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2020-06-22 04:24:19 UTC

" find and remove anyone seeking to use Discord to organize around violent extremism"
Like antifa BLM and bamn?

2020-06-22 04:28:27 UTC

If Antifa would get labeled as a terrorist organization other protest groups wouldn't want associated with them and Antifa wouldn't be able to infiltrate peaceful rallies to use for their own agenda.

2020-06-22 04:29:24 UTC


2020-06-22 04:29:50 UTC


2020-06-22 04:30:11 UTC


2020-06-22 04:31:25 UTC
2020-06-22 04:38:05 UTC

NO way. People need to stand up and not give in. They want everyone to conform and do these unnatural and immoral acts. Its part of the agenda

2020-06-22 04:41:11 UTC

I think Putin has some good ideas

2020-06-22 04:41:45 UTC

Hello frens

2020-06-22 04:41:54 UTC

.img baby meerkat

2020-06-22 04:41:56 UTC

Hey hey!

2020-06-22 04:41:59 UTC


2020-06-22 04:42:06 UTC

They don't have the bot

2020-06-22 04:42:19 UTC

Hey Huck! Mind if I call you huck?

2020-06-22 04:42:30 UTC

Hello eld

2020-06-22 04:42:34 UTC


2020-06-22 04:42:37 UTC

I'm sorry

2020-06-22 04:43:03 UTC

I think men and women have separate roles of equal importance.

2020-06-22 04:43:28 UTC

@Raisin 🐺 thats just fine. Most do. I like it

2020-06-22 04:43:34 UTC


2020-06-22 04:44:16 UTC

I changed my nickname in honor of @happy . elf forever

2020-06-22 04:44:33 UTC

I actually like it

2020-06-22 04:44:35 UTC


2020-06-22 04:45:24 UTC

the US is going down the wrong path. We can fight and hold on or leave. Its not going to turn around if Christians don't make the effort. Our country is in spiritual warfare

2020-06-22 04:48:32 UTC

I tried to be super woman and work outside the home and mother and be a good wife. Well, I couldn't do it all without neglecting someone including myself. Someone loses. I cant do it all and I'm not ashamed of it.

2020-06-22 04:49:45 UTC


2020-06-22 04:52:57 UTC

I would never try that again or recommend it. It sucked. I stayed at home with my 2nd. It was great be a mom who was always there for my child. Yes, you sound very smart for being young. At your age, I was being sold the idea that I had to do it ALL.

2020-06-22 04:55:20 UTC

There's a big diff between the west and east. They both have pos.and neg. I don't believe in socialism or communism. I don't want total control over my life.

2020-06-22 04:57:37 UTC

With me?

2020-06-22 04:57:47 UTC

Ok lol

2020-06-22 04:58:19 UTC

What do you think about facial recog and the tracking in Russia?

2020-06-22 04:59:34 UTC

He thought USA would mold you into a man? Maybe at one time. Not now for sure

2020-06-22 05:02:52 UTC

Unfortunately, morals are low. Your age group hasn't had proper upbringing in general. Its sad. They have the young men and woman brain washed and confused

2020-06-22 05:03:30 UTC

Really? But can you own any type of gun

2020-06-22 05:04:36 UTC

Then you have an advantage

2020-06-22 05:05:13 UTC


2020-06-22 14:46:41 UTC

morning all

2020-06-22 19:27:31 UTC



2020-06-22 19:27:38 UTC


2020-06-22 19:27:38 UTC

My nurse is a genius

2020-06-22 19:29:28 UTC


2020-06-22 19:30:29 UTC

Grrr. Now I'm freezing caz the bitch took my blanket

2020-06-22 20:47:51 UTC


2020-06-22 20:48:09 UTC

I hate needles

2020-06-22 22:18:20 UTC

Oh no @kayyy i hope you're ok😬

2020-06-22 22:29:05 UTC

@BB_TRUTH thanks. I'm ok just exhausted and feel like shit

2020-06-23 02:35:41 UTC

Is the word Jew banned?

2020-06-23 02:36:27 UTC

@HalfwitGunner if it violates Discord terms of service yes

2020-06-23 02:36:38 UTC

Is that a new thing?

