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2019-07-13 04:12:52 UTC

@Death in June I had no idea, thank you fren

2019-07-13 04:12:55 UTC

Debt enslavement. Selling assets to china, Saudi, Qatar, and Israel, in turn they raise our credit score, and we can tax their economic achievements. But in actuality, we really don't

2019-07-13 04:13:18 UTC

As a result each American citizen owes about 300k in debt

2019-07-13 04:13:32 UTC

something something broken record

2019-07-13 04:13:38 UTC

Because they spend your money regardless of your personal credit

2019-07-13 04:13:58 UTC

eπŸ…±ic win

2019-07-13 04:14:09 UTC

It's not capitalism

2019-07-13 04:14:21 UTC

It's technically post capitalism

2019-07-13 04:14:22 UTC

the unifying theme of the different schools is the rejection of say's law, that is, the idea that there cannot be a general glut in aggregate demand, and that shortfalls in aggregate demand can be rectified via some sort of stimulus

2019-07-13 04:14:52 UTC

wtf does that mean

2019-07-13 04:14:52 UTC

the most popular brand of keynesian econ nowadays generally prescribes the manipulation of interest rates and growth of private credit as the method to do so

2019-07-13 04:14:55 UTC

It's internationalism

2019-07-13 04:15:20 UTC

basically you can look at demand and supply in aggregate

2019-07-13 04:15:28 UTC

a glut means that supply outstrips demand in aggregate

2019-07-13 04:15:30 UTC

The point of me saying "I'm a layman" is so that you don't use techinqual terms so that I can understand

2019-07-13 04:15:58 UTC

2019-07-13 04:15:59 UTC

so in a recession for example people may not be spending enough for the economy to perform at capacity

2019-07-13 04:16:11 UTC

which results in high levels of unemployment

2019-07-13 04:16:24 UTC

@Comando where is legend?

2019-07-13 04:16:27 UTC

like new deal

2019-07-13 04:16:31 UTC

the reason why keynesian stimulus takes the form it does is precisely because of capitalism

2019-07-13 04:16:34 UTC

give people jobs

2019-07-13 04:16:42 UTC

even if you 'couldn't afford' it

2019-07-13 04:16:46 UTC

it makes them spend money

2019-07-13 04:17:06 UTC

Okay, well how about this. We have more debt than we can ever pay back, and spend more and more each year. The socialists and kikes want more spending, because that means they can further disperse owenership of production and jobs outside the country. Outsourcing is a huge part of Keynesian economics.

2019-07-13 04:17:10 UTC

well with fiat currency you can always afford anything the only limit is inflation

2019-07-13 04:17:40 UTC

It was also supposed to be replaced, but instead those in charge of our institutions would rather continue digging our own grave

2019-07-13 04:17:47 UTC

outsourcing is a huge probrlem

2019-07-13 04:17:59 UTC

the public debt only really matters because it is required (legally) that the deficit be financed through bonds when this doesn't have to be the case

2019-07-13 04:18:19 UTC

^ because we lost control of our system.

2019-07-13 04:18:43 UTC

P = Price level (inflation)
Y = Real income(quantity of stuff produced)
AD = Aggregate demand (Aggregate meaning total)
LRAS = Long Run Aggregate Supply (the total capacity of the economy)

2019-07-13 04:18:59 UTC

It's now international, and without constant support from our """"allies"""" America and the rest of the west would collapse

2019-07-13 04:19:25 UTC

our economy wants off of keyne's wild ride

2019-07-13 04:19:33 UTC

Part of that support is the migrant crisis, fyi

2019-07-13 04:19:36 UTC


Im liking this new board loads

2019-07-13 04:19:42 UTC


very sturdy feeling

2019-07-13 04:19:58 UTC

One of the key differences between economics prior to Kenyes was that the economy would always rebound. For S O M E R E A S O N it didn't.

2019-07-13 04:20:00 UTC

@Comando yer making me feel smart for going to college now <:hypersmugon:544638648721604608>

2019-07-13 04:20:07 UTC


2019-07-13 04:20:21 UTC

H<:sarGOY:462286263622303754> <:sarGOY:462286263622303754> <:sarGOY:462286263622303754> <:sarGOY:462286263622303754> <:sarGOY:462286263622303754>

2019-07-13 04:20:22 UTC

@Comando certainly no one behind that

2019-07-13 04:20:23 UTC

Hi niggers

2019-07-13 04:20:28 UTC

(((some reason)))

2019-07-13 04:20:54 UTC

pre-keynesian (bourgeois) economists generally thought there couldn't be a general glut in aggregate demand

2019-07-13 04:20:57 UTC

2019-07-13 04:20:59 UTC

a belief based on very silly assumptions

2019-07-13 04:21:29 UTC

Keynes in contrast identified that something had changed. He conceptulized that there was a force which unlike before, was cutting into the effective demand (aggregate demand) of the economy.

