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Haha road warrior shit right there

Yo to the yo

At work; ready to get outta here and do some target shooting this evening.

Na im gonna test out the AR I built

Right on


5.56 Ghost Rifle/Grid Defense 16in upper, Anderson lower, Aero Precision lower parts, Strike Industries charging handle and trigger guard, magpul stock and grip, tatcticon IBUS, VISM bipod and red dot/laser

And a Beta C mag lol

Hell if the owner of the property doesn't care i may live stream it on twitch

Cough cough


heading to bed actually...sooo have a great nite/day.

Heyo, hope everyone is having a great day. Taking a break from yardwork.

*dumps canoe into Huck's pool*

*spreads out inflatable mattress in canoe*

climb aboard

lol its 85 here atm

*mans the helm* where to my lady?


oh, forgot to tell you...



aww and they were so stylish

erm... nope nope nope

not once in my life have i tried em

was gonna make a Joe Biden leg hair joke but nah...

๐Ÿคฎ not in the pool...

Because everyone needs a Gatling gun... no NFA required!

got ham n beans in the crockpot, gonna grill burgers n dogs later

this is more baked/bbq beans, but yeah i love the soup too

kinda clean out the fridge potluck lol

1 1/2# of ham in it, so the dogs are standalone tonite otherwise i would

ham, can of pork n beans, can of great northern beans, can of pinto beans, can of kidney beans, 1/2 onion, 1/2 tomater, 2 cups amish apple butter bbq sauce


!search slowdive avalyn live








Someone's always got a worse job than yours.

its uber nomz

why not?

only thing i've used it for before was dipping chicken tenders, and topping a meatloaf

its sweet, but not too sweet

good balance of acidity and sugar

Ok, off to do something. Daylight's wasting lol ๐Ÿ‘‹ ๐Ÿ’‹

I'm at work otherwise I would.

Someone tossed a lit cig and started a little fire outside my store. Just helped a cop put it out lol.

The GAME is live, join us:

Good day patriots

Cleaning up storm damage today.... Yay just what i wanted to do on my day off.


hey, we're getting some really sad news right now

uncomfirmed right now but people are saying Pro Life Warrior (Michelle) lost her husband and a daughter in a motorcycle accident today. We're trying to get some info.


Ok folks... Michelle popped in the chat and sadly confirmed that she lost her husband and daughter today in an accident... There are no words.

We're raising funds to send her family a sympathy food gift, probably candy/chocolate covered fruit etc. For convenience Wizard is taking care of it thru his paypal project page if anyone would like to donate here's the link. We raised $125 last check tonite.

I'm just stunned.

She's an absolute CRUSADER in her fight against abortion. To have this happen... damn It just boggles my mind. I pray she finds peace and comfort for herself and her loved ones.

just a drunk HULLLLOOOO


i had fun trolling that CHAZ server... such tiny little minds, no cognitive reasoning

80 total messages. Viