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2019-10-13 07:37:56 UTC

but it says in hebrew "LILITH"

2019-10-13 07:38:01 UTC

@Dracarys The record stands. You're done bud

2019-10-13 07:38:04 UTC


2019-10-13 07:38:06 UTC

youre fucking stupid

2019-10-13 07:38:07 UTC

@Deleted User you're insulting us by thinking your existence matters, mate

2019-10-13 07:38:10 UTC


2019-10-13 07:38:15 UTC

i bet youre legitimately crazy in the head too

2019-10-13 07:38:24 UTC
2019-10-13 07:38:28 UTC


2019-10-13 07:38:36 UTC

He has been going all day ๐Ÿ˜‚

2019-10-13 07:38:37 UTC

i hope the mods here arent super uptight

2019-10-13 07:38:45 UTC

i feel i have good reasoning to call that guy a fucking retard

2019-10-13 07:38:52 UTC

he's being unreasonable, objctively

2019-10-13 07:39:05 UTC

i repeated his own quote to him and he talks as if there was some hidden meaning or something

2019-10-13 07:39:20 UTC

how stupid can you be to actually believe itd work when your words are right ther efor all to see

2019-10-13 07:39:25 UTC


2019-10-13 07:39:33 UTC

theres even a screenshot

2019-10-13 07:39:33 UTC

its not a fucking secret that requires a PhD in english to interpret

2019-10-13 07:39:38 UTC

@Nani... Who are you? ๐Ÿ˜‚

2019-10-13 07:39:41 UTC

@Nani donโ€™t you talk to my whore like that

2019-10-13 07:39:45 UTC

I'm more of a Torah whore myself

2019-10-13 07:39:47 UTC

you say she mischaracterizes """"screeching owl"""", something it doesnt even say in the hebrew bible

2019-10-13 07:39:47 UTC
2019-10-13 07:39:50 UTC

@Dracarys The word is there, but SHE is not!

2019-10-13 07:39:52 UTC

she doesnt think its screeching owwl

2019-10-13 07:39:56 UTC

Oooh! The secret benis

2019-10-13 07:40:02 UTC


2019-10-13 07:40:13 UTC

he quotes screeching owl

2019-10-13 07:40:15 UTC

cuz he thinks it says that

2019-10-13 07:40:16 UTC

she doesnt

2019-10-13 07:40:19 UTC

its fucking obvious

2019-10-13 07:40:22 UTC

theres no other interpretation

2019-10-13 07:40:23 UTC

Lillith, the woman, never existed. She's not there.

2019-10-13 07:40:31 UTC

it says the word lilith still

2019-10-13 07:40:36 UTC

She is in both the Hebrew text and the Bible

2019-10-13 07:40:49 UTC

How is this shit still going after two days?