2020-06-23 02:36:49 UTC

Or has it always been like that and they never enforced it?

2020-06-23 02:37:00 UTC

They do enforce it

2020-06-23 02:37:01 UTC

where can i post chaz/chop updates ?

2020-06-23 02:37:24 UTC

@Nobel Suprise right here Bobby

2020-06-23 02:37:32 UTC


2020-06-23 02:38:09 UTC

If you are Jewish is it a violation of the terms?

2020-06-23 02:38:44 UTC

@HalfwitGunner are you Jewish?

2020-06-23 02:38:51 UTC

I have some DNA supposedly

2020-06-23 02:39:01 UTC

So in that respect yes

2020-06-23 02:39:04 UTC

What is the issue that's on your mind?

2020-06-23 02:42:08 UTC

I think it shouldn't be banned. I'm for analysis of the context of the language used. I'd prefer stuff not be told in code words

2020-06-23 02:42:33 UTC

It's like the whole black lives matter movement

2020-06-23 02:42:45 UTC

It's code for something else than just what they claim

2020-06-23 02:44:46 UTC

So is it a Jewish issue or a black lives matter issue or both that you want to bring up?

2020-06-23 02:46:19 UTC

I'd say both.

2020-06-23 02:46:34 UTC

Extreme persecution is a common theme in both groups

2020-06-23 02:46:55 UTC

And how it causes them to act out

2020-06-23 02:47:25 UTC
2020-06-23 02:48:11 UTC

Even folks I met in Hollywood that have a lot of money don't seem to be able to see outside of a persecutorial lens. It makes me sad

2020-06-23 02:49:38 UTC

Were there links you wanted to post?

2020-06-23 02:51:02 UTC


2020-06-23 02:51:06 UTC


2020-06-23 02:51:16 UTC

No. I just like open discussion. I was testing out saying the word in different servers to see if it's actually automatically censored out to say chosen race individual

2020-06-23 02:53:37 UTC

@HalfwitGunner black lives matter?

2020-06-23 02:54:43 UTC

Those of the Jewish faith

2020-06-23 02:56:02 UTC

To me the whole thinking is drawing black lines and forcing folks to choose a side

2020-06-23 02:56:30 UTC

What makes you think the Jewish faith is doing this exclusively?

2020-06-23 02:57:23 UTC

Automatic assumptions based on linguistic programming

2020-06-23 02:57:41 UTC

My biggest pet peeve is never make assumptions

2020-06-23 02:57:55 UTC

It's the whole basis of Presumption of innoncence

2020-06-23 02:58:13 UTC

Where the UK was automatic presumption of guilt

2020-06-23 02:58:56 UTC

The internet is forcing folks into being guilty or not guilty piece by piece and force radicalization based on their labels

2020-06-23 02:59:54 UTC

Those are my two cents

2020-06-23 03:00:52 UTC

Most extremist want to create rules to force or coerce a choice to be made so you can be categorized

2020-06-23 03:31:23 UTC

Tim covers the devolution by the left of the Equal Rights gained in the 1960s

2020-06-23 03:31:43 UTC

The left are the new segregationists

2020-06-23 03:32:48 UTC


2020-06-23 03:33:52 UTC

Bret Weinstein predicted what is happening and explains what he thinks is going to happen next.

2020-06-23 04:56:48 UTC

STEM stands for science, technology, engineering and Mathematics

2020-06-23 11:04:31 UTC

What are you guys talking about

2020-06-23 12:02:56 UTC


2020-06-23 12:03:53 UTC

Kris Anne Hall made this to help against the medical tyranny

2020-06-23 12:07:10 UTC

for business owners


2020-06-23 12:07:23 UTC

download and use them

2020-06-23 14:28:02 UTC

Hopefully this is going viral

2020-06-23 17:05:52 UTC
2020-06-23 17:09:33 UTC




2020-06-23 17:10:31 UTC




2020-06-23 17:11:04 UTC

This damn cat. 😍😻

2020-06-23 17:12:13 UTC

@kayyy awww. Adorable. I think she/he likes you a little , lol. ! Name?

2020-06-23 17:13:28 UTC

Cannot pee in peace. He is like another child lol

2020-06-23 17:14:15 UTC

Yep, lol. πŸ˜‚

2020-06-23 17:14:55 UTC

His name is scooter

2020-06-23 17:15:20 UTC

Is he a kitten?

