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2019-03-26 22:51:27 UTC


use this channel for all writing tips or pointers etc so the info isnt lost in other harder to find channels
this channel can be seen and used by everyone.

people wanting to submit their completed work can do so in either of the two channels above this one <#430235056158801920> and <#433737699652927509> which both can also be seen by everyone.

2019-03-26 22:52:24 UTC

also feel free to use this channel to help people out with their own works or etc anything like that

2019-03-26 22:52:50 UTC

@Pawhuska and if you want me to rename the channel to something else im happy to. just let me know

2019-03-26 23:02:52 UTC

Thanks sound great

2019-04-01 00:09:18 UTC

@Deleted User looks good Thank you

2019-04-01 00:09:34 UTC


2019-04-01 02:57:31 UTC

I took a few writing classes in my past.

2019-04-01 22:34:53 UTC

Patch Anon you can contact me when you are availiable to talk

2019-04-03 20:40:01 UTC

Gotta find another word for moderators??? https://www.thesaurus.com/browse/interesting

2019-04-07 00:30:06 UTC

This is great. Where should we submit pieces for publication?

2019-04-07 12:43:52 UTC

@Terry Q if your ready for everyone to see it you can psot it in <#430235056158801920>
there will be a place to submit it on the website too, when the site is ready.

2019-04-11 06:50:06 UTC

@Terry Q you can submit complete articles to Radix and she will proof read and post it on Minds

2019-04-12 01:33:55 UTC

Are there any specific topics you guys want to address? My wife has been a writer by trade her entire career. And shes now all into Q. I bet she could whip you guys up anything you wanted or needed. It would be professional (of course).

2019-04-12 03:23:09 UTC

@sweetestmanpussy we need to be able to have our own content covering issues that are relevant to what's in the current news cycle here in America and world wide.

2019-04-13 01:55:50 UTC

@SouthernComfort gotcha. Thats exactly what shes use to doing. Editors give her assignments

2019-04-14 01:58:09 UTC

@sweetestmanpussy what's your wife's discord name?

2019-04-14 03:42:48 UTC

@SouthernComfort unfortunately sheโ€™s not in Discord. But give me a few days to try and further convince her. If not, I can have her log in as me.

2019-04-14 22:50:18 UTC

@sweetestmanpussy we are in the process of developing a website right now for articles and etc, so if she doesnt want to use discord she doesnt have to the website will be another option.

2019-04-17 21:16:38 UTC

This was helpful to me in the writing class I was in a few months back.

2019-04-17 21:17:34 UTC

I am taking the next level writing class in the summer.

2019-04-19 01:31:34 UTC


2019-04-22 12:59:58 UTC

bonjour to france ; patriots of humanity: Happy Easter,
let's continue the fight with God. we are blessed by him forever.๐Ÿ™

2019-04-27 05:08:05 UTC

<#560232899220078602> A WRITING TIP: I hear it several times a week and sometimes several times in a short segment , the phrase " ,,,, BECAUSE AT THE END OF THE DAY ,,," Really? You can do better. Use another phrase to summarize or close your speech. Does what precedes your closing have a relationship with the end of the day? I didn't think so, because at the end of the day ,,, people should stop texting and talking and go to sleep !

2019-05-03 20:32:18 UTC

I couldn't agree more, clearlyโฌ…๏ธ๐Ÿคฌ

2019-05-05 09:57:14 UTC

At the end of the day tis twilight but once again renewed in the morn, from dark to light may my words inspire.

2019-05-08 00:13:18 UTC

Hey @Deleted User how long until the web site goes live? Iโ€™ve been so cut off lately working two jobs. I know Iโ€™ve missed a lot

2019-05-08 00:34:22 UTC

everytime we ask the site developer for an eta he jus says, "its done when im finished" "its ready when its ready"

he goes at the pace hes comfortable with and cant give an eta so it may be a week or months. really hard to know.

