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2017-06-08 16:48:30 UTC

Looking for white sub-contractors in the residential home building trades, located around the Washington DC Beltway. We build custom homes.

2017-06-09 13:19:25 UTC

I work with @AltRightVa good goy.

2017-06-09 13:59:38 UTC

@AltRightVa I met you at our Sunday sparring meetup last week I think

2017-06-09 14:20:17 UTC

Yeah I remember.

2017-06-09 14:21:29 UTC

We sparred in the group battle right?

2017-06-09 14:48:26 UTC


2017-06-09 14:48:29 UTC


2017-06-09 14:48:46 UTC

Well you and I were on the same side I think

2017-06-14 20:40:36 UTC

I have no building trade experience but sounds like fun

2017-07-31 01:44:12 UTC

I have some construction experience. What kind of help are you looking for?

2017-07-31 23:04:22 UTC

@AltRightVa Hey man, if you're looking for hands on a specific gig, just give a shout. If you work with people contractually.

2017-08-02 11:15:40 UTC

Hey. Is anyone in Georgia or Tennessee looking for workers?

2017-08-02 11:16:30 UTC

I know a guy who is a homeless Vet and I would like to see what the folks here can do to get him some work.

2017-08-02 11:18:30 UTC

He says he is gonna try re-joining The Army but for now I would like him to have some work to get him back on his feet.

2017-08-17 16:05:01 UTC

If you have any experience in GIS or even a Geography/related-STEM degree and no professional experience feel free to send me a message. I can put you in contact with mapping contract services in the SF/Bay Area. Typically year long contracts with the possibility of extension. Companies are very open to phone/skype interviews but the work itself is not remote.

2017-08-29 10:29:22 UTC

One of my fiends is hiring construction workers if any one is looking for work near RI https://www.facebook.com/kmrconstructionRI/posts/10155493850018540

2017-09-23 23:14:10 UTC

Anyone in Maryland, Baltimore County area who needs work? It's not much but it'll be under the table at a liquor store. Basically inventory and stocking type stuff. Pay isn't anything spectacular but it's dox proof.

2017-11-13 23:45:06 UTC

Looking for competent front end restaurant workers near Raleigh NC

2017-12-03 14:55:06 UTC

Food prep/catering/delivery driver in the Capital Beltway area. Enhanced pay for experience. Almost guaranteed hire.

2018-01-02 07:37:04 UTC

@everyone Need a guy by this friday, tile and a small amount of sawyer work. CEN CAL

2018-01-02 07:39:39 UTC

Dont make me hire Mexicans boys

2018-01-31 02:27:22 UTC

@everyone looking for a graphic designed to help with logo work. DM me if you know someone.

2018-02-26 01:18:43 UTC

@everyone looking for an able body for landscape work in hunt valley, one day a week- possibly more and with potential to pick up the client in a year or so- starting in spring, 20$ an hour. Dm me

2018-02-26 01:19:56 UTC

Hunt valley maryland

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