2020-06-23 17:18:28 UTC

Yes 12 weeks

2020-06-23 17:52:26 UTC
2020-06-23 17:52:40 UTC

Pete is LIVE

2020-06-23 19:05:30 UTC


2020-06-24 09:03:07 UTC

Yesterday the Marfoogle Discord server was taken down,
15000+ members

2020-06-24 13:54:31 UTC

morning all

2020-06-24 16:01:26 UTC


2020-06-24 19:35:51 UTC

good evening, i am looking for prepping advice as a beginner πŸ™‚ Anabelle sent me

2020-06-24 20:09:05 UTC


2020-06-24 20:09:08 UTC


2020-06-24 20:09:14 UTC


2020-06-24 20:09:18 UTC

How are you doing

2020-06-24 20:09:35 UTC


2020-06-24 20:09:56 UTC

Long time no see

2020-06-24 20:11:20 UTC


2020-06-24 20:11:35 UTC

How be you?

2020-06-24 20:12:33 UTC

I'm good

2020-06-24 20:12:52 UTC

I was sent food

2020-06-24 20:12:54 UTC


2020-06-24 20:13:32 UTC

Welcome Edward

2020-06-24 20:14:28 UTC
2020-06-24 20:15:02 UTC
2020-06-24 20:15:07 UTC


2020-06-24 20:15:15 UTC


2020-06-24 20:15:32 UTC

I thought you deleted discord 😭

2020-06-24 20:15:48 UTC

I may as well have

2020-06-24 20:16:15 UTC

I don't use it as much

2020-06-24 20:16:40 UTC

I’d miss you, but I did bring in someone today, who is smart when it comes to the Bible, and he approaches it Like you!

2020-06-24 20:16:57 UTC

Not someone who talks at you but to you πŸ˜‹

2020-06-24 20:17:11 UTC


2020-06-24 20:17:20 UTC

@capo @Edward welcome to the server πŸ€—

2020-06-24 20:17:47 UTC

@kayyy capo wants tips on prepping, and Eddie is one of my favorites on another server

2020-06-24 20:19:23 UTC

@MaxIgnoramus omg its MAX!!!πŸ‘€ I was beginning to think you didn't love us anymore πŸ’” or covid hoax got ya 🀣lol just playing . How are you these days

2020-06-24 20:19:51 UTC

@bible whore 1 okay dokie woman πŸ‘ what you up 2 today?

2020-06-24 20:20:07 UTC

Hiding from responsibilities

2020-06-24 20:20:40 UTC

I'm doing great. I've been working out mostly lol

2020-06-24 20:20:41 UTC

@capo what kind of things r u looking into prep wise that u wanna talk about?

2020-06-24 20:21:03 UTC

Thanks kay

2020-06-24 20:21:20 UTC

@bible whore 1 lol trouble maker

2020-06-24 20:21:27 UTC

I just haven't been talking online much and keeping to myself

2020-06-24 20:21:32 UTC


2020-06-24 20:21:42 UTC

We miss you max

2020-06-24 20:21:44 UTC


2020-06-24 20:21:44 UTC

@MaxIgnoramus dont blame ya there

2020-06-24 20:21:55 UTC

But yes we do miss youu

2020-06-24 20:21:56 UTC

So I just wanna learn how I can rely on my own when shit gets down, like everyone here.

So I'd like to learn how to grow food in my balcony and how to go about budgeting my inventory where to perhaps buy or what to buy etc. I'm a complete noobie

2020-06-24 20:22:30 UTC

I will try to come talk more often 😊

2020-06-24 20:23:07 UTC

Hey everyone πŸ‘‹

2020-06-24 20:23:35 UTC

I also learnt to code during lockdown lol

2020-06-24 20:23:40 UTC

Well I definitely am no expert. @capo but I'd like to think if SHTF I would be one of the last people standing.

2020-06-24 20:23:48 UTC

@bittu hello

2020-06-24 20:24:03 UTC

AZ could really help him

2020-06-24 20:24:06 UTC

And karn

2020-06-24 20:24:19 UTC

Is Max coming after a long time here?

