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2018-10-06 18:06:57 UTC

Everything about it on both sides was hyper-partisan and disgusting

2018-10-06 18:08:06 UTC

how is FBI not doing its job a partisan thing though? <:TimThink:482277772497125378>

2018-10-06 18:08:39 UTC

not LITERALLY everything

2018-10-06 18:08:41 UTC

come on now

2018-10-06 18:08:58 UTC

i misunderstood your statement then πŸ˜› sorry

2018-10-06 18:09:28 UTC

If you look at prior SCOTUS confirmation votes the GOP didn't put up much fight against Dem nominees at all.

2018-10-06 18:09:43 UTC

i thought you meant that the FBI not doing its job properly was a partisan thing

2018-10-06 18:10:22 UTC

but yeah they are doing a poor job,

It should just be "Is there evidence? No, then its he-said, she-said, we can't judge that, so case closed"

2018-10-06 18:11:16 UTC

I'm not even thinking about the specifics of Ford's testimony vs Kavanaugh's testimony

2018-10-06 18:11:17 UTC

that's not the responsibility of the FBI!!!!!!!

2018-10-06 18:11:20 UTC

I think that classified FBI report sent to the Senate on Tuesday was mostly an investigation of the smear campaign.

2018-10-06 18:11:52 UTC

the FBI background checks do not reach conclusion, they inform the senate for them to reach a conclusion

2018-10-06 18:11:59 UTC

I wonder how long an actual non-criminal investigation would have taken with proper heads up

2018-10-06 18:12:06 UTC

You know, like in July.

2018-10-06 18:12:11 UTC

short of time-travel,

Its near-impossible to go back 35 years and finding evidence for an initial investigation

2018-10-06 18:12:18 UTC

When Ford first came forward to Senator Feinstein

2018-10-06 18:12:34 UTC

a criminal investigation would have not been done by the fbi. for that ford must go to local police.

2018-10-06 18:12:34 UTC


2018-10-06 18:12:36 UTC

instead of less than 2 weeks from the hearing

2018-10-06 18:12:40 UTC

I know

2018-10-06 18:12:47 UTC

Throwing pisss on people is not very nice.

2018-10-06 18:13:18 UTC

It got ridiculous watching the Senate Dems plead for an investigation while Ford and Kavanaugh were sitting right there in front of them, under oath.

2018-10-06 18:13:59 UTC

Really makes you think why they didn't plead for an investigation when the accusations were first made public <:TimThink:482277772497125378>

2018-10-06 18:14:26 UTC

And why the first thing they demanded was a hearing <:TimThink:482277772497125378>

2018-10-06 18:14:36 UTC

And why they kept delaying the hearing <:TimThink:482277772497125378>

2018-10-06 18:14:39 UTC

because theres nothing, this is their desperate attempt to make a "last second delay" in the hopes originally to extend it past the mid-terms

2018-10-06 18:14:43 UTC

They were holding it in order to drop a media bombshell after the committee hearings were over.

2018-10-06 18:14:44 UTC

hoping they'd win, and be able to fully block it

2018-10-06 18:14:53 UTC

And why they waited until the hearing to ask for an investigation <:TimThink:482277772497125378>

2018-10-06 18:15:46 UTC

All this rhetoric is tiring to be honest

2018-10-06 18:15:59 UTC

its just an excuse to filibuster

2018-10-06 18:16:02 UTC

because thats not allowed anymore

2018-10-06 18:16:27 UTC

Yeah, procedural obstruction.

2018-10-06 18:17:02 UTC

The real sad part about this is that the dems may actually have a valid point about Kavanaugh's temperament, but it's list among all the ridiculous nonsense they tried to peddle

2018-10-06 18:17:10 UTC


2018-10-06 18:17:22 UTC

temperament, have you seen Maxine waters?

2018-10-06 18:17:33 UTC

I'm so happy that I'm finally seeing definitive victories at things.

2018-10-06 18:17:40 UTC

And not a constant string of theoretical things to hope for.

2018-10-06 18:17:48 UTC

The only thing seperating waters and hitler is she's not in power

2018-10-06 18:17:49 UTC

"This is a sign that americans really want.." etc etc.

2018-10-06 18:17:56 UTC

Well Kavanaugh's nomination isn't a sure thing

2018-10-06 18:17:59 UTC

The Dems were better off keeping things honest and making it all about muh abortion.

2018-10-06 18:18:05 UTC

the motion to invoke cloture was 51-49

2018-10-06 18:18:08 UTC

Pence tiebreaks.

2018-10-06 18:18:09 UTC

when is the vote starting?
in 1:40 hours?

2018-10-06 18:18:37 UTC

probably 3 EDT

2018-10-06 18:18:59 UTC

so in 40 mins?

2018-10-06 18:19:08 UTC

seems like it

2018-10-06 18:19:45 UTC

I’m hearing it will be 50-48.

2018-10-06 18:20:13 UTC

I don't think ANYONE will be abstaining from this vote

2018-10-06 18:20:21 UTC

Rare photo of Pence entering the doubledoors to tiebreak.

2018-10-06 18:20:22 UTC


2018-10-06 18:20:23 UTC

their entire career could depend on it

2018-10-06 18:20:36 UTC

Two votes are getting canceled out.

2018-10-06 18:20:44 UTC

daines will not vote, but the alaskan senator who voted against kavanaugh, will vote yes

2018-10-06 18:20:56 UTC

How silly must that woman feel.

2018-10-06 18:21:00 UTC

so daines gets his vote instead of her

2018-10-06 18:21:01 UTC


2018-10-06 18:21:04 UTC

"Oh a democrat flipped? FUCK"

2018-10-06 18:21:08 UTC

murkowski said she'll vote 'present'

2018-10-06 18:21:09 UTC


2018-10-06 18:21:11 UTC

Maybe the atheists should use feminists to infiltrate organized religion and rot it from the inside out.

2018-10-06 18:21:15 UTC

I'm surprised that some of the red-state Dems up in 2018 wouldn't try to thread the needle by voting Present.

2018-10-06 18:21:35 UTC

So Daines is absent and Murkowski is covering him by not voting 'no'.

2018-10-06 18:21:56 UTC

I'm impressed if even one democrat can vote like an individual and not a party puppet

2018-10-06 18:22:14 UTC

Daines is such a twit for skipping this vote.

2018-10-06 18:22:15 UTC

The only plausible backstab (without extra-legal fuckery) would be if Flake flakes and Murkowski votes 'no'.

2018-10-06 18:22:18 UTC

I'm not 100% on Kavanaugh anymore tbh. What with that of "LUL this is the work of the Clintons" from his opening statement

2018-10-06 18:23:07 UTC

You're entitled to be wrong.

2018-10-06 18:23:42 UTC

How dare he react to the most vicious smearjob since Clarence Thomas, eh?

2018-10-06 18:24:05 UTC

he didn't say it's the work of the clintons

2018-10-06 18:24:17 UTC

"revenge on behalf of the clintons"

2018-10-06 18:24:17 UTC

he said it's revenge on behalf of the clintons

2018-10-06 18:24:20 UTC

exact words

2018-10-06 18:24:21 UTC

very different thing

2018-10-06 18:24:47 UTC

you're right

2018-10-06 18:24:50 UTC

my misquote

2018-10-06 18:24:54 UTC

It's the work of the very same Dem machine that produced the Steele dossier.

2018-10-06 18:25:37 UTC

but the point is the same. Despite how right he is to be angry, the degree to which he became emotional was a little troubling

2018-10-06 18:26:00 UTC

Revenge on behalf of the Clintons is clearly involved at some level, it's more a matter whether they were involved with manufacturing the claims or merely promoting them.

2018-10-06 18:26:25 UTC

The voting is about to begin

2018-10-06 18:26:31 UTC

Though naming outside parties does put him in a bit of a bind, because it means that he'll probably have to recuse in the future

2018-10-06 18:27:07 UTC

well, that Kavanaugh is now surely biased against Democrats, is totally their fault.

2018-10-06 18:27:11 UTC

Scoob, you're behaving like a smuggie at this point.

2018-10-06 18:27:19 UTC

like a what

2018-10-06 18:28:26 UTC

oh those things have a name

2018-10-06 18:29:07 UTC

MSNBC ran a headline the other day along the lines of "Is Brett Kavanaugh too damaged from the nomination proceedings to make a competent jurist?"

2018-10-06 18:30:19 UTC

Which raises a big question: is it permissible for the fact that somebody was damaged by being put under so much unfair pressure during a nomination proceeding to affect their eligibility for the seat they were nominated for?

2018-10-06 18:30:34 UTC

pls @ me when it's about to happen, i'll be playing NieR

2018-10-06 18:30:56 UTC

Supreme Court Justices are supposed to be the most well-tempered people in the entire country, not able to be emotionally manipulated or angered to the point Kavanaugh was. They are supposed to be level-headed and impartial, no matter how partisan something may be.

