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2017-05-23 20:40:03 UTC

Not yet. I'm just talking about the conversations that took place in here & on DS

2017-05-23 20:40:47 UTC

Let me read it now

2017-05-23 20:40:56 UTC

1. this was a TERROR attack against our brothers
3. the state and its media lapdogs are trying to SHIFT THE BLAME ONTO THE NATIONAL SOCIALISTS
4. FUCK the muzzies, the state, the press, the gloaters
5. Hail to our fallen comrades and hail to Odin, we are 100% behind him and NOTHING LESS than a declaration of his complete and total innocence is acceptable.

2017-05-23 20:41:56 UTC

But we do know the story, that's the point.

2017-05-23 20:42:01 UTC

No one else does.

2017-05-23 20:46:14 UTC

I just read it, horrible

2017-05-23 20:46:31 UTC

Honestly WE MUST develop a strong vetting process.

2017-05-23 20:46:44 UTC

Quite different from the (((media))) coverage obviously

2017-05-23 20:47:07 UTC

And we must keep potential threats on a SHORT leash (in the event of assumptions arising).

2017-05-23 20:48:20 UTC

At least Odin wasn't home in time for it, or the shooting range plan was never completed

2017-05-23 20:53:57 UTC

That guy is just a fucking nut job, your childhood friend changing like that on a dime, he is a weak minded nut job

2017-05-23 20:54:20 UTC

Yeah very fucked up.

2017-05-23 20:56:00 UTC

There's only one guilty party in this thing, the nut. It's a wake up call for those that needed it, stakes are high. Just by being a NS you will always be at fault, even if you are murdered in cold blood.

2017-05-23 20:56:07 UTC


2017-05-23 20:56:11 UTC


2017-05-23 20:56:27 UTC

Act accordingly.

2017-05-23 21:07:05 UTC

I can tell you that when the feds come to your door like this they are going to find shit that they consider evidence of "something" nefarious, when there is a totally logical explanation. They will try to connect dots where none exist. EG: if you have matches, butane, & iodine in your house, those are 3 precursor chemicals in the manufacturing of meth, they will claim you are a meth cook. This is just one example of how the Fed mind works, it doesn't matter that an avid camper would also have those 3 items, they see what they want to see. Unfortunately justice doesn't enter into the equation much with the Feds. The good news here is this, the homicides should be handled by the State. The feds could step in & try to tie the whole thing together, that will largely be decided by how far they get with their questioning & investigation. Either way the whole situation is fucked. If you have people in your life that are unhinged, it's your duty to sever ties.

2017-05-23 21:08:12 UTC

^ This nigga knows his shit. Owns Mein Kampf and a hunting knife = planned on beheading ethnic minorities in all likelihood

2017-05-23 21:09:02 UTC

May I suggest someone start a legal defense fund for the man in custody. He needed it yesterday

2017-05-23 22:21:23 UTC

is there one up on that one website

2017-05-23 22:21:26 UTC

uhhh wesearchr?

2017-05-23 22:21:34 UTC

although we really should try to make our own of that

2017-05-23 22:22:22 UTC

I have no idea but I doubt it. I've only heard of a memorial fund for one of the slain.

2017-05-23 22:23:06 UTC

hypothetical question

2017-05-23 22:23:12 UTC

if you became an "alt right" lawyer

2017-05-23 22:23:19 UTC

would you get your credentials revoked?

2017-05-23 22:23:50 UTC

If you announced your plan before you were licensed? See Matt Hale

2017-05-23 22:24:25 UTC

what ended up happening with him if you dont want to explain I will google

2017-05-23 22:24:47 UTC

He's doing 45 yrs in Fed prison

2017-05-23 22:24:55 UTC

No, you can keep your credentials as an alt-right lawyer. There are a number of them out there.

2017-05-23 22:25:31 UTC

He passed the bar & they refused to license him, then set him up for a conspiracy to murder charge & stuffed him in the ADX

2017-05-23 22:25:42 UTC

But he was very out spoken

2017-05-23 22:27:34 UTC

Edgar J Steele was a great lawyer, there have been others as well. I would say keep your political ideology to yourself until you pass the bar & receive your license

2017-05-23 22:28:37 UTC

Exactly. And it likely depends on your geographic region.

