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2017-03-02 22:19:40 UTC

hello fellow shitposters

2017-03-02 22:23:46 UTC

Not gonna lie, former Nuclear voter here. This is fucking hilarious watching codes crash and burn. But in all seriousness we can't let this guy get the Trump Trump

2017-03-02 22:27:05 UTC


2017-03-02 22:33:11 UTC

When did sessions resign?

2017-03-02 22:36:58 UTC

Did he?

2017-03-02 22:37:23 UTC

He admitted he was guilty.

2017-03-02 22:38:05 UTC

Guilty of?

2017-03-02 22:38:31 UTC


2017-03-02 22:38:44 UTC


2017-03-02 22:40:00 UTC

Every website that I have looked at has not said directly what he is guilty of

2017-03-02 22:40:40 UTC

He was scheduled to go to court about this as well....

2017-03-02 22:40:49 UTC

This is all extremely suspicious.

2017-03-02 22:41:07 UTC

March 4 trump, more strife in the government

2017-03-02 22:41:23 UTC

This is setting up for a beautiful shitshow

2017-03-02 22:41:35 UTC

Is it possible that he was threatened into confessing ties with russia that never existed in the first place?

2017-03-02 22:41:39 UTC

Happeningcon 3

2017-03-02 22:41:42 UTC

Age of strife is now

2017-03-02 22:41:48 UTC

Unity wars comes later

2017-03-02 22:42:06 UTC

*The deep state hand rub*

2017-03-02 22:42:15 UTC



2017-03-02 22:42:55 UTC

What the fuck is happening?

2017-03-02 22:43:30 UTC

Is this a plot by the democrat's to have trump impeached?

2017-03-02 22:44:15 UTC

Kind, of. I mean, it's all according to plan

2017-03-02 22:44:27 UTC

Details aren't too important anymore, what matters is their plan

2017-03-02 22:44:59 UTC

Fuck the globalist kikes

2017-03-02 22:45:24 UTC

You know...

2017-03-02 22:45:31 UTC

Okay, it appears I have misread news articles and it appears that he said that he is NOT guilty of any crimes but it appears that the mainstream media is fucking hammering this with all of their might

2017-03-02 22:46:06 UTC

now that we have gone public we should really consider getting rid of some of the more offensive emojis.

2017-03-02 22:46:17 UTC

Never get rid of the Bog

2017-03-02 22:46:30 UTC

>Implying that people who easily get offended come here

2017-03-02 22:47:51 UTC

More like someone will take it out of context and use it to demonize us to the millions of sheep that don't bother to think for themselves.

2017-03-02 22:48:04 UTC

:martyr: when

2017-03-02 22:48:46 UTC

They're going to demonize us regardless @🅱arD

2017-03-02 22:48:54 UTC

If you really want to be an emoji change your avatar to <:bog:279090730595516418>

2017-03-02 22:49:06 UTC

I know, but we don't want to give them ammo.

2017-03-02 22:49:15 UTC

@Tee CA Well it is obvious if we are called "anti communist action"

2017-03-02 22:49:20 UTC

It's just a bog though

2017-03-02 22:49:25 UTC

Our overlord

2017-03-02 22:49:31 UTC

If you're right of Stalin, you're a Nazi

2017-03-02 22:49:39 UTC


2017-03-02 22:49:44 UTC


2017-03-02 22:50:04 UTC

Its a lot harder to defend against accusations of being literally hitler when you have <:moonman:279092750861991936> <:kike:279092384355057664> <:juden:279093331902857216> <:fuhrer:279092344911953920> <:swastika:279092290910158858> as emojis

2017-03-02 22:50:04 UTC

@Tee CA If you are to the left of stalin you are a commune hero to the people

2017-03-02 22:50:16 UTC

That's mac tonight

2017-03-02 22:50:26 UTC

They will still demonize us, but they will have less of a case

2017-03-02 22:50:40 UTC

Well I mean, we are a discord of peace

2017-03-02 22:50:43 UTC


2017-03-02 22:50:50 UTC


2017-03-02 22:50:54 UTC

It's just a bit of trolling. Anticom memes are satire.