2019-07-13 04:21:54 UTC

So whilst the country had the factories, and the people willing to work them, the money that existed was not being applied to the economy.

2019-07-13 04:22:09 UTC


2019-07-13 04:22:21 UTC

Interesting, isn't it

2019-07-13 04:22:33 UTC

i don't get it

2019-07-13 04:22:40 UTC

Almost like we lost control of our entire system, in 1936

2019-07-13 04:22:43 UTC

Keynes solution? Use Government spending to increase aggregate demand to get out of the rut, then scale back involvement, during the good times so you can do it again later.

2019-07-13 04:22:47 UTC

but im taking economics in a month so ill find out then

2019-07-13 04:22:59 UTC

When Keynesian Econ was in it's very beginning

2019-07-13 04:23:00 UTC

yeah like borrowing from the future

2019-07-13 04:23:11 UTC

or saving up rather

2019-07-13 04:23:27 UTC

Keynesism worked really well... until it didn't, and broke western economies in the late 1960's and 70's in the form of inflation

2019-07-13 04:23:44 UTC

The problem being that there is no such thing as a Keynesian politician

2019-07-13 04:23:48 UTC

it didn't break them

2019-07-13 04:23:53 UTC

"Saving up" by alliance with childfuckers, and taking their criminals as asylum seekers

2019-07-13 04:23:59 UTC

stagflation broke them

2019-07-13 04:24:07 UTC

and keynesian schools at the time couldn't explain stagflation

2019-07-13 04:24:22 UTC

it provided the impetus for the ascendance of neoliberalism

2019-07-13 04:24:50 UTC

They bloody well could explain what had happened, but weren't willing to accept that Governments had over applied fiscal policy

2019-07-13 04:25:09 UTC

@Comando my understanding is that it was only supposed to be temporary. To be replaced within a few decades, and it never was.

2019-07-13 04:25:46 UTC

^Politicians will always have an incentive to spend and do something. This means that they will rarely cut back spending in practice. so Keynesianism is good when your in a rut, but will eventually break your economy if you continue it onwards.

2019-07-13 04:25:51 UTC

Today's economists are basically complete Keynesian hacks. They do not intend to revitalize the west, only increase its dependency on internationalism

2019-07-13 04:25:57 UTC

i'm pretty sure the consensus at the time was that there existed an inverse relationship between unemployment and inflation

2019-07-13 04:26:22 UTC

I myself fall into being a post-Keynesian.

2019-07-13 04:26:48 UTC

I think that Keynes was using tools, which while not... wrong, weren't correct in their understanding.

2019-07-13 04:27:18 UTC

No shit. They were designed to skirt the costs of the Second World War, not to supposed an empire

2019-07-13 04:27:21 UTC

Keynes sucessfully identified that SOMETHING had changed, and that money was not being applied to the economy in the 30's and onwards

2019-07-13 04:27:24 UTC

Let alone the entire world

2019-07-13 04:27:27 UTC

post-keynesianism seems better than mainstream econ

2019-07-13 04:27:38 UTC

but it's important to not remove the political from political economy

2019-07-13 04:27:48 UTC

The way things are now, if china or Saudi crash, so does every western country

2019-07-13 04:27:56 UTC

All our eggs in on fucking basket

2019-07-13 04:27:58 UTC

i'm not sure that the sort of prescriptions people tend to derive from post-keynes econ would be viable in the long term in a liberal state

2019-07-13 04:28:10 UTC

One of the chief differences is that... what if we completely misunderstood how money works?

2019-07-13 04:28:16 UTC

Money, and debt...

2019-07-13 04:28:38 UTC

Debt is supposed to be avoided. Under Keynes, it's the game

2019-07-13 04:29:23 UTC

there has to be a deficit somewhere

2019-07-13 04:29:32 UTC

We will likely have to adapt a completely different set of economics, and to do so will need to isolate that system, to prevent dependence

2019-07-13 04:29:50 UTC

assuming net imports/exports are at zero a public sector surplus necessitates a private sector deficit and vice versa

2019-07-13 04:29:57 UTC

Alliances are one thing, but allowing other nations into your economy isn't actually helpful, nor stable

2019-07-13 04:29:57 UTC

What if... lending out money... creates new money...
What if, having loans repaid, takes money out of the economy?