2019-10-13 07:40:53 UTC

even if its not the name of adam's first wife

2019-10-13 07:41:05 UTC

im only asking him whats his definition

2019-10-13 07:41:12 UTC

Lillith is not in the Bible. Go ahead and quote the Kabbalah or Talmud, idgaf

2019-10-13 07:41:13 UTC

Btw most of the Bible was Hebrew, some Greek and one other language

2019-10-13 07:41:18 UTC

But mostly Hebrew

2019-10-13 07:41:26 UTC

@Deleted User it says it in the fucking bible. i can prove it

2019-10-13 07:41:28 UTC

Jesus was a jew ๐Ÿคฃ

2019-10-13 07:41:39 UTC

Drac wanted to put his view in

2019-10-13 07:41:40 UTC

```ื•ึผืคึธื’ึฐืฉืื•ึผ ืฆึดื™ึผึดื™ื ืึถืช-ืึดื™ึผึดื™ื, ื•ึฐืฉื‚ึธืขึดื™ืจ ืขึทืœ-ืจึตืขึตื”ื•ึผ ื™ึดืงึฐืจึธื; ืึทืšึฐ-ืฉืึธื ื”ึดืจึฐื’ึผึดื™ืขึธื” ืœึผึดื™ืœึดื™ืช, ื•ึผืžึธืฆึฐืึธื” ืœึธื”ึผ ืžึธื ื•ึนื—ึท.```

2019-10-13 07:41:51 UTC

ืœึผึดื™ืœึดื™ืช = lilith

2019-10-13 07:41:55 UTC

or lilit to be precise

2019-10-13 07:41:57 UTC

this isnt a hebrew word

2019-10-13 07:41:58 UTC

You can't prove anything but a word, of the dark

2019-10-13 07:41:58 UTC

its a name

2019-10-13 07:42:08 UTC

its a name

2019-10-13 07:42:17 UTC

do you have an explanation for it? because it is "LILITH" iun the fucking bible

2019-10-13 07:42:18 UTC


2019-10-13 07:42:24 UTC

which you just say isnt there

2019-10-13 07:42:27 UTC

Look out eagle! My satanic tendrils might attack your feelings ๐Ÿคฃ

2019-10-13 07:42:29 UTC

zealots are very easy to troll and lack self awareness

2019-10-13 07:42:30 UTC

The whole Bible is words, to say that itโ€™s not true even though itโ€™s there means you donโ€™t follow

2019-10-13 07:42:55 UTC

Stay away from megalomania, kids

2019-10-13 07:43:02 UTC

you just said the word lilith isnt in the bible. it is. just proved it. if you have a different interpretation thats fine but it does say lilith

2019-10-13 07:43:07 UTC

Lillith was anthropomorphized by the Babylonians, of the dark, personified into a demon

2019-10-13 07:43:16 UTC

And there Azriel, attempting to close an argument because there's proof he's wrong and God knows if you try to prove a crazy person wrong, they'll either attack or shut down

2019-10-13 07:43:30 UTC

you can translate each fucking letter from hebrew to english

2019-10-13 07:43:30 UTC

Demonds are fallen angels or the children of fallen angels

2019-10-13 07:43:31 UTC

and youll get

2019-10-13 07:43:33 UTC

l i l i t

2019-10-13 07:43:40 UTC

which isnt a fucking word its a name

2019-10-13 07:43:43 UTC

so youre BTFO

2019-10-13 07:43:45 UTC

I donโ€™t think she was his wife

2019-10-13 07:43:49 UTC

I donโ€™t think she was ever human

2019-10-13 07:43:52 UTC

idk what she is but the name is there

2019-10-13 07:44:10 UTC

attribute the best possible motive until proven otherwise..
If you assume people are motivated to make you look bad because they disagree, and treating people in a hostile way when they honestly disagree your alienating yourself..

2019-10-13 07:44:10 UTC

"screeching owl" is an interpretation

2019-10-13 07:44:19 UTC

lilit is the actual word

2019-10-13 07:44:38 UTC

idfk who lilith is but you cant say it doesnt say lilith in the bible

2019-10-13 07:44:42 UTC

The word, in the sense you want, as the wife of Adam, who wasn't...is not in the Bible.

2019-10-13 07:44:48 UTC

do you have an actual interpretation of the word or not?

2019-10-13 07:44:55 UTC

i didnt say she is

2019-10-13 07:45:01 UTC

Didnโ€™t I just say I donโ€™t think she was

2019-10-13 07:45:05 UTC

im just trying to ask someone's view on it

2019-10-13 07:45:13 UTC


2019-10-13 07:45:19 UTC

That is what *she* meant.

2019-10-13 07:45:25 UTC

well youre talking to me not her

2019-10-13 07:45:35 UTC

but azriel is too low iq to comprehend mine and his statements so he spreg'd out

2019-10-13 07:45:37 UTC

I keep telling you no, itโ€™s not

2019-10-13 07:45:46 UTC

I never said his wife