2018-10-06 18:31:20 UTC

I'm NOT saying he's unfit to be a Supreme Court Justice

2018-10-06 18:31:29 UTC

it presents a slippery slope where it seems it is possible to, if you have a sufficiently-loyal partisan base, take almost anyone out of the running by a cavalcade of mere allegations.

2018-10-06 18:31:29 UTC

As credible as Blasey-Ford was, she needed evidence regardless. Ramirez shot herself in the foot by asking if it was him. Swetnick was a goof with an outlandish story. Kavanaugh shouldn’t have gone all Q-Anon and gone Clinton conspiracy theorist.

2018-10-06 18:31:32 UTC

but he's not perfect

2018-10-06 18:31:41 UTC

I don't like his decisions, and I think he has baggage.

2018-10-06 18:31:58 UTC

@Inquisition is right

2018-10-06 18:32:04 UTC

Speaking of dowg.

2018-10-06 18:32:14 UTC

My puppy brought in the newspaper in this morning.

2018-10-06 18:32:20 UTC

Most wholesome shit I've ever seen.

2018-10-06 18:33:06 UTC

But honestly, his predecessor was not much different

2018-10-06 18:33:31 UTC

so if we need a somewhat unfair neocon justice to balance a somewhat unfair neolib justice

2018-10-06 18:33:36 UTC

then it is not the most insane thing.

2018-10-06 18:33:42 UTC


2018-10-06 18:33:49 UTC

Fuck all you people not acknowledgin' my dowg

2018-10-06 18:33:58 UTC

A plague on your bloodlines

2018-10-06 18:34:01 UTC

now, it would be nice to have a court of nine fair justices

2018-10-06 18:34:15 UTC

but if wishes were horses, I know what we'd be having for dinner.

2018-10-06 18:34:35 UTC

I was waiting for you to post a picture or something @Scribblehatch

2018-10-06 18:35:03 UTC

@Scribblehatch Don't you feel blessed?

2018-10-06 18:35:13 UTC

;- )

2018-10-06 18:36:15 UTC

Somebody find me eight more people with anywhere near the integrity of Neil Gorsuch, and I will gladly support their nominations.

2018-10-06 18:37:20 UTC

Good luck with that. SCOTUS isn't going to be fixed until long after the legislature is fixed, which is probably not going to happen ever.

2018-10-06 18:37:28 UTC

Tim should livestream the senate and make some comments πŸ˜ƒ

2018-10-06 18:38:08 UTC

Aw shit.

2018-10-06 18:38:14 UTC

Netflix put on Black Dynamite.

2018-10-06 18:38:24 UTC

@Scribblehatch fake news

2018-10-06 18:38:27 UTC

prove it

2018-10-06 18:38:39 UTC


2018-10-06 18:38:39 UTC

Protestors managed to get into the chamber.

2018-10-06 18:38:45 UTC


2018-10-06 18:38:53 UTC

I think it was because I watched Blade.

2018-10-06 18:38:56 UTC

Never saw Blade before.

2018-10-06 18:39:01 UTC

Why, Black Dynamite, WHY??

2018-10-06 18:39:01 UTC

Pretty good, I liked it.

2018-10-06 18:39:21 UTC

I saw Blade a bootleg cd

2018-10-06 18:39:25 UTC

Great film.

2018-10-06 18:39:30 UTC


2018-10-06 18:39:33 UTC

man I always forget how shit canadian netflix is

2018-10-06 18:39:33 UTC

Bad man.

2018-10-06 18:39:35 UTC

I saw Blade


2018-10-06 18:39:41 UTC

until I see that american selection

2018-10-06 18:39:44 UTC

No one sees Blade Runner.

2018-10-06 18:39:57 UTC

Everyone sees the first 30 minutes of Blade Runner and then starts falling asleep.

2018-10-06 18:40:06 UTC

but it's the last 30 minutes that are the good part

2018-10-06 18:40:12 UTC

It's a tragedy how boring that movie is, when it revolutionized set design.

2018-10-06 18:40:20 UTC

they better not

2018-10-06 18:40:39 UTC

it's actually a really neat messy take on DADoES

2018-10-06 18:40:40 UTC

Also why the fuck is it called Blade Runner.

2018-10-06 18:40:44 UTC

What is with that name.

2018-10-06 18:40:45 UTC

Blade is a pretty good non-MCU Marvel film.