2019-05-09 13:31:33 UTC

Good Day All. I did not know it at the time, but Black Mirror was kind enough to record the presentation that I did on Freedom Rings. It covered how to get started and complete any written composition. Here is the link. I sincerely hope that this can help those who are inspired to do this but presently don't know how to begin, fill in and finish their work. Sincere thanks again to Black Mirror for archiving this for us.https://youtu.be/UQar9h4NeFk

2019-05-09 21:59:02 UTC

@Captain Liberty ๐Ÿ‘ โœ ๐Ÿ–Š

2019-05-12 00:11:01 UTC

Im preparing to write an article about the manufactured tensions created by the Deep State / Cabal with the goal of creating a civil war based on religious, racial and social tensions. Mainly by way of increasing tensions between groups through selective enforcement of the law and other imbalanced treatment of groups of people. If anyone knows of any stories in this sort of vein I would love to hear about them. I would prefer ones that concern the US but worldwide is still a contributing factor

2019-05-12 00:12:05 UTC

If you know of any just let me know what the title of the articles might have been or some way I could go look up the info. A direct message would work best

2019-05-20 15:48:35 UTC

How about the Montgomery Alabama, Birmingham Alabama civil rights days?

2019-05-20 15:50:59 UTC

@8_sideways sorry,. How about segregation in Montgomery Alabama and Birmingham civil rights days? KKK in Birmingham Alabama

2019-05-20 17:34:33 UTC

Yo 8_Sideways ! You might also take a look at laws and regulations aimed at restricting one group's basic civil and human rights as compared to others. Isn't there a recent one called HR-12 (or something like that) restricting what churches can "teach" their followers and members? Gary mentioned it this morning on his show.

2019-05-21 16:56:49 UTC

To anyone interested the website Humble Bundle currently has a book bundle for aspiring writers. It only has a day and change left but you can get quite a selection of books for just 15. I grabbed it myself but I have not checked out the books in-depth yet as internet is spotty were I am at the moment. The collection looks good though and I'll be checking them out when I get back home on thursday or friday. 26 books for 15 is not a bad deal. Its got just over a day left. Heres the link. https://www.humblebundle.com/books/write-like-a-writer-books?hmb_source=humble_home&hmb_medium=product_tile&hmb_campaign=mosaic_section_2_layout_index_2_layout_type_twos_tile_index_1_c_writelikeawriter_bookbundle

2019-05-22 23:41:40 UTC

I know a place where this one creative and benevolent couple who were really good at making friends got betrayed by another couple. The first couple had created this wonderful and richly diverse community and invited the 2nd couple in.

The first couple were landowners and had invited their friends to live on their land (gave them it for free even!). It's a special place, magical even some say. There was only one thing the first asked of all their friends.

Granted, it was a really big deal and exposed the vulnerability of the first couple. But given that they were the landowners, it was their responsibility and duty to set the boundary for the protection of everyone.

And this is where we get the phrase: Curiosity killed the cat.

By Eloรฏse Plantagenet

2019-05-28 03:22:18 UTC

I feel like Iโ€™m going at this kind of blind. Is there a writing discord server? Someone sent me an invitation to something (?) but I was discord illiterate and didnโ€™t find it until it was expired...oops! ๐Ÿฅถ

Thank you all for being patient with me! Iโ€™m learning! ๐Ÿค— #SlowlyButSurely

2019-05-28 05:30:43 UTC

@Sweet Dreams hey no worries, yeah theres a server for it round here somewhere but in the meantime we also have a channel for it right here. <#433737699652927509> to post any of your own works in.

this channel <#560232899220078602> was more for people to share tips or help each other tutorials lessons seeking or providing,. whatever you want to do in that regard.

2019-05-28 11:55:40 UTC

Thank you @Deleted User! ๐ŸŒท

2019-05-28 16:06:22 UTC

@Sweet Dreams not sure if you got a new invite from grim or not so I DMd you one.

2019-05-28 16:09:25 UTC

Thank you so much @Jayde! โค๏ธ

2019-05-28 16:10:35 UTC

You're welcome

2019-05-28 20:36:30 UTC

@Jayde im not in it, the inv i got weeks back was expired

2019-05-31 23:16:30 UTC

Hey Patriots! This is the second place I will post this. I would be interested in helping the writers. I have extensive experience in transcribing medical information so have a pretty good understanding of the lingo. I am also a musician and an artist, which are more subjective I guess, but still.....would love to help.

2019-05-31 23:51:55 UTC

I am looking for a place to send an example of a job I am working on. The subject is the BRICS (NDB). My medium is HTML, however my example is a partial print pdf. Very interested in helping the group and having some help to continuing the research including China's 2050 plan. I currently have several pieces of the puzzle, but as always, can't find some missing pieces. FYI I use a different YT chat name, Terry Mach. Thanks...

