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2021-03-12 19:17:41 UTC

YEAH makes me glad I'm in Texas right about now

2021-03-12 19:19:38 UTC

The wait could be indefinite. How do you like them apples?

2021-03-12 19:20:09 UTC

Ooo scary thoughts there sir

2021-03-12 19:20:56 UTC

It’s in the bill!!

2021-03-12 19:21:44 UTC

Not to mention the new yearly tax per firearm, the insurance you will have to carry per firearm, and if you refuse or do not they claim they will come take your firearms... That's all in there too

2021-03-12 19:21:47 UTC

Texas is a decent spot to be right now so yeah it's also beautiful there too

2021-03-12 19:22:44 UTC

Yeh abbott is standing up to them right now

2021-03-12 19:23:45 UTC

Hopefully Abbott makes it stick and removes it completely

2021-03-12 19:25:41 UTC

Well he told feds they aren't taking Texas guns, the bill for sucession is in Nov ballot, getting ready to pass a bill for the state of Texas to finish the boarder wall, and he's deployed the TX National guard to the southern boarder. .

2021-03-12 19:27:31 UTC

I presume that’s to stop them instead of inviting them in.

2021-03-12 19:28:31 UTC

Yes sir

2021-03-12 19:29:42 UTC

My thoughts too and keep them in one area too

2021-03-12 19:31:16 UTC

Minneapolis City Council approves $27 million settlement to George Floyd's estate


2021-03-12 19:31:54 UTC

That's just convicted the cop I guess. 27 million to that drug assessment estate

2021-03-12 19:32:05 UTC


2021-03-12 19:32:10 UTC

Not assessment

2021-03-12 19:46:27 UTC

That's horseshit for 27 million dollars he got "killed" but then wasn't really dead got moved to another country new ID and all wtf I'd do it for 27 million almost

2021-03-12 19:46:41 UTC

But only almost though

2021-03-12 19:49:50 UTC


2021-03-12 19:50:53 UTC

Shit 27 mill ight kinfolk what ya need

2021-03-12 19:55:48 UTC

Ok guys another work story... I have taken on extra work 3 to 4 nights a week for a high profile kiddo... meet Donovan...


2021-03-12 19:57:40 UTC

This little guy was not supposed to live past age 2... walk.. talk.. or learn anything... his case is EXTREMELY RARE... and he is known all over the world... this is his brain scan to explain...


2021-03-12 19:59:52 UTC

Normal child brain on the left, his brain is on the right...as you can see no folds ..wrinkles or anything that would represent a functioning brain!! Can I tell you how amazing he his... and the joy I feel just being around him... God truly is with this kiddo!!

2021-03-12 20:02:48 UTC

Obviously with this kiddo... I AM ALLOWED to speak about him..as he is NOT a foster kiddo...He is a kiddo they chose for me to care for due to my medical experience and love for kids... ❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤

2021-03-12 20:02:50 UTC


2021-03-12 20:40:02 UTC

Very inspiring Gryphon 💕

2021-03-12 22:34:23 UTC

Ohh shit it's beer 30 four

2021-03-12 22:36:52 UTC

That is very inspiring Gryphon

2021-03-12 22:37:11 UTC

Gryphon every day he is here on earth is a blessing to him and the rest of us

2021-03-12 23:06:44 UTC

Fuckem let's rock

2021-03-12 23:07:40 UTC

Brother I been ready pass the ammo let's ride

2021-03-12 23:41:55 UTC

Probably been easier to show which companies don't support them

2021-03-12 23:43:45 UTC

That is a lot of everyday use companies

2021-03-12 23:45:59 UTC

I lost my link I wanted to share with everyone. Finding these as I look for the one I really wanted.

