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whats up goys

ahhh seems comfy

are you 300 lbs+

yes hacker

anyone else unplug microwave now after use because of spying

its bath salts shaggy

thats a good idea

it looks like a dinosaurs cock

im trying to draw swastikas on reddit place but these faggots keep erasing it

im a faggot for being on reddit yes i know

thats beautiful

theyre ruining the internet

ya it is cancer

i wasnt a nazi until the left told me i was, this is there own fault


its the gas chamber for (((them)))

why do leftards just recycle our memes

and make them shittier

i thought fags were creative

sweet song


that is really autistic


god damn pajeet

the cabbie


chicken tendies

why live

who cares if youtube fags make money or not

they do nothing and get paid

if youtube falls a new platform will come

well all theyre doing is making enemies

wsj is a joke

i remember when journalists were credible and respected

and not high school drop outs with a wordpress site

who cares those people are mentally ill

nothing you can do

they drank too much gay frog water

i got the super male vitality suppositories

the 2nd great american civil war will be really easy to win

cant wait

itll be fun

well you guys got brexit so you got that going for you

thats the spirit

well because liberal road blocks in the way

and tbh hes not nazi enough for me

left screaming HES A NAZI!

im like, sign me up

oh well

the problem is we got to wait for the libtards to fuck things up first

so people are like hey all this pc shit is gay as fuck

then gas chambers

so ya waiting game

muzzies need to stop being cunts

well the people doing the attacks are imbred and poorly educated

its the people


id convert to islam just to play the muzzie card, everytime i do something bad id just scream MY RELIGION

and the lefties would back me up

then id suicide bomb them

allahuh akbar

i almost finished my swastika on reddit place

u dont need an email to sign up

ok ive got a good one you can use

hold on

actually im gonna use it to draw swastikas


ill show you my work soon

oh nice someoene is helping me

perfectly hidden

fuck theyre on to me

ok later

My Wife's Son

its happening

fuck it just got owned

so much work

experience is most important, ive lied about my schooling and they never checked

i worked at a pizza place years back when dominos had the delivery under 30 or its free, people were crashing cars and shit


demon nigger killer hunter

this is good shit man

remove the chimpathizer

ahagaghahahaha holy shit

how long does that shit last

ive done salvia before, it only lasts like 20 minutes but it felt like an eternity

thats too long for me lol


i want to meet him

aha id suggest not doing it around your parents

also maybe have a sitter so you dont do anything dumb

ya dont plan on doing anything the next day lol

god no

i love alex jones

id love to work on info wars

id get fired up with him and start challenging celebrities to boxing matches

if you talk about it non stop

down with the vegan agenda!

i dont know how id live without burger

bacon is good for me

yeah brocolli isnt bad

i used to hate certain vegetables that id never eat

ill eat whatever now

nutrition is key, both me and my brother are bigger than our parents, im 6'2 or so and hes probably 6'0

white people on average are like 5 inches taller than like 200 years ago

or something crazy

does your gf know the good word of Demon Nigger Killer Hunter

chimpathizers lmao

looks like weve uncovered a commie

get the chopper

too many questions i got bored

ya its about time for me too



hmm i thought that would embed

a video

click it if you want its pretty funny

hold on i forget the name, its a parody done of some youtube show

dont hug me im scared parody

that weird animated shit


im gonna learn how to fly a helicopter so well that i can do barrel rolls in it, so when we are tossing commies out i can cut them up with the blades mid air

ya that shits weird as fuck

the holocaust never happened... but i wish it did!


fuck every site i goto is being raided by shariablue

so annoying

the same people who lead antifa are probably involved with shareblue

antifa just has a ton of useful idiots


i cant wait for apr 15, i love watching antifa get beaten up

6 million

ow my tumors

we raiding muslim chat?

go post their discord on /pol/

of course it is

do it you fucking muslim lover


you know what we should do

false flag that chat

report it to the FBI/CIA and spam it with people asking to join ISIS

muslims are definitely not lefties lol

theyre throw fags off the roof

the ones pretending to be left are just taking advantage of dumb people

the shills are killing pol

i cant go there anymore

its an onslaught of bots

probably the best in history

theyre going to kill all the alt right communities

or they are trying

really tho

you just got to take a break from it

they invested millions into this shit

to stop people on a web site

its pretty funny tbh

they are going to turn a lot of people

theres nothing we can do, arguing on the threads is pointless

in the end you have to think for yourself

and if these fags turn on us, they were the ones who would hide in the itme of need

there are more bots on 4 chan than [psters

its crazy man

time to make 4 chan but with a pay wall of 1 dollar a month

dont steal my idea

dont do it man

does anyone here care that Trump bombed Syria?

i think its a shill

because i dont care

it wont

Russia offers nothing to the US

i bet Trump got to see our weapons

and hes like k ya we can win ww3 with ease

bomb em

and they all know that

theyre all still soviet era weapons

except China

but China has stolen tech they dont understand


US probably has a space fleet

can drop nukes from space

1st world nation vs a bunch of commie cuntries

obama killed more than bush i thought

and the MSM is loving trump now

wtf lol

dahnald your ratings are tanking, drop some bombs and we will be on NBC in no time

they replaced him with a reptilian

i wonder if maybe info wars, and all the other alt right media guys are russian plants

or trump is a neocon now

what should i believe now

theyre all lying to me

ive been listening to too much media these days

i need a news time out

all of it man

its like porn for me

thats the problem dude

im gonna quit the internet

everywhere i go someone has a story

and with all the shills now

all my favourite sites are garbage

ya man no one has the shit the US has

we recovered alien tech in the 60s

if china could beat the US they would have tried already

we had a wind storm my power is flickering in and out

what kind of high

hitler was a tweaker too

china bought from russia you mean

what planes were they


id love to see someone try to fight the US army of drones

i bet the US has a factory that just pumps out drone

non stop

and has been for 5-10 years

hey niggers

i could really crush some fried chicken right now, i wish they would stop trying to hoard it

hey jew niggers

whats up you multi cultural loving trap fuckers

norwegian nigger metal


nice poison lungs

tumor boy

jk i smoke also

i inject it

you know you are not in gods plan you fucking degenerates

you goin to hellol

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