2017-03-02 22:50:57 UTC


2017-03-02 22:51:11 UTC

Gas the Jews hahaha jk

2017-03-02 22:51:21 UTC


2017-03-02 22:51:57 UTC

How come Muslims can be anti semetic but everyone else can't be? That's racist.

2017-03-02 22:52:00 UTC


2017-03-02 22:52:13 UTC


2017-03-02 22:52:25 UTC

Cultural appropriation

2017-03-02 22:52:31 UTC


2017-03-02 22:52:36 UTC


2017-03-02 22:52:38 UTC


2017-03-02 22:52:39 UTC

kulterel of the apropiatation

2017-03-02 22:52:43 UTC

pls delt

2017-03-02 22:52:57 UTC

It's a culture, not an excuse to get wasted

2017-03-02 22:52:58 UTC

I r 9001% off end

2017-03-02 22:53:41 UTC

Save the drinking for Cinco de Mayo :^)

2017-03-02 22:54:09 UTC


2017-03-02 22:54:32 UTC


2017-03-02 22:54:38 UTC

Why wouldnt you only kill one person tho

2017-03-02 22:54:41 UTC


2017-03-02 22:54:45 UTC

that's wrong answer

2017-03-02 22:54:47 UTC


2017-03-02 22:54:52 UTC


2017-03-02 22:54:58 UTC

By interfering with the lever you've killed them

2017-03-02 22:55:06 UTC

if you ignore it you've killed no one

2017-03-02 22:55:09 UTC


2017-03-02 22:55:16 UTC

How fast is train

2017-03-02 22:55:28 UTC

pull lever, untie the person

2017-03-02 22:55:32 UTC

failing to act isn't murder, acting means you chose who lives and dies

2017-03-02 22:55:55 UTC

Not making a choice is still making a choice

2017-03-02 22:55:56 UTC

Failing to act is manslaughter through negligence though.

2017-03-02 22:55:57 UTC

And who is it that decided the utility of each human

2017-03-02 22:56:12 UTC

Who determines who has more value

2017-03-02 22:56:21 UTC

What if I say one person has more value than the other five

2017-03-02 22:56:28 UTC

@TopHatt Is it possible that you could make a badge for my county?

2017-03-02 22:56:35 UTC

or maybe two of the five have less value than the other three and one combined

2017-03-02 22:56:41 UTC

How do you determine value?

2017-03-02 22:56:44 UTC


2017-03-02 22:56:46 UTC

So the question is, is murder more than X5 as bad as manslaughter through negligence

2017-03-02 22:56:47 UTC

@Dangerlurking county name?

2017-03-02 22:56:56 UTC


2017-03-02 22:56:56 UTC

Not needed, I will get you the flag

2017-03-02 22:56:57 UTC

No that isn't the question

2017-03-02 22:57:30 UTC

Because what if five ar evil people and ne cures cancer

2017-03-02 22:57:30 UTC

@TopHatt Okay, the name is CHEMUNG COUNTY

2017-03-02 22:57:40 UTC

Are we determining value based on utility

2017-03-02 22:57:46 UTC

Or do personal values matter

2017-03-02 22:57:56 UTC

What if that one person is hitler

2017-03-02 22:58:03 UTC

They dont deserve to doe

2017-03-02 22:58:04 UTC

What if the lever puller is a racist and chooses based on color than utility

2017-03-02 22:58:04 UTC

Keep him alive

2017-03-02 22:58:09 UTC


2017-03-02 22:58:11 UTC


2017-03-02 22:58:16 UTC

what if one is autistic and breaks the lever

2017-03-02 22:58:35 UTC

Kill the niggers

2017-03-02 22:58:41 UTC


2017-03-02 22:58:41 UTC


2017-03-02 22:59:00 UTC

Howd those fucking retards get tied to a train track anyways

2017-03-02 22:59:32 UTC


2017-03-02 22:59:45 UTC


2017-03-02 23:00:24 UTC

@TopHatt Shit, realized I have given you the name of the wrong county, it is actually STEUBEN county.... http://www.crwflags.com/fotw/images/u/us-ny-sb.gif

