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2018-07-24 07:05:46 UTC


2018-07-24 07:07:55 UTC

@Deejay from Earth Psalms are poems. The prophets often spoke in prose to convey ideas. The Messiah taught in parables.

2018-07-24 07:10:25 UTC

The descriptions of Earth in the Bible is literal. The spiritual teachings is metaphor and parables and whatnot. I have all the scientific proof for flat earth, you're welcome to post your arguments for discussion under <#469490581899575297>.

2018-07-24 07:11:44 UTC

@Deejay from Earth All right then

2018-07-24 10:08:47 UTC

It is not a profession of faith, which may indeed be insincere, but a confession of faith, which by definition is sincere, that indicates one is a Christian.

2018-07-24 12:57:47 UTC

I find myself thinking about this alot with threats of War in SA and the wolves at the door. Weird thing is I am not religious. But, I am worried we on a course that we cant come back from.

2018-07-24 13:01:56 UTC

In todays context with the rising Anti white sentiment...This just seems very fitting .“Ezekiel 25:17. "The path of the righteous man is beset on all sides by the inequities of the selfish and the tyranny of evil men. Blessed is he who, in the name of charity and good will, shepherds the weak through the valley of the darkness. For he is truly his brother's keeper and the finder of lost children.

2018-07-24 13:03:50 UTC

I worry about the bad guys(satanists) hijacking legitimate concern for white people and injecting racial socialism to counterbalance their neoliberalism, and putting that ideology in peoples' hearts in order to cut of the connection to god within.

2018-07-24 13:05:36 UTC

as a non white person, I know that the anti white are anti freedom, but I'm worried that stirring up (white)racial nationalism is an evil ploy to bury spiritual truth

2018-07-24 13:29:03 UTC

Valid concerns... Wish i had answers to assure you of anything, but none of us have answers that we all agree on, so isn't that why we are brought together to talk about these things, share our experiences and our observations, learn from one another and then go about reasoning until we settle on a common understanding that we all agree on.

2018-07-24 13:31:00 UTC

I see the battle now between globalists and nationalists as the same as the battle between catholics and protestants, basically the fight against centralized control and freedom of ideas

2018-07-24 13:31:15 UTC

old battle, new clothes

2018-07-24 13:43:01 UTC

Yeah in principle it's the same.. Context just differs. Context is important no doubt since it's the feminine influence of our emotions, and principles i personally think is the dominant masculine that influences our reason. So my bias here is aligned with the principles of God the Father, not the context within mother nature. But I'm also not saying context doesn't matter at all.

2018-07-24 13:56:46 UTC

I see the far right as a hijacking of the (truth)'movement' by the opposition, either to pull people away from more individual spiritual truth towards a group ideology. I mean it's clear to see the similarities between the over the top alt right in the states(racial purity stormfront) and our BLF kooks here

2018-07-24 14:00:36 UTC

I don't think most of us on here are far right or even right or even racist. I don't see myself as alt right far right, right or right of right. I am just concerned that Democracy in South Africa is dying or has died.

2018-07-24 14:01:06 UTC

I agree @Graeme the Guerrilla (no pun)

2018-07-24 14:01:16 UTC

just that I think there is a larger thing happening

2018-07-24 14:01:28 UTC

like the video response to willem's video

2018-07-24 14:01:29 UTC

yes dumbness

2018-07-24 14:01:56 UTC

I've always seen far left as full on government, far right as full on anarchy, and the centre being limited government.. The modern day left and right seem to be mirroring each other.

2018-07-24 14:02:06 UTC

and I think that not everyone is genuine

2018-07-24 14:02:22 UTC

I think the 2d plot is better(not perfect)

2018-07-24 14:02:49 UTC

Perhaps there is no logic to this or meaning

2018-07-24 14:03:09 UTC

left is social assistance, right is you're on your own buddy, top is full authoritarian bottom is complete individual freedom

2018-07-24 14:03:25 UTC

I hope Julius is a big troll and just a populist who talks crap but doesnt believe in his rhetortic

2018-07-24 14:03:41 UTC

does it matter if he doesn't believe it?

2018-07-24 14:03:41 UTC

Ditsem! @rob, you just advanced to level 8!

2018-07-24 14:03:55 UTC

if he uses this 'power' for evil

2018-07-24 14:04:32 UTC

Well if he does believe in his rhetoric we in deep shit then

2018-07-24 14:04:42 UTC

I think that if he gets into power on the back of communism and goes soft the poo poo will hit the propeller

2018-07-24 14:05:29 UTC

at least if he is leading the forces then we have a point man to capture, generalised chaos is worse

2018-07-24 14:05:38 UTC

because he will push it as far as discussions will allow then say we want action=mass unrest=violence

2018-07-24 14:13:45 UTC

I doubt malema would be able to control that army, even he has his own doubts, capturing him probably be a waste of effort to be honest.

2018-07-24 14:27:10 UTC

You will go to jail LOL

2018-07-24 14:32:26 UTC

capturing him once war has started, post-jail SA if you like

2018-07-24 16:55:14 UTC

@Graeme the Guerrilla Were you listening to Michael Knowles? On his show yesterday he quoted that passage

2018-07-24 16:59:21 UTC

@rob That's a good point. One finds quite a lot of paganism amongst White Nationalists. That evil is not the remedy. There was a lot of occultism in the Nazi movement and that, I'm convinced, was central to its demise. Yes the church today has fallen very low and seems very wishy washy but the answer is to return unto the Lord not turn away from Him further into total spiritual darkness. 2 Chronicles 7:14

2018-07-24 17:41:33 UTC

The theory that both racial nationalist socialism and communism were created to destroy christianity (by satanists) resonates with me, and I think a default reaction of people rebelling against the one side is to push them towards the other

2018-07-24 19:33:14 UTC

@Sheamus Since this is a place for discord, I will write a short exegesis to explain why I believe what I believe and I challenge anyone to refute it with scripture. In fact, I would challenge anyone who would seek to refute said exegesis to debate me in front of their congregation. I am more than willing to travel.

