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2019-01-05 20:25:43 UTC

The only way to #RESIST Trump is to remove all 4 walls from your house

2019-01-05 20:25:54 UTC

Trump exists in a manga though

2019-01-05 20:26:13 UTC

Trump in furry porn

2019-01-05 20:26:21 UTC


2019-01-05 20:26:25 UTC

uh... what if I told you that somehow the "liberals" are the ones who go for the most education. only like 300k for it too, great value to listen to marx texts

2019-01-05 20:26:41 UTC

is that the attack on titan crossover?

2019-01-05 20:26:59 UTC

trump wall from titans lol

2019-01-05 20:27:04 UTC

meme photo

2019-01-05 20:27:05 UTC

some jap newspaper did it

2019-01-05 20:27:06 UTC


2019-01-05 20:27:12 UTC

Never read that

2019-01-05 20:27:12 UTC

I mean some of my teachers are plainly lying to us

2019-01-05 20:27:16 UTC

Maybe I should

2019-01-05 20:27:20 UTC

but they had did have a trump character in the old-man-robo-cop anime, whatever it was called

2019-01-05 20:27:25 UTC

I have a degree in cheeto man studies and the way fascism works. i was only taught by the BEST you filthy peasant. look how much i care about minorities, u nazi scumbag

2019-01-05 20:27:40 UTC

"Many of those in Trump's government are part of the alt right"

2019-01-05 20:27:47 UTC

Trump appeared in one of the "home alone" movies

2019-01-05 20:28:10 UTC

I still have no idea what the fuck alt right is aside from a nice term to continue the stigma of "right" with national Socialism πŸ€”

2019-01-05 20:28:47 UTC
2019-01-05 20:29:23 UTC

i'm pretty convinced alt right is controlled slandering effort. like what the fuck does it actually mean? they use it and they think it is empowering. fuck that noise

2019-01-05 20:29:41 UTC

*ive lived long enough, no regrets, rest of you losers can go do whatever the hell you want*

2019-01-05 20:29:47 UTC


"Right-wing politician talks about right-wing ideas at right-wing event"


2019-01-05 20:30:17 UTC

come on, help me, does anyone remember what the official authority source was that jfk was a conspiracy? i want to say it was some sort of court proceeding, that concluded that by the way it was a conspiracy, and media ignored it.

2019-01-05 20:30:25 UTC


2019-01-05 20:30:54 UTC

no no no... we cannot keep saying global warming.... they are catching on. CLIMATE CHANGE is far nicer and more ambiguous to bend their will to. yea the climate changes u crazy nazi fucks, take that 😠

2019-01-05 20:32:17 UTC

**Zak the Mutt#6421** just left the server.

2019-01-05 20:32:38 UTC

i think it was before the jfk files release

2019-01-05 20:32:57 UTC

but i have no idea what year

2019-01-05 20:37:04 UTC

have this sarcastic video instead i guess

2019-01-05 20:37:24 UTC

james is based

2019-01-05 20:37:31 UTC

why does anyone say cheeto hitler instead of cheeto benito or dorito benito

2019-01-05 20:37:34 UTC

i am surprised they havent killed him yet

2019-01-05 20:37:38 UTC

frito benito!

2019-01-05 20:37:42 UTC


2019-01-05 20:37:52 UTC

thats why he's hiding in japan

2019-01-05 20:40:03 UTC


2019-01-05 20:41:01 UTC

someone failed a spot check on this design


2019-01-05 20:41:17 UTC

huh? I mean that's literally what I think. a lot of journalists go to Japan for that reason. avoiding the ABC agencies

2019-01-05 20:41:29 UTC

probably a big reason he moved.

2019-01-05 20:41:50 UTC

i think he turned investigator after he moved though

2019-01-05 20:41:58 UTC

i think he went for a teaching job

2019-01-05 20:42:21 UTC

**sweet-Liz#2923** just left the server.

2019-01-05 20:45:49 UTC

Nooooo! Not Sweet-Liz!!!!!!1111111

2019-01-05 20:45:51 UTC

@King Canuck no, i think that sign is spot on

2019-01-05 20:46:29 UTC

Smash immigrants, welcome racism?

