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2019-02-11 01:38:08 UTC

click there

2019-02-11 01:39:00 UTC

then right click their name, and click there

2019-02-13 05:32:25 UTC

@Mee6 where can I find close up videos of Black Ops operation in LA?

2019-02-13 10:02:48 UTC

2019-02-13 10:04:20 UTC

1150 Wilshire is this weird looking building with the roll up door.

More digging is required, but Google maps has it belonging to "Global Lighting Organization", which looks to be an importer of Chinese LED tubes.

2019-02-13 10:05:19 UTC

2019-02-13 10:17:13 UTC

plug in search terms like LA helicopter in this search engine for more

2019-02-13 21:49:19 UTC
2019-02-13 21:51:45 UTC

I am here!!

2019-02-13 21:51:51 UTC

ok good

2019-02-13 21:52:06 UTC

i have my caffeine ready, lol

2019-02-13 21:52:31 UTC

I am trying to locate the video of the live hearing that mentioned voter fraud.

2019-02-13 21:53:04 UTC


2019-02-13 21:53:17 UTC


2019-02-13 21:54:01 UTC

browser for now. it middle of dl so it may work better I hope

2019-02-13 21:54:25 UTC


2019-02-13 21:54:43 UTC


2019-02-13 21:54:49 UTC

just installing today

2019-02-13 21:55:17 UTC

no yet it keeps failing to download so I have rebooted 3 times

2019-02-13 21:55:54 UTC

no. cannot dl at all

2019-02-13 21:56:00 UTC

it's at 5.9 now

2019-02-13 21:56:12 UTC

5.9 of 59

2019-02-13 21:56:52 UTC


2019-02-13 21:57:02 UTC


2019-02-13 21:58:02 UTC


2019-02-13 22:04:53 UTC

i am still here, fyi

2019-02-13 22:10:03 UTC


2019-02-13 22:10:57 UTC

it's built in and I've never had a problem before

2019-02-13 22:11:07 UTC


2019-02-13 22:11:17 UTC

I fixed it to push to talk again

2019-02-13 22:12:02 UTC

no. I clicked on box to reset voice

2019-02-13 22:12:14 UTC

and then clicked x and it locked up

2019-02-13 22:12:26 UTC


2019-02-13 22:12:44 UTC


2019-02-13 22:13:33 UTC


2019-02-13 22:14:20 UTC


2019-02-13 22:16:32 UTC

๐ŸŽ™ โ˜‘

2019-02-13 22:16:45 UTC

just having fun ๐Ÿ˜

2019-02-13 22:18:14 UTC

I did the test and the bar that hears sound lit up momentarily is all

2019-02-13 22:18:56 UTC

thank you so much for your help sigh

2019-02-13 22:19:10 UTC


2019-02-13 22:24:05 UTC

I did the voice check in discord and also did a mic check on computer with systems sound. the mic is showing to work on my computer with excellent test results but nothing on disord

2019-02-13 22:24:21 UTC

my sound keeps going low also??

2019-02-13 22:25:01 UTC

8.2 of 59

2019-02-13 22:25:22 UTC

I had paused it to see if that was messing with it

2019-02-13 22:25:27 UTC

im in the boonies

2019-02-13 22:25:39 UTC

yes wireless

2019-02-13 22:25:46 UTC

only thing that works where I live

2019-02-13 22:26:53 UTC

I did

2019-02-13 22:27:51 UTC


2019-02-13 22:27:55 UTC

2019-02-13 22:28:01 UTC

if it helps, if not sorry to but in

2019-02-13 22:28:28 UTC

thanks grim. tried that

2019-02-13 22:28:57 UTC

grim do you have a mac

2019-02-13 22:29:04 UTC


2019-02-13 22:29:09 UTC


2019-02-13 22:29:13 UTC

no i use windows

2019-02-13 22:29:53 UTC

try running discord in adminsitrator mode maybe?