2021-03-12 23:48:12 UTC


2021-03-12 23:48:46 UTC

Damn that's screwed I own a honda that sucks

2021-03-12 23:49:12 UTC

I use ATT. Can't stop now

2021-03-12 23:49:44 UTC

Mostly, they support them for tax breaks, not necessarily because they believe in them

2021-03-12 23:50:36 UTC

Makes sense for tax breaks

2021-03-12 23:56:02 UTC

Well if we kill all antufa who they gonna support but they are well funded by the left

2021-03-12 23:57:03 UTC

Simple we send them all to iraq and turn it all into a glass ashtray

2021-03-12 23:58:10 UTC

Need to deport all their asses then they'll see if America is better or a shithole country

2021-03-12 23:59:55 UTC

Can't deport those embraced by setting Goverment ive made my peace with my creator im ready for this

2021-03-13 00:01:32 UTC

Thats tge difference between me and the left the left wants us dead but they want some one else to do the killing ,I have no problem with the issue or remorse

2021-03-13 00:07:29 UTC

Sabbath Shalom Gadol Elohi ,got a big corned beef and cabbage in the crock pot so I dint have to cook on Sabbath im really at peace with my creator, I've accepted the is no room for compromise ,there is no road back without victory

2021-03-13 00:11:24 UTC


2021-03-13 00:11:41 UTC

1915 magazine check

2021-03-13 00:16:47 UTC

Marjorie Taylor Greene fighting for US https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=W6uRoXiGO90

2021-03-13 00:22:49 UTC


2021-03-13 00:25:09 UTC

Whats everyone's count

2021-03-13 00:25:39 UTC

Head count or?

2021-03-13 00:32:44 UTC

Magazine check

2021-03-13 00:33:15 UTC

16 loaded 9 in carrier 1 in rifle 6 in pack

2021-03-13 00:33:31 UTC

Well then the bill can eat them apples if it get vetoed

2021-03-13 00:33:33 UTC

Hell yeah

2021-03-13 00:33:44 UTC

2000 rounds on stand by

2021-03-13 00:34:31 UTC

Hopefully you didn't order your rounds from sears hahaha

2021-03-13 00:34:40 UTC

3 side arm in molle 1 in pistol

2021-03-13 00:35:08 UTC

Hey I got a check from seats lol woo hoo hoo

2021-03-13 00:35:18 UTC

Nah got em off amazon all 500 rounds lol

2021-03-13 00:35:38 UTC

I'd never buy sgit from sears agian

2021-03-13 00:36:09 UTC

Hahah I don't blame u.. hell it's a wonder they still have operations

2021-03-13 00:36:37 UTC

And good deal brother..

2021-03-13 00:37:23 UTC

No just playing hand loaded and stashed away

2021-03-13 00:38:45 UTC

I'm sort of panicked. I feel like I need to private purchase a bunch more guns and get more ammo.

2021-03-13 00:39:00 UTC

I won't be on comms tonight. Family movie.

2021-03-13 00:39:04 UTC

Funny advance bought out die hard and they're still good batteries ,many stores sell craftsman thier still good tools ,,but sears itself is tge worst managed company and they just don't care they've seen the cost of thier polices and they just don't give a shit

2021-03-13 00:39:22 UTC

Now is good before they place that law into effect

2021-03-13 00:40:09 UTC

Just buy a shit load of stripped lowers while you can then you can get upper kits later

2021-03-13 00:40:45 UTC

And the triggers too

2021-03-13 00:41:30 UTC

Misread wndwlkr....I thought you said by a ahit load of strippers....I was about to get excited

2021-03-13 00:42:14 UTC

I meant..shit load...not a hit load

2021-03-13 00:42:51 UTC

Got so excited I couldn't spell

2021-03-13 00:43:06 UTC


2021-03-13 00:49:26 UTC

I git 2 stripped lowers and ine 80% setting waiting

2021-03-13 00:50:54 UTC

What's the cheapest but most cost efficient PSA or n

2021-03-13 00:51:11 UTC


2021-03-13 00:55:26 UTC

Guns up guys I will be on comms tomorrow

2021-03-13 01:04:02 UTC

Guns up brother see you then

2021-03-13 01:07:57 UTC

Hey can someone call me in the meeting on FCC I cant get it idk why

2021-03-13 01:08:25 UTC

I had it yesterday

2021-03-13 01:13:13 UTC

there are 11 of us in there

2021-03-13 01:13:32 UTC

10 4

2021-03-13 01:14:16 UTC

hold on

2021-03-13 01:16:00 UTC

name, email and code

2021-03-13 02:20:26 UTC


2021-03-13 02:20:26 UTC

New 10 meter

2021-03-13 02:21:37 UTC

What's one of those units run they fairly priced ?