2018-07-24 19:34:26 UTC

@rob National Socialism is biblically correct and created by christians. It was explicitly stated to be a christian movement.

2018-07-24 19:35:36 UTC

@rob Ever heard of positive Christianity?

2018-07-24 19:41:01 UTC

@$P!KY\/!k!NG I just finished watching Justin Peters

2018-07-24 19:42:57 UTC

@$P!KY\/!k!NG The Nazis were not Christians. Occultism was rife in that movement. Positive Christianity is not Christianity: it was developed as an alternative to Biblical Christianity. One does not need to make up weird paganistic religions to want to promote one's own culture. That motivation is from Satan who seeks to draw us away from Christ.

2018-07-24 19:43:58 UTC
2018-07-24 19:43:59 UTC
2018-07-24 19:44:27 UTC

hitler was an athiest isn't he like the poster child for vegetarian athiest?

2018-07-24 19:45:05 UTC

Hitler was an Occultist

2018-07-24 19:45:09 UTC

besides which, just because a bunch of nutters call themselves christians..... Lord's Resistance Army for example

2018-07-24 19:49:00 UTC

Matthew 5
38 Ye have heard that it hath been said, An eye for an eye, and a tooth for a tooth:
39 But I say unto you, That ye resist not evil: but whosoever shall smite thee on thy right cheek, turn to him the other also.

Prove that Hitler turned the other cheek, or even better, explain the reasoning for this, because if you can, you would know that he had no leg to stand on to justify war.

2018-07-24 19:49:11 UTC

Matthew 5
43 Ye have heard that it hath been said, Thou shalt love thy neighbour, and hate thine enemy.
44 But I say unto you, Love your enemies, bless them that curse you, do good to them that hate you, and pray for them which despitefully use you, and persecute you;

Prove that Hitler loved his enemies, and that he blessed them, and did good to them, and prayed for them.

2018-07-24 19:49:33 UTC

If Hitler was Christian, he would be following the way of Christ would he not?

2018-07-24 19:50:52 UTC

@Malcolm the Seceder have you seen vids of Justin Peters?

2018-07-24 19:54:35 UTC

@KoninginTanja I haven't no. Worth a look?

2018-07-24 19:57:15 UTC
2018-07-24 19:59:13 UTC

Why would a satanist spend hours doing this painting?


2018-07-24 20:01:07 UTC

that's probably what pissed the bankers off

2018-07-24 20:02:28 UTC



2018-07-24 20:02:28 UTC

Ditsem! @$P!KY\/!k!NG, you just advanced to level 5!

2018-07-24 20:02:44 UTC

just to clarify I believe the ideologies were both created in the late 19th century to replace religion, hitler might well have gone off script

2018-07-24 20:04:07 UTC

Hitler only said those things to get the German nation on his side

2018-07-24 20:04:21 UTC

@$P!KY\/!k!NG I don't think he was a satanist, but he definitely lost his way and his ideology went out the window. I've seen it a million times in my own life, if I don't do something that is under God's umbrella, it starts to pour.

2018-07-24 20:04:21 UTC

Classic politics

2018-07-24 20:05:18 UTC

He was definitely an Occultist. He sent numerous expeditions to the east in search of mystical artifacts etc

2018-07-24 20:06:13 UTC



2018-07-24 20:06:59 UTC

@$P!KY\/!k!NG but sorry for interrupting your conversation. I am really not in a position to say who's Christian and who is not.

2018-07-24 20:08:47 UTC


2018-07-24 20:12:22 UTC

“My feelings as a Christian points me to my Lord and Savior as a
fighter. It points me to the man who once in loneliness, surrounded
by a few followers, recognized these Jews for what they were and
summoned men to fight against them and who, God’s truth! was greatest
not as a sufferer but as a fighter. In boundless love as a Christian
and as a man I read through the passage which tells us how the Lord
at last rose in His might and seized the scourge to drive out of the
Temple the brood of vipers and adders. How terrific was his fight
against the Jewish poison. Today, after two thousand years, with
deepest emotion I recognize more profoundly than ever before the fact
that it was for this that He had to shed his blood upon the Cross. As
a Christian I have no duty to allow myself to be cheated, but I have
the duty to be a fighter for truth and justice… And if there is
anything which could demonstrate that we are acting rightly, it is
the distress that daily grows. For as a Christian I have also a duty
to my own people. And when I look on my people I see them work and
work and toil and labor, and at the end of the week they have only
for their wages wretchedness and misery. When I go out in the morning
and see these men standing in their queues and look into their
pinched faces, then I believe I would be no Christian, but a very
devil, if I felt no pity for them, if I did not, as did our Lord two
thousand years ago, turn against those by whom today this poor people
are plundered and exposed.”

[Adolf Hitler, speech in Munich on April 12, 1922,

2018-07-24 20:12:31 UTC

Positive Christianity was a movement within Nazi German ranks which mixed ideas of racial purity and Nazi ideology with a dash of Christianity. Hitler used the term in Article 24 of the 1920 Nazi Party Platform, stating: "the Party represents the standpoint of Positive Christianity". Even the Nazi Minister for Church Affairs explained that Positive Christianity was not dependent upon the Apostle's Creed, nor was it dependent on faith in Christ as the son of God, which Christianity relies heavily on, instead it was represented by the Nazis as "The Fuhrer is the herald of a new revelation". It's not what you think it is, just because he says so... I mean, lets reflect on the Democratic Peoples Republic of Korea, do their claims align with their actions? If you want to be a PC (Positive Christian), then identify as one, no one is stopping you.

2018-07-24 20:14:23 UTC

“Catholics and Protestants are fighting with one another… while the
enemy of Aryan humanity and all Christendom is laughing up his sleeve.”