2019-02-13 22:30:28 UTC

my sound has been going lower and on the internet it said to reboot while holding down control shift PR

2019-02-13 22:30:50 UTC

I did that and the sound increases temporarily but now my mic won't work in discord

2019-02-13 22:31:16 UTC

and my sound went way down again

2019-02-13 22:31:55 UTC

I feel loved โค thank you for the collaboration of help

2019-02-13 22:32:20 UTC

well if it were windows id say that sounds like sound leveling "loudness equalization:

2019-02-13 22:32:24 UTC

but for mac i really dont know

2019-02-13 22:33:18 UTC

ill just butt out, your in good hands.

2019-02-13 22:33:38 UTC

2019-02-13 22:33:56 UTC

this is my view and it works internally fine. just not on discord

2019-02-13 22:34:44 UTC

I'm at 11.6 of 59 download of app. Hopefully when it downloads it will cure the mic issue

2019-02-13 22:35:15 UTC

thank you sign

2019-02-13 22:35:18 UTC


2019-02-13 22:36:40 UTC

i think 'built in' means the mic thats poor quality comes inside the computer, commonly sounds quiet. the usb would be a mic that is plugged into a port. would likely sound louder, but you have the built in one selected, so the usb one is not being used

2019-02-13 22:36:58 UTC

and the input volume is only halfway if your mic is to quiet can turn that up

2019-02-13 22:37:26 UTC

as far as how quiet your volume is to you, have to click the 'output' tab in that screeny to see about that.

2019-02-13 22:40:24 UTC

@Deleted User just for a little review of what we've been doing: she's using Discord on a Mac in the Safari browser. she was having trouble downloading the Discord app--kept failing, wireless issue where she lives. So, we started work on the voice settings in the browser, and it was going well when i tried to get her to reset the voice settings. but then she went poof. Then, she did return and we were looking into other things. She tested her mic working on her Mac but it is not working in Discord using Safari.

2019-02-13 22:40:52 UTC

her mic has worked in the past

2019-02-13 22:42:28 UTC

ohh i see.

safari could be part of the problem, if she is downloading the app that may fix it.

if safari updated. or her mac updated. or her audio or mic drivers updated. any of those could cause an issue to pop up with the browser's use of the mic,

2019-02-13 22:42:45 UTC

u bet

2019-02-13 22:43:51 UTC

thx for helpin her, ๐Ÿ‘ i havnt touched a mac in 15 years lol

2019-02-13 22:44:39 UTC

I can but mine is still not working. Pawhuska has a Mac He may be able to assist me. Thank you for your time Sigh

2019-02-13 22:45:02 UTC

I'm going to chat with Paw

2019-02-13 22:45:05 UTC

i only get to use it (a Mac) when i am visiting with a friend, so i know enough to be dangerous. but i generally ask the internet and go from there.

2019-02-13 22:45:26 UTC

@Cow Patty ๐Ÿ‘

2019-02-13 22:45:49 UTC

Thank you so much~~

2019-02-13 23:00:02 UTC

I'm about to log off and use the app. It's downloaded now

2019-02-13 23:20:03 UTC

ok, good luck

2019-02-14 06:51:53 UTC

Can you hear me?

2019-02-14 07:09:08 UTC

2019-02-14 07:11:13 UTC


2019-02-14 21:53:09 UTC

2019-02-16 17:38:30 UTC

can someone help me with my sound

2019-02-16 21:02:36 UTC

sure what help do you need?

btw, the <#430201855172280360> tends to get alot more attention for things like this,

this <#436786211902717952> channel i think was meant for @slippyfist to talk to people about technology in the news and in general.

so its become a bit neglected

2019-02-18 17:16:03 UTC

How To Use C Span Video Library.

2019-02-25 22:04:50 UTC

Hi tech talk, this sure is technical, I don't know if I will make it to live chat on PSB.

2019-03-04 22:38:42 UTC
2019-03-08 05:59:10 UTC

have you had anyone else with this problem ? It just started tonight. Or is this for discord tech talk only?

2019-03-08 06:18:59 UTC

@WeThePeople06James - Haven't had that issue.

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