And what if repaying loans takes out more money from the economy that it adds in? <:hyperthink:462282519883284480>

2019-07-13 04:30:03 UTC

2019-07-13 04:31:05 UTC

If this hypothesis were true, then there would be economic crashes, whenever there was a period of credit creation, and whenever the credit stopped being created... there was a crash.

2019-07-13 04:31:11 UTC

Oh fuck

2019-07-13 04:31:36 UTC

lending out money doesn't create money unless you print it

2019-07-13 04:31:50 UTC


2019-07-13 04:31:53 UTC

i mean that's basically what happens

2019-07-13 04:32:21 UTC

the only way it wouldn't mean that is if you had a reserve ratio of 100% i believe

2019-07-13 04:32:54 UTC

@n meowzers What do you do with money from a loan? You apply it to the economy immediately.

2019-07-13 04:33:17 UTC

Either way the system we have now isn't looking to be replaced. If anything, they want more debt, and they want to spend more of that debt on migrants

2019-07-13 04:33:38 UTC


2019-07-13 04:33:39 UTC


2019-07-13 04:33:56 UTC

No longer is it a cushion which someday will not support us. Instead, the support is going entirely to minorities, and the very countries who we hold debt to.

2019-07-13 04:34:05 UTC

If anyone can understand more technical documents

2019-07-13 04:34:10 UTC

2019-07-13 04:34:52 UTC

This is how money actually works, according to the Bank of England in 2014.

2019-07-13 04:35:02 UTC

what if i don't want to read it

2019-07-13 04:35:25 UTC

I saved it in telegram

2019-07-13 04:35:25 UTC


2019-07-13 04:35:28 UTC

then don't

2019-07-13 04:35:30 UTC

you cuck

2019-07-13 04:35:57 UTC

The first page is a summary

2019-07-13 04:36:36 UTC

wait this is saying that they aren't using the money in their savings

2019-07-13 04:36:47 UTC

but you can't just create money by being a bank

2019-07-13 04:36:52 UTC

Maybe it will change my perception, but the way I view money now, is that it's essentially a token system, which you exchange for food housing power and clothing. It represents a void in terms of fiscal value.

2019-07-13 04:36:58 UTC

They're ration tokens

2019-07-13 04:37:09 UTC


2019-07-13 04:37:22 UTC

Loans literally create money

2019-07-13 04:37:26 UTC

The bank

2019-07-13 04:37:31 UTC

Of fucking England

2019-07-13 04:37:42 UTC

i don't get some of the terms

2019-07-13 04:37:46 UTC

multiplied up

2019-07-13 04:37:52 UTC

yeah most money is created by the private sector

2019-07-13 04:37:55 UTC

and simultaneously does what

2019-07-13 04:37:58 UTC

Didn't realize that loans de facto create money, until 2014 <:thinkcide2:462282425486147585>

2019-07-13 04:38:06 UTC

through loans

2019-07-13 04:38:46 UTC

@Comando rip uk

2019-07-13 04:38:47 UTC

How is that a good thing, exactly?

2019-07-13 04:38:53 UTC


2019-07-13 04:39:20 UTC

Thing is Muten, this is the same system across the entire western world. The UK just discorvered this first 🀑

2019-07-13 04:39:25 UTC

wait so are these niggers using your money to make money off of the inflation that they are causing to make more money

2019-07-13 04:39:30 UTC

the whole system is based on finance capital

2019-07-13 04:39:32 UTC

I mean I didn't know shit about money until like 10 minutes ago, so them figuring it out by 2014 is much better than me

2019-07-13 04:39:32 UTC


2019-07-13 04:39:56 UTC

oh shit they were the FIRST?

2019-07-13 04:39:58 UTC

Of fuck

2019-07-13 04:40:22 UTC

I swear to fuck, these political figures and ceos are foreskin golems

2019-07-13 04:40:23 UTC


2019-07-13 04:40:25 UTC


2019-07-13 04:40:42 UTC

They make the money because they control the arbitrary electronic numbers in your bank account

2019-07-13 04:40:47 UTC

and everybody accepts it

2019-07-13 04:40:54 UTC

deny money

2019-07-13 04:40:55 UTC

so they literally print money

2019-07-13 04:41:00 UTC

and you win

2019-07-13 04:41:01 UTC


2019-07-13 04:41:05 UTC

2nd was the Bundesbank(Germany) and then the US Fed had one of its board members believe this as well.

2019-07-13 04:41:22 UTC

So, its general knowledge now.

2019-07-13 04:41:42 UTC

but why do people accept the bank's money?

2019-07-13 04:41:47 UTC

why can't i just create loans as well

2019-07-13 04:42:00 UTC

You don't have a banking lisence.

2019-07-13 04:42:12 UTC


2019-07-13 04:42:15 UTC

you need a loicence for that one bucko

2019-07-13 04:42:17 UTC

You aren't allowed to, because of legal restrictions put on the actual citizens

2019-07-13 04:42:28 UTC

so here's how to win

2019-07-13 04:42:30 UTC

imagine literally the government making people rich

2019-07-13 04:42:32 UTC

become a bank man

2019-07-13 04:42:39 UTC

We don't have an economy. Not really. (((They))) have an economy, that we borrow.

2019-07-13 04:42:42 UTC

and loan out to as many people as possible

2019-07-13 04:42:43 UTC


2019-07-13 04:42:49 UTC

This mess is why Crypto became popular.

2019-07-13 04:42:57 UTC

no inflation

2019-07-13 04:43:03 UTC

isn't crypto crap?

2019-07-13 04:43:10 UTC

or at least

2019-07-13 04:43:15 UTC

finite inflation

2019-07-13 04:43:15 UTC

@Muten it's unstable

2019-07-13 04:43:20 UTC

I don't think its a good solution, but its understandable as to why people would seek out alternative stores of value.

2019-07-13 04:43:27 UTC

as an actual currency it seems garbage for anything other than black market transcations

2019-07-13 04:43:28 UTC

but what happens to the deposits the banks actually have

2019-07-13 04:43:35 UTC

Not crap, it's just not easy to make safe money

2019-07-13 04:43:51 UTC

it seems too volatile to be a decent currency

2019-07-13 04:43:58 UTC

it's good for extremely short term transactions

2019-07-13 04:44:13 UTC


2019-07-13 04:44:13 UTC

Not really anymore

2019-07-13 04:44:19 UTC

it was good

2019-07-13 04:44:28 UTC

for extremely short term transactions

2019-07-13 04:44:33 UTC

Was. As was everything before they took it

2019-07-13 04:44:34 UTC


2019-07-13 04:44:43 UTC


2019-07-13 04:44:47 UTC

are money goblins

2019-07-13 04:44:49 UTC

In the past, we did have a good banking system.

2019-07-13 04:44:56 UTC

It is possible.

2019-07-13 04:44:58 UTC

tbh we are the ones who screwed ourselves

2019-07-13 04:45:05 UTC

we forced them into finance

2019-07-13 04:45:22 UTC

But then we took the exact same people who were pulling this scam in Germany

2019-07-13 04:45:25 UTC

tho this is according to (((them))) so IDK

2019-07-13 04:45:38 UTC

what happens to the deposits the banks actually have

2019-07-13 04:46:02 UTC

@Muten we didn't though. That was literally what their professions were, in the countries they came from

2019-07-13 04:46:21 UTC


2019-07-13 04:46:22 UTC

This is like expecting Mexicans to farm, because that's the service they've come to offer

2019-07-13 04:46:32 UTC

I knew (((they))) were lying

2019-07-13 04:46:46 UTC

If they wanted to do something different, they'd have presented it on the way in

2019-07-13 04:47:02 UTC

Mind you, we were at war when we took them

2019-07-13 04:47:13 UTC

Or rather, the beginning of it

2019-07-13 04:47:19 UTC

In the past banks, printed THEIR OWN currency. This currency was then owned by the owners of the banks. They handed over legal tender, in exchange for the currency of the bank. They could use it for trade if others wanted it but 🀷🏻 You weren't forced to take it.
The amount of money in circulation only increased because it was printed by the Government.

2019-07-13 04:47:55 UTC

That system needed culture though, goy

2019-07-13 04:48:04 UTC

so the government should take back control of the banks?