2017-03-02 23:01:06 UTC


2017-03-02 23:02:31 UTC


2017-03-02 23:02:48 UTC

Didnt mean to send that

2017-03-02 23:02:57 UTC

Kill that fucking retard kid

2017-03-02 23:03:01 UTC

put it in memes eggo

2017-03-02 23:03:06 UTC

Harambo or child who is getting anal blasted by harambo

2017-03-02 23:04:27 UTC

Why the fuck was that kid able to get in there

2017-03-02 23:04:32 UTC

How did the kid get in there

2017-03-02 23:04:41 UTC

How did the mom not notice

2017-03-02 23:05:19 UTC

I think this is why verm isnt around anymore


2017-03-02 23:05:36 UTC

>Child fell down railings (somehow) >Mom did not stop him >Mom was not arrested and charged with child endangerment

2017-03-02 23:06:22 UTC

>mom was not executed for causing the death of Harambe

2017-03-02 23:08:45 UTC


2017-03-02 23:09:26 UTC


2017-03-02 23:11:35 UTC

was napoleon a good guy?

2017-03-02 23:15:18 UTC

@Lord Efo >Defeated prussia and britan >Got defeated massively at the end of his wars

2017-03-02 23:15:31 UTC


2017-03-02 23:36:41 UTC

I have to write a speech for my speech class tomorrow. these are the topic requirements:
Topic Selection: Consider your interests, your audience’s interests, and available reference materials to select a topic that will engage your audience. The topic should center on a current social or political issue that deals with human or environmental sustainability. In other words, your topic should concern a social, economic, cultural, or environmental problem we face as a global society today. You must also identify a non-profit community organization that deals with some aspect of your topic.

2017-03-02 23:37:56 UTC

Literally could have been written by George Soros

2017-03-02 23:37:59 UTC


2017-03-02 23:38:18 UTC

inb4 "make it a hitler speech"

2017-03-02 23:39:18 UTC

Jews are a threat to the sustainability of society.

2017-03-02 23:39:29 UTC

@🅱arD I have to begin research for an argument about how islam is a barrier to democracy in the west.

2017-03-02 23:39:40 UTC


2017-03-02 23:39:41 UTC

*And in the middle east

2017-03-02 23:39:57 UTC

I know what I am going to write it about, its just that I'm not interested at all in the topic so it makes research harder

2017-03-02 23:40:19 UTC

You also have you volunteer for 10 hours at a non-profit.

2017-03-02 23:40:40 UTC

>Be me >Pro assad and pro iraq >Have to research an argument how islam is a barrier to democracy >Support assad >Realize what I have gotten myself into

2017-03-02 23:41:23 UTC

Islam creates the enviroment where you need people like assad to protect the rights of minorities like jews, christians, gays and whatnot

2017-03-02 23:41:40 UTC

You can't have democracy with islam

2017-03-02 23:41:51 UTC

you need a dictatorship to protect minority rights

2017-03-02 23:42:27 UTC

So I am either going to contradict myself by saying I support democracy in the middle east while supporting assad and iraq but if I support the FSA and SDF I am supporting child beheaders and rapists.

2017-03-02 23:43:31 UTC

Just say that you support democracy in a secular middle east but in an islamic middle east you need dictators like Assad to keep the peace

2017-03-02 23:43:56 UTC

But think about how much of a mess that would be

2017-03-02 23:44:22 UTC

Also does the SDF behead children?