[Adolph Hitler, _Mein Kampf_, pp.309]

2018-07-24 20:14:52 UTC

“I am now as before a Catholic and will always remain so”

[Adolph Hitler, to Gen. Gerhard Engel, 1941]

2018-07-24 20:15:19 UTC

But the things people did in the name of Christianity ...😰 we don't need another Bloody Mary etc

2018-07-24 20:15:58 UTC

Anyways, provided you with two parts from the Christian literature as per the words of Christ, which you can begin to refute. Hitler was not Christ, so using his words to justify Christianity is not going to be very helpful

2018-07-24 20:16:40 UTC

“In nearly all the matters in which the Pan-German movement was
wanting, the attitude of the Christian Social Party was correct and

[Adolf Hitler, “Mein Kampf”, Vol. 1, Chapter 3]

2018-07-24 20:18:15 UTC

“To them belong, not only the truly great statesmen, but all other
great reformers as well. Beside Frederick the Great stands Martin
Luther as well as Richard Wagner.”

[Adolf Hitler, “Mein Kampf”, Vol. 1, Chapter 8]

2018-07-24 20:19:21 UTC

“But if out of smugness, or even cowardice, this battle is not fought
to its end, then take a look at the peoples five hundred years from
now. I think you will find but few images of God, unless you want to
profane the Almighty.”

[Adolf Hitler, “Mein Kampf”, Vol. 1, Chapter 10]

2018-07-24 20:21:12 UTC

“The best characterization is provided by the product of this
religious education, the Jew himself. His life is only of this world,
and his spirit is inwardly as alien to true Christianity as his
nature two thousand years previous was to the great founder of the
new doctrine. Of course, the latter made no secret of his attitude
toward the Jewish people, and when necessary he even took the whip to
drive from the temple of the Lord this adversary of all humanity, who
then as always saw in religion nothing but an instrument for his
business existence. In return, Christ was nailed to the cross, while
our present-day party Christians debase themselves to begging for
Jewish votes at elections and later try to arrange political swindles
with atheistic Jewish parties– and this against their own nation.”

[Adolf Hitler, “Mein Kampf”, Vol. 1, Chapter 11]

2018-07-24 20:21:52 UTC

“The greatness of Christianity did not lie in attempted negotiations
for compromise with any similar philosophical opinions in the ancient
world, but in its inexorable fanaticism in preaching and fighting for
its own doctrine.”

[Adolf Hitler, “Mein Kampf” Vol. 1 Chapter 12]

2018-07-24 20:22:15 UTC

let's not worship humans

2018-07-24 20:22:30 UTC

Yeah, agreed

2018-07-24 20:23:01 UTC

“A folkish state must therefore begin by raising marriage from the
level of a continuous defilement of the race, and give it the
consecration of an institution which is called upon to produce images
of the Lord and not monstrosities halfway between man and ape.”

[Adolf Hitler, “Mein Kampf” Vol. 2 Chapter 2]

2018-07-24 20:25:20 UTC

“The folkish-minded man, in particular, has the sacred duty, each in
his own denomination, of making people stop just talking
superficially of God’s will, and actually fulfill God’s will, and not
let God’s word be desecrated. For God’s will gave men their form,
their essence and their abilities. Anyone who destroys His work is
declaring war on the Lord’s creation, the divine will.”

[Adolf Hitler, “Mein Kampf” Vol. 2 Chapter 10]

2018-07-24 20:27:18 UTC

“The National Government will regard it as its first and foremost
duty to revive in the nation the spirit of unity and cooperation. It
will preserve and defend those basic principles on which our nation
has been built. It regards Christianity as the foundation of our
national morality, and the family as the basis of national life….”

[Adolf Hitler, Berlin, February 1, 1933]

2018-07-24 20:27:36 UTC

“The National Government will regard it as its first and foremost
duty to revive in the nation the spirit of unity and cooperation. It
will preserve and defend those basic principles on which our nation
has been built. It regards Christianity as the foundation of our
national morality, and the family as the basis of national life….”

[Adolf Hitler, Berlin, February 1, 1933]

2018-07-24 20:27:54 UTC

are you in SA @$P!KY\/!k!NG ?

2018-07-24 20:28:12 UTC

“Today Christians … stand at the head of [this country]… I pledge
that I never will tie myself to parties who want to destroy
Christianity .. We want to fill our culture again with the Christian
spirit … We want to burn out all the recent immoral developments in
literature, in the theater, and in the press – in short, we want to
burn out the *poison of immorality* which has entered into our whole
life and culture as a result of *liberal excess* during the past …
(few) years.”

[The Speeches of Adolph Hitler, 1922-1939, Vol. 1 (London, Oxford
University Press, 1942), pg. 871-872]

2018-07-24 20:30:53 UTC

"We want to burn out all the recent immoral developments in
literature, in the theater, and in the press – in short, we want to
burn out the poison of immorality which has entered into our whole
life and culture as a result of liberal excess" yes he definitely did that

2018-07-24 20:31:55 UTC

Should we emphasize the burn? Or is that in bad taste?

2018-07-24 20:33:40 UTC

ugh, god, I don't want to be a hitler supporter here, and book burnings are evil, but context is important

2018-07-24 20:34:59 UTC

I am sympathetic to wagner's controversial views, something along the lines of if music(art) is done just using clever tricks(shock or sex) then it is no longer art but propaganda

2018-07-24 20:35:29 UTC

think in relation to our modern journalism, where previously the story might lead the journalist

2018-07-24 20:35:41 UTC

but now the journalist just writes what they already know

2018-07-24 20:36:06 UTC

similarly in music just using techniques without letting god flow through you into your music is propaganda, not art

2018-07-24 20:36:16 UTC

@rob They burnt books ridiculing christ or anything that was against christianity. They also burnt all literature that contained or promoted immorality (in the christian sense).