2018-10-06 18:40:45 UTC

by people who hated the book lol

2018-10-06 18:41:01 UTC

Blade Runner describes nothing you see anywhere.

2018-10-06 18:41:15 UTC

look at the movie promo posters

2018-10-06 18:41:23 UTC

he's running on a blade

2018-10-06 18:41:25 UTC


2018-10-06 18:42:59 UTC

"In 2019 Los Angeles, former police officer Rick Deckard is detained by officer Gaff, and brought to his former supervisor, Bryant. Deckard, whose job as a "blade runner" was to track down bioengineered beings known as replicants and "retire" (kill) them" It's just the "cool name" they give to the job

2018-10-06 18:43:39 UTC


2018-10-06 18:43:42 UTC

I always hated this.

2018-10-06 18:43:57 UTC

When movies would say "is" the movie title

2018-10-06 18:44:07 UTC

He's not THE blade runner

2018-10-06 18:44:09 UTC

He is blade runner.

2018-10-06 18:44:13 UTC

Fuck that sentence in the mouth.

2018-10-06 18:44:31 UTC

my livestream is sperging out

2018-10-06 18:44:46 UTC

does anyone believe this coming out of JBP?

2018-10-06 18:45:04 UTC


2018-10-06 18:45:05 UTC

Everyone fucks up sometime.

2018-10-06 18:45:05 UTC

what is he even referring to

2018-10-06 18:45:12 UTC

Maybe he's on the coke again.

2018-10-06 18:45:12 UTC

Surly he knows what he is saying is bollocks and wishfull thinking.

2018-10-06 18:45:27 UTC

nah I could see him taking that position

2018-10-06 18:45:33 UTC

well then

2018-10-06 18:45:37 UTC

Is he part French? Explains the willingness to surrender.

2018-10-06 18:45:46 UTC

Ford failed to get him on the SCOTUS

2018-10-06 18:45:48 UTC

so she's done

2018-10-06 18:45:55 UTC

Jordan needs a smacking on the face by Churchill through time.

2018-10-06 18:45:58 UTC


2018-10-06 18:46:04 UTC

Well Ford didn't want any of this to be public anyway

2018-10-06 18:46:06 UTC

"Clean your noggin, bucko"

2018-10-06 18:46:46 UTC

I think he makes the mistake of thinking that the accusations are solely attached to his potential position

2018-10-06 18:46:55 UTC

and not to the fact that he was even considered

2018-10-06 18:47:12 UTC

It's doubtful any criminal charges could be brought up

2018-10-06 18:47:29 UTC

If the United State Senate thinks you're a gang rapist, your career as a federal judge is basically over.

2018-10-06 18:47:33 UTC

not just from lack of corroborating evidence, but because the statue of limitations probably applies

2018-10-06 18:47:34 UTC

no but they would clearly keep up social pressure, and not relinquish that

2018-10-06 18:47:58 UTC

@Orteid Thats kind of the point. There isn't even enough evidence to have an investigation so his name will never be clean.

2018-10-06 18:48:32 UTC

There's not even enough evidence for probable cause. Can't even get a warrant or convene a grand jury.

2018-10-06 18:48:37 UTC

I'm saying there wouldn't be much point bringing up any kind of charges or civil suit

2018-10-06 18:48:41 UTC

No limitations. It happened to a minor.

2018-10-06 18:48:42 UTC

I can't believe this many people are willing to play ball with this CHILD SCREAMING FOR A COOKIE that is the democratic party.

2018-10-06 18:48:52 UTC

not even enough for preponderance

2018-10-06 18:49:03 UTC

The fact that we treat their garbage with so much official channel.

2018-10-06 18:49:17 UTC

I think that was the big mistake yeah

2018-10-06 18:49:18 UTC

The first person to announce this should've been slapped firmly across the face

2018-10-06 18:49:25 UTC

"I'm giving you a second chance. What did you just say?"

2018-10-06 18:49:32 UTC

@Poppy Rider even if they were minors, limitations apply unless it was a federal offense

2018-10-06 18:49:33 UTC

honestly less even it being "official" moreso it becoming a giant sideshow

2018-10-06 18:49:33 UTC


2018-10-06 18:49:36 UTC

in Maryland at least

2018-10-06 18:50:01 UTC

we look at the potential results matrix and this was the wrong thing to do

2018-10-06 18:50:01 UTC

I was just reminiscing about our friend Neil Gorsuch, and I found this video from Sen. Whitehouse's own YouTube channel: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=gx4Ck38wMFc

2018-10-06 18:51:20 UTC

In which Sen. Whitehouse fails to recognize the distinction between where expressive uses of money, such as political contributions, can be seen to affect politics, and where matters where the government can be seen to have infringed on rights of free expression when it imposes disclosure requirements on otherwise-private expressions, including those inherent in the transfer of funds.