2019-01-05 20:46:32 UTC

I'm down

2019-01-05 20:47:38 UTC

oh interesting, didn't know he went to teach

2019-01-05 20:47:49 UTC

he has jap wife i think, must be nice

2019-01-05 20:48:22 UTC

i like good content and i like when the people who crimethink stay alive

2019-01-05 20:50:45 UTC

im going to say brown backwards

2019-01-05 20:50:50 UTC


2019-01-05 20:50:59 UTC


2019-01-05 20:51:11 UTC


2019-01-05 20:51:16 UTC


2019-01-05 20:51:28 UTC

my rocks, my rights

2019-01-05 20:51:35 UTC


2019-01-05 20:56:27 UTC

Kinda like this sign

2019-01-05 20:56:35 UTC

Everyone reads it as they please

2019-01-05 20:56:51 UTC

"do not exit - enter only"

2019-01-05 20:56:53 UTC


2019-01-05 20:57:07 UTC

"do not exit - enter only"

2019-01-05 20:57:26 UTC


2019-01-05 20:57:52 UTC

what did they mean by this?

2019-01-05 20:58:10 UTC

#white men do not enter

2019-01-05 20:58:14 UTC

dont dead
open inside

2019-01-05 20:58:29 UTC


2019-01-05 20:58:31 UTC

oh.. how insightful

2019-01-05 20:58:52 UTC

what are the topics of the hour?

2019-01-05 20:59:09 UTC

we are in a constant war bud

2019-01-05 20:59:10 UTC


2019-01-05 20:59:24 UTC

always something happening, just gotta want to look for it πŸ˜‰

2019-01-05 21:00:30 UTC

oh i like ebonics

2019-01-05 21:00:41 UTC

still studying it tho... i want to be fluent. and accepted..

2019-01-05 21:02:05 UTC


2019-01-05 21:02:34 UTC

some of those are stretching

2019-01-05 21:05:11 UTC


2019-01-05 21:06:28 UTC

some are not

2019-01-05 21:07:36 UTC


2019-01-05 21:07:43 UTC

i'm really stuck on this

2019-01-05 21:08:20 UTC

yeah that's just awful

2019-01-05 21:09:03 UTC

symmetry, big whoop

2019-01-05 21:10:51 UTC


2019-01-05 21:11:37 UTC

_kicks lazy bot butt_

2019-01-05 21:15:14 UTC


2019-01-05 21:15:30 UTC

Did tim leave the server?

2019-01-05 21:16:08 UTC


2019-01-05 21:16:20 UTC

Well, he's not logged in

2019-01-05 21:16:24 UTC

but that's because his desktop is broken

2019-01-05 21:16:35 UTC

My gripe is with the bot @YAGPDB.xyz
It is supposed to notify us of new vids

2019-01-05 21:16:37 UTC

he was on earlier

2019-01-05 21:16:44 UTC

he's using his laptop

2019-01-05 21:20:32 UTC

Tim was on discord today... though he might be in transition/giving up phase πŸ˜‰

2019-01-05 21:21:04 UTC


2019-01-05 21:21:09 UTC

pretty sure not

2019-01-05 21:21:43 UTC

we'll see I guess though.

2019-01-05 21:24:31 UTC

I think SubscribeStar will need to start taking cheques by mail.

2019-01-05 21:24:36 UTC

He was just frustrated the other day. I don't see him shutting it down now

2019-01-05 21:24:46 UTC

That may be a way to get around all this nonsense.

2019-01-05 21:25:06 UTC

at some point they could literally just become a bank which has ACH access and everything

2019-01-05 21:25:31 UTC

well.... maybe

2019-01-05 21:25:44 UTC

anyway, at that point the buck would effectively stop there

2019-01-05 21:26:21 UTC

Hmm. But the problem is writing or receiving cheques have been illegal in my country for the last 3 years.

2019-01-05 21:26:29 UTC


2019-01-05 21:26:39 UTC


2019-01-05 21:26:45 UTC

.... what?

2019-01-05 21:27:06 UTC

what country is this?

2019-01-05 21:27:14 UTC

sounds like South america

2019-01-05 21:27:20 UTC

All checks or just paper checks?

2019-01-05 21:27:32 UTC

I mean, if you have cheques available for draft, then surely it is legal to use them?

2019-01-05 21:27:49 UTC

why would your bank issue an illegal monetary instrument?

2019-01-05 21:28:01 UTC

Anti money laundering legislations.
Also using more than approx 2000 USD in one transaction in cash is also illegal

2019-01-05 21:28:10 UTC

just illegal?

2019-01-05 21:28:17 UTC

that seems a bit heavy handed

2019-01-05 21:28:20 UTC


2019-01-05 21:28:22 UTC


2019-01-05 21:28:24 UTC

is there some way to do it by registering?

2019-01-05 21:28:35 UTC

No, bank are required to report you to the police if you try to cash a check

2019-01-05 21:28:41 UTC


2019-01-05 21:28:44 UTC

So what is everything done digitally then

2019-01-05 21:28:48 UTC

wait what?