2018-07-24 20:37:34 UTC

still, I don't think we should be burning the books, even if the intention comes from the right place(if that is possible) it descends into populist mayhem

2018-07-24 20:38:29 UTC

@rob agreed

2018-07-24 20:44:26 UTC

@Sheamus Oh so the killing and driving out of thousands of ethnic germans from their homeland was not enough reason for retaliation???

2018-07-24 20:57:46 UTC

@KoninginTanja Well yeah he went insane near the end they say. But his intentions were correct and biblically sound.

2018-07-24 21:04:27 UTC

@$P!KY\/!k!NG honestly dude, you've proven to reject the two great commandments yourself as stipulated by Christ, you've rejected Christian teachings by claim of questionable witnesses, and now you are trying to justify the wrongs that Christ specifically corrected from what you've (((heard))), which the pharisees and scribes been teaching incorrectly. Now you are trying to worship Hitler which definitely is a questionable follower of Christ... I really do not need to continue this, but like i said, if you wish to be a PC, then have at that label, we all now know who and what you are. And spamming Nazi propaganda will likely draw attention to you, so might want to take that to info-wars instead, seems more suitable your that group.

2018-07-24 21:11:14 UTC


2018-07-24 21:23:26 UTC

@Sheamus Not an argument as usual.

I have rejected no commandments.
I have not (yet) rejected any witness but question at least the interpretation and provided multiple verses throughout the text as reason. Given that the bible explicitly states that at least two witnesses are required to settle a matter, I have full right to reject your single witness if I can easily provide many spanning hundreds of years. You had NO argument against it.

I don't worship Hitler. He wasn't a god or the Messiah.

I'm not spamming propaganda. It was simply an easy way to answer the silly supposition that satanists created communism and national socialism.

I'm not even a socialist. I am however an actual NATIONalist that values blood and soil like the word clearly means.

2018-07-24 21:28:56 UTC

@Sheamus I answered your question regarding the reasons for the invasion of poland and any leader worth anything would have done the same. Was hitler the perfect image of Christ? Obviously not. Would you stand by while thousands of your volk are murdered and driven from their homes if you had the power to stop it?? Probably not.

2018-07-24 21:29:29 UTC

Or maybe you would.

2018-07-24 21:36:37 UTC

@rob Wagner was magnificent. The pinnacle of Western art

2018-07-24 21:38:32 UTC

@Sheamus One more question. Are you english?

2018-07-24 21:45:16 UTC

@$P!KY\/!k!NG was not an argument, it was a statement. Greatest commandment you have betrayed when you chose the commie Wiccan over the reasonable Christian, you owned it proudly. Second great commandment you betrayed was to reject your duty towards your neighbors by writing anyone non-white off as lesser beasts, which you owned proudly too. Don't come and deny any of it now.

Also i didn't say you rejected witnesses, but you do reject the teachings passed on through the questionable witness, because it doesn't suit your own interpretation.

You do show reverence and adoration for  Hitler, that's pretty much worship.

It was indeed spamming propaganda, you are propagating information, especially of a very biased and misleading nature, used to promote your political cause or point of view.

Your very restricted and wilfully biased definition of a nation is just that.

2018-07-24 21:49:07 UTC

@$P!KY\/!k!NG English in what context? Am I English speaking? yeah obviously, how else would I do business in SA if English is the business standard. Am I a Brittish citizen or have Brittish or any European citizenship? No. Do I have English bloodlines? No.

2018-07-24 21:52:08 UTC

@Sheamus That's dishonest. I rejected breeding with the BLACK "christian". I write any non Adamic creature of as beasts on scriptural grounds. Your neighbour is someone of your people as the law clearly explains and Christ explains with the parable of the samaritan.

Let people examine the quotes I have posted and decide for themselves whether they are misleading as again you provide no argument as usual to reason with.

My definition is based solely on the accepted definition by etymology of the word and as it is defined in dictionaries that I also quoted along with multiple quotes (versus your meager 1 quote) from concordences to clearly show the biblical interpretation.

2018-07-24 21:53:10 UTC

The Good Samaritan teaches that one's neighbour is one in need. The Jew and Samaritans were not the same: they were bitter enemies. That's the whole point

2018-07-24 21:55:55 UTC

Well heck. If you had just said you were english in the beginning I wouldn't have bothered 😂

Please forgive me for boring you with all this scripture and such. You have shown me the error of my ways. All are created equal and nations are cultural. I wish you long life and many english culture babies with your reasonable black christian wife. 😊

2018-07-24 21:57:31 UTC

@Malcolm the Seceder The samaritans were hebrews that adopted pagan beliefs and were therefore shunned by the judeans. READ THE TEXT

2018-07-24 22:00:25 UTC

I know the text. We had a sermon on it on Sabbath. Blacks are descended from Ham. Jews from Shem. Gentiles from Japheth. That's the old way of understanding the differences between the races

2018-07-24 22:04:29 UTC

@Malcolm the Seceder Adam means ruddy, to blush or show blood in the face. He appears on earth roughly 7000 years ago in Sumer, coincidently the same place where the genes for white skin and blue eyes come from. Since Eve was made from the same genetic material, how did two white people eventually produce black babies?? Shem was the father of many nations including the assirians who would later wage war against the hebrews.

2018-07-24 22:05:08 UTC

@Malcolm the Seceder READ THE TEXT

2018-07-24 22:07:50 UTC

@$P!KY\/!k!NG lol it's not dishonest, you make it about race, i make it about ideology. You chose a Wiccan over a Christian, that's how i see it, that's how any reasonable Christian would see it. You and your ilk don't see that, because you are material and not spiritual, you see black and white... But yes, let's leave it to the readers to judge, I'm not asking for you to be banned or your words removed, I'm content that a reasonable person can be reasonable enough to see through your slithering ways, and in spite of your blasphemy, contemplating me as your enemy, that will inevitably make you mine, i still love you, i would still treat you as an equal regardless, i will still share a boat with you towards the Antarctic, and i would still scale the walls of the Antarctic with you, as weve entertained earlier today.

