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2017-05-05 06:10:55 UTC

Otherwise south africa would be ok already. There are so many niggers in south africa. And any nigger with a mud penny can get an AK and if you arent trained youll get stomped hard man

2017-05-05 06:10:59 UTC

most of you weak fags will stay in your basement

2017-05-05 06:11:12 UTC

beta queers go join antifa the big boys are planning the new world

2017-05-05 06:11:26 UTC


2017-05-05 06:11:46 UTC

>tfw you're able to commit genocide and procreate at the same time after becoming addicted to SMV

2017-05-05 06:11:48 UTC

kekistan will be more powerful than america

2017-05-05 06:11:51 UTC

are you kidding me

2017-05-05 06:12:10 UTC

millions of autists with all the resources the niggers could have used but didnt

2017-05-05 06:12:20 UTC

blown the fuck out

2017-05-05 06:12:41 UTC

kekistan is the future of our race, the entire planet one world under hitler

2017-05-05 06:12:47 UTC

all white

2017-05-05 06:12:53 UTC

remove the mudskins and the jews

2017-05-05 06:12:56 UTC

kekistan is the future of our race, the entire planet one world under hitler

2017-05-05 06:12:57 UTC

>kekistan in SOUTH AFRICA will be more powerful then America that controls multiple economies across the world

2017-05-05 06:13:01 UTC

you think south africa will be the only state

2017-05-05 06:13:08 UTC

we will cleanse africa of the nigger

2017-05-05 06:13:13 UTC

kekistan is what we will call the whole world

2017-05-05 06:13:25 UTC

Neitzche predicted a pan-european country

2017-05-05 06:13:31 UTC

a country for all of us

2017-05-05 06:13:44 UTC

he predicted one european race

2017-05-05 06:13:50 UTC

no more ethnicities

2017-05-05 06:14:24 UTC


2017-05-05 06:14:31 UTC

under my kekistan

2017-05-05 06:14:35 UTC

kekistan isn't south africa it's europa-africa-ameriacas- middle east-asia

2017-05-05 06:14:37 UTC

@Norwegian Black Metal dude niggers use their resources. They have so many guns it's not even funny and if you don't have connections there you will be gone by the end of the day. Africa now and days is just owned by rich warlord type of people who kill and enslave anyone they want half the time while keeping the poor fucked

2017-05-05 06:14:51 UTC

Europa is right

2017-05-05 06:14:56 UTC

kekistan is what we will call the whole world
Neitzche predicted a pan-european country
a country for all of us
he predicted one european race
no more ethnicities

2017-05-05 06:15:02 UTC

spread the word

2017-05-05 06:15:06 UTC

kekistan isn't south africa it's europa-africa-ameriacas- middle east-asia

2017-05-05 06:15:48 UTC

ok where is kekistan then

2017-05-05 06:15:55 UTC

the whole world

2017-05-05 06:15:59 UTC


2017-05-05 06:16:02 UTC

a single country

2017-05-05 06:16:08 UTC

the whole world is full of niggers

2017-05-05 06:16:16 UTC


2017-05-05 06:16:27 UTC

its endgame

2017-05-05 06:16:34 UTC

kekistan the world

2017-05-05 06:16:40 UTC

you think killing 6 billion people will be good on morale

2017-05-05 06:16:40 UTC

with lots of individual states

2017-05-05 06:16:51 UTC


2017-05-05 06:17:27 UTC

ok i know most of you guys are retarded but maybe you dont see this

2017-05-05 06:17:35 UTC

if south africa is in a civil war situation

2017-05-05 06:17:47 UTC

what easer nation to swoop in and support white pople

2017-05-05 06:17:49 UTC


2017-05-05 06:18:11 UTC

@Norwegian Black Metal they literally already are. And whites are losing because no fucking white would want to be in fucking africa unless they are born there and stuck in the shit