2019-07-13 04:48:17 UTC


2019-07-13 04:48:22 UTC

What happens if a bank lent out too much money? It collapsed. Everyone who invested in it lost their money

2019-07-13 04:48:24 UTC

Your white picket fence costs interest now, goy

2019-07-13 04:48:37 UTC

I.e. provide the lowest level of banking to keep private banks in check

2019-07-13 04:49:44 UTC

And stop relying on international economy. Stop taking money from overseas

2019-07-13 04:50:07 UTC

Stop allowing Saudi to buy out our businesses

2019-07-13 04:50:25 UTC

Stop shipping tech jobs to india

2019-07-13 04:50:25 UTC

What happens now? Everyone loses all their money, because the banks can print legal tender now, whereas before they could not.

2019-07-13 04:50:45 UTC

State can have the shittiest bank that would never hope to compete with private bank service, but its mere existence and cheapness of services would limit the amount of exploitation the banks can bestow upon their clients in an olygopolic business

2019-07-13 04:50:47 UTC

but what if a really big bank failed

2019-07-13 04:50:47 UTC

@Comando thanks for the explanation

2019-07-13 04:50:53 UTC

The root of the problem, is Fractional Reserve Lending.

2019-07-13 04:50:56 UTC

wouldn't the economy still take a big hit

2019-07-13 04:51:03 UTC

(Not the Jews)

2019-07-13 04:51:05 UTC

what if they all made the same mistake to stay competitive

2019-07-13 04:51:25 UTC

Jews, Chinese, and Saudi.

2019-07-13 04:51:32 UTC

It's not just one group

2019-07-13 04:51:52 UTC

chinese are more regional

2019-07-13 04:52:00 UTC

they are very bad in AU but from what I can see

2019-07-13 04:52:09 UTC

i saw someone buy a property in a city near me for 2 million cash

2019-07-13 04:52:11 UTC

they don't cause too much trouble outside of their backyard

2019-07-13 04:52:12 UTC

and it's a small city

2019-07-13 04:52:15 UTC


2019-07-13 04:52:46 UTC

So here's the amount of US dollars that exist.

2019-07-13 04:52:55 UTC


2019-07-13 04:52:55 UTC

The part we'd like to skip by, is that this issue arose literally as we took the Jewish migrants.

2019-07-13 04:52:59 UTC

what the hell

2019-07-13 04:53:04 UTC

why isn't there triple inflation

2019-07-13 04:53:09 UTC


2019-07-13 04:53:26 UTC

But indeed. Why hasn't there been x4 inflation?

2019-07-13 04:53:31 UTC

not in this country

2019-07-13 04:53:38 UTC

the dollars are overseas

2019-07-13 04:53:47 UTC

To say it's not at all related seems odd to me. If Britain legalized child marriage, while taking the mudslimes, we'd totally be ready to make this equation

2019-07-13 04:54:11 UTC

it's because jews run the show

2019-07-13 04:54:19 UTC

they are compartmentalized as a victim

2019-07-13 04:54:25 UTC

No, the Jews run the banks

2019-07-13 04:54:31 UTC

afaik it's because most of the money is just injected into reserves

2019-07-13 04:54:40 UTC

@Reprehensibletrash fuck off its the niggers

2019-07-13 04:54:41 UTC

they have no agency and unlike women, they know this

2019-07-13 04:54:44 UTC

it's in not dollars

2019-07-13 04:54:48 UTC

maybe assets

2019-07-13 04:54:48 UTC

Well inflation only occurs in relation to the products that the money is applied to. So if this new money was... say... all given to the banks, and therefore only the banks spent this money... then there's no reason it would be applied to the price of cloths and food.

2019-07-13 04:55:01 UTC


2019-07-13 04:55:09 UTC

It's basically middle eastern interests who run the show, of which the Jews are more subversive than the rest, but not the top

2019-07-13 04:55:17 UTC


2019-07-13 04:55:19 UTC

2019-07-13 04:55:23 UTC

why am i getting hyperthink

2019-07-13 04:55:28 UTC

Stop before you disappear

2019-07-13 04:55:36 UTC

Stocks, land and houses.

2019-07-13 04:55:44 UTC

You'd never know if I did @JewishBastard

2019-07-13 04:55:46 UTC

Hence why all have gone through the roof.

2019-07-13 04:56:11 UTC

@Reprehensibletrash no we wouldn't know, (((he))) would

2019-07-13 04:56:11 UTC

*calls buzzfeed*

2019-07-13 04:56:11 UTC

Remember kids. Its not inflation, if its assets **increasing in value**

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