So under different circumstances where our ideological beliefs don't clash, we are cool, okay? But i will still continue to correct whatever misguided information you do post if and when i come across it. I genuinely don't believe it in the best interest of this community to go down the path your idol has failed already.

2018-07-24 22:08:24 UTC

I've come back to christianity through comparative religious study and direct gnostic experience, I don't really understand writing people off due to some text or preacher, especially in light of the alterations made to the text (looking at you Matthew). I see the only important difference being a personal god vs ideology.

2018-07-24 22:16:35 UTC

@Sheamus You are right. You have shown me the error of my ways. Please breed with the black christians and expand the english culture. Long life, prosperity and many babies to you sir.

2018-07-24 22:25:06 UTC

Lol you really think that's going to achieve much? I'm curious what you actually think that will achieve other than really expose your immaturity, what you think it will bring out of me?

2018-07-24 22:34:24 UTC

@Sheamus No really. You are right. Clearly I am in error and you are correct. You should definitely be blessed with as many caramel christian babies as you can provide for. Children are afterall the future of the english culture. That is afterall the most important thing for the expansion of the English nation. Please let me know if I can help with your nationalist ideals. I think you can do much good for Great Britain and I wholeheartedly support the equality and love you aspire to.

2018-07-24 22:51:50 UTC

So you are going misrepresent me as Brittish just because I can speak English, in spite of explicitly telling you that i have no Brittish or any European citizenship or passport, or bloodlines? Really, and then the rest of your drivel is to achieve what exactly?

You are clearly trying to insult and hurt my feelings, and the only weakness you know is your own, so you attempt to project your insecurity unto me, but it's your own insecurity, clearly not mine. What do you think you will achieve with this immaturity? Hurt my feelings?

If the shoe fits, I'll wear it. But this is clearly your shoe bud, it clearly fits you. You ain't going to win any wars with insults, Hitler liked to insult too, and he didn't win either, dunno what makes you think following a loser is any good, it's evident that God was not on his side, but you can continue to live out the delusion he did.

Good night

2018-07-24 22:54:28 UTC

@Sheamus But I agree with you dude. I was wrong!

2018-07-24 22:54:44 UTC

Christians unite!

2018-07-24 22:57:59 UTC

@$P!KY\/!k!NG @Sheamus Friends? It's ok to disagree.

2018-07-24 23:01:01 UTC

@KoninginTanja No ofcourse not. I don't mix with racemixers, but since he isn't one of mine I will gladly support his efforts in expanding his english/south african nation/culture or whatever he defines it as. 😬 I just won't destroy my own nation.

2018-07-24 23:03:41 UTC

@$P!KY\/!k!NG I didn't read through it all, so I'll stop butting in.

2018-07-24 23:04:47 UTC

@KoninginTanja interesting read I reckon. Controversial. Make up your own mind I guess.

2018-07-24 23:15:18 UTC

@KoninginTanja yes no problem with disagreement, it's part of the discourse/logos that is Christ. the principle of divine reason and creative order. Embrace it, read it, and judge righteous judgement.

Take a moment to reflect on the persecution of Christ for being "politically incorrect" according the politics of the pharisees and scribes, who reason as this character reasons with his preferred politics. The truth is laid bare before you, Christians will always be persecuted like this when confronting such lies.

2018-07-24 23:16:39 UTC

I'm out now, really need the sleep. Cheers

2018-07-24 23:16:53 UTC

night dude

2018-07-25 05:59:51 UTC

@Malcolm the Seceder did you have a look at Justin Peters?

2018-07-25 13:44:29 UTC

@KoninginTanja Yeah just watched it now. Excellent video! Prosperity "Gospel" is just plain satanic.

2018-07-25 14:12:25 UTC

The Tao Te Ching - A modern interpretation of Lao Tzu perpetrated by Ron Hogan


2018-07-25 17:15:06 UTC

@Malcolm the Seceder yeah that false gospel is straight from the pits of hell

2018-07-25 17:15:07 UTC

Ditsem! @TruthCanary, you just advanced to level 3!

2018-07-26 05:19:58 UTC


2018-07-26 10:28:35 UTC

@TruthCanary All good, Flat Earth disproves the lot of it.

2018-07-26 12:10:15 UTC

Why are some cultures better than other ones? @Willem Petzer @TruthCanary

"Christianity has profoundly changed the societies to which it has come, their institutions, beliefs, and cultures. What has emerged can only be described as a new civilization."


2018-07-26 13:16:39 UTC

Hoekom het daar soveel jong mense die gereformeerde kerk verlaat?
Why did so many young people leave the reformed church?
@Willem Petzer

2018-07-26 13:48:47 UTC

@Daniel van Straaten Want ons het self die bybel begin lees en agter gekom die kerk preek antichris.

2018-07-26 14:09:38 UTC

@TruthCanary I think @Willem Petzer would not approve this video, a professing Calvinist.


2018-07-26 14:16:01 UTC

@Daniel van Straaten "Once saved always saved" is a distortion of the perseverance of the saints doctrine. It tends to emphasise a lack of perseverance on behalf of the believer. Whereas the correct Calvinist doctrine emphasises the need for the believer to be working out his own salvation with fear and trembling and to be endeavouring to live after holiness every day of his walk here on earth @TruthCanary

2018-07-26 14:30:20 UTC

@Daniel van Straaten Willem is entitled to his beliefs, and if he disagrees with the above sermon, he is free to point out scripturally where he thinks Pastor Joe Schimmel is wrong.

2018-07-26 23:08:50 UTC

Isn't this emphasis on the importance of high IQ and boasting in ones ethnicity carnally mindedness? I'd rather be holy than intelligent or Afrikaans. @Malcolm the Seceder

2018-07-26 23:09:44 UTC

Who's emphasis?