2019-10-13 07:45:50 UTC


2019-10-13 07:46:02 UTC

I'm talking about the conversation I had. Your input is further irrelevance.

2019-10-13 07:46:19 UTC

yet youre talking to me about your input

2019-10-13 07:46:20 UTC

He must have me blocked

2019-10-13 07:46:30 UTC

but now saying my input is irrelevant

2019-10-13 07:46:39 UTC

It's because you've inserted yourself after the fact

2019-10-13 07:46:40 UTC

i think you look more potentially sociopathic

2019-10-13 07:46:53 UTC

if my input is irrelevant stop talking to me dont waste my time

2019-10-13 07:47:20 UTC

@Deleted User where's your daddy? Off to jerk at his imaginary life?

2019-10-13 07:55:44 UTC


2019-10-13 07:55:57 UTC

That argument could be settled in 5 minutes but azriels method is not conducive to settling.

2019-10-13 07:56:08 UTC

Hi az

2019-10-13 07:56:56 UTC

He wants to be correct about everything and has no interest in agreement

2019-10-13 07:57:20 UTC

His idea of helping someone is to humiliate them

2019-10-13 07:57:48 UTC

@MaxIgnoramus!!! ๐Ÿ˜ ๐Ÿ˜ ๐Ÿ’™

2019-10-13 07:58:10 UTC


2019-10-13 07:58:27 UTC

@Deleted User did daddy say you could roll your eyes, eagle?

2019-10-13 07:58:31 UTC

@Deleted User you're being misled by him

2019-10-13 07:58:41 UTC

I have provided scripture on this

2019-10-13 07:58:46 UTC

He is not humble

2019-10-13 07:58:51 UTC

In the slightest

2019-10-13 07:59:01 UTC

7 cycles a second

2019-10-13 07:59:08 UTC

that's the earth

2019-10-13 07:59:09 UTC

You make your choice with him, you make your choice with arrogance

2019-10-13 07:59:14 UTC

@MaxIgnoramus ๐Ÿ™„

2019-10-13 07:59:25 UTC

It will not serve you well in the long run

2019-10-13 07:59:29 UTC

@Omnis 7 cycles a second

2019-10-13 07:59:36 UTC

@Deleted User tsk tsk, your gonna get a spanking soon!

2019-10-13 07:59:39 UTC

the aerth

2019-10-13 07:59:48 UTC


2019-10-13 08:00:35 UTC

And @Deleted User has been reduced to eye rolling and reacting to messages! It really is adorable ๐Ÿ’™

2019-10-13 08:01:24 UTC

*pat pat on the head*

2019-10-13 08:01:33 UTC

It's ok kids.

2019-10-13 08:01:43 UTC

Oooh, touch me more!! ๐Ÿ˜

2019-10-13 08:02:22 UTC

Eagle maybe you can tell me why azriel repays insult with insult, when he also claims to be carrying out a mission on behalf of God?

2019-10-13 08:02:53 UTC

He can't, daddy doesn't give permission to talk outside of arrogance and ignorance

2019-10-13 08:03:04 UTC

Maybe you can tell me why azriel denies all authority but then sets up his own in another channel

2019-10-13 08:03:12 UTC

@MaxIgnoramus Get over your misguided empathies.

2019-10-13 08:03:20 UTC

So you can't answer

2019-10-13 08:03:33 UTC

I apologise for my psychogenic fallacies

2019-10-13 08:03:37 UTC

But you are being misled

2019-10-13 08:03:49 UTC

Dodging the questions! Azriel must be so proud that he can over take weak minded people so easily ๐Ÿคฃ

2019-10-13 08:04:09 UTC

I don't care. At all.

2019-10-13 08:04:17 UTC

Eagle isn't weak he is just allured by azriels knowledge

2019-10-13 08:04:24 UTC

Say whatever you want.

2019-10-13 08:04:33 UTC


2019-10-13 08:04:47 UTC

Azriels knowledge will cut him down, trust me on that

2019-10-13 08:04:55 UTC

@Nobel Suprise cheeky breaki?

2019-10-13 08:04:57 UTC

He has too much pride

2019-10-13 08:05:47 UTC

He allows his emotions to dictate his responses

2019-10-13 08:05:56 UTC

That's why he trades insults

2019-10-13 08:06:03 UTC

And acts pompously

2019-10-13 08:06:31 UTC

And claims to be winning when there is no winning to do

2019-10-13 08:07:35 UTC

You are doing so right now, and did over the past few days. Did you hear yourself screaming and pontificating over and over, and on vc, making irrational psychotic-sounding demands.?@MaxIgnoramus

2019-10-13 08:07:36 UTC

beware the pride demon

2019-10-13 08:08:13 UTC

I was shouting over azriel