2021-03-13 02:22:30 UTC

Not too awful it was peaked and tuned also aint cheap either

2021-03-13 02:22:43 UTC

200 or so ?

2021-03-13 02:23:09 UTC

234 + 39

2021-03-13 02:23:21 UTC

Not too terrible

2021-03-13 02:23:49 UTC

Tge connex is about the same price but suddenly unavailable

2021-03-13 02:29:54 UTC

That's weird unavailable suddenly

2021-03-13 02:31:27 UTC

Like ammo assembled Guns all on back order shit is crazy is it covid or what drivers working every fucking day wtf is up

2021-03-13 02:32:17 UTC

Going to go play with the box the kid came in Guns up

2021-03-13 02:32:33 UTC

The damn gun control horseshit

2021-03-13 02:43:40 UTC

Guns up

2021-03-13 02:45:20 UTC

Have fun windwalker guns up and God bless

2021-03-13 02:53:41 UTC

GUNS UP!!!!!

2021-03-13 02:54:01 UTC

Guns up Cottonmouth

2021-03-13 02:54:23 UTC

Get in the fucking group!!

2021-03-13 03:00:27 UTC

I joined last night and never got the confirmation email. I will try again

2021-03-13 03:00:47 UTC

Might have fucked it up somehow

2021-03-13 03:01:27 UTC

I'm on as of now sir

2021-03-13 03:01:29 UTC

My confirmation email took hooours to arrive.

2021-03-13 03:01:46 UTC

For gab right?

2021-03-13 03:11:14 UTC

It is for the gab right sir?

2021-03-13 03:11:59 UTC

I did get it. Should be good to go now. Guns Up!!

2021-03-13 03:12:15 UTC

Guns up brother

2021-03-13 03:55:30 UTC

Good song RedRooster

2021-03-13 03:56:24 UTC

I am fired slap up about this tyranny
Eff these muthas!!! Get you some!!!!!

2021-03-13 05:12:39 UTC


2021-03-13 05:46:33 UTC

What a piece of shit law officer. It is a damn shame...

2021-03-13 05:49:13 UTC

Although it goes for all banks today most likely, I have had nothing to do with Bank of America since they bought their way into GA.

2021-03-13 05:53:35 UTC

As far as Banking customer service goes, Bank of America is one of the worst. We had a business account there and we closed it because of all the piddly little fees and such that they wanted to charge all the time. About every other month, we had issues of some kind. No more Bank of America for us.

2021-03-13 05:57:49 UTC

Yep. Every time I ever went ther in the past with a check, it was horrible. Thank god that is long gone, and if I had a check today, I would probably refuse it unless it was some real money and then I would just deposit it into my bank. They are the worst, and the wells fargo. That was the worst thing that ever happened to Wachovia

2021-03-13 06:00:09 UTC

Ha, kinda of like my company, got bought out and is going down like a shot dog. IMO. I ain't down with corporate life. Lol

2021-03-13 11:36:37 UTC

Somebody would lose some teeth if that were my mother! Holy Shit! Unreal!

2021-03-13 11:36:51 UTC

Good morning Patriots!

2021-03-13 11:36:57 UTC


2021-03-13 11:52:44 UTC

Morning ☕ everyone 🇺🇸

2021-03-13 11:53:12 UTC

Lolol @ the progressive alphabet

2021-03-13 11:55:45 UTC

I been waiting 20 hours on a conformation email


2021-03-13 13:28:09 UTC

Good morning and Guns up family!!

2021-03-13 13:46:27 UTC

Thats some screwed up stuff right there

2021-03-13 14:06:50 UTC

Sir, I’ve managed to f the dog getting on this. It won’t let me join, send me an email or sign in. Won’t let me “forgot” either. I’ve checked my junk and trash files for emails. Nothing!

2021-03-13 14:35:12 UTC

Confirmation email for what? Is it not letting you in the group?

2021-03-13 14:39:08 UTC

Said; “check messages for confirmation” when I enter the email and password it either says; (depending on whether trying to join or just sign in),,,
“This email is already taken” or. “Email or password is incorrect.”
Now it just says; “there seems to be a problem”

2021-03-13 14:40:17 UTC

Weird. Are you trying to sign up for GAB or is this when you're getting to get in to the group....When I signed up for GAB it took forever to get the confirmation email.