2018-10-06 18:51:36 UTC

Frankly I think it makes Sen. Whitehouse look a bit thick.

2018-10-06 18:51:45 UTC

and not in a good way ;- )

2018-10-06 18:52:01 UTC

not as bad as this made him look <https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=jw0JsGSnSFE>

2018-10-06 18:53:21 UTC


2018-10-06 18:53:30 UTC

For what it's worth, it's kinda all they had

2018-10-06 18:53:43 UTC

He could just yield his time, but that would probably not look good to his constituents.

2018-10-06 18:53:53 UTC

It's not like he had anything else to go on.

2018-10-06 18:53:59 UTC

Did Senator Whitehouse *just so happen* to run unopposed in his most recent elections?

2018-10-06 18:54:18 UTC

can't imagine there aren't any better options for the people he represents

2018-10-06 18:54:29 UTC

nobody cares about which senators are produced by RI

2018-10-06 18:54:41 UTC

With all respect due to Rhode Island

2018-10-06 18:55:33 UTC

Whitehouse should follow his constituency and roundhouse kick the people he doesn't like

2018-10-06 18:55:35 UTC

God I hope the red wave is comin'

2018-10-06 18:55:58 UTC

You only get competitive races when federal parties think that it's worth competing in your state.

2018-10-06 18:56:00 UTC

this is so fuckin' good

2018-10-06 18:56:01 UTC

that did happen in RI, right?

2018-10-06 18:56:56 UTC

@Orteid Hmm? The recent roundhouse kick happened in Ontario

2018-10-06 18:57:01 UTC

Voting should be do-able online.

2018-10-06 18:57:04 UTC

People are fucking busy.

2018-10-06 18:57:10 UTC

what am I thinking of then

2018-10-06 18:57:19 UTC

Something else happened in RI

2018-10-06 18:57:59 UTC

i will figure this out later

2018-10-06 18:58:22 UTC

@Orteid During the time Ford alleges it happened, the applicable Maryland SOL even for felony grade sex crimes was only 1 year

2018-10-06 18:59:08 UTC

@King Canuck Cool track, vocalist is like a more refined, less bluesy Robert Plant

2018-10-06 18:59:20 UTC


2018-10-06 18:59:20 UTC

Civil or Criminal @Legiondude

2018-10-06 18:59:25 UTC

https://youtu.be/86_vnQc1oBE here's a recent one.

2018-10-06 18:59:27 UTC


2018-10-06 18:59:31 UTC


2018-10-06 18:59:31 UTC

The oldest of them is like, 27

2018-10-06 18:59:39 UTC

oh we into Greta Van Fleet now?

2018-10-06 18:59:41 UTC

the three of them are brothers, durmmer's a friend

2018-10-06 18:59:42 UTC

hell ye

2018-10-06 18:59:47 UTC


2018-10-06 18:59:59 UTC

To me they sound like a fuse of zeppelin, Rush, and a few other tones of that aera

2018-10-06 19:00:19 UTC

"The Deranged DEMOFASCIOPATHS are desperate!ο»Ώ"

2018-10-06 19:00:27 UTC

lol Youtube comments are great sometimes

2018-10-06 19:00:29 UTC

there's a little bit of GnR in there too

2018-10-06 19:00:31 UTC

Neverending Story on Netflix, goddamn. O:

2018-10-06 19:00:44 UTC

Big on rush and zeppelin, never expected to hear a rock (just rock) tune I actually liked from this decade.

2018-10-06 19:00:50 UTC

they're brand new

2018-10-06 19:00:50 UTC

I've seen lots of "NEVER DATE A LIBERAL" in the live chat

2018-10-06 19:00:53 UTC

like, first album was 2017

2018-10-06 19:00:58 UTC

they're from frankemuth, michigan

2018-10-06 19:01:12 UTC

Liberals are overly passionate.

2018-10-06 19:01:22 UTC

but they are sincere

2018-10-06 19:01:25 UTC

And overt passion is fine when it loves you, but when it hates you, it's ridiculous.

2018-10-06 19:01:27 UTC

here's their album

2018-10-06 19:01:28 UTC

To be honest, you have to balance that shit

2018-10-06 19:01:28 UTC

for the most part

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