2018-07-26 23:10:20 UTC


2018-07-26 23:12:30 UTC

I think the whole high/low IQ thing is to point out that there are these differences between the races and to ignore these indeed to act as if they don't exist is detrimental to all involved

2018-07-26 23:13:07 UTC

And to remind people what we're actually dealing with with black Africans

2018-07-26 23:13:37 UTC

But you are right that godliness is absolutely paramount and at the end of the day it's one's relationship with Christ that matters

2018-07-26 23:27:46 UTC

Isn't it unproductive generalizing about IQ when talking about ethnic groups in the context of political discussions? What's the end game here? I suppose some could interpret you proposing that European's are smarter and therefore should be in government. How's that suppose to help us in this situation?

2018-07-26 23:48:30 UTC

Well I think the differences are real and it affects things like affirmative action policies

2018-07-26 23:48:55 UTC

I think in the SA context the point is that it's the whites' country

2018-07-27 00:18:21 UTC

Ernst Roets seems to want to avoid IQ in political discussions. See his interview with Willem. @Willem Petzer I am trying to understand your reasoning behind your use of IQ.

2018-07-27 00:20:23 UTC

Ernst is right to do that. Too much of a hot potato. Would just be a distraction from what he's trying to do

2018-07-27 00:24:02 UTC

How is what he is trying to do different to what Willem is?

2018-07-27 00:28:25 UTC

Ernst has a more narrowly focused agenda: to first and foremost raise awareness of the persecution of the whites and then how the whites might move forward. I think.
Willem is interested in lots of different things ranging from the same stuff as Ernst to promoting Afrikaner culture generally to educating on history

2018-07-27 10:14:18 UTC

I think the IQ thing may well be true, but as someone that always sat in class with the brightest at school, there were representatives of all races at the top. It's an easy trap to fall into if you are young and intelligent to think that intelligence is the only trait that counts, years of life have taught me that you can change the world without a particularly high IQ and there are many more things to consider. IQ is just useful because it is easy to test for and the tests are consistent (they basically measure performance of working memory and abstraction)

2018-07-27 10:21:09 UTC

Agreed. IQ is not what defines a man's worth. It's more in terms of current politics. IQ does have an impact in running a country especially when, you know, the vast majority of those in charge are low IQ.

2018-07-27 11:50:41 UTC

As far as IQ goes, i personally find it relevant in the context of our material make up, which would be profession. I reckon we ought to make IQ tests mandatory in key positions like management for example, positions with high responsibility and accountability are required, and also vital positions that cannot afford incompetence.

Outside of above mentioned context, it is mostly irrelevant.

That said though, it's in everyone's best interest to take IQ seriously with efforts to improve the environments that cultivate and develop those who are negatively impacted. We know there are lifestyle factors such as diet and malnutrition that impact IQ, and can only take necessary actions to address these things if it can be acknowledged openly and honestly.

I don't think it is the topic that is the problem, but the approach. It is rather used a degrading argument, as opposed to a concern. We need to approach it correctly.

2018-07-28 03:08:40 UTC


2018-07-28 03:09:05 UTC

President Trump is on the right side

2018-07-28 10:57:08 UTC

Even the Bible says the left are fools 😂


2018-07-28 10:57:13 UTC

Ecclesiastes 10:2

2018-07-28 11:16:39 UTC


2018-07-28 11:29:08 UTC

' "The left vs. right paradigm is one of the most destructive forces I have witnessed in my lifetime. It is a nearly fail-proof impediment to either side ever progressing in their understanding of right vs wrong, because all they can ever see/hear is “your guy did it too” or “the other side is hypocritical/ has a re-election agenda”, etc. Any appeal to reason, morality, or principles derived from natural law is met with the retort of “that’s just what the left/right wants you to think”.

Refusing to look through the distorting prism of either left or right can free you from debates/concerns which are not germane to your calling and can provide 100x more mental/spiritual clarity for those issues which are.

I am convinced that one of the most effective self-improvement steps that an individual can make is to free themselves from this political paradigm. Remove yourself from the toxic echo chambers of media that exploit this left vs right dynamic. Only then can you begin to seek out or develop a moral philosophy and evaluate various issues in its light."
Mason Drake

I think George Washington was on to something when he warned of the dangers of political parties. '


2018-07-28 11:31:41 UTC

@Daniel van Straaten I actually agree with that statement. The left vs right paradigm is a classic divide and conquer tactic employed by the ruling elites to keep us distracted from what's really going on behind governments. I was just having a little fun with that Bible verse 😃

2018-07-28 11:35:44 UTC

@TruthCanary @Daniel van Straaten That's why things like the alternative media and IDW are such a threat to the msm. Alternative media is trying to break through this old left right model.

2018-07-28 11:37:00 UTC

Yes that is true, but there are also those "alternative" media that actually push the left vs right paradigm, such as Alex Jones

2018-07-28 11:38:25 UTC

Yeah he does

2018-07-28 11:38:25 UTC

Ditsem! @Malcolm the Seceder, you just advanced to level 12!

2018-07-28 11:38:38 UTC

@TruthCanary i actually received that on WhatsApp as well earlier the week. Also pretty much made the same point Daniel did. But this is a good example of how the literature now is abused to justify prejudices... I can relate to the left and right political struggle, so i can see the humor in it, and a part of me giggles about it, but i think it's really important to highlight the problematic nature of it as Daniel did.

2018-07-28 11:39:01 UTC

Totally agree

2018-07-28 11:41:51 UTC

As do I🤔

2018-07-28 11:44:47 UTC

Left right can be helpful in broad terms but the problem is the rigidity and the fake "debates" on msm where it's just talking heads shouting at each. Usually with way too much make up on

2018-07-28 11:49:42 UTC

I find it more along the context really... There is right and wrong, and there's right and left. Problem with politics is that both left and right have right and wrong, but it complicates it, politics in general is very complicated, hence politically i find myself more centre, but then the political enablers call you a fence sitter. I'm not really politically motivated myself, but i do believe so right and wrong, and also believe the road to hell is paved with good intentions... Politics seem to hinge on good intentions, whether you are right or left.