2021-03-13 15:00:27 UTC

Yes ma’am, GAB.
When I read General’s “Get in the,,,,,,,group” message,,,
I wasn’t positive,, but he seemed,,,,,,, a little,,,,,,

2021-03-13 15:13:21 UTC

Gab is being a tard

2021-03-13 15:15:51 UTC

Yeah it let me but I cannot direct post only comment on old posts and have not received a verification email

2021-03-13 15:19:47 UTC

You are doing better than me sir!!!
I’m still on the outside looking in. Like I just showed my dog a card trick!!

2021-03-13 15:28:42 UTC

Lol Deadwood I threatened it with a 44 mag

2021-03-13 15:29:21 UTC

Only a 44? Lmao did it run away

2021-03-13 15:30:07 UTC

That’s too quick and painless of a death. I prefer the BFH!! Much better for my sleep patterns!!
Wait a minute if I’m speaking and joking and being,,, ME!!
Yep I’m sure of it,, any second,,someone’s going to tell me to delete my messages!!

2021-03-13 15:30:19 UTC

No that's cause it was loaded with a 320gg sjhp and 26 grainger of IMR

2021-03-13 15:31:16 UTC

Damn dont squeeze off then lmao

2021-03-13 15:31:28 UTC

lol the bfh I got one my boys call it a Thor hammer a 8 pound machinist hammer on a steel rod

2021-03-13 15:32:21 UTC

That's a mighty fine piece of equipment brother

2021-03-13 15:32:57 UTC

Shipyard hammer from when I was a shipfitter

2021-03-13 15:33:36 UTC

Those are big hammers

2021-03-13 15:33:43 UTC

Yup,,, I used to be able to lift one of those!!

2021-03-13 15:34:31 UTC

Hell yeah I don't miss swinging it 2000 times a day driving wedges and banging hot tacks

2021-03-13 15:34:50 UTC

I cant say idk honestly never done that

2021-03-13 15:35:13 UTC

You ain't missing nothing lol

2021-03-13 15:36:25 UTC

Fitting together 3" steel plate sux

2021-03-13 15:36:53 UTC

I believe it piping sucks to weld even

2021-03-13 15:38:59 UTC

But fitting it would be worse

2021-03-13 15:57:04 UTC

There’s a few joint issues headed your direction later in life. Additionally for me,, I’m pretty sure the pressure test and subsequent firing would be the worst!! Actually worse than that,,, jokes at the Christmas parties for the next 10 years if they didn’t fire me!!!

2021-03-13 16:22:33 UTC

Good morning Patriots hope y'all are having a good morning guns up and God bless

2021-03-13 16:53:54 UTC

That's a sexy rifle there

2021-03-13 16:57:05 UTC

Hefty price though but still

2021-03-13 19:09:46 UTC

Ok Cpt Big dog it worked I'm back in here ..thank you Sir!

2021-03-13 19:10:41 UTC


2021-03-13 19:10:55 UTC

Right up the road from my house

2021-03-13 19:10:58 UTC

Great!!! Always love your input.

2021-03-13 19:11:22 UTC


2021-03-13 19:11:39 UTC

I don't know what happened I was in here yesterday and then when I went to get in here today it was gone

2021-03-13 19:13:34 UTC

Yeh I love TEXAS

2021-03-13 19:13:49 UTC

I bet

2021-03-13 19:14:23 UTC

It is nice there

2021-03-13 19:16:45 UTC

YEAH I'm in East Texas always green nice weather except for August, Sept, you know when it's hotter then the surface of the sun , but the rest of the time it's nice, it's a nice 74 degrees right now was just out side with my daughter puppies

2021-03-13 19:18:12 UTC

That sounds awesome it's 43 here warmer than it has been lately

2021-03-13 19:18:56 UTC
2021-03-13 19:21:21 UTC

Ok ohio team is back from the state house.. All members safe and accounted for

2021-03-13 19:22:41 UTC

10 4 glad yall made it home safe ladies and gentlemen

2021-03-13 19:24:19 UTC

Guns Up. Look forward to your AAR this evening.

2021-03-13 19:37:55 UTC

What's going on 5150?