2017-03-02 23:45:02 UTC

*Anti assad miltia

2017-03-02 23:45:43 UTC

SDF is not guilty of anything directly....

2017-03-02 23:46:42 UTC

Is the SDF even fighting assad's forces?

2017-03-02 23:47:03 UTC

They are anti assad but they have not engaged in warfare

2017-03-02 23:47:08 UTC


2017-03-02 23:47:43 UTC

Though this is probably because they have common enemies.

2017-03-02 23:47:46 UTC

And they seem to be the only non-muslim rebels as well

2017-03-02 23:48:12 UTC

and they don't commit war crimes, and they aren't fighting a pointless battle against Assad.

2017-03-02 23:48:33 UTC

You could use that as an example of how Islam means we can't have nice things or something

2017-03-02 23:48:43 UTC


2017-03-02 23:50:46 UTC

@🅱arD use this as inspiration for your speech


2017-03-02 23:50:51 UTC


2017-03-02 23:51:11 UTC

@🅱arD I can only imagine how things are going to turn out one they occupy al-raqqah

2017-03-02 23:52:44 UTC

Hopefully there can be peace soon. Although with middle eastern politics (Islamic) the way they are...

2017-03-02 23:52:55 UTC

I really should get back to my speach

2017-03-02 23:53:26 UTC

Islamic state is falling apart fast and SAA and iraqi armies are on high morale and are beating them back fast.

2017-03-02 23:53:31 UTC

Although if anyone here knows anything interesting about Haiti (other than the Clinton foundation, I don't think I can talk about that) I would appreciate material.

2017-03-02 23:53:58 UTC

So much for their caliphate.

2017-03-02 23:54:17 UTC

Literally they lost most of the land surrounding palmyra in less than a week

2017-03-02 23:55:08 UTC

Al-raqqah's seige is starting up and will probably turn into another mosul situation unless russia or the US bombs the fuck out of it like what happened in aleppo

2017-03-02 23:55:16 UTC

HOPEFULLY once it ends all the guns and funds that Obama and Hillary and the CIA pumped into the region won't be in the hands of Muslim extremist.

2017-03-02 23:55:28 UTC

although we all know the chances of that happening are slim.

2017-03-02 23:56:29 UTC

They will probably go to IS who when evacuating from syria will set up cells in places like central africa and afghanistan and restart operations

2017-03-02 23:57:48 UTC

really gtg, talk to you guys later.

2017-03-02 23:58:10 UTC

Truthfully they will never get to the extent like they did in 2014 and will eventually be either absorbed by something like al-qaeda or will be destroyed.

2017-03-02 23:58:14 UTC

@🅱arD See ya.

2017-03-02 23:59:49 UTC

Sweden cuckery now = 5000%

2017-03-03 00:01:49 UTC

The only way for ISIS to "win" would be to gain international recognition as a state, and that will never happen. So, we'll just bomb and encroach them into oblivion.

2017-03-03 00:02:12 UTC

Good luck with that.

2017-03-03 00:17:46 UTC


2017-03-03 00:17:54 UTC


2017-03-03 00:29:32 UTC

Who was the dumb faggot who posted "anticom assemble" on 8chan

2017-03-03 00:30:14 UTC

I don't go to 8chan pol, it is the diet version of pol.

2017-03-03 00:30:36 UTC

Think you mean the other way around newfag

2017-03-03 00:31:04 UTC

Cuckchanner :^)

2017-03-03 00:31:08 UTC

@gabe_brouse delet this

2017-03-03 00:31:23 UTC


2017-03-03 00:31:29 UTC


2017-03-03 00:31:33 UTC


2017-03-03 00:32:00 UTC


2017-03-03 00:32:25 UTC


2017-03-03 00:32:56 UTC

8chan pol is worse pol

2017-03-03 00:33:13 UTC


2017-03-03 00:33:37 UTC

>Blue roman armor

2017-03-03 00:33:50 UTC

>roman armor

2017-03-03 00:33:52 UTC

sorry your autistic power level is too low to post there

2017-03-03 00:33:58 UTC

>Not the armor of mighty crusaders

2017-03-03 00:34:23 UTC

>Rome wasn't based

2017-03-03 00:34:37 UTC


2017-03-03 00:34:41 UTC

>Rome didn't liberate the holy lands

2017-03-03 00:34:51 UTC

>When your autismo score is this low

2017-03-03 00:35:10 UTC

No autism to weaponize?