2019-10-13 08:08:16 UTC

@MaxIgnoramus You are acting out of pure negative emotion right now

2019-10-13 08:08:19 UTC

It was necessary to make him listen

2019-10-13 08:08:51 UTC

And it was after he insulted bible whore on account of being a woman

2019-10-13 08:08:56 UTC

And nothing more

2019-10-13 08:09:17 UTC

Did you know that many people hated that jesus allowed Mary Magdalene to be his apostle

2019-10-13 08:09:22 UTC

But he told them

2019-10-13 08:09:33 UTC

If she wants it, why should she not

2019-10-13 08:09:36 UTC

@MaxIgnoramus You are acting like a sanctimonious hypocrite. You make judgmental screaming pronouncements over vc out of anger.

2019-10-13 08:09:52 UTC

Did I tell a lie?

2019-10-13 08:10:10 UTC
2019-10-13 08:10:16 UTC

@MaxIgnoramus You have nothing of substance to say.

2019-10-13 08:10:23 UTC


2019-10-13 08:10:39 UTC

seemed like straight to the point to me

2019-10-13 08:11:25 UTC

@Deleted Useris bible substance?

2019-10-13 08:11:28 UTC

@Deleted User you don't need azriel

2019-10-13 08:11:33 UTC

But he needs you

2019-10-13 08:12:02 UTC

He requires people like you to make his case whenever he gets into disputes

2019-10-13 08:12:09 UTC

@MaxIgnoramus We need each other man.

2019-10-13 08:12:13 UTC

Which is often

2019-10-13 08:12:32 UTC

He requires a few extra bodies to give him credence

2019-10-13 08:12:33 UTC

for failed double-think

2019-10-13 08:12:42 UTC

As if it were not the case that he is alone

2019-10-13 08:12:45 UTC

But he is alone

2019-10-13 08:12:45 UTC

@MaxIgnoramus I needed you too.

2019-10-13 08:12:46 UTC

so you bolth need some one else in order to make an argument?

2019-10-13 08:13:27 UTC

@Omnis. Only need the Gospel

2019-10-13 08:13:43 UTC

no I was refering to
*๐Ÿฆ…EagleEyes777ใ€Š๐Ÿ›ใ€‹Today at 1:12 AM
MaxIgnoramus#7973 We need each other man.

2019-10-13 08:13:44 UTC


2019-10-13 08:13:47 UTC


2019-10-13 08:14:12 UTC

in response to- max, "*๐Ÿฆ…EagleEyes777ใ€Š๐Ÿ›ใ€‹#3635 you don't need azriel
But he needs you
He requires people like you to make his case whenever he gets into disputes"

2019-10-13 08:14:35 UTC

The constant battling requires that *extra bodies* be required to help to counter their constant attacks and bs, for the provocations that you aren't always around to hear. You've joined the ranks of shiteating satanic orbiters.@MaxIgnoramus

2019-10-13 08:14:42 UTC


2019-10-13 08:15:34 UTC

They cannot handle any heat against their snowflakes

2019-10-13 08:15:37 UTC

You canโ€™t keep calling everyone who disagrees satanic

2019-10-13 08:15:50 UTC


2019-10-13 08:15:52 UTC

@Deleted User he should not be entering into debates

2019-10-13 08:15:53 UTC

He knows it's true

2019-10-13 08:16:12 UTC

Azriel conveniently ignores the scriptures

2019-10-13 08:16:24 UTC


2019-10-13 08:16:30 UTC
2019-10-13 08:16:40 UTC

its easier to call someone you disagree with an insult rather than to formulate a good counter argument

2019-10-13 08:16:49 UTC

I show him scriptures, he tells me I am being sanctimonious, but the scripture speaks of his behaviour, not my behaviour

2019-10-13 08:17:00 UTC

You have no idea dude@Dracarys

2019-10-13 08:17:20 UTC


2019-10-13 08:17:22 UTC


2019-10-13 08:17:30 UTC

Do not insert here

2019-10-13 08:17:40 UTC

@Deleted User the worst part is you dont become aware of it and grow out of it

2019-10-13 08:17:59 UTC

unfortunately seems like youre destined to be this way now

2019-10-13 08:18:04 UTC

hopefully your destiny changes

2019-10-13 08:19:21 UTC

@Deleted User Read the scriptures I put in the religion channel, and please reconcile azriels behaviour with them, and the fact he is contracted by God

2019-10-13 08:19:43 UTC

Is Jesus not God? Why then does Azriel disobey?

2019-10-13 08:20:00 UTC

Who does Azriel serve

2019-10-13 08:20:12 UTC

He is serving himself with his vain and prideful talk