2019-06-01 10:34:03 UTC

@Gelfling @Mighty Muse your in the right place. this channel and also the <#433737699652927509> are both for the writers team which ive added you both to.

2019-06-01 10:34:04 UTC


2019-06-01 10:34:18 UTC


2019-06-01 17:32:10 UTC

Thank you Grimm! Now I gotta figure out how all the stuff works. Off I go!

2019-06-16 00:27:44 UTC

I'll be writing an article about Hezbollah per @monkeywoman request....I will need some help!

2019-06-16 00:37:25 UTC

I write...a lot! Before my life changed and I became disabled I was a nurse. In my spare time I would edit my co-workers college papers, including a few theses. Not one of the papers got anything less than a 100% or better. I've actually been writing since I was a child. But after my life changed so drastically I was unable to continue completing the 3 novels I was working on. Now, 4 years later, I have recovered enough of my cognitive abilities to be able to start writing again. Unfortunately, or unfortunately, I became addicted to PSB and a few other YT channels. But PSB is number one for me. I keep the Patriot's Soapbox on my TV pretty much 24/7. I would like to help out in whatever capacity I can. I am an American, I am a conservative and I am a patriot!

2019-06-17 02:05:16 UTC

@Pamphlet Anon I hope that I was not "out of line" in pressing Larry on the "Who is really running Iran?" question during Pat's show, but his answer seemed to be a 'non-answer' dance around. Of course, there may be an "answer" in his avoidance.

2019-06-27 14:11:30 UTC

@SouthernComfort and @Pamphlet Anon Firts of all โ€”> o7
If you ever need a translation from italian just tell me ๐Ÿค“๐Ÿ‘๐Ÿธ๐Ÿ’–

2019-07-01 23:24:04 UTC

@8_sideways The most informing process for me has been the formation of good critical skills through Western philosophy, primarily. The Bible informs my focus and the context of much study on any subject I care to learn. Experience, observation and meditation on single items of focus, with prayer seems to provide answers, if I'm patient. Finally, I read and write constantly. With this, the short, direct answer to your question is read the Bible and find a primer on natural law. You will come to your own conclusions, this is just the start of "bringing forth from within", and your journey to enriching those around, as well.

2019-07-01 23:26:36 UTC

@8_sideways Now YOU have become OUR well-reasoned source. May Yahweh richly Bless you, in Christ, Amen.

2019-07-01 23:38:48 UTC

@8_sideways If it is any help, I did write an Open Letter to POTUS, with a history reference regarding the deplorable way the Federalists treated then President, John Adams. The comparisons to today are appropriate to the Dems, the RINO's and the MSM. There are elements of natural law and morality at play.

2019-07-01 23:39:50 UTC

@ "New-Talent" psb

2019-07-23 22:09:45 UTC

@Radix Verum... Here I am...got a topic or am I to come up with something on my own?

2019-07-23 22:27:19 UTC

@HoosierPatriot(USA) pretty free reign write about whatever youd like.

you are also free to use the <#433737699652927509> for that.

2019-07-25 21:55:16 UTC

@imig... She gave me a topic... Now I'm trying to figure out how I can write it and post it from my phone. Any ideas? The matrix keeps me pretty busy so I missed the class today... I'm behind on the technology end of doing this.

2019-07-25 23:34:44 UTC

good channels for posting your writing would be <#433737699652927509> or <#545096217894584331>

2019-07-28 21:03:10 UTC

@imig... Too long for Discord. I cut it in half and it's still too long.

2019-07-29 14:39:17 UTC

@monkeywoman ...Hey there. I missed all the writer's meetings so if I was supposed to register... Well I missed that. Can you direct me to where I need to go? Also, I've been having problems posting my article... Tried emailing to Radix and Soapbox email addresses but she doesn't seem to be getting it. Not sure why... Sent to my wife OK. Thanks for any help you can give. God bless you.

2019-07-29 14:55:20 UTC
2019-07-31 21:17:47 UTC

@monkeywoman I am still working on the election boards, but I would also like to get involved on the website. I see there is an education section on the site that needs articles. I was not able to get into the writer's meetings. What do I need to do next?

2019-07-31 21:18:17 UTC

@Polished Arrow send me a dm please

2019-08-10 21:53:06 UTC

If I have an idea for an article and have written it, what do I do next? Can I submit it for editing? Do I need to attend a writers meeting first?