2017-05-23 22:29:15 UTC

Just don't come out & publicly say "I won't represent niggers or kikes"

2017-05-23 22:29:24 UTC


2017-05-23 22:29:57 UTC

I wouldnt mind representing other then white because Idk I feel we are all victims of the empire in some way

2017-05-23 22:30:29 UTC

Well that would help your case even more.

2017-05-23 22:31:02 UTC

like even blacks can be victims of injustice but I mean obviously my loyalty is to my people first.

2017-05-23 22:31:15 UTC

A lawyer just has to be willing to recognize and work within the existing legal system.

2017-05-23 22:32:42 UTC

making a crab scramble right now XD.

2017-05-23 22:33:58 UTC

& maintain a bright line between their practice & their clients activities, if that line becomes blurred, the system will fuck you off pretty quick.

2017-05-23 22:34:10 UTC


2017-05-23 22:34:17 UTC

The system is broken

2017-05-23 22:34:47 UTC

Yes, but we still need people within that sympathize with our cause

2017-05-23 22:34:57 UTC


2017-05-23 22:35:48 UTC

The upshot of being a lawyer in prison is that you have a never ending client list๐Ÿ˜ฌ

2017-05-23 22:49:25 UTC


2017-05-23 22:52:24 UTC

Good looking group in that upper right hand shot.

2017-05-23 23:07:57 UTC

Formation protip: Be one harms lenght from the person in front of you, half arms lenght from the people on your sides.

2017-05-23 23:10:14 UTC

Agreed, that was while we were piling out of the parking area though, never really had a proper place to assemble, but I thought that when watching Spencer's torch rally, they could have been better spaced & made an even bigger impression. All this stuff will come with time.

2017-05-23 23:11:40 UTC

I volunteer myself to come to Europe & Take a crash course... I'll make that sacrifice, haha

2017-05-24 00:31:08 UTC

How's it going, comrades?

2017-05-24 00:33:42 UTC

@My Name Is Hate
It's all about an image of order.

2017-05-24 00:34:06 UTC

Sup Hol

2017-05-24 00:34:50 UTC

Rewatching the original Alien movies, pretty hype to go see the new one at some point.

2017-05-24 00:36:15 UTC

Hello Hol

2017-05-24 00:36:40 UTC

@Holsura hey there.

2017-05-24 00:38:42 UTC

Watch "Professor Michael Dyson explains black murder, violence and crime on PBS" on YouTube

2017-05-24 00:39:03 UTC

@MatthewHeimbach the mods decided to go ahead and give you full access to our discord server. I still recommend you do our voice interview at some point though so you can see how we do it. It is modeled after the CIA's interrogation techniques outlined in the manual.

2017-05-24 00:39:28 UTC

So have a look around and make youself at home over there.

2017-05-24 00:59:22 UTC

Was an awesome radio show with Eric striker and azzmador put on today if anyone hasn't listened yet

2017-05-24 01:06:14 UTC

@TexasVet what server are you talking about?

2017-05-24 01:06:45 UTC

@TexasVet Include me as well.

2017-05-24 01:17:44 UTC

Maybe just give the manual.

2017-05-24 01:18:25 UTC

idk if you can simulate the situation properly in a discord, with pepe and anime avatars and all ๐Ÿ˜‚

2017-05-24 01:19:21 UTC

Thumbs up for initiative though

2017-05-24 01:19:41 UTC

Training people how to handle police situations IRL would be really useful

2017-05-24 01:39:48 UTC

A link the the discord is in the side bar of this subverse on Voat

2017-05-24 01:48:22 UTC

@TexasVet How do you identify politically? Nazi?

2017-05-24 01:49:26 UTC

Uhm. I have come to admire NatSoc yes but I am ex military and a proud American. it is difficult for me to fully embrace that label.

2017-05-24 01:49:35 UTC

How so?

2017-05-24 01:50:21 UTC

Because I come from a military family. My grandparents fought in WW2. Surely you can understand why I might have trouble calling myself a nazi no?

2017-05-24 01:52:38 UTC

They, too, are victims of the jews. I bet a ton of here come from military families. I do too, I have had family members die in five wars, but luckily they were all on the right side against communists and jews.

2017-05-24 01:52:54 UTC

Maybe not advertize it to them, heh.

2017-05-24 01:53:42 UTC

Just learned our (((Anti-FAgs))) are training w/ (((ISIS))).