2017-05-05 06:18:31 UTC

but its not over europa

2017-05-05 06:18:41 UTC

IDK we need to fix europe and america

2017-05-05 06:18:49 UTC

if you paid the right people to step in you could win that war easily

2017-05-05 06:18:51 UTC

south africa is going to shit too

2017-05-05 06:19:04 UTC

aka american private contractors

2017-05-05 06:19:05 UTC

@Norwegian Black Metalbut africa isn't where we need to focus, you just want to kill our average men that we need to take back our countries first

2017-05-05 06:19:09 UTC

sweden wants to bring 600000 sounniggers to stockholm alone

2017-05-05 06:19:27 UTC

well im saying setup a white nationalist state there

2017-05-05 06:19:31 UTC

so youd have to bail

2017-05-05 06:19:40 UTC

A Proxy Race War? Interesting....

2017-05-05 06:19:55 UTC

I actually like how this sounds when red says it

2017-05-05 06:20:02 UTC

@Norwegian Black Metal that's literally not happening though because these fucking warlords will disappear you if they don't like you or if you fuck them over

2017-05-05 06:20:14 UTC

oh ya scary warlords

2017-05-05 06:20:19 UTC

im gonna build a wall

2017-05-05 06:20:23 UTC

@Norwegian Black Metal go to Africa. Go actually see your wanna be ethno state.

2017-05-05 06:20:31 UTC

its simple just convience two seperate groups they are right and the other guy is a douche then watch the moabs fly

2017-05-05 06:20:32 UTC

uh the niggers die

2017-05-05 06:20:32 UTC


2017-05-05 06:20:40 UTC

can some one gib me an upgrade to kekists

2017-05-05 06:20:43 UTC

we take all that land in force

2017-05-05 06:20:47 UTC

and crush the niggers

2017-05-05 06:20:47 UTC

foxfire is right

2017-05-05 06:20:51 UTC

like how whites did before

2017-05-05 06:20:58 UTC

U need more levels i tink glorp

2017-05-05 06:21:18 UTC

Ok. What "two" separate groups?

2017-05-05 06:21:21 UTC

and we set the nation up powerful to deal with abunch of nigger thugs

2017-05-05 06:21:29 UTC

its no different than havbing a border with mexico

2017-05-05 06:21:48 UTC

ok then

2017-05-05 06:21:52 UTC

In africa (especially south africa) it is literally you are either a nigger or a white kek

2017-05-05 06:22:08 UTC

you keep missing the part where we drive them out

2017-05-05 06:22:30 UTC

@Norwegian Black Metal you have no idea what you are talking about if you think it would be so easy

2017-05-05 06:22:31 UTC

We'll need to stabilize shit here first. Once we have an idea of what our fellow whites need down there, we can help them get in touch with PMCs and shit.

2017-05-05 06:22:32 UTC

thats the whole basis of a white nationalist state

2017-05-05 06:22:56 UTC

europa ok you are not invited

2017-05-05 06:22:57 UTC

We need to fix our countries first and then we can go and fuck with south africa

2017-05-05 06:23:04 UTC

Otherwise you are fucked

2017-05-05 06:23:08 UTC

jsut live in eurabia and believe there is no way you can change things

2017-05-05 06:23:11 UTC

its simple really take a religious group.... they are the easiest to brain wash but literally all white folks have to get behind it and push a heavy narritive that culture B are basically satan but be legit about it

2017-05-05 06:23:21 UTC


2017-05-05 06:23:34 UTC

not after i cleanse the lands

2017-05-05 06:23:38 UTC

we need this


2017-05-05 06:23:44 UTC

TFW you want to bleach africa


2017-05-05 06:23:44 UTC

Go to south Africa hahaha

2017-05-05 06:23:55 UTC

jesus man

2017-05-05 06:24:18 UTC

when i setup kekistan stay away

2017-05-05 06:24:21 UTC


2017-05-05 06:24:36 UTC

Afterwards, we roll out the death squads, bulldoze the jungles, hunt Gorillas to show them who's the king now, ect.