2019-01-05 21:28:51 UTC


2019-01-05 21:28:54 UTC

why do they have the mechanism if it is illegal to use?

2019-01-05 21:29:01 UTC

Everything must be digital

2019-01-05 21:29:02 UTC

That's retarded

2019-01-05 21:29:04 UTC

welcome to we need some regulation

2019-01-05 21:29:25 UTC

So what are you supposed to do if you want to buy a car from your buddy

2019-01-05 21:29:35 UTC

I feel like you're explaining this incorrectly

2019-01-05 21:30:04 UTC

because that is like having petshops which stock pet food, but call the cops when you try to buy any

2019-01-05 21:30:20 UTC

surely they would just stop stocking pet food

2019-01-05 21:30:38 UTC

Is it all checks or just post dated checks

2019-01-05 21:30:40 UTC

You could risk having a cheque book more than three years old. You can keep them as souvenirs but you are encourage to hand the in for destruction

2019-01-05 21:30:50 UTC


2019-01-05 21:30:56 UTC

I just don't get how the instruments have any use

2019-01-05 21:31:00 UTC

if using them is unlawful

2019-01-05 21:31:04 UTC

If cheques issued before the law is null and void

2019-01-05 21:31:40 UTC

I understand banning post dated checks but not them entirely

2019-01-05 21:31:40 UTC

alright, but at this point if you tried to cash a cheque, they would just tell you "dude that's not been an option for a while"

2019-01-05 21:31:48 UTC

Paper cheques to clarify

2019-01-05 21:32:11 UTC

And call the police to be compliant

2019-01-05 21:32:15 UTC

are people in your country too retarded to track paper transactions?

2019-01-05 21:32:28 UTC

why don't they just call the authorities

2019-01-05 21:32:34 UTC

That just sounds like tyranny to me lol

2019-01-05 21:32:36 UTC

who are tasked with tracking financial transactions

2019-01-05 21:32:51 UTC


2019-01-05 21:32:58 UTC

I mean, it just seems like a tyranny of mental deficients

2019-01-05 21:33:17 UTC

what shitty country is this, @4AM_critter πŸ‰ ?

2019-01-05 21:33:54 UTC

he may not be at liberty to say

2019-01-05 21:34:17 UTC

Sure he is

2019-01-05 21:34:20 UTC

The banks are required to monitor all transaction. They most report to a special economic police agency that is a sub division of the national police force.

2019-01-05 21:34:30 UTC


2019-01-05 21:34:39 UTC

That's surprising

2019-01-05 21:35:07 UTC

I've never heard that rule

2019-01-05 21:35:11 UTC

something's... rotten in the state of Denmark

2019-01-05 21:35:17 UTC

Is this a new law

2019-01-05 21:35:40 UTC

sounds like technocratic "cashless society" utopianism.

2019-01-05 21:35:46 UTC

Because I studied global finance and economics in college and never saw that law when I was going there

2019-01-05 21:36:18 UTC

We sold the national mail service Royal Danish Mail to the swedes. Everything sent to and from the government, municipalities, agencies, etc, must be through the government digital message system e-boks.dk

2019-01-05 21:36:51 UTC

When your crown corporations are owned by another country....

2019-01-05 21:37:02 UTC

Check your email for court summons πŸ˜€

2019-01-05 21:37:12 UTC

email for court summons?

2019-01-05 21:37:15 UTC


2019-01-05 21:37:27 UTC

Yes the e-boks.dk system

2019-01-05 21:37:28 UTC

Wrong link lol

2019-01-05 21:37:35 UTC

@EndangeredProdigy better work fast, only a couple hours left

2019-01-05 21:37:59 UTC

@4AM_critter πŸ‰ wait, you have to use *their* email servers?

2019-01-05 21:38:09 UTC

Holy shit hold on

2019-01-05 21:38:13 UTC

that is..... fucking psychotic

2019-01-05 21:38:17 UTC

Fucking mobile link isn't working

2019-01-05 21:38:30 UTC


2019-01-05 21:38:37 UTC

There jeez

2019-01-05 21:39:25 UTC

Yes thank you

2019-01-05 21:39:36 UTC

I hate using mobile to share links

2019-01-05 21:39:56 UTC


2019-01-05 21:40:07 UTC

Everything must be done online. Requesting passport, disability aid, taxes. And of course you must use the national online login service nem-id

2019-01-05 21:40:22 UTC

so basically

2019-01-05 21:40:27 UTC

That srvice is also mandated for all online banking

2019-01-05 21:40:47 UTC

So if the power is out, you're just SOL

2019-01-05 21:40:50 UTC

in a few short years, technocrats have enslaved Denmark to a Swedish corporation which pretends to be a parcel service.