2017-03-03 00:35:28 UTC

>>Rome didn't liberate the holy lands

2017-03-03 00:35:32 UTC


2017-03-03 00:36:52 UTC

Also unrelated but here

2017-03-03 00:36:56 UTC

Rome should have conquered more of the arab lands

2017-03-03 00:36:58 UTC

made me chuckle

2017-03-03 00:37:21 UTC

if you still think cuckchan isn't pozzed you should read their leaked mod logs lel

2017-03-03 00:37:42 UTC

>Yotsuba on 8chan

2017-03-03 00:38:19 UTC

>"4chan is a place to have fun, but that fun shouldn't be at the expense of others"

2017-03-03 00:38:41 UTC

@Dangerlurking one of the janitors said that, still thinks its worth saving?

2017-03-03 00:39:01 UTC


2017-03-03 00:39:05 UTC


2017-03-03 00:39:17 UTC

this is why we call it "cuck"-chan

2017-03-03 00:39:40 UTC

4chan is a multicultural website.

2017-03-03 00:39:56 UTC

diversity is its strength

2017-03-03 00:39:56 UTC


2017-03-03 00:40:38 UTC

We only accept fedoras, pedofiles, and faggots, everybody else can fuck off.

2017-03-03 00:41:41 UTC


2017-03-03 00:41:45 UTC

not gonna lie etc..

2017-03-03 00:41:58 UTC

did you guys hear about trump proclaiming march as irish heritage month?

2017-03-03 00:42:01 UTC

bout damn time

2017-03-03 00:42:03 UTC


2017-03-03 00:42:09 UTC

funny thing about lel

2017-03-03 00:42:10 UTC

Oh yee

2017-03-03 00:42:18 UTC

did u see the new 4chan Trump hat?

2017-03-03 00:42:25 UTC

>inb4 hibernian conspiracy

2017-03-03 00:42:31 UTC


2017-03-03 00:42:33 UTC


2017-03-03 00:42:51 UTC

i've never seen an iberian who looks like pic related tbh

2017-03-03 00:43:01 UTC

>that mouth

2017-03-03 00:43:30 UTC

aye, its just bantz. Plus probably made up by jews to take the edge of their stereotypes

2017-03-03 00:43:45 UTC


2017-03-03 00:44:08 UTC

I wonder if our ancestors banted and memed like we do

2017-03-03 00:44:18 UTC

ofc they did

2017-03-03 00:44:27 UTC

like there were memes in the crusade?

2017-03-03 00:44:44 UTC

probably not, but maybe during the revolution

2017-03-03 00:44:51 UTC

/r/ing the graffiti of Pompeii thread

2017-03-03 00:45:45 UTC

oh yeah that was an 8chan thing lel

2017-03-03 00:47:36 UTC

@esgee @Bluesy lulzy shit right

2017-03-03 00:52:23 UTC


2017-03-03 00:52:31 UTC

"I screwed the barmaid"

2017-03-03 00:53:04 UTC

were shitposters the alpha males of the old world?

2017-03-03 00:56:28 UTC


2017-03-03 01:19:43 UTC

I knew an Australian dude that said he got banned from Olive Garden because he told the waitress he wanted "her ass on the plate"

2017-03-03 01:20:11 UTC

There's a strong link between alphas and shitposters

2017-03-03 01:21:20 UTC


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