2017-05-24 01:53:51 UTC


2017-05-24 01:54:01 UTC

Gonna look into it more.

2017-05-24 01:54:31 UTC

Euro-Americans were defeated by their own victory.

2017-05-24 01:54:53 UTC


2017-05-24 01:55:14 UTC

Cui bono, everyone's but white Americans.

2017-05-24 01:55:30 UTC


2017-05-24 01:55:41 UTC

Shit always makes me mad

2017-05-24 01:56:00 UTC

Remember: what is happening now is what US GIs were fighting for.

2017-05-24 01:57:06 UTC

It says in our founding documents that if the government turns against the people (& they meant white people) then it became our duty to water the tree of liberty with the blood of tyrants, the USG is the central hub of the anti white agenda globally. If we do not act, there will be no future for white children, anywhere.

2017-05-24 01:57:24 UTC


2017-05-24 01:58:25 UTC

Hitler says the same thing too, I paraphrase but state isn't an authority in itself, or all injustices would be justified, and if it loses the mandate of the people and works for their destruction it is their duty to their race to rise against it.

2017-05-24 01:59:07 UTC

I don't care if you call your self a NS, a fascist, a patriot, whatever, as long as you acknowledge the enemy of our folk. It is the system we fight.

2017-05-24 01:59:14 UTC

I'm ex military all my family fought as well, the country has betrayed our race

2017-05-24 01:59:53 UTC

Yeah, I mean, I just know so many vet NS it isn't even funny.

2017-05-24 02:01:03 UTC

@TexasVet Call yourself anti-christkiller anti-jigaboo white patriot if it is more acceptable to your grandparents

2017-05-24 02:01:09 UTC

When our grandparents fought in the wars they represented a white nation, and it was a different time. They weren't fighting for transsexuals and racial ambiguity--they believed they were defending civilization as *they knew it*, not today's degeneracy. It's ok to be proud of our military families, and their accomplishments, even now.

2017-05-24 02:01:30 UTC

I don't think it is at all

2017-05-24 02:01:30 UTC

But I'm a National Socialist.

2017-05-24 02:01:36 UTC

All these wars were kike wars

2017-05-24 02:01:41 UTC

Where my brothers died

2017-05-24 02:01:50 UTC

Not anything to be proud of

2017-05-24 02:01:53 UTC

They were, but soldiers didn't know that.

2017-05-24 02:01:58 UTC

I know that

2017-05-24 02:02:07 UTC

Obviously this is a NS chat so we will be overly represented here, but I don't aim to chase off any racially aware white person that is looking to do the right thing.

2017-05-24 02:02:14 UTC

@ddโœณ555 True. I think they were lied to.

2017-05-24 02:02:25 UTC

It's a big lie

2017-05-24 02:02:31 UTC

By none other than (((Kike-DR)))...

2017-05-24 02:02:52 UTC

And the gang in Moscow as well as London

2017-05-24 02:03:00 UTC

MStaff, true, both it doesn't matter if we are ex-Axis or ex-Allies, we have consensus that if Hitler had won, the world would be paradise like, at least compred to current system. That much we can all agree.

2017-05-24 02:03:13 UTC


2017-05-24 02:03:14 UTC

They were lied to, and we (their grandchildren) were cheated because of it.

2017-05-24 02:03:20 UTC
2017-05-24 02:03:20 UTC

Of course it is easier for me to say, but, I don't think this is controversial in the least.

2017-05-24 02:03:32 UTC

Not at all

2017-05-24 02:03:33 UTC

Might be, somewhere else, lol

2017-05-24 02:03:40 UTC

Not here

2017-05-24 02:03:50 UTC

It's not at all, some people have too much of an attachment to weimerica

2017-05-24 02:04:36 UTC

I try to leave my personal feelings for this country at the door bc I don't want to be divisive

2017-05-24 02:04:48 UTC


2017-05-24 02:04:56 UTC

My grandparents fought in the war.

2017-05-24 02:05:13 UTC

& I don't respect that choice

2017-05-24 02:05:25 UTC

But it was a different time

2017-05-24 02:05:32 UTC

I don't think I have a single relative from that generation who didn't.

2017-05-24 02:06:47 UTC

I don't think soldiers back then were informed. I'm just saying, I can't judge. And they're gone so I can't ask.

