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Under 100 bucks


Not great but fpr sure good enough

And lifetime warranty

I can find anything anyone is looking for online. Even obscure bullshit.....

Cant find a pitching machine....

They are sp expensive

I've been looking for a solid year

Theybare all like 1200 bucks or more

We have a batting cage already


Wheel barrow tires too

Not Yokohama

Abd the cheap 1s i have found are for wiffle balls

Set up an air cannon and launch baseballs at 600mph

No i want a new 1

If i buy a new 1 he will have the damn thing for ever

I'm not trying to spend time fixing another tool

I already have a pile of makita drills to fix

1 of them stumps me

Idk why she wont chooch

I learned a lot from uncle bumblefuck

I use to fix all the tool back at the glass shop in Aspen

Live down valley wprk up valley

After my shift i would go to the john denver memorial garden and smoke joints while i waited for my carpool home

Oklahoma is so shitty

I wanna go home

Hell even the lift operators make good money

Don't go to x games

It's lame af


I'm gonna eat glenwood


If not glenwood then 1 of neighboring towns

Rifle maybe

Rifle is like the ghetto of the valley

Nothing is as ghetto as rifle until you get to Grand junction

But rent is half what glendwood is

Anywhere on Colfax is fucking dog shit

Colorado is 2 states

Front range and western slope

Front range is just like any other nasty dirty city

Loveland is high country

Colfax is 1 of the longest streets on the planet

There are like 600 weed stores along Colfax

Lots of dirty fucks

Lots of homeless

Street walkers



Oooooh meth OOOOOOO METH

I don't eat and i don't sleep but i got the cleanest house on the street

Get this dirt all outta my place GET THIS HAIR ALL OUTTA MY FACE

Like the mom in SLC punk

She lifts the couch with 1 hand to vacuum under it


"Diet pills"


I don't recall

I lived across the street from tweekers

Got them removed from the neighborhood

Sounds like bon jovi

Starts off like bon jovi

That was the best anti drug ad ever

That shit is hilarious


And if you wanna develop a brain tumor.....

Just watch that

I liked the 4 10s work week





I no longer question everything

All of the sudden i understand the cosmos

We made 1 of those a few years ago

We didn't do that well with the puke

That 1 makes mine look like kindergarten finger paint

Nuked and remade

Dead too

Mornin folks

Strong coffee and cigarettes

The missus took 1 sip and nearly spit it out

I made mud

Today, i fuck off all day

I'm not doing SHIT

Fall hit over night

It is like 55Β°

Give it about 5 more days

This shit will push down there by then

I have decided that summer is gay

Gay ass summer

Whatta fag

Now i will need a heater for my cave

Last year i used the coleman lantern for heat

Might do that again

Cheaper than running an electric

1200 w fpr the average space heater

I just need to heat the mud room

I spend a lot of time out here

It is only like 8x10

Yeah that is what i need but smaller

This winter is gonna be a doozy

Step #2 in becoming cyborgs

Das universe

Das human brian

Awfully similar

Moores law kinda hit its peak

It is no longer doubling every 8 months

The goddamn price point isnt coming down either

Liars told me i would be able to buy a badass computer in 2020

More like 110%

Kids are expensive

If they would just stop eating everyday i could save some money


Icp was fun when i was in high school

I like the ridiculousness of it

Then they tried to go all " Christian" and it painfully backfired

"Magnets.... how do they fucking work?"


Just fucking MAGIC

It's all around you


Whining jizz bag

Those rants are what drove me and my constituency off

No fun could be had when he was around

Because misery loves company

Bye Felicia

Filthy sinner

Me too

I gotta gif for everytime he joined the vc


Then when i found out he was gone....

1 more...... me in most servers

Most people will do that if you don't know them

They join, see what the place is about and leave

Not everyone's cup o tea i guess


Everyone likes kittens


1 time i had to pack in 64 mirrors into a hotel and they wouldn't fit in the elevator.

Ended up being like 1300lbs by the end

All carried by hand up to the 4th floor

The shower doors were a completely different nightmare

If you wanna be a Glazier avoid commercial jobs....

Unrelated.... i took a hit out of the bong last night and then realized there were 6 dead flies in the bong

I wonder if you pack a can full of tannerite, fire it from 1 of those can launchers and the impact of hitting be enough to set it off

Yeah dude

1 time we hauled in these giant glass panels that were going to be used as dividers for cubicals in a swanky high end real estate office in Aspen...

After we hauled in like 5 of them i tore my hamstring

As i am sitting on the back of the truck next to the last 2 panels i look over and see a sticker on 1....

"870lbs machine lift only"

2 guys were picking those up and moving them like 2 feet to the dolly

That was my last day working there

The second i set it on the dolly i heard a loud pop in my leg

Thought i broke it for a second


Mornin folks

There is no school tomorrow


That means i won't be able to play video games like a child

Scream at the tv when i die

Ooooooh geez

What kinda fun?

Crazy people fun

Did assriel make a return?


I'm good at these games


Peace the fuck out


Remember when i said " sometimes you just gotta ban people"

I would say i didn't miss anything

If you talked to him for 20 minutes you have heard everything he has to say


He will hard pressed to find a community of like minded people considering he is the smartest guy on the planet


I compare the 2 as 1

Useless fuck

Watch tgat city crawl out of the shit hole it has been in for the last 20ish years

On a happier note


1 of them is already adopted

The black 1


The black 1 was sleeping and just looks like a black smear

Space heater

I want a wood burning stove out here

But they are too expensive



I don't speak ASL but i know everything they are saying.....

I have caught " fuck you bitch" like 12 times in 45 seconds

A fighter

A governor

A navy seal

A biker

A political analysis expert

A pothead

You can fly, I'M DRIVIN....



Looks like i was right

Usually when vc is fucking up it is because your device is doing other shit

Mobile app is a resource hog, if other apps are using data or even cpu then it bogs down vc

Try closing other apps. Clean out your cache. Delete shit you don't need

Shit running in the background kills vc

They need to put a bit more effort into the mobile app but they were trying to make it in such a way that even old devices work fine

Even gifs playing in main chat can kill vc


This server isn't using your bandwidth it is using discords

Most people would shitnif they knew how many servers there were on discord and how much data it stores for yoy


Looks like some company called "hammer & chisel" owns discord


It is a white guy

Yeah i saw that

Still Asian but not Chinese

Even facebook was grabbing information

So i mean.... ya know

Of course the comments are turned off


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