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2019-03-02 03:52:04 UTC

Please be advised that the following video was taken down from SGT Report. Fortunately, some youtubers saved it. Only watch if you have the stomach for something very disturbing.



2019-03-03 16:53:13 UTC



2019-03-03 16:53:22 UTC


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2019-03-03 17:30:46 UTC

ABR is one of the largest and oldest companies dedicated to harvesting and selling aborted baby body parts. It puts technicians inside Planned Parenthoods and other abortion businesses to dissect aborted babies’ bodies, package their organs and tissue, and ship them to customers. It is based in California.https://www.lifenews.com/2018/09/13/fda-is-custom-ordering-body-parts-from-babies-planned-parenthood-kills-in-late-term-abortions

2019-03-03 17:47:16 UTC

Some undercover video footage of Planned Parenthood and their tactics. 😡


2019-03-03 17:59:22 UTC

It's like the intro of Blade 2

2019-03-03 18:38:10 UTC

Why is United Nations pushing so hard on behalf of abortions? 😧

2019-03-14 00:49:39 UTC

From Deepstatepedohunter:

knows me. now I need to go to work. Watch my interviews with Fetzer exposing the OTO child fuck cult and how the government jails you for disrespecting the religion of child orgies founded by Crowley who wrote the Poem about boy rape called "ballard to passive pederasty". he founeded gay rights in america through his OTO / NAMBLA operative Harry Hay. The founder of gay rights in america is photographed wearing his nambla walks with me shirt, has a home page on nambla, and californian faggots passed a bill forcing all childrem to praise NAMBLA/OTO/Gay Icon Harry Hay by LAW - it's called SB48. If LGBT isn't nambla why is LGBT making laws to force children praise nambla icons by law. https://www.nambla.org/hayonmanboylove.html

2019-03-14 00:50:43 UTC

also from deepstate:
ELFIA.COM is child dress up party run in rothchild's mansion. It's founder stefan sturik was arrested in cambodia for raping and murdering boys. Just saying...

2019-03-14 00:51:40 UTC

also from deepstate:
This links shows the Same government department that rules you must not do hate speech against gay marriage activists convicted of raping russian babies says you must respect flat earth or go to jail or pay a 20k fine! Team Gay pride baby rape is also team flat earth.... http://www.antidiscrimination.justice.nsw.gov.au/Pages/legal-cases/Conspiracy-theory-belief-assumed.aspx https://www.theaustralian.com.au/news/nation/facs-ordered-to-pay-compo-for-workers-forced-sick-leave/news-story/abe5e0b64c11665484c12bb86ed98fbd https://www.news.com.au/finance/work/at-work/conspiracy-theory-fan-wins-20000-workplace-discrimination-payout/news-story/2007c3ce252920202b2f127a61fd1b0a all those links are govfuck or MSM

2019-04-04 19:02:27 UTC

"It's better living in ignorancy than living in fear" -Sasuke Uchiha

2019-04-12 13:37:04 UTC

You are forced to pay to have your own children murdered by law in California

2019-04-15 00:24:40 UTC

i'm considering doing my practicum at a pregnancy centre; they offer free tests, inform the client of all their options but promotes pro-life if possible. They do not perform or refer for abortions, but provide accurate information on all options.

2019-06-20 22:06:15 UTC

The abortion issue is all about organ harvesting and profit. This is sick.


2019-09-01 12:15:17 UTC

The Mc Canns, Tony Blair Ireland Donegall , Scottish Rite Freemasons and Rituals, red shoes.

2019-11-19 05:20:44 UTC

A federal jury in San Francisco has convicted the pro-life group Center for Medical Progress (CMP), along with its president, David Daleiden, of having violated a slew of state and federal laws when it secretly filmed Planned Parenthood employees admitting on camera to illegally harvesting and selling aborted baby body parts for fast cash.


2019-11-23 20:57:39 UTC

“crimes against humanity” are now being perpetrated against Uighur Muslims, who are being held in concentration camps as they await having their organs harvested as part of China’s illicit organ trade. 😮


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