2017-05-24 02:06:50 UTC

My grandpa himself was too young to fight, he was like 6, but he told how they evacuated before the Red Army and escaped on sledges and watched their village burn in the night behind them.

2017-05-24 02:06:53 UTC

(thanks jews)

2017-05-24 02:07:16 UTC

And his cousin died in the interrogation cell of the communists after the war.

2017-05-24 02:07:25 UTC

On a different note: Sanatana Dharma, huh? I've been listening to you tube videos... you could say that instead of NS, same thing.

2017-05-24 02:07:42 UTC

I had anti-communism in my blood.

2017-05-24 02:07:50 UTC

I know, right?!

2017-05-24 02:07:54 UTC


2017-05-24 02:08:18 UTC

And that vedic principles of leadership, he was describing Hitler perfectly, if he knew it or not.

2017-05-24 02:08:19 UTC

sup crackers?

2017-05-24 02:08:32 UTC

Howdy MH

2017-05-24 02:08:43 UTC

How is everyone this evening?

2017-05-24 02:08:45 UTC

Hail brother

2017-05-24 02:08:54 UTC

Can't complain

2017-05-24 02:09:11 UTC

Nm, lurking, making a sandwich, discord, tv. Activism tomorrow. Basic stuff.

2017-05-24 02:09:18 UTC

got muh twitter up

2017-05-24 02:09:29 UTC

about to start spreading the good word

2017-05-24 02:09:38 UTC

Basically we're all living a Merle Haggard song eh? lol https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Kx_mm3_Loxk

2017-05-24 02:10:13 UTC

Yes to Merle Haggard.

2017-05-24 02:10:16 UTC


2017-05-24 02:10:32 UTC

A place to do my NS thing

2017-05-24 02:10:45 UTC

aint that the truth

2017-05-24 02:10:46 UTC

How's kids Matt.

2017-05-24 02:11:14 UTC

Haven't actually ever asked.

2017-05-24 02:11:35 UTC

@My Name Is Hate yes, hopefully we have that place to do that at some point

2017-05-24 02:11:48 UTC

Working on it brother

2017-05-24 02:11:50 UTC

they are good, nicholas is great and hitting all of his development milestones, and patrick is gonna be here very soon. @Kombat-Unit

2017-05-24 02:11:54 UTC

thanks for asking

2017-05-24 02:12:02 UTC

Solid names

2017-05-24 02:12:12 UTC

Good for you mate.

2017-05-24 02:13:23 UTC

So, any big plans for TWP? We got our annual meeting coming up in less than a month. Will be wicked.

2017-05-24 02:14:36 UTC

Well the Regional Commander role is big, updated 25 points, a new Party secretary to help us keep up on correspondence, some protests, big fall event with europeans attending

2017-05-24 02:14:48 UTC

lots of stuff

2017-05-24 02:15:03 UTC

Looking forward to all of it.

2017-05-24 02:15:17 UTC

Big fall event eh?

2017-05-24 02:15:51 UTC

Movements I would know or just some personal friends (or both)?

2017-05-24 02:16:13 UTC


2017-05-24 02:17:46 UTC

NPD, Golden Dawn, NMR

2017-05-24 02:18:19 UTC

@MatthewHeimbach I have also looked at the document and I think it is very well organized.

2017-05-24 02:18:26 UTC


2017-05-24 02:18:29 UTC

Swedes, I guess?

2017-05-24 02:18:38 UTC

Thank you @B1488

2017-05-24 02:18:56 UTC

looks like @Kombat-Unit

2017-05-24 02:19:08 UTC

Hopefully a Commander is able to step up for Region 8 (Nevada, California, Utah and Arizona).

2017-05-24 02:19:18 UTC

And you're welcome.

2017-05-24 02:19:31 UTC


2017-05-24 02:19:49 UTC

There's going to be a big demo in Norway against the pro faggotry of the state, coinciding with some pro fag event.

2017-05-24 02:20:05 UTC

Sorry I was doing a vetting interview. Thank you for linking the videos I will watch them now.

2017-05-24 02:20:08 UTC

There'll be hundreds of nazis. Biggest NS one after Quisling's death.

2017-05-24 02:20:15 UTC

So happy to hear about events all around the world.

