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2019-04-27 18:07:34 UTC


2019-04-27 18:07:37 UTC


2019-04-27 18:07:47 UTC


2019-04-27 19:40:28 UTC

I can't tell if you're serious with that one

2019-04-27 22:22:52 UTC

@UltimateLifeformGappy Of course it is serious. If you were to put a level over water, what would it show?

To take it further, can you post your own level experiment that shows water curve?

2019-04-27 22:23:36 UTC

These are simple things everyone can do.

2019-04-27 22:36:17 UTC

Why would a level show a curve? I don't get it. Wouldn't it show the water to be level regardless of the model?

2019-04-27 23:26:29 UTC

Well I have a level on my tripod I guess I could give that a go.

2019-04-27 23:31:03 UTC

You got a better experiment?

2019-04-27 23:31:15 UTC

We have testable results

2019-04-27 23:31:18 UTC

Yeah, actually, I don’t understand the “level” point.

2019-04-27 23:31:38 UTC

Water always finds and maintains level. Prove it wrong.

2019-04-27 23:31:44 UTC

I understand how Bedford level shows flat water.

2019-04-27 23:32:08 UTC

I’m just saying I don’t get how whipping out a level would prove something is flat.

2019-04-27 23:32:17 UTC

It just proves that something is level, lol.

2019-04-27 23:32:18 UTC

Cuz it shows level

2019-04-27 23:32:39 UTC

What experiment do you have to disprove it?

2019-04-27 23:32:45 UTC

My point about the level picture is that I can balance a level on top of a ball and show the same thing.

2019-04-27 23:32:52 UTC

And I’m not talking about Bedford

2019-04-27 23:32:55 UTC

We are open to see any other experiments

2019-04-27 23:33:00 UTC

Just Sheeple’s picture

2019-04-27 23:33:12 UTC

Yes. Its a great picture

2019-04-27 23:33:19 UTC

Show the simplicity

2019-04-27 23:33:24 UTC

It is a nice picture, lol

2019-04-27 23:33:37 UTC

I just don’t see it proving a point,

2019-04-27 23:33:44 UTC

If you can disprove it then okay

2019-04-27 23:34:06 UTC

I have a level in my dorm

2019-04-27 23:34:18 UTC

Obviously in that section of soil, its flat

2019-04-27 23:34:21 UTC

When I get back after finals studying Monday, I can show a picture of what I mean.

2019-04-27 23:34:26 UTC

All water is flat

2019-04-27 23:34:40 UTC

So you have an angled surface?

2019-04-27 23:34:54 UTC

I’m not talking about that, Z, lmao

2019-04-27 23:35:00 UTC

I am

2019-04-27 23:35:07 UTC

Mostly flat

2019-04-27 23:35:23 UTC

Then we have a fundamental disagreement of premise and there’s no point continuing, lol

2019-04-27 23:35:31 UTC

I’m not arguing against FE,

2019-04-27 23:35:38 UTC

So water curves with a level?

2019-04-27 23:35:49 UTC

I’m just curious how that “level on ground” picture demonstrates anything

2019-04-27 23:36:07 UTC

It demonstrates that area of the ground is level

2019-04-27 23:36:11 UTC

Because I can do the same thing but put the level on a ball.

2019-04-27 23:36:16 UTC

Its not hard to understand

2019-04-27 23:36:23 UTC

I would get the same result as long as I balance the level.

2019-04-27 23:36:34 UTC

A third grader could grasp that concept

2019-04-27 23:36:48 UTC

Oh, that I realize.

2019-04-27 23:37:02 UTC

You are thinking to much into it

2019-04-27 23:37:02 UTC

But that picture doesn’t actually disprove what I am referring to.

2019-04-27 23:37:07 UTC

Not really

2019-04-27 23:37:19 UTC

It’s just one specific picture that I am curious about.

2019-04-27 23:37:23 UTC

Its proving that area is locally level

2019-04-27 23:37:50 UTC

Yes, but by that standard I can prove a ball is locally level by balancing a level on the surface of that ball.

2019-04-27 23:38:06 UTC

Which is sort of true, but also not.

2019-04-27 23:38:56 UTC

Now put water on the ball and level it out

2019-04-27 23:39:38 UTC


2019-04-27 23:40:32 UTC

Those are very different (water on a ball Vs. Level on ground).

2019-04-27 23:40:58 UTC

I think you’re interpreting my questions in a larger scale than I mean for, Oh well.

2019-04-27 23:43:59 UTC

Im saying water is level and doesn't bend around a spinning ball in a vacuum. Also, overall, the land is flat.