2021-03-13 19:40:31 UTC

Ugh lost my phone, couldn't remember what was on it all the apps we use, it's been a real pain in the ass ... what's going on with you smokinjoe

2021-03-13 20:13:42 UTC

It will be super short hahah 😆

2021-03-13 20:14:12 UTC

Like a micrometer?

2021-03-13 20:34:54 UTC

Copy "

2021-03-13 21:18:34 UTC


2021-03-13 21:18:34 UTC

We got puppies... UGH

2021-03-13 21:23:36 UTC


2021-03-13 21:24:12 UTC

Are they German shepherd

2021-03-13 21:25:27 UTC

No blue heeler mixed with Australian Shepherd

2021-03-13 21:27:09 UTC

We named them bells and beastly

2021-03-13 23:57:25 UTC

This mask stuff is getting stupid

2021-03-14 00:06:07 UTC

This is getting even more ridiculous

2021-03-14 00:10:42 UTC

And you think they won't support a gun grab cmon

2021-03-14 00:22:26 UTC

That's what plan uniform tango is for

2021-03-14 00:43:01 UTC

<@!820362775401594931> will you be available on Discord this evening at 8:30pm Eastern time?

2021-03-14 00:50:43 UTC

What state is he interviewing for Capt

2021-03-14 00:53:38 UTC

Don't know that yet sir.

2021-03-14 00:55:04 UTC

Driller checking in

2021-03-14 00:57:02 UTC

I think I'm going to juice up my phone really quick

2021-03-14 00:58:20 UTC

1900 CST and 1800 MST

2021-03-14 01:00:06 UTC

Please remember this channel is not secure.

2021-03-14 01:01:04 UTC

10 4

2021-03-14 01:32:35 UTC

<@!820362775401594931> please sound off.

2021-03-14 02:27:08 UTC

Sorry I missed comms tonight. Me and the wife been having long bad discussions

2021-03-14 02:27:22 UTC

Hope all is well with everyone

2021-03-14 02:43:14 UTC

Look what I found on Twitter from Atlanta AntiFascists.


2021-03-14 02:44:01 UTC

I posted to that and thanked them for advertising for us

2021-03-14 02:44:31 UTC


2021-03-14 02:45:02 UTC

He refused to buy one though

2021-03-14 02:47:02 UTC

The want to Erase Trump, Erase Republicans, Erase Patriots, Erase the Constitution, Erase The United States.

2021-03-14 02:48:05 UTC

He appears to be a young 20 something person talking about his gaming

2021-03-14 02:48:19 UTC

He knows nothing of life

2021-03-14 02:50:11 UTC

OMG Marvin Hagler died

2021-03-14 02:56:02 UTC

blm is terrorizing Belgiam now

2021-03-14 02:57:45 UTC

They should be considered international terrorists now

2021-03-14 03:10:38 UTC


2021-03-14 03:10:48 UTC

This is an awesome shirt

2021-03-14 03:17:02 UTC

I hope all is well with you scorpion

2021-03-14 03:17:22 UTC

So so

2021-03-14 03:17:39 UTC


2021-03-14 03:18:29 UTC


2021-03-14 03:19:02 UTC

Some of the AntiFashist folks on Twitter Blocked him.

2021-03-14 03:19:02 UTC

Nice shirt

2021-03-14 03:19:36 UTC

If it only came in a t-shirt

2021-03-14 03:28:02 UTC


2021-03-14 03:28:39 UTC


2021-03-14 04:10:41 UTC

My sweet thang

2021-03-14 04:46:54 UTC

Lol Dogsoldier dammit boy

2021-03-14 04:47:43 UTC


2021-03-14 11:33:47 UTC

Good morning family! Have a great Sunday. Hope y'all have a good church to attend to worship our Lord & Savior in fellowship & love. Make it a great day!

2021-03-14 11:40:05 UTC

I have a few of his pieces. From time to time, LoD surprises me with a print on canvas. I REALLY want this one! https://jonmcnaughton.com/the-masterpiece-32x40-inch-canvas-giclee-print-limited-edition-100/

2021-03-14 12:20:45 UTC

This is what we need to watch for when the time comes

2021-03-14 12:22:17 UTC

Antifa is getting more dangerous

2021-03-14 13:03:09 UTC

This has got out of hand " I'd say theres a whole flock of things going down " 😡

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