2017-05-24 02:20:36 UTC

Yes! And this is only the beginning ๐Ÿ˜ˆ

2017-05-24 02:20:51 UTC

There awesome Kombat

2017-05-24 02:20:53 UTC

Of the end for (((Communism))) ๐Ÿ˜ˆ

2017-05-24 02:21:17 UTC

We need to be looking towards our comrades in NMR and other European movements for inspiration

2017-05-24 02:21:40 UTC

As we know, Golden Dawn received less than 1% of the national vote a decade ago, now they are the third largest Party in the Greek Parliament

2017-05-24 02:21:50 UTC


2017-05-24 02:21:52 UTC

That's fucking awesome

2017-05-24 02:21:53 UTC

lots for us to learn, and make work within our American context

2017-05-24 02:22:10 UTC

They are high energy for sure

2017-05-24 02:22:10 UTC

The European movements are really classy. Golden Dawn has their act together. Looking forward to the fall event.

2017-05-24 02:22:58 UTC

It'll be excellent @ddโœณ555 , and of course we are doing other projects like our Alabama and WV folks going into areas hit hard by meth to work to find families in need of aid and raise awareness of the drug epidemic and (((who))) is behind it

2017-05-24 02:23:09 UTC

Yes Europe has a big headstart but communities like your and the one I am from are making great strides lately. I have been "in the movement" for over 30 years now and I have never seen an awakening amongst out people like what we are experiencing today.

2017-05-24 02:23:16 UTC

We'll be always happy to help serious comrades. International connections are a source of strenght, especially behind bars and under investigation knowing people have you back, no matter where you go, just knowing it helps.

2017-05-24 02:23:16 UTC

so there will be many smaller long term projects going on over the next few months in the lead up to the Fall event

2017-05-24 02:23:45 UTC

Of course @Kombat-Unit , and if you or any comrades ever want to come to America, you have plenty of places to stay

2017-05-24 02:23:50 UTC

The solidarity goes both ways

2017-05-24 02:23:56 UTC

Torniainen told all the support he received was really heartwarming.

2017-05-24 02:24:01 UTC

Just so you know.

2017-05-24 02:24:22 UTC

I think a European-styled group would be very appealing to younger Americans. I am just a couple hours from Alabama. I'd love to work with those guys.

2017-05-24 02:24:43 UTC


2017-05-24 02:25:04 UTC


2017-05-24 02:25:06 UTC

Agreed. Of course our look is modeled off of the Europeans, our philosophy and talking points etc

2017-05-24 02:25:14 UTC

Hail Heimbach!

2017-05-24 02:25:14 UTC

lots for us to adapt and develop

2017-05-24 02:25:24 UTC


2017-05-24 02:25:37 UTC

National Action case was a great example of solidarity as well, they demo'd at Finnish embassy during the Jyvรคskylรค arrests, we held demoes in three countries when they were kiked.

2017-05-24 02:25:56 UTC

ZOG knows the power of international networks, and that's why it watches & hunts them so closely.

2017-05-24 02:26:10 UTC


2017-05-24 02:27:27 UTC

God damn matthew that is one hell of a video brother.
America left us behind is right.

2017-05-24 02:27:53 UTC

Thanks brother! To me, it makes sense to help normal conservative folks understand what we are saying

2017-05-24 02:27:54 UTC

So, back to the original question, if you're not nazi, what are you? I'm just curious.

2017-05-24 02:28:00 UTC

I know all types from CI to EH.

2017-05-24 02:28:09 UTC

I'm not a Nazi, I'm a National Socialist ๐Ÿ˜ƒ

2017-05-24 02:28:15 UTC

I'm tolerant, in a very peculiar use of the word.

2017-05-24 02:28:25 UTC

Meant @TexasVet

2017-05-24 02:28:41 UTC
2017-05-24 02:29:06 UTC

what did he mean by this?

2017-05-24 02:29:06 UTC

I joined Identity Evropa looking for a large organization but I found a home in a much smaller community that fit my ideals better. This group is on the same page as us. I see an opportunity for an alliance here.

2017-05-24 02:29:08 UTC

Nazi is my word now. I made it my own. I appropriated it for empowerement as an oppressed political minority

2017-05-24 02:29:52 UTC

Exactly I know natsoc is the government we need but my salute wil always look like this o7 not this o/

2017-05-24 02:30:29 UTC

So...fascismfluid or something?

