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2020-05-22 01:42:01 UTC

Suspended here

2020-05-22 01:42:30 UTC


2020-05-22 01:44:04 UTC

I was suspended. I didn't do what I was accused of.

2020-05-22 01:44:23 UTC

@GrimlockPrime76 were you suspended?

2020-05-22 13:37:25 UTC


2020-05-22 13:50:31 UTC

Need to find out

2020-05-22 20:45:04 UTC

I can't find anything on google or bing, relating to any recent wave of Discord bans.

2020-05-22 20:45:34 UTC

Perhaps all of the affected individuals belonged to the same Discord server that might have also been taken down.

2020-05-22 20:46:42 UTC

I've been cleaning out my list of Discord servers, trying to trim it down to only the servers that I actually post on.

2020-05-22 20:48:17 UTC

I'm trimmed down to 16 Discord servers, but really only participate in 3. The other 13 are ones that I might look at every once in awhile, but never really post in.

2020-05-22 20:49:07 UTC

Certainly it would be beneficial to stay away from any and all controversial Discord servers.

2020-05-22 21:53:34 UTC

Discord changed their TOS. They disabled a lot of accounts. I don't really think I did anything. I believe I was just guilty by association for being in the wrong server. My server wasn't deleted but my account was so I can no longer moderate. I had to start a new one anyway.

2020-05-22 22:09:37 UTC


2020-05-23 14:25:05 UTC

In fact, discord not only changed the TOS they actually started enforcement. So far the most common violation they have been banning people for was revenge porn. Some dumb THOT starts DMing noodles that end up on a server. THOT complains to discord and everyone on the server gets banned.

2020-05-23 14:25:24 UTC

I have seen this happen in at least 2 other servers.

2020-05-23 14:26:33 UTC

Suggested action... Avoid douchebag people, DUH. any server that can't be trusted, alt account. Make a 2nd account and use that for shady servers.

2020-05-23 14:27:15 UTC

After your account is deleted for TOS they will not unban it. Protect it by using alt accounts.

2020-05-23 14:30:05 UTC

Thanks, we had one here trading nudes for some type of work or something we banned them immediately.

2020-05-23 14:31:32 UTC

Seemed like hackers to me

2020-05-23 21:25:23 UTC

Yeah that is how it goes. In some cases is just some scorn THOT. Posted all the shit herself then doesn't get treated like she wanted or expected and goes crying wolf.

Some of us got hit again. This is different than last time

2020-07-05 17:24:58 UTC

Ugh samsies

2020-07-19 10:17:12 UTC

> Some of us got hit again. This is different than last time

Is it possible someone is trying to hack into your account? Do you use the same password for many different online accounts? If I suggest getting a password manager.

2020-10-24 14:46:08 UTC


2020-10-24 14:46:27 UTC

okay bye.

i have had that happen on my stevenaramos100 alt and my other 2 alts

2021-01-11 17:00:29 UTC

Can I invite like mind friends to this server?

2021-01-12 04:45:35 UTC


2021-01-12 05:43:34 UTC

Sure, so long as they love pwning demonrats.

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