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The Panda epidemic is really starting to get to us

The horrors of Babble are on....MSM. Say no to the Babble on peddlers

If you Do Sue Xi does that make you a racist? lol

Only China is allowed to have a President Xi

I've been told to stay un-tuna'd by Kevin Blanch. A lot of seafood is caught by slave ships

CHina, Korea, Spain, Taiwan surprisingly. The EU has been subsidizing it for a while. if you want the link to the article I'll share

Spain also is a culprit

bear with me I had to dig it up

Yea, the EU should be ashamed of itself

@Karnivore I came across this article when I searched for the history of the slave trade in Colombia. I clicked the new tab on duckduckgo to see if it had anything and this article was the first one to pop up. it doesn't now though for some reason

Yea, it's interesting to learn how it's not a crime.

There was shrimp from slave ships being put in with suppliers that sold to walmart and another I can't remember

No, that shrimp came from a Thai slave ship


Just imagine how the Chinese treat their own people

It has to be like the movie Equilibrium. lol

South Korea is that way I heard. They have no crime cause they know they get caught

You mean President Bulworth

@Tian Fan You like? lol

If I was that guy i probably not be talking here. hehe

@Tian Fan not sure why you were asking.

I'm getting there. lol

Yea, you gotta connect with the people


2020-04-22 18:09:55 UTC [welp. u already Kno... #music]  

history of the song above https://youtu.be/FDVKMp1m82w

I must go im probably gonna take a long break from Discord
@happy . elf forever The word discord according to webster dictionary means lack of agreement or harmony. If it is how facebook was for me it's best to just leave completely. lol

In Southern California the air pollution is so low now. Do you notice any difference where you guys live? Also, Do you notice any physical changes as far as well physical well being and mentally feeling more rested? For some reason since everything been shut down I notice my skin is better and I'm losing some weight. I notice also my animals are more calm and also seem to be losing weight. I'm wondering how the air pollution reduction is effecting us positively.

The thumbnail reminds me of doctor evil doing the macarena. πŸ˜›

> https://youtu.be/Ug75diEyiA0
@Deleted User This was a bad joke for those less endowed

What part of Cali are you in?

Oh thought you maybe lived here

I like Eastern Europeans. They are a good kind of jerky. lol

That's what America needs

Do you think India has a red pill?

Endless explain to bittu what red pill means

Fact over feelings

India knows how feelings and facts work together I think

@bittu How much of India is feelings versus facts

@bittu What do you think of Sadghuru?

@bittu If they are frauds why do they get so much power?

@bittu So religion is what they use to blind folks

You think I don't believe in God?

Or bittu?

Go rest up. Don't stress. none intended

God rewards good efforts with humility

I misunderstood. difference in culture

@bittu Do you believe in Christian God or Hindu?

I know someone who is Half Indian and Half Mexican. They believe in Christ

Did you grow up with Islam?

And Hindu?

Muslims I know had the biggest empire in the world and were most tolerant at some point

@Deleted User What defines a fanatic?

over a non-fanatic?

Fanatic means not accepting other ways

Muslim empire operated through spying and checks on the empire with spies

The spying is what leads to instability eventually. You can't always dictate through subversion

@happy . elf forever Your problem is Not all Muslims and Christians are assholes

But they get labeled as such

It's implied


People die because people get fanatical about beliefs

Some are worth dying for

America was founded on people who were persecuted for their beliefs and were financially indebted with a corrupt system

@bittu He stated Christians do not accept others ways. I don't believe good Christians push other away.

@bittu you know the difference between a Catholic and a Protestant?

Protestant believe we are saved for our beliefs

Catholics believe you are saved by your works

Truth comes some where in between. You cannot let your belief make you work in wrong ways

And you cannot just work and believe you will be saved...

You must look for God and within yourself

We all make mistakes

The goal is to forgive and stay in God before we lose our love

That is what create fanatics

Bad people who love others suffering

and make money from our suffering

Not always...I show kindness to Chinese friend. He back stab you for power, money and his image

He spit on your face when you try and do him a kindness

This is why China cannot be trusted

If he cut your nose off you cannot be nice


You must defend not only your good but those around you influenced by his misdeeds

His misdeeds define his whole culture if no good Chinese stand up

Just like fanatics define all people and give them a bad name

It's not easy to see Chinese subversion

Western folk are blind to it

Or if they aren't they are blinded by profit

I believe kindness is earned

If someone is rude you must see why first

If you know why then you decide to be kind or to not be

SOmetimes to not be nice is better first.

Iran does it all the time to the USA

I know some good Iranians too

Micro and Macra are connected

True. But Most folkks I met that are very wealthy and very poor are very similar


oh ok

Leaders of a country define their people

Poor leaders make their people poor

Sometimes poor leaders are because people do not know what good is

YOu cannot see your chains unless you move


Bin Laden was a poor leader according to John Walker Lindh who met him.

Good leaders don't look for immediate results always. But they must take immediate actions when in crisis

Fruits of their work don't always bloom right away

and sometimes the fruits they reap are more than what they expected. That's when you know God is working

God is not always gentle and kind

@happy . elf forever Yea, but the undertone can be taken that way

@happy . elf forever Just explain what you mean by your statement you made about Christians and fanatics

@bittu Is that accordingt to Islam?

@happy . elf forever You stated something about Christians implying they were not accepting of other cultures

and you said something about fanatics

Calling out your bullshit


Can't if you deleted it. lol

> Why would they accept other ways Christians don't why should we?
@happy . elf forever this is what you said. It implies Christians are fanatics

I communicate fine.

It's the problem with folks when they don't clarify

I had the same issue when the internet came out with my gf

You say something in person and online when you say it they don't hear you correctly


@happy . elf forever I don't think you have honor. You dishonor right now.

If you had honor you would not try to subvert with insult

You are the troll

Explain yourself and why you said what you did?

Is that so hard?

I don't need you to cum on my face over it jeez



@bittu Do you get what I'm saying?

@happy . elf forever Those who think they are limited are the limiters usually

What is the benefit of being Orthodox

I dunno. I know folks they left Both Islam and Catholicism

I think that's why the Vatican is down with Islam


how many months for that beard?

That's cool man. I can't grow a beard. It's not in my genes

Is the word Jew banned?

Is that a new thing?

Or has it always been like that and they never enforced it?

If you are Jewish is it a violation of the terms?

I have some DNA supposedly

So in that respect yes

I think it shouldn't be banned. I'm for analysis of the context of the language used. I'd prefer stuff not be told in code words

It's like the whole black lives matter movement

It's code for something else than just what they claim

I'd say both.

Extreme persecution is a common theme in both groups

And how it causes them to act out

Even folks I met in Hollywood that have a lot of money don't seem to be able to see outside of a persecutorial lens. It makes me sad

No. I just like open discussion. I was testing out saying the word in different servers to see if it's actually automatically censored out to say chosen race individual

Those of the Jewish faith

To me the whole thinking is drawing black lines and forcing folks to choose a side

Automatic assumptions based on linguistic programming

My biggest pet peeve is never make assumptions

It's the whole basis of Presumption of innoncence

Where the UK was automatic presumption of guilt

The internet is forcing folks into being guilty or not guilty piece by piece and force radicalization based on their labels

Those are my two cents

Most extremist want to create rules to force or coerce a choice to be made so you can be categorized

@red I watched that when it first started circulating on YT long ago....

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