2017-05-24 02:30:50 UTC

Well given that when I was in VA with our Virginia comrades, we along with IE chanted "Blood and Soil" and "Hail Victory" I am pretty pleased with how things are all pulling towards true National Socialist Revolution

2017-05-24 02:31:10 UTC

the sad face

2017-05-24 02:31:14 UTC

is because I wasnt there

2017-05-24 02:31:36 UTC

Very nice, glad to hear there werent any Captain Cuck types.

2017-05-24 02:31:46 UTC

no it was all good goys

2017-05-24 02:31:53 UTC


2017-05-24 02:31:56 UTC

or bad goys idk depending on the perspective

2017-05-24 02:31:57 UTC


2017-05-24 02:32:27 UTC

Everything is pulling together. The League of the South has recently joined our umbrella group, the Nationalist Front

2017-05-24 02:32:31 UTC

@MatthewHeimbach when are we gonna make some bomb tunes like golden dawn?

2017-05-24 02:32:48 UTC

@Beastcoast Actually in the works, working on our official Party anthem as we speak

2017-05-24 02:32:54 UTC

@MatthewHeimbach liked those guys so I'm glad to hear that

2017-05-24 02:33:00 UTC


2017-05-24 02:33:11 UTC

@MatthewHeimbach Cannot wait ๐Ÿ‘

2017-05-24 02:33:33 UTC

>inb4 its done using serbian synth

2017-05-24 02:33:45 UTC

We're working on a series of European tunes with our own lyrics, and Americana ones; to really show our unique identity

2017-05-24 02:34:03 UTC

there will be a Party songbook by the end of the summer, so for meetings and events we will all know the songs and can sing them together

2017-05-24 02:34:18 UTC

That rules.

2017-05-24 02:34:26 UTC

We use translated Horst Wessel lied. Tried and true.

2017-05-24 02:34:30 UTC

I will put up another based Fascist tune from Hrvatska!

2017-05-24 02:34:35 UTC

Which of course, the NMR did their own version of the Horst Wessel Lied, no reason we cant ๐Ÿ˜ƒ https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=LMwdjCVc3O0

2017-05-24 02:34:51 UTC

Watch "Puลกka Puca - Anthem of the Ustaลกe" on YouTube

2017-05-24 02:35:19 UTC

if we had a nationalist

2017-05-24 02:35:27 UTC

like "eurvpa idol"

2017-05-24 02:35:42 UTC

serbia would definitely win their yugoslav war music is next level

2017-05-24 02:36:25 UTC

@MatthewHeimbach not to mention golden dawn has a horst wessel lied as did the BUF

2017-05-24 02:36:35 UTC

We have one song to the tune of Englandslied, the tune is just lovely.

2017-05-24 02:37:01 UTC

^ I actually listened to that! It's so bad ass! ๐Ÿ’ช

2017-05-24 02:37:06 UTC

Very true @Beastcoast

2017-05-24 02:37:37 UTC

now, ill open it up for discussion because i love feedback, but one version of our anthem has been proposed that is very close to the BUF anthem, we have another in the works to the same tune, but id love feedback

2017-05-24 02:37:47 UTC

Comrades, the voices of our fallen heroes
Of those who fell so our people might be great,
Join in our song, for they still march in spirit with us,
And urge us on to secure our people's fate
(Repeat Last Two Lines)
We're of their blood, and spirit of their spirit,
Sprung from that soil for whose dear sake they bled,
Against jewish power, the Left, and massed ranks of reaction,
We lead the fight for freedom and for bread
(Repeat Last Two Lines)
The streets are still, the final struggle's ended;
Flushed with the fight we proudly hail the dawn!
See, over all the streets our Partyโ€™s banners waving,
Triumphant standards of our race reborn!
(Repeat Last Two Lines)

2017-05-24 02:37:47 UTC

the silver legion

2017-05-24 02:38:19 UTC
2017-05-24 02:38:27 UTC

but diff lyrics

2017-05-24 02:38:54 UTC

but obviously we arent trying to just hoist all old songs we gotta have our own spin

2017-05-24 02:39:07 UTC

agreed 100%, it has to be organic

2017-05-24 02:39:09 UTC

Of course.

2017-05-24 02:39:21 UTC

hence the back and forth within the Central Committee on songs

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