2019-01-05 21:41:00 UTC


2019-01-05 21:41:56 UTC

I wonder how much dirty smelly no good money laundering they have prevented

2019-01-05 21:42:07 UTC

with their incredibly elaborate solution nobody needed nor asked for.

2019-01-05 21:42:10 UTC

fun fact
money laundering is a human right to economic privacy

2019-01-05 21:42:23 UTC

When they sold the postal service, they removed the law that gave them monopoly on mail
To day letters are being delivered by the paper advertisement company, neswpaper boy or other service

2019-01-05 21:42:45 UTC

I wouldn't call it a right

2019-01-05 21:42:59 UTC

Certainly is a feature of a free society

2019-01-05 21:43:01 UTC

the ability to transfer your own property around?

2019-01-05 21:43:12 UTC

Money is not property

2019-01-05 21:43:22 UTC

well..... sort of....

2019-01-05 21:43:26 UTC

what is it then?

2019-01-05 21:43:32 UTC

under U.S. law it sort of is

2019-01-05 21:43:33 UTC

Banks own it

2019-01-05 21:43:45 UTC

You just use it

2019-01-05 21:43:45 UTC

in the U.S. the federal reserve owns the note

2019-01-05 21:43:48 UTC

but you own the money

2019-01-05 21:44:00 UTC

Not if it's in a bank account

2019-01-05 21:44:12 UTC

sure, but I'm talking about cash here

2019-01-05 21:44:13 UTC

Once you transfer it to a bank, it's theirs

2019-01-05 21:44:18 UTC

My confidence is high in the stable electric grid, (i helped built it) last power outage was in 1998 and only affected the capital area for 4 hours

2019-01-05 21:44:36 UTC

Cash doesn't need laundering

2019-01-05 21:44:43 UTC

lol yes it does

2019-01-05 21:44:47 UTC

it's all serialed

2019-01-05 21:44:56 UTC

at least, these days it is

2019-01-05 21:45:08 UTC

It's impossible to trace

2019-01-05 21:45:14 UTC

beyond that, a lot of it is marked with dyes or other chemicals

2019-01-05 21:45:22 UTC

which are used to trace it in addition to the serials

2019-01-05 21:45:27 UTC

That's why you use old notes

2019-01-05 21:45:33 UTC

If you are doing something like that

2019-01-05 21:45:41 UTC

they don't survive that long

2019-01-05 21:45:43 UTC

it has recently become more important with crypto
i think blockchain.info implements automatic money laundering mechanisms for economic privacy

2019-01-05 21:46:04 UTC

Old notes get hoarded

2019-01-05 21:46:15 UTC

Thats why they are disappearing

2019-01-05 21:46:29 UTC

there really is not much printed currency from before the mid 1930s

2019-01-05 21:46:29 UTC

I wonder how it's in Russia/China ? does mastercard also have power there ?

2019-01-05 21:47:18 UTC

The only way you can trace money is from Bank to bank

2019-01-05 21:47:30 UTC

in fact, the serials predate the federal reserve

2019-01-05 21:47:30 UTC

Normal stores don't examine that

2019-01-05 21:47:39 UTC

sure, but you can investigate from that

2019-01-05 21:47:45 UTC

money goes to banks pretty quickly

2019-01-05 21:47:49 UTC


2019-01-05 21:47:52 UTC

You can't determine who used it though

2019-01-05 21:47:57 UTC

like seriously people do this for a living

2019-01-05 21:48:01 UTC

I'm aware

2019-01-05 21:48:04 UTC

they regularly track cash transactions

2019-01-05 21:48:09 UTC

it is an absolute everyday occurrence

2019-01-05 21:49:13 UTC

Most people who use money like that know to avoid using it in a way that will allow it to be reported

2019-01-05 21:49:24 UTC

If they don't, they're stupid

2019-01-05 21:49:32 UTC

that's called money laundering

2019-01-05 21:49:46 UTC

splinter it into 1000 pieces and scatter it into the winds

2019-01-05 21:49:53 UTC

that's called destruction

2019-01-05 21:50:18 UTC

is that a jfk quote about the cia?

2019-01-05 21:50:27 UTC


2019-01-05 21:51:17 UTC

we live in a surveillance state.

2019-01-05 21:51:29 UTC

money's easily traced

2019-01-05 21:51:41 UTC

turns out jfk stole that quote too from older texts

2019-01-05 21:51:43 UTC


2019-01-05 21:51:53 UTC


2019-01-05 21:52:34 UTC

I just had a tumor removed from my pet rat yesterday and she already has another one

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