2020-06-24 20:24:29 UTC

Max is an OG

2020-06-24 20:24:43 UTC

@MaxIgnoramus what kind of coding

2020-06-24 20:24:51 UTC


2020-06-24 20:24:54 UTC

What's OG

2020-06-24 20:25:01 UTC


2020-06-24 20:25:13 UTC

Original gangsta

2020-06-24 20:25:15 UTC

Oh I'm learning C++

2020-06-24 20:25:35 UTC

I wanna know how you learned so I can go about it aswell.any pointers or such @kayyy

2020-06-24 20:25:55 UTC

@bible whore 1 I made a game for mobile

2020-06-24 20:26:04 UTC

If you want I'll share it lol

2020-06-24 20:26:08 UTC

It works on android

2020-06-24 20:26:11 UTC

Wow a game for mobile

2020-06-24 20:26:18 UTC

I don’t have an android

2020-06-24 20:26:18 UTC

That's so cool

2020-06-24 20:26:27 UTC

But I know people who dooo

2020-06-24 20:26:35 UTC

@capo I'm all about gardening myself but @AZ infidel and @Karnivore really have all the good information

2020-06-24 20:28:13 UTC

@bible whore 1 ipHoNeS SUCk <:emoji_18:647445676451561492>

2020-06-24 20:28:34 UTC


2020-06-24 20:28:39 UTC

Free is free

2020-06-24 20:28:55 UTC

@MaxIgnoramus what kind of game is it?

2020-06-24 20:31:48 UTC


2020-06-24 20:31:54 UTC

I get the link one sec

2020-06-24 20:32:10 UTC

I have Android

2020-06-24 20:32:38 UTC

That's the .APK which will install the game

2020-06-24 20:33:20 UTC

Cool thx I'll check it out

2020-06-24 20:34:28 UTC

Sweet I hope ya like it

2020-06-24 22:23:58 UTC

How can you work out while wearing a mask

2020-06-24 22:59:51 UTC

folks that follow the orders of the mandatory masks have lost all common sense

2020-06-24 23:37:58 UTC

@MaxIgnoramus hey Max good to see you

2020-06-24 23:38:28 UTC

@capo @Edward welcome to the server

2020-06-24 23:38:49 UTC

thank you! πŸ™‚

2020-06-24 23:38:56 UTC

@AZ infidel I adore Eddie

2020-06-24 23:39:02 UTC

Capo is ight

2020-06-24 23:39:08 UTC


2020-06-24 23:39:45 UTC
2020-06-24 23:40:04 UTC

I saw your game

2020-06-24 23:40:04 UTC

How's it going

2020-06-24 23:40:15 UTC

You must be trying to keep busy over there

2020-06-24 23:40:35 UTC

Yea I took the opportunity to learn something

2020-06-24 23:40:53 UTC

Are you still locked down over there Max?

2020-06-24 23:41:04 UTC

Things are slowly opening back up

2020-06-24 23:41:18 UTC

What I've noticed is most of this is being driven by the media

2020-06-24 23:41:35 UTC

Yes Max it is

2020-06-24 23:41:48 UTC

The double standard became apparent several weeks ago

2020-06-24 23:42:13 UTC

Lockdown unless you're a looter

2020-06-24 23:42:14 UTC

They are currently trying to push paranoia of a second wave

2020-06-24 23:43:00 UTC

Ha lockdown unless you are out joining whatever media performance is going on

2020-06-24 23:43:45 UTC

I'm waiting to see Max, the more you test the more cases you're going to find

2020-06-24 23:44:42 UTC

Trump says we're testing more, media says more cases are popping up.

2020-06-24 23:45:19 UTC

So Trump jokes slow down the testing, media has a s*** fit

2020-06-25 01:11:51 UTC

Getting my popcorn ready.

2020-06-25 05:51:24 UTC

just a drunk HULLLLOOOO

2020-06-25 05:53:39 UTC


2020-06-25 07:55:10 UTC


2020-06-25 07:56:08 UTC

i had fun trolling that CHAZ server... such tiny little minds, no cognitive reasoning

2020-06-25 09:15:39 UTC

@TMC glad to have ya here. Thanks for joining us.

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