2018-07-28 11:52:58 UTC

But then there are good intentions and good intentions

2018-07-28 11:58:20 UTC

Well the way you tell them apart is easy.. There are those who DO good, and those who INTEND to do good. Let me provide an example; Willem does what is good, and then Renaldo, he obviously means well. 😉

2018-07-28 11:58:52 UTC
2018-07-29 05:08:57 UTC

So I have been toying with some Biblical concepts in my head....The Mark of the Beast, what is it? In the end, it was so simple. It is right there in the name. Firstly, let us define "The Beast". A beast is an animal right? So in my view, the usage of the word refers to all earthly animals - all the beasts of the earth. So now let us get to the mark itself. What is it exactly that makes a beast a beast? What "mark" does it have that makes it different from a human being? What separates humans from beasts? We are all made of flesh and blood, we all are born, we live and we die. But the one thing that us humans have that beasts do not, is a mind that is capable of critical thinking, reason and above all, Logic. Animals have (for the most part) a fight or flight response / mental capacity. Of course, some are a little more capable that others. In conclusion, a human being that has been "marked" does not have the ability to comprehend logic - which puts them on the same level as a beast. Flat Earth anyone? ~Namaste. 🙏

2018-07-30 09:44:07 UTC

@Deejay from Earth What separates humans from animals is that humans have souls and animals do not.

2018-07-30 09:57:48 UTC

True that, no reason, no humanity, no soul... Just biological chemicals dictating behaviour and impulses to sin. That's how i see it.

2018-07-30 10:12:59 UTC

As of late I'm not sure what a "soul" is I have to say. I'm not so sure any more - could we be mistaking our personality or Ego for our soul?

2018-07-30 10:22:10 UTC

Well, sounds like a controversial opportunity to explore the definition, see what we all understand and maybe can agree on?

2018-07-30 10:27:32 UTC

Soul is always linked to the afterlife from what I can tell.

2018-07-30 10:32:55 UTC

But what is it within you, right now in this life?

2018-07-30 10:47:49 UTC

The soul is the part of the person made in the image of God. The rational, moral, thinking part of the person. It is the immortal part that will live forever. It is given to the human being upon conception.

2018-07-30 10:48:08 UTC

I think it is what we would say gives a human being his personhood.

2018-07-30 10:55:41 UTC

My thoughts too, but where i am a little lost still is it individual to the person like we have individual souls, or us it individual as in we are receivers that tune into it, like radio tunes into a frequency... Im still trying to figure that one out, both have compelling arguments for and against. What's your take on it @Malcolm the Seceder

2018-07-30 11:06:50 UTC

Each person has his own individual soul. So Westminster Confession of Faith Chapter 32.1: "The bodies of men after death return to dust, and see corruption(a); but their souls, (which neither die nor sleep,) having an immortal subsistence, immediately return to God who gave them(b)." The souls of the regenerate go to Heaven and the souls of the unregenerate go straight to Hell. On the last day the bodies of all persons will be raised and reunited with their souls and will either then spend eternity in Heaven or Hell.

2018-07-30 11:07:20 UTC

(a) Genesis 3:19

2018-07-30 11:07:30 UTC

(b) Luke 23:43

2018-07-30 11:39:17 UTC

I follow you there, and here is another perspective of why i might be confused about it.

Genesis 2:7 - And the LORD God formed man [of] the dust of the ground, and breathed into his nostrils the breath of life; and man became a living soul.

Ecclesiastes 12:7 - Then shall the dust return to the earth as it was: and the spirit shall return unto God who gave it.

Deuteronomy 6:5 - And thou shalt love the LORD thy God with all thine heart, and with all thy soul, and with all thy might.

Ezekiel 18:4 - Behold, all souls are mine; as the soul of the father, so also the soul of the son is mine: the soul that sinneth, it shall die.

The soul is breathed into man, each soul a breath, a fragment perhaps? One God, one Truth, one Reason, which is all the same. So perhaps a hybrid of the two. I'm still working my way through understanding it all, but i do enjoy others perspectives and their convictions. Thanks for your input @Malcolm the Seceder

2018-07-30 11:49:42 UTC

And maybe also to clarify, by individual, it was meant as seperate from the creator. Uniquely seperate. There is the father and then there is the soul, uniquely seperate. Something other than.

2018-07-30 11:53:43 UTC

@Sheamus When we are told that God breathed into the nostrils of Adam and he became a living soul we're not meant to take that as God imparting a part of a whole to Adam. It's a symbolic statement. Each soul, as you say later, is a unique, separate entity.

2018-07-30 12:10:21 UTC

Thank you bud, appreciate your input and trust your words, it's always my intention to understand it for myself whole heartedly without any doubt.

2018-07-30 13:11:01 UTC

@Malcolm the Seceder I thank you for your input too. That's what I think separates us from religions like Hinduism and Buddhism, where they believe in Atman. Some sort of all encompassing soul that inhabits our bodies but is not individual.

2018-07-30 13:13:43 UTC

@buzzlightyear Those "religions" are just darkness. There is power behind them to be sure, but it is a dark power. We gotta stay away from it. Have nothing to do with those things, right down to stuff like yoga: it's all poison.

2018-07-30 13:14:00 UTC

So guys, another topicn I have been pondering lately: With all your knowledge and experiences, what do you think is the Bible's take on the subject of race and organisation of society (not salvation)?

2018-07-30 13:14:39 UTC

@Malcolm the Seceder Yeah, I can sense the void that ultimately inhabits them.

2018-07-30 13:16:28 UTC

Genesis 9:25-27?

2018-07-30 13:16:53 UTC

That's the old view anyway👌🏻

2018-07-30 13:20:47 UTC

Oh I heard of assigning the races to these biblical expressions. Which race is which again?

2018-07-30 13:20:52 UTC

As for race, I graduated in Chemistry and the more I learned, the more I came to regard it as scientific fact, albeit controversial. It used to be regarded as such until it was discardes by the end of WW2 with no scientific explanations given.