2019-04-27 23:44:32 UTC

Yeah, I’m not even disagreeing that almost everything is locally flat.

2019-04-27 23:44:42 UTC

If you look over large distances of land, you will find it doesnt have curvature consistent with a 24901 ball.

2019-04-27 23:44:50 UTC

My only question was regarding a single, very specific image and its goal.

2019-04-27 23:45:14 UTC

And kind of also pointing out how that one picture doesn’t really show anything.

2019-04-27 23:45:16 UTC

Yes. Sheeples pic proved that area was also flat

2019-04-27 23:47:39 UTC

I guess I’m still not getting my point across, but good talk anyways, Citizen.

2019-04-27 23:47:48 UTC

I know your point

2019-04-27 23:48:04 UTC

Maybe I’m just not understanding your answer, then.

2019-04-27 23:48:21 UTC

Regardless, not much point in continuing.

2019-04-27 23:48:28 UTC

Still not a bad discussion

2019-04-27 23:48:42 UTC

Better than the crap in <#484514023698726912>, by a mile.

2019-04-27 23:48:54 UTC

I appreciate your time, Z

2019-04-27 23:48:58 UTC

You think sheeples picture is a small area and not proof of a flat earth or disproving a globe. Which you would be correct. It does however, prove that area is locally level

2019-04-27 23:49:09 UTC


2019-04-27 23:49:22 UTC

That’s actually exactly the kind of explanation I was looking for

2019-04-27 23:49:33 UTC

*Problem solved, lmao*

2019-04-27 23:49:38 UTC


2019-04-27 23:49:45 UTC

That makes more sense, now

2019-04-27 23:50:04 UTC

Its about what we can prove thru experiment

2019-04-27 23:50:14 UTC

Not what we assume or guess

2019-04-27 23:50:26 UTC

When I get back to my dorm in a few days, I’ll grab a level and show you what I mean by a counter demonstration.

2019-04-27 23:50:36 UTC

Not much point in me trying to explain it until then

2019-04-27 23:50:41 UTC

Salt flats for instance..400 square miles..level

2019-04-27 23:50:45 UTC

This is nice, btw, Z

2019-04-27 23:50:49 UTC

Kind of like old times

2019-04-27 23:50:55 UTC


2019-04-27 23:50:58 UTC

Yeah bro

2019-04-27 23:51:18 UTC


bolivia salt flats ..4,000* sq mi

--sq mi that big, and only 3ft 3in variation, in the whole thing, ..impossible on a ball earth the size they tell us.....

@Ætos -- i know you think we're wrong bro, but ..we're not.....

2019-04-28 00:05:39 UTC

I’m actually not questioning that

2019-04-28 00:06:12 UTC

I was just curious what Sheeple’s picture was supposed to convey.

2019-04-28 00:06:32 UTC

Because Gappy is right, it’s a borderline memey image

2019-04-28 00:06:56 UTC

But after Citizen’s explanation, the point of it makes a lot more sense.

i know all that ; )

i was juss correcting Z's typo though ✔

4,000 sq mi (is correct), not 400 *

2019-04-28 00:09:08 UTC

I just wanna know what I'd expect to see with a level on the globe model vs a flat earth model

2019-04-28 00:09:22 UTC

What would be the difference

2019-04-28 00:09:22 UTC

It’s the same.

2019-04-28 00:09:34 UTC

That's what I'm thinking

2019-04-28 00:09:35 UTC

Which is kind of the point I was making

2019-04-28 00:10:05 UTC

But I was also under the wrong impression that Sheeple’s image was meant to show what you mentioned.

2019-04-28 00:10:12 UTC

Which it wasn’t

2019-04-28 00:18:01 UTC

Wait really?

2019-04-28 00:18:03 UTC


2019-04-28 00:45:21 UTC

Yeah, apparently it’s a “locally flat” joke

2019-04-28 00:45:51 UTC

Since technically almost everyone thinks the earth is locally flat.

2019-04-28 00:47:11 UTC

Ah I see

2019-04-28 17:35:03 UTC

So, uh

2019-04-28 17:35:17 UTC

What other experiments are there?

2019-05-05 17:16:05 UTC

Dr. John D PhD - 9.5 mile double laser test
Laser test was livestreamed
Dr. John D Invites you to to challenge Laser test results

2019-05-09 17:31:42 UTC
2019-05-09 17:32:03 UTC
2019-05-09 17:32:29 UTC
2019-05-09 17:32:53 UTC
2019-05-09 17:33:15 UTC

For u MAD scientist ouThere👆

2019-05-09 17:52:50 UTC

I'm more of a dimethyl ether kind of guy

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