2019-10-13 08:20:35 UTC

Entering into debates over points of knowledge which do nothing for the soul

2019-10-13 08:21:42 UTC

Azriel is forced to ignore the truth in his self-serving nature, but you have the opportunity to overcome it

2019-10-13 08:22:04 UTC

He does not speak for you, nor you for him

2019-10-13 08:22:38 UTC

@MaxIgnoramus I speak for and act for my self man.

2019-10-13 08:23:08 UTC

@MaxIgnoramus Step into my Thunderstorm Maximum retard

2019-10-13 08:23:13 UTC

Preach bretheren

2019-10-13 08:23:14 UTC


2019-10-13 08:23:34 UTC

I'm not doing VC it's early morning and everyone is sleeping

2019-10-13 08:23:38 UTC

Why straight to insults?

2019-10-13 08:23:39 UTC

even if you were arguing with the devil you still have to argue on his points, not just say, "your the devil so therefore I win." That's what libtard sjw's do they DEMONIZE their opponents because they can't simply debate without being emotionally invested in being correct, desperate for third parties to take their side or they get nasty.

2019-10-13 08:23:42 UTC

@MaxIgnoramus Puuuusssssy

2019-10-13 08:23:45 UTC


2019-10-13 08:23:53 UTC

Psychogenic fallacy

2019-10-13 08:23:55 UTC

@Winnie How goes man?

2019-10-13 08:24:05 UTC

Proving his point ๐Ÿคฆ๐Ÿผโ€โ™€๏ธ

2019-10-13 08:24:06 UTC

Why do you curse people ? @Deleted User

2019-10-13 08:24:11 UTC

@Deleted User good man

2019-10-13 08:24:17 UTC

@MaxIgnoramus Maybe..Im just trying to provoke u into VC

2019-10-13 08:24:17 UTC

@Deleted User how you doin

2019-10-13 08:24:31 UTC

Why are you trying to provoke someone ? ?

2019-10-13 08:24:34 UTC

@Winnie Doing well.

2019-10-13 08:25:22 UTC

@Winnie To force Max into VC so I can iron out his petty bullshit ๐Ÿ‘Œ

2019-10-13 08:25:32 UTC


2019-10-13 08:25:42 UTC

You like conflict?

2019-10-13 08:25:49 UTC

Arguing ?

2019-10-13 08:25:56 UTC

@Winnie I like clarity

2019-10-13 08:25:57 UTC


2019-10-13 08:26:04 UTC

Youre just making it sound nicer

2019-10-13 08:26:16 UTC

Bud you go after people

2019-10-13 08:26:33 UTC

@Winnie Max projects bullshit to assert his agenda, & I deal with it

2019-10-13 08:26:46 UTC

@Deleted User YOU project

2019-10-13 08:26:49 UTC

@Deleted User Why do you need to deal with it?

2019-10-13 08:26:53 UTC

@Winnie Nope, Im defending myself

2019-10-13 08:27:32 UTC

@Winnie Hey Winnie

2019-10-13 08:27:43 UTC

@Winnie Becuz Max doggedly pursues his notions by putting my name in his mouth. Maybe u need to come into VC also?

2019-10-13 08:28:15 UTC

@Deleted User Look at yourself

2019-10-13 08:28:32 UTC

@Deleted User You get so defensive when questioned

2019-10-13 08:28:43 UTC

Humility?? humble??

2019-10-13 08:28:49 UTC

Like cmon brother

2019-10-13 08:28:49 UTC

@Deleted User do not go after the kid

2019-10-13 08:29:03 UTC

@Winnie Defending vs Defensive. Get ur shit straight ๐Ÿ’ช๐Ÿ’ฉ

2019-10-13 08:29:28 UTC

@Winnie Is it humble to project self righteousness?

2019-10-13 08:29:31 UTC

Look at the mote in your own eye

2019-10-13 08:29:48 UTC

@Winnie Not gonna work on me bro

2019-10-13 08:29:51 UTC

Its humble to rebuke a brother when he is straying the path

2019-10-13 08:30:09 UTC

@Winnie So u won't answer โœ”

2019-10-13 08:30:22 UTC

You're question is invalid

2019-10-13 08:30:33 UTC

Im not projecting self righteousness

2019-10-13 08:30:45 UTC

Im questioning you

2019-10-13 08:31:06 UTC

@Winnie Not implying u are Sherlock; Max is projecting *(for 5 days straight)*

2019-10-13 08:31:12 UTC


2019-10-13 08:31:39 UTC

Why are you talking about max? its just me and you talking brother

2019-10-13 08:31:46 UTC

thats not relevant

2019-10-13 08:31:49 UTC

Itโ€™s crazy, like **EVERYONE** else must be projecting, but you of course

2019-10-13 08:31:57 UTC

@Winnie Answer *my* question, or u get no mutual exchange

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