2018-07-30 13:27:15 UTC

Lol race is a topic divided among the materialists and the spiritualists lol

2018-07-30 13:32:02 UTC

@Sheamus that might be true. Personally, I perceive quantum mechanics as something that unifies these two.
As the experiments are of material nature but their behavior depends very much on an observer which can not be rationally explained. It is just assumed as something that is

2018-07-30 13:44:58 UTC

@buzzlightyear Shem would be the Jews, Japheth would be the Gentiles and Ham would be the blacks

2018-07-30 13:45:32 UTC

There are some variations depending on the Christian tradition. Though Ham always remains the blacks 😂

2018-07-30 13:47:52 UTC

Ok thanks.Yeah, anyway.. seeing how these "multicultural" and "multiracial" societies devolve into cesspits of degeneracy and crime, I do not think God would want us to go that way. @Malcolm the Seceder

2018-07-30 13:48:43 UTC

Multiculturalism doesn't work and there's certainly no Biblical mandate that we should be mixing cultures in any significant fashion

2018-07-30 13:49:21 UTC

The Gospel is universal and that is why whites took the Gospel to the benighted parts of the world. But that doesn't mean they should then come over here and live amongst us.

2018-07-30 13:49:48 UTC

@Malcolm the Seceder absolutely, that's how I understood it too.

2018-07-30 14:21:56 UTC

From More Than Conquerers - Hendriksen


2018-07-30 14:24:09 UTC

Thanks @Daniel van Straaten this warms my heart

2018-07-30 17:39:05 UTC

Thanks @Daniel van Straaten , will give it a watch 😃

2018-07-30 17:43:51 UTC

Here is the outline if you don't have time. https://truthxchange.com/2012/02/2996/

2018-07-31 10:04:03 UTC

@Deejay from Earth Can we keep the flat earth chat to the info-wars channel please? [Apologies I edited this post to something different when I meant to post a new post so I have put it back to what it was.]

2018-07-31 11:24:23 UTC

1 Chronicles 16:30 ►
Tremble before him, all the earth! The world is firmly established; it cannot be moved.

2018-07-31 11:25:05 UTC

Flat Earth IS a Theological issue Sir.

2018-07-31 11:34:02 UTC

I'll agree, if it pertains to the literature let it be, but the usual flat earth discussion focused on flat earth in general not referencing the literature should stay in info wars.

2018-07-31 11:35:28 UTC

Did I post any flat earth proofs here?

2018-07-31 11:36:33 UTC

Lol i didn't @ you, just joining in on the conversation in general, so speaking to all lol

2018-07-31 11:36:55 UTC

Cool no worries.

2018-07-31 11:48:48 UTC

@Sheamus I'm just trying to figure out the psychology here. I don't mind at all if people don't agree with Gods Flat Earth, or if they believe they live on a spinning ball or whatever. Really I don't. What gets me is the outright hypocrisy of calling oneself a Christian and then "believing" (as opposed to proving) they live on a spinning ball. That one I don't understand. Then let us throw "Prove all things" at them and see what comes up. In your view Sheamus, what do you think the problem could be? Flat Earth is is proven through scripture, science, reason, logic, every day experience, common sense, observation and most importantly - the evidence of our God given senses. Just wondering.. you know?

2018-07-31 12:01:15 UTC

@Deejay from Earth i can't speak on behalf of others, but as far as i go personally, i cannot confirm or deny either, and as far as the literature goes, many people read the same literature and walk away with different interpretations of the same literature, so even just that alone could be chalked up to interpretation which can be altered by our own prejudices. On the matter of flat earth and globe, i am still undecided to judge outright, i have never been up high enough to verify any of this, and other people's claims are also just that, it's theirs. But to me, right now i go based on what works, if one theory allows us to predict something and it's accurate and reliable, then it's as close to the truth as possible until something more accurate and reliable comes along. Keep what works, discatd what doesn't work, and replace superior with inferior. I'm still in the progress of figuring things myself. Just don't take offence to any of it. Emotions aren't reliable to judge by, just be reasonable. I think we all try to be reasonable, and then there's also the matter that we all prioritize different matters. Not everyone's priorities are in the same place.

2018-07-31 12:06:15 UTC

THIS: Not everyone's priorities are in the same place.

2018-07-31 12:40:05 UTC

@Deejay from Earth Where are the edges? What happens when one gets there? Can I see some pictures?

2018-07-31 12:56:58 UTC


2018-07-31 12:58:15 UTC

We would need to move this to <#469490581899575297>

2018-07-31 12:59:10 UTC

I'm happy just leaving it. No offence.

2018-07-31 13:03:15 UTC

@Malcolm the Seceder All good. 👍

2018-07-31 16:32:49 UTC

"Keep this in mind as you watch the news and browse your social feeds.

Also keep in mind that "the powers that be" intentionally and perpetually feed you information that will keep you angry with other Americans. #DivideAndConquer " Brandon Adams

2018-08-02 16:41:08 UTC

The conversion of a Roman emperor to Christianity, of Constantine in 312, might not have happened-or, if it had, it would have taken on a totally different meaning-if it had not been preceded, for two generations, by the conversion of Christianity to the culture and ideals of the Roman world.(17)

2018-08-02 16:58:26 UTC

“The heirs of Greek thought find it repugnant to accept information revealed by God; they insist on discovering truth by their own resources; and if this cannot be done in any case, they would rather go without the truth than to receive it as a gift from God.” Thales to Dewey, p. 155.

2018-08-02 17:41:28 UTC

"Remember also that out of the title "God of Abraham" Jesus deduced the doctrine of the future life that the Sadducees denied. How many of us would have seen that lesson in that divine title? There must be innumerable truths in the Bible that escape our minds. Our danger is not in finding too much, but in finding too little."
(Gordon Clark Predestination, pg 14)

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