2017-05-05 06:24:41 UTC

@Norwegian Black Metal that's the only way you'll understand what I'm talking about man. Go there and see what you are going there for. No one buys a house without visiting it first. Go and see your precious land

2017-05-05 06:24:44 UTC

that is really old renaar

2017-05-05 06:25:01 UTC


2017-05-05 06:25:12 UTC

Hunt Gorillas?


2017-05-05 06:25:13 UTC

the night of the duct tapt

2017-05-05 06:25:21 UTC

let me dumb it down for you

2017-05-05 06:25:29 UTC

niggers die

2017-05-05 06:25:34 UTC

all of them or they leave

2017-05-05 06:25:38 UTC
2017-05-05 06:25:38 UTC

only white people

2017-05-05 06:25:52 UTC

we setup a powerful military

2017-05-05 06:25:56 UTC

everyone is amember

2017-05-05 06:25:59 UTC

everyone has a gun

2017-05-05 06:26:01 UTC

we build a wall

2017-05-05 06:26:04 UTC


2017-05-05 06:26:06 UTC

@Norwegian Black Metal Everyone has guns there

2017-05-05 06:26:07 UTC

like the swiss

2017-05-05 06:26:13 UTC

You would literally die without one

2017-05-05 06:26:18 UTC

ya but whites are outnumbered

2017-05-05 06:26:33 UTC

Dude being white in south Africa on an average basis is literal suicide

2017-05-05 06:26:37 UTC

whites get to kill until majority

2017-05-05 06:26:38 UTC

We build a wall and we make (((them))) pay for it.

2017-05-05 06:26:43 UTC


2017-05-05 06:26:53 UTC

that is the way though

2017-05-05 06:26:56 UTC

nig nogs and lowelheads cant aim

2017-05-05 06:26:56 UTC

get the jews doing it

2017-05-05 06:27:02 UTC

if you lived there you should be on my side

2017-05-05 06:27:09 UTC

I am on your side

2017-05-05 06:27:28 UTC

just not sure we should try to bleach africa

2017-05-05 06:27:32 UTC

what if i told you i got a private military contract of 100,000 american ex soldiers and we were going to kill every black person

2017-05-05 06:27:35 UTC

and took back the entir enation

2017-05-05 06:27:38 UTC

then put up a wall

2017-05-05 06:27:43 UTC

to keep them out

2017-05-05 06:28:08 UTC

ethnostates for non-kekistanis america will now be kekistan

2017-05-05 06:28:08 UTC

From here on out, I'm calling this Operation Chlorox

2017-05-05 06:28:22 UTC

then after we setup we pushed north and cleansed the land

2017-05-05 06:28:26 UTC

build walls not wars

2017-05-05 06:28:51 UTC

You want south Africa but you don't think of the property for shit. What you are telling me is we need to go to south Africa in the thousands if not millions. Start ethnically cleansing the place. Make a government. Make a working economy. Build new fucking houses and everything since IT'S FUCKING SOUTH AFRICA. Spend millions on walls. Spend millions on construction. Spend millions on cleaning up the place. Spend thousands if not millions on cleaning up the ROTTING NIGGER BODIES THAT WE LEFT

2017-05-05 06:28:54 UTC

@Mr. Red fucking love u man

2017-05-05 06:28:59 UTC

Your plan is fucking retarded kek

2017-05-05 06:29:18 UTC


2017-05-05 06:29:23 UTC

You want south Africa but you don't think of the property for shit. What you are telling me is we need to go to south Africa in the thousands if not millions. Start ethnically cleansing the place. Make a government. Make a working economy. Build new fucking houses and everything since IT'S FUCKING SOUTH AFRICA. Spend millions on walls. Spend millions on construction. Spend millions on cleaning up the place. Spend thousands if not millions on cleaning up the ROTTING NIGGER BODIES THAT WE LEFT