2019-08-13 13:45:03 UTC

How do I get started?

2019-08-13 22:09:38 UTC

@STARR well if you have any questions about how to go about the writing process or need otherwise help with it feel free to mention <@&546592041249800208> those folks should be able to assist

2019-08-21 03:33:54 UTC

Thank you @Irredenta

2019-08-22 01:10:14 UTC

<@&433736775823917096> <@&546592041249800208>: The Nuclino App https://www.nuclino.com Allows Writers and Editors to collaborate in real-time....

2019-08-22 01:15:12 UTC

In the Nuclino App, a single Editor (person) can manage and oversee content creators (Writers and Authors), as well as multiple projects, articles, editorials, etc. In the app, you can add photos, video, text, and website-links to other content. It's a live, real-time wiki collaborative content creation/editing environment. Teams can use it to knock-out content creation fast!

2019-08-22 01:25:15 UTC

<@&546592041249800208> (see above) ๐Ÿ‘†

2019-08-22 01:27:59 UTC

I've been using this app for some months now. It's all permissions-based and invite-only so you can choose specifically and invite only those people you want to collaborate with. It's really fun and easy to use!

2019-08-22 01:59:57 UTC

Thanks for the info Reg. Hope to get sophisticated enough to use it sooner than later. Still working on getting a microphone.

2019-08-22 02:23:45 UTC

@STARR DM @monkeywoman to get started.

2019-08-22 02:37:56 UTC

You bet ๐Ÿ‘

2019-08-22 02:40:27 UTC

It really doesn't take much sophistication. Its user interface is simple and easy. All one needs to write or edit live content is a phone, or any other device. If you know how to create or edit a basic Word Document, you can easily create and edit content in Nuclino.

2019-08-22 03:49:38 UTC

You can download the Nuclino app from the Google Play Store here: https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.nuclino.nuclino_app

2019-08-22 03:50:43 UTC

You gotta download and try it! You'll have a lot of fun and you'll be glad you did.

2019-08-22 14:03:25 UTC

@STARR Hi there. I have sent you a message directly if you want to write!

2019-08-27 16:45:09 UTC

<@&546592041249800208> do we have a Lead Editor who approves the content, checks for typos, etc. for the PSB news site?

2019-08-27 23:13:20 UTC

@monkeywoman would know.

2019-08-27 23:19:46 UTC

@RegReformer yes that would be me! We absolutely need writers! Feel free to upload via discord and send me a DM!

2019-08-27 23:52:34 UTC

<@&546592041249800208> hi, found this update video on Timothy Holmsteth update... maybe somebody would be interested to do a story on it....

2019-08-27 23:54:38 UTC

<@&433736775823917096> OOPS FORGOT to insert the video... LOL !! Field McConnell: Holmseth Defies Illegal Court, Pence Stripped of All Authority.... I don't know about Pence part though....

2019-08-28 00:06:28 UTC


2019-08-28 00:07:25 UTC

Can you upload documents like .doc files to discord?

2019-08-28 00:12:14 UTC


2019-08-29 21:29:41 UTC

I have written a short article. However it is on my word and don't know how to attach and send it to you. I don't think I can attach here like I would in an e-mail. HELP NEVER MIND PANIC.... I just remembered. I sent it to Marna at patriots soapbox.... Was I correct. If you are going to use it please keep Polarbear as my name.... Many thanks.... And how will I know ??? Not quite adept at this technical stuff anymore. Seems once retired..you're retired LOL.... Maybe you can reply through reply to my e--mail;. Thanks....

2019-08-29 21:42:19 UTC

By the way is there a place or section where I can find the news to see if it has been posted ? I can't find an In the News title on the left... sorry, like I said.. once reTIRED, you're reTIRED.. and I am TIRED.. of it all... LOL

2019-08-30 06:55:30 UTC

@Polarbear you can attach files in discord with the little plus button


2019-08-30 06:55:48 UTC


2019-08-30 14:00:01 UTC

Polarbear... Yes sending to Marna was right. She usually gets back to you quickly. If not send her a DM

2019-08-30 20:20:41 UTC

this is my writing title are you ready


2019-08-30 20:22:24 UTC

i couldn't find Marna in discord.. does she have a different name here.. could someone forward this to her... THANKS.. Still on the learning curve here...

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