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2017-06-10 07:15:00 UTC

@MsNatSocialist you have first hand experience with how bad this idea is, I don't understand how you can defend the socialism part of national socialism

2017-06-10 07:15:10 UTC

as larpy as it sounds, national capitalism is the way forward

2017-06-10 07:15:32 UTC

free markets inside our borders, protectionist policies when we engage with the outside world to protect our interests

2017-06-10 07:15:46 UTC

what say you yuge of the idea of lending newly married couples some money and cutting 1/4 of the debt every time they have a baby

2017-06-10 07:15:56 UTC

It was a legal way of changing laws without actually changing any laws and it being perfectly legal and cut off the middle man. It was sly and completely underhanded.
I left that job because the internal politics got too dirty.

2017-06-10 07:16:13 UTC

i mean, it's not ideal but it'd be a better system than the current social safety net

2017-06-10 07:16:23 UTC

it'd be better not to tax and spend in the first place

2017-06-10 07:16:38 UTC

the government devalues every dollar it takes in taxes

2017-06-10 07:17:00 UTC


2017-06-10 07:17:03 UTC

what say you of roads

2017-06-10 07:17:04 UTC

@Campin' Carl i'd rather do that than pay a bunch of niggers to have kids

2017-06-10 07:17:47 UTC

you know what you said before about internal and external trade policies was basically what australia started with

2017-06-10 07:17:49 UTC

one could make an argument for roads, but you must understand it's going to have a tendency to become a black hole for money

2017-06-10 07:18:25 UTC

one whole argument for federation was to create a strong external trade border but eliminating internal tariffs between states

2017-06-10 07:18:27 UTC

infrastructure is important, I don't know anyone that does it well TBH

2017-06-10 07:18:50 UTC

albert speer was good at that wasnt he?

2017-06-10 07:18:54 UTC

At the end of the day, you've got to tax someone and it should only be tax to you if you use the facility or item.

2017-06-10 07:21:23 UTC

I am 100% in favor of use fees

2017-06-10 07:21:49 UTC

what are they then

2017-06-10 07:22:09 UTC

roads are the biggest example of where pragmatism gets in the way of that

2017-06-10 07:22:22 UTC

but most things could be more effectively funded through use fees rather than taxes

2017-06-10 07:23:00 UTC

@Campin' Carl why did austraila move away from the free internal markets/protected trade engagements arrangement?

2017-06-10 07:23:04 UTC


2017-06-10 07:23:42 UTC


2017-06-10 07:23:46 UTC


2017-06-10 07:23:49 UTC

we had em right up till the 90s

2017-06-10 07:24:03 UTC

defense is one of the few areas of goverment expenditure that can be justified

2017-06-10 07:24:45 UTC

regardless of who pays in, everyone inside a state's borders benefits from the spending, and it's not realistic to exclude those who don't pay in from benefitting

2017-06-10 07:24:56 UTC

could you spell defence properly

2017-06-10 07:25:11 UTC


2017-06-10 07:25:15 UTC


2017-06-10 07:25:51 UTC

you'll be alright

2017-06-10 07:26:30 UTC

this cunt got rid of our protectionist policies

2017-06-10 07:26:36 UTC

a catholic @MsNatSocialist

2017-06-10 07:26:46 UTC


2017-06-10 07:27:02 UTC

then y'all bought into the f-35

2017-06-10 07:27:16 UTC

that was abbott i think

2017-06-10 07:27:26 UTC

yea it was later

2017-06-10 07:27:31 UTC

he started the downhill slide

2017-06-10 07:27:53 UTC

should have bought f/a-18 super hornets TBH

2017-06-10 07:28:10 UTC

we should buy an aircraft carrier or 2 first

2017-06-10 07:28:12 UTC

or just make them

2017-06-10 07:28:46 UTC

Free markets is a libertarian idea and it's impossible to recreate. At the end of the day someone has to pay someone to do something and I'd rather not have to deal with the logistical nightmare of community funding micro financial departments.
Especially if you live in cities or suburbs.
Also who pays for defense? Who pays for military? who pays for people to do these micro treasuries?
Who pays for these things?

2017-06-10 07:29:18 UTC

so you're into wasting incomprehensibly large amounts of people's money

2017-06-10 07:29:19 UTC

got it

2017-06-10 07:29:45 UTC

did you not read what I just wrote? I said defense is one of the few justifiable government expenditures

2017-06-10 07:30:02 UTC

because you can't exclude those who don't pay from the service

2017-06-10 07:30:25 UTC

bureaucracy increases the cost of things too you know

2017-06-10 07:30:28 UTC

No, I'm not... But who will do this stuff for free? Who will have the time?

2017-06-10 07:30:39 UTC

NASA had a lot of trouble with that you know

2017-06-10 07:30:54 UTC

some of their nuts and bolts were costing $500 per piece

2017-06-10 07:31:06 UTC

10 times the cost of it commercially

2017-06-10 07:31:36 UTC

i think there should be a national defence force paid for via taxes

2017-06-10 07:32:08 UTC

but theres gotta be a certain amount of cooperation betweet government and businesses

2017-06-10 07:33:07 UTC

nobody does it for free

2017-06-10 07:33:12 UTC

you pay use fees for the thigns you use

2017-06-10 07:33:17 UTC

want to use a park? pay a fee

2017-06-10 07:33:24 UTC

dont' use the park? you shouldn't be forced to pay for it

2017-06-10 07:33:43 UTC

I don't think I shoudl be forced to pay for a nigger history museam, for instance

2017-06-10 07:34:00 UTC

But the park looks pretty and it'll make my neighborhood look pretty.

2017-06-10 07:34:00 UTC

we could go on for years bringing up examples of government expenditures that have absolutely no justification

2017-06-10 07:34:07 UTC

that's nice

2017-06-10 07:34:10 UTC

i think he means car park

2017-06-10 07:34:12 UTC

patronize it then

2017-06-10 07:34:45 UTC

why do you want to use the absolutely least cost effective means to provide these things?

2017-06-10 07:34:53 UTC

because pretty?

2017-06-10 07:35:00 UTC

that makes absolutely no sense

2017-06-10 07:35:12 UTC

and it's why the US is fucking $20 trillion in debt

2017-06-10 07:35:18 UTC

can you even comprehend how much money that is?

2017-06-10 07:35:32 UTC

i thought that was because youre being forced to pay for niggers

2017-06-10 07:35:34 UTC

and mexicans

2017-06-10 07:35:57 UTC

exactly, forced to pay for pointless government programs

2017-06-10 07:36:12 UTC

you shoudl go to an american park sometime, it's filled with niggers and spics

2017-06-10 07:36:33 UTC

if the niggers had to actually bear the cost, they wouldn't fucking go

2017-06-10 07:36:35 UTC

youre talking about those city parks arent you

2017-06-10 07:36:45 UTC

but we all know they don't pay any taxes yet use up all the services the white people pay for

2017-06-10 07:36:51 UTC

or national parks

2017-06-10 07:37:08 UTC

well the national park i live next to never has niggers or spics in it

2017-06-10 07:37:13 UTC

or frankly, 98% of the shit governmetn funds

2017-06-10 07:37:31 UTC

I'm a woman, I care about these things... I don't want my neighborhood boring to look at, I want it to be pleasing. Parks, lakes, bike tracks, running tracks etc... I don't care if I don't use it... But I might want to one day, but I don't want to pay up front on a possibility that I might use it one day.

2017-06-10 07:37:47 UTC

and as far as i know most of the cost spent on the park is controlled burn offs

2017-06-10 07:37:49 UTC

this is why women shuold have been never given the vote

2017-06-10 07:37:54 UTC

now we're $20 trillion in debt

2017-06-10 07:37:56 UTC

thanks women

2017-06-10 07:38:32 UTC

i hope the feels are worth mortgaging several generations worth of decent lives

2017-06-10 07:38:37 UTC


2017-06-10 07:38:41 UTC


2017-06-10 07:38:51 UTC

Voice chat

2017-06-10 07:38:52 UTC

dude, don'y abuse the here @Chef Goyardee

2017-06-10 07:38:54 UTC

i think the main problem of america is its full of niggers and other undesirables

2017-06-10 07:39:12 UTC

that just makes the bad behavior worse

2017-06-10 07:39:20 UTC

I not abusing

2017-06-10 07:39:24 UTC


2017-06-10 07:39:29 UTC

I'm using

2017-06-10 07:39:30 UTC

sorry, i thought you just said here

2017-06-10 07:39:39 UTC

you know now that i think about it

2017-06-10 07:39:40 UTC

it was segmented

2017-06-10 07:39:44 UTC

If a community doesn't have it because no one will use it or everyone doesn't know if they will use it - but won't put money on something that they may/may not use... then you'll have a bunch of people too conflicted on if they want one or not and if they want to pay upfront for something they may not use.
But then again, who will pay the upfront fees and labour?

2017-06-10 07:39:55 UTC

in a white ethnostate you wouldnt need a national park

2017-06-10 07:40:07 UTC

because there it would be anyway

2017-06-10 07:40:10 UTC

Real dingo hours christ

2017-06-10 07:40:13 UTC

and you could just go for a walk any time

2017-06-10 07:40:20 UTC


2017-06-10 07:40:25 UTC

Why aren't y'all in voice chat

2017-06-10 07:40:32 UTC

instead us white people in america are forced to be tax cattle for diversity

2017-06-10 07:40:33 UTC

because im listening to the shoah

2017-06-10 07:40:35 UTC

and im fucking tired of it

2017-06-10 07:41:03 UTC

so you can keep larping abotu natsoc and pretty things, but it's fucking stupid and i'm tired of bearing the burden of the idiotic economic policies

2017-06-10 07:41:04 UTC

well yuge, come and visit me for a couple weeks and see what you think of living in a white country

2017-06-10 07:41:15 UTC

this is why I'm moving to tennessee

2017-06-10 07:41:20 UTC

no state income taxes

2017-06-10 07:41:24 UTC


2017-06-10 07:41:25 UTC

very low property taxes

2017-06-10 07:41:28 UTC

also nice

2017-06-10 07:41:33 UTC

very friendly business laws

2017-06-10 07:41:50 UTC

everything east of nashville is more white than the national average

2017-06-10 07:41:51 UTC

doesnt texas as well as also have no state income tax?

2017-06-10 07:41:56 UTC

some counties are 95%+ white

2017-06-10 07:41:58 UTC


2017-06-10 07:42:04 UTC

but they have an 8.5% sales tax

2017-06-10 07:42:04 UTC

but it has mexicans

2017-06-10 07:42:08 UTC

and mexicans

2017-06-10 07:42:21 UTC

you know now that i think about it youd hate it in australia

2017-06-10 07:42:22 UTC

in the grand scheme of things, it's one of the more attractive states in the US

2017-06-10 07:42:24 UTC

everything is taxes

2017-06-10 07:42:26 UTC


2017-06-10 07:42:27 UTC

I just think TN is nicer

2017-06-10 07:42:35 UTC


2017-06-10 07:42:37 UTC

leave me alone

2017-06-10 07:42:43 UTC

let me spend my money as i see fit

2017-06-10 07:42:45 UTC

ever heard of GST?

2017-06-10 07:42:47 UTC


2017-06-10 07:42:56 UTC

i think its 10% here

2017-06-10 07:43:00 UTC

i'd be OK with GST if the income tax were removed

2017-06-10 07:43:10 UTC

basically everything is taxed for 10%

2017-06-10 07:43:12 UTC


2017-06-10 07:43:15 UTC

taxing consumption makes about a million times more sense than taxing production (income)

2017-06-10 07:43:18 UTC

Get in voice

2017-06-10 07:43:20 UTC

on top of booze and tobacco taxes, income tax

2017-06-10 07:43:30 UTC

land tax

2017-06-10 07:43:32 UTC

yea, taxing both sides of the equation makes no sense

2017-06-10 07:43:35 UTC

business tax

2017-06-10 07:43:40 UTC

fuck taxes

2017-06-10 07:43:46 UTC

property tax

2017-06-10 07:43:47 UTC

Everyone hates Chef

2017-06-10 07:43:53 UTC

chef, I'm about to go to sleep

2017-06-10 07:43:56 UTC

im not getting in voice

2017-06-10 07:44:01 UTC


2017-06-10 07:44:19 UTC

i should have been in bed an hour ago btu i had to shoot down natsoc larping

2017-06-10 07:44:40 UTC

because im tired of seeing it paraded as some sort of good economic idea

2017-06-10 07:44:45 UTC

I'm prepping for a rally tomorrow.

2017-06-10 07:44:53 UTC


2017-06-10 07:44:55 UTC

you know booze is twice or even thrice as expencive here than anywhere else

2017-06-10 07:45:02 UTC


2017-06-10 07:45:09 UTC

how illegal is it to home distill?

2017-06-10 07:45:19 UTC

like 88 illegals?

2017-06-10 07:45:23 UTC

1488 illegals?

2017-06-10 07:45:35 UTC

i know youre allowed to homebrew beer and cider and whatnot

2017-06-10 07:45:45 UTC

my friends dad likes to make gruppa

2017-06-10 07:45:50 UTC

which is basically ethanol

2017-06-10 07:45:52 UTC

yea you're allowed to home brew here, but not distil

2017-06-10 07:46:11 UTC

well i think you're allowed to make like 4 gallons a year or something

2017-06-10 07:46:38 UTC

tbh i wouldnt be surprised if thats the national monthly consumption of beer here

2017-06-10 07:46:53 UTC

probably more, but i'm talking spirits

2017-06-10 07:46:54 UTC

how much is 4 gallons in litres?

2017-06-10 07:47:01 UTC


2017-06-10 07:47:15 UTC

tbh id go through that much spirits a month if i had the money

2017-06-10 07:47:23 UTC


2017-06-10 07:47:27 UTC

but when vodka is $60 a bottle

2017-06-10 07:47:29 UTC

fuck that

2017-06-10 07:47:32 UTC


2017-06-10 07:47:49 UTC

ive kept a bottle of russian standard going for nearly a year

2017-06-10 07:48:02 UTC

im surprised homebrewing/distilling isn't a bigger part of your culture with that level of tax

2017-06-10 07:48:10 UTC

well it is

2017-06-10 07:48:18 UTC

you know of our moonshining culture, right?

2017-06-10 07:48:24 UTC

coopers has a very popular brand of home brew kits for sale

2017-06-10 07:48:26 UTC

that's specifically because of taxes

2017-06-10 07:48:29 UTC

oh ok

2017-06-10 07:48:46 UTC

we get coopers here, pretty good stuff tbh

2017-06-10 07:48:53 UTC


2017-06-10 07:49:12 UTC

SA stuff, most popular beer in australia and its actually australian

2017-06-10 07:49:16 UTC

unlike veebs

2017-06-10 07:49:44 UTC

where is VB made?

2017-06-10 07:49:46 UTC


2017-06-10 07:49:50 UTC


2017-06-10 07:49:55 UTC

its made here but its not owned by australians

2017-06-10 07:50:01 UTC

ah ok

2017-06-10 07:50:30 UTC

veebs was bought out by sabmiller, a south african company

2017-06-10 07:50:35 UTC

same guys who own fosters

2017-06-10 07:51:40 UTC

i didnt know coopers was international though

2017-06-10 07:52:01 UTC

on the coopers brewing company though

2017-06-10 07:52:02 UTC

Its shares are primarily owned by the extended Cooper family, and the company's constitution and classes of shares makes it difficult to sell shares outside the family.

2017-06-10 07:52:35 UTC

budweiser was bought by inbev

2017-06-10 07:53:01 UTC

it comes in red, yellow, and green bottles, right?

2017-06-10 07:53:17 UTC

theyre the 4 main bottles

2017-06-10 07:53:36 UTC

thats sparkling ale, stout and pale ale

2017-06-10 07:53:44 UTC

theres also brown, dark ale

2017-06-10 07:53:48 UTC

orange, mild ale

2017-06-10 07:54:00 UTC

I think we get 3

2017-06-10 07:54:11 UTC


2017-06-10 07:54:13 UTC

those are the 3 I see around, anyway

2017-06-10 07:54:17 UTC

pale, sparkling and stout

2017-06-10 07:54:19 UTC

heres the rest

2017-06-10 07:54:37 UTC

is thier pilsner any good?

2017-06-10 07:54:44 UTC

never tried it

2017-06-10 07:54:57 UTC

ive tried sparkling, pale, mild, stout, dark and clear

2017-06-10 07:54:58 UTC

I'm generally a fan of darker beers

2017-06-10 07:55:14 UTC

but I enjoy pilsner when it's hot out

2017-06-10 07:55:22 UTC

dark and clear are my preferred of the lot

2017-06-10 07:55:50 UTC
2017-06-10 07:56:01 UTC

i don't know that they export

2017-06-10 07:56:16 UTC

but it's good shit

2017-06-10 07:56:23 UTC

if they do id have to go to dan murphies or some other fancy booze shop

2017-06-10 07:57:06 UTC

at it's like $10 USD for a 6 pack here, so it's probably like $60/6 pack there if you can even get it

2017-06-10 07:57:09 UTC

it's not that good

2017-06-10 07:58:01 UTC

you can get it in sydney apparently

2017-06-10 07:58:09 UTC

$5.50 for a single can

2017-06-10 07:58:18 UTC


2017-06-10 07:58:24 UTC

oh theyre out of stock anyway

2017-06-10 07:58:26 UTC

well all the oskar blues stuff is good

2017-06-10 07:58:35 UTC

if you ever want to venture into some 'murica brews

2017-06-10 07:59:00 UTC

hmmm i like the ol saying, seppo piss is like making love in a canoo

2017-06-10 07:59:16 UTC

fucking close to water

2017-06-10 08:00:33 UTC

nah that stuff isn't

2017-06-10 08:00:43 UTC

I think the pils is 5.5%

2017-06-10 08:00:47 UTC

their pale ale is 6%

2017-06-10 08:00:49 UTC

i think

2017-06-10 08:01:13 UTC

that is true for the macrobrews, but not the microbrews

2017-06-10 08:25:36 UTC

@JohnnyMonoxide Great Paranormies episode, listening to it now, this shit has been on Youtube for some time, it's scary

2017-06-10 09:48:54 UTC

https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=UDMSdf3U2s4 OK this is getting fuckeed up

2017-06-10 09:51:18 UTC

There's tons of these, holy fuck...

2017-06-10 09:53:30 UTC

@everyone voice

2017-06-10 10:47:15 UTC

@Horatio Cary hori gotta be server muted or something

2017-06-10 10:48:05 UTC

Rite clique

2017-06-10 10:48:19 UTC

Roght click

2017-06-10 10:48:25 UTC


2017-06-10 10:48:45 UTC

Just have to listen to foreigners

2017-06-10 10:48:55 UTC


2017-06-10 10:49:12 UTC

You're the good ones

2017-06-10 10:49:50 UTC


2017-06-10 10:50:06 UTC


2017-06-10 10:50:31 UTC


2017-06-10 10:50:43 UTC

Where do babies come from?

2017-06-10 10:51:01 UTC


2017-06-10 10:52:09 UTC

Fuckin a when ya fuck a cunt in the cunt you get a right fuckin visit from a new cunt fuckin a

2017-06-10 10:52:43 UTC

Someone read dis

2017-06-10 10:53:13 UTC

Dingo/ 10

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