2017-05-05 06:29:27 UTC

we can have stick houses and guns

2017-05-05 06:29:44 UTC

the face when he has been pulling your leg the whole time

2017-05-05 06:30:06 UTC

We can cremate the dead niggers and use their ashes as fertilizer, @Europa

2017-05-05 06:30:21 UTC

@Mr. Red yea that'll work. Definitely hahahaa

2017-05-05 06:30:29 UTC

you do know that governments are over turned for the mineral rights

2017-05-05 06:30:39 UTC

we have something called a neutron bomb it only destroys organic matter leaves infrastructure and no radiation that would work

2017-05-05 06:30:41 UTC

south africa likely has mad resources

2017-05-05 06:30:50 UTC

vespian gas

2017-05-05 06:30:51 UTC

it takes a lot of fuel to cook a body

2017-05-05 06:30:55 UTC

@general patton you do know south Africa is a hell hole right?

2017-05-05 06:31:14 UTC

@Europa your mom has a hell hole

2017-05-05 06:31:27 UTC

yas they have our lithium

2017-05-05 06:31:32 UTC

We'd have to rebuild the infrastructure regardless.

2017-05-05 06:31:38 UTC

europa is a nigger who wants free white man land in south africa

2017-05-05 06:31:39 UTC

It's shit.

2017-05-05 06:31:42 UTC


2017-05-05 06:32:23 UTC

>even if the niggers offered africa to me


2017-05-05 06:32:32 UTC


2017-05-05 06:32:40 UTC


2017-05-05 06:32:44 UTC

but the blood diamonds

2017-05-05 06:32:45 UTC

lithium 6 we cant let anyone get it it makes nukes into hydrogen bombs one element mekes the 1000 times stronger north korea just bought 21 pounds of it this is why we are going at them so hard right now

2017-05-05 06:32:51 UTC


2017-05-05 06:32:57 UTC

back to my original point

2017-05-05 06:33:00 UTC


2017-05-05 06:33:05 UTC

if whites gonna die there

2017-05-05 06:33:09 UTC

lets send them guns

2017-05-05 06:33:19 UTC

@Norwegian Black Metal everyone has guns there

2017-05-05 06:33:25 UTC

tanks then

2017-05-05 06:33:29 UTC

@Norwegian Black Metal you would die without a gun

2017-05-05 06:33:30 UTC


2017-05-05 06:33:33 UTC


2017-05-05 06:33:35 UTC

easy to send

2017-05-05 06:33:38 UTC
2017-05-05 06:33:41 UTC

air drop

2017-05-05 06:33:45 UTC

@Norwegian Black Metal what money? ??

2017-05-05 06:33:48 UTC

What they need is armor and explosives. BTW, Hi NSA!

2017-05-05 06:33:48 UTC

goverment wouldnt care about fucking tanks flying in

2017-05-05 06:33:51 UTC

call in a uav after 3 kills

2017-05-05 06:33:59 UTC

troll thread

2017-05-05 06:34:01 UTC

get out

2017-05-05 06:34:03 UTC

nutron bomb and boilogical weaons will clean that place right up no loses of life on our side

2017-05-05 06:34:08 UTC

go to bant no orgy

2017-05-05 06:34:26 UTC


2017-05-05 06:35:03 UTC


2017-05-05 06:35:10 UTC

we should send the white in south africa money or something tho

2017-05-05 06:35:10 UTC


2017-05-05 06:35:15 UTC

theyre gonna get fucked up

2017-05-05 06:35:18 UTC


2017-05-05 06:35:21 UTC

dubs lol

2017-05-05 06:35:26 UTC


2017-05-05 06:35:36 UTC


2017-05-05 06:35:41 UTC

They've got ATMs down there.

