

2018-09-12 01:52:45 UTC

to be accurate

2018-09-12 01:52:49 UTC

tyhe english were busy being jews while we held back the 3rd world scourge

2018-09-12 01:53:18 UTC

It's ok

2018-09-12 01:53:20 UTC

your countries are 3rd world that is why they just passed through

2018-09-12 01:53:26 UTC

then the english went their lands and unleashed them on the west

2018-09-12 01:53:55 UTC

2 thousand years of keeping them out and then letting them pass thru to britain and france is not us taking them in

2018-09-12 01:54:39 UTC

In 40 years Brits will desperately try to get past the polish border wall only to be called "filthy migrants" and turned back to Germanistan

2018-09-12 01:54:40 UTC

didn't say it was, said the opposite, shithole countries

2018-09-12 01:54:46 UTC

if they "just passed through" they would have reached you idiot

2018-09-12 01:54:53 UTC

they have dummy

2018-09-12 01:55:15 UTC

lolol croatia and italy shit hole countries

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