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These are awesome

Why do you compare whiteness?


I believe it was David Lane who said something along the lines of, "If they look white, act white, and consider themselves white then they're white." Paraphrasing but the message is clear.

It's weird how an anime forum turned into the race board

Anyone who wants to say that race is a social construct is a fag

same thing with sex

yeah they are

plays a major role in your life just look at twins separated at birth

Well that is like the lower end of nigger bell curve is fucked

Well yeah there are some smarter ones

well no it isnt

IQ can change on average by about 5-10 points with a strong system of eugenics

Well yeah we need smart people not dumb sometimes fast niggers

pretty much

Yeah it does

They don't even have a good way of doing anything about it either they vote for the dems and they open the borders and bring in tacos and kebabs

the neocons do the same shit

look at fucking detroit

after 60 years of niggers

well it's immoral because it is going to destory us and them

So do you guys think the Afriakaners should be forces to leave south africa and come to WHitetopia(USA) and europe

Well yeah slave economy sucks look at southern usa

yeah I agree

just checking since some think we should just take over everything with is unfair

LOL they do They want to get rid of science

look at fucking zimbabwe

former rhodeisa

and then out of nowhere decided that gravity existed and created an equation and that is it



It is red ice did a commentary on it

Poor guy having to live with fucking niggers

I agree to some degree

I like the metaphor

or JEWS or kebab or tacos

Native American I feel like we should help and give them their own state or something though


that one was bad

pretty much

well slaves were not good for the sconomy


different subspecies but still human

it's about 45% of them on it

SO MANY FUCKING REDPILLS TOOO MANY, I am still choking on hitler

Maybe but I still don't like the idea of having fucking slaves it's inhumane

Except for catching the ones that escape and watching the niggers that was the welfare

👌 Holy shit didn't know about saudi arabia

holy shit

And they also think they were jews and Egyptians

Mozart Beethoven

it's just like everything is us

why not

black heart doctors are outnumbers by whites per captia 1-50 and that isn't even counting fucking affirmative action

that seems pointless and like asking for problems

It's not poverty goys

anyone taking the ironpill?

weightlifting self improvment getting ready for racewar





POL working out

that one is just fucking sad

woot woot

we wuz viking


no they don't

these days you can't even have white males.......... Mass effect andromeda

yea bad gane

yeah it is

baldur's gate was great too

those were fun

then they started attacking vidya with blackaction

pretty much

it's the best section

it has hitler

well yeah

👌 FLM - Facist Lives Matter - Nazism is a religion of peace suitable for only the purest of the white race.


Anyone watching mayday protests?

pretty much

The infowars stream got some good stuff in austin texas

LOL did they do anything?

👌 FLM - Facist Lives Matter - Nazism is a religion of peace suitable for only the purest of the white race.


👌 NLM - NatSoc Lives Matter - Nazism is a religion of peace suitable for only the purest of the white race.


It's to trigger leftists

those are nice



Not much


Don't click it has aids

How about german heritage month

well yeah today it is a peace of fucking garbage



we are all fake



No don't nuke MN

pretty much

MN is pretty good minus the liberals and the fashion

fucking stupid

not that it matters at all

yeah and they do all of the fucking crime

“Here in Minnesota you have seen firsthand the problems caused with faulty refugee vetting, with large numbers of Somali refugees coming into your state, without your knowledge, without your support or approval,” Trump said against the backdrop of an airport hangar at the Minneapolis International Airport.
“You’ve suffered enough in Minnesota,” he added. TRUMP WHY YOU NO BASED NO MORE

This makes me sadder.........

still doesn't explain bombing syria and making fucking jew heritage month

why do you guys want to intervene in the middle east when assad is fighting isis

Yeah if only we could get the jew outta trump


yeah maybe your right idk let's hope your right


If we get the wall

Keksson is right

I mean trump isn't going to deport all of the Muslim citizens


But we own the internet

Is pol shrinking?

I miss the old NSG threads



that sounds awful good thing I haven't eaten fast food for like 6 years

It's not easy to stop killing yourself but you need to

for the future of our race stop eating shit

and eating porn


eat 10 burgers But don't eat them from miccy D's that's nigger food

no mexican food is taco food


the original neet

that is truly a pure white arayan woman


that is bad money

the 20 shekel bill


i bumped it like 15 times

nigger pony worse pony

Why is shadman doing wendy art?

church is good

but they tend to hate niggerhatin boys

I haven't eaten candy in about 2-3 years

Weed is niggertier drug

LSD MASTER RACE NOT Time for a smoke? One cigarette reduces your life by 11 minutes

gap in his legs?

I thought traps were a meme?


why is MN such a big topic here?


Mine is over 94%

according to a census from a few years ago

We have some native americans

well yeah

I wonder how many of /POL lives in northern MN


Ted was fucking based in the bernie debate

and then the EL CHAPO

Southern Chan

I haven't too much anti south stuff

yeah even though it is relevant

Sebastian Lukács Gorka (Hungarian: Gorka Sebestyén Lukács; born October 22, 1970[1]) is a British–born Hungarian and American military and intelligence analyst and member of the national security advisory staff. He served as a deputy assistant to President Donald Trump.

IDK I don't like spencer but we do need people like damgio and molymeme

and jared taylor

Yeah I don't like spencer either

He is hiding his power level I think sometimes

Hey colbert you want a water filter

WE need leaders that aren't pro israel


Nice ones fm



pls no


MLP is cancer

that said I don't watch it

expected interracial porn or hentai

got some nice stuff

thx fam

me too

yeah the internet is nice for that

also it's made for 6 year old girls


good night assclowns

plz no

WTF I love mlp now

it's not jewish propaganda it's the ultimate redpill

Good night ragnar

WTF i hate islam now

looks pretty damn good

Is there a reason to making MLP nazi memes?

is the MLP community going to help us build the 4th Reich?

OK now I get it

still seems odd and not my thing but to each his own

the fit memes

what is wrong with lanklets?

perty gay

no homo sucking dick? comment

.................n comment

if the balls touch



is this rose the trap?

How would you not know if your a trap?

bigger then all of ours i think

Sadik Hadzovic

this is you?

I have doubts

we are all trap

wrong image

I cried at the end boat

so beautiful

I concour

what for wendy porn?

.......oh for sips

more like twins


wendy porn

it is from nurses

digital playground

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