2017-05-05 06:36:04 UTC

i got story guys

2017-05-05 06:36:09 UTC

if theyre gonna get pushed off their lands

2017-05-05 06:36:12 UTC

>be me

2017-05-05 06:36:12 UTC


2017-05-05 06:36:17 UTC

you know some will group up

2017-05-05 06:36:35 UTC

how can you help them kill niggers

2017-05-05 06:36:39 UTC


2017-05-05 06:36:45 UTC


2017-05-05 06:36:50 UTC


2017-05-05 06:36:53 UTC

europa black lagoon meme is nicee

2017-05-05 06:37:08 UTC
2017-05-05 06:37:12 UTC

if euro wasnt such a cry baby fag that was the point i was getting to

2017-05-05 06:37:25 UTC

how do we maximize nigger death

2017-05-05 06:37:30 UTC

well i get what you are saying

2017-05-05 06:37:33 UTC

with our south african whites

2017-05-05 06:37:40 UTC

I just don't know how the fuck we can affect it

2017-05-05 06:37:49 UTC

except for getting triple killstreaks

2017-05-05 06:37:52 UTC

>me and my sane friends trying to understand why people would want to go live in Africa willingly


2017-05-05 06:37:54 UTC

and calling in uavs

2017-05-05 06:37:55 UTC

@Norwegian Black Metal Free Crack and Sizzurp for the niggers?

2017-05-05 06:38:01 UTC

if we sent them a few kekistani flags

2017-05-05 06:38:06 UTC

your sane friends are cute

2017-05-05 06:38:06 UTC

and got pictures out

2017-05-05 06:38:15 UTC


2017-05-05 06:38:46 UTC

we could win a civil war with memes

2017-05-05 06:39:12 UTC


2017-05-05 06:39:13 UTC

4chan and T_D would lose their shit when those pix get posted.

2017-05-05 06:39:13 UTC

the 2nd meme war

2017-05-05 06:39:33 UTC

is it really ok to ignore south africa because nigger land even tho theyre whites

2017-05-05 06:39:46 UTC

i know south africans

2017-05-05 06:39:54 UTC

theyre worse than australians

2017-05-05 06:40:01 UTC

>the only seal team 6 you need for nigger genocide


2017-05-05 06:40:06 UTC

theyre shit tier of the commonwealth

2017-05-05 06:40:42 UTC

like uk is the rich fags, then aussie, canada
then south africa we let them get raped by niggers

2017-05-05 06:41:10 UTC

what do you mean rich faggs?

2017-05-05 06:41:33 UTC

i think like a 3rd of the worlds wealth is in the uk

2017-05-05 06:41:45 UTC

doesnt mean you are rich

2017-05-05 06:41:51 UTC


2017-05-05 06:42:02 UTC


2017-05-05 06:42:12 UTC

that is old

2017-05-05 06:42:19 UTC


2017-05-05 06:42:28 UTC

Memritv is always good

2017-05-05 06:42:29 UTC

meme ciritic

2017-05-05 06:42:33 UTC


2017-05-05 06:42:34 UTC

yeah fuck sargon

2017-05-05 06:42:36 UTC

can't tell if this is jab just on sargon or on kekistan as well

2017-05-05 06:42:40 UTC


2017-05-05 06:42:46 UTC


2017-05-05 06:42:47 UTC

hey europa you south african nigger

2017-05-05 06:43:15 UTC

i was just joking id never wana live there

2017-05-05 06:43:41 UTC

"south african nigger" taking time to specify nigger types

2017-05-05 06:43:47 UTC

they all shitty fam

2017-05-05 06:43:51 UTC

thye all niggers

2017-05-05 06:43:56 UTC

no specifying

2017-05-05 06:43:58 UTC

>me to the niggers, jews, arabs, and Asians who get in my way


2017-05-05 06:44:00 UTC

south african nigger can be a white person tho

2017-05-05 06:44:43 UTC

probably more insulting because i compared him to the people he hates

2017-05-05 06:44:56 UTC


2017-05-05 06:45:21 UTC

why not just say niggers?

2017-05-05 06:45:31 UTC

btw nice Jin-Roh The Wolf Brigade (2000) gif

2017-05-05 06:45:57 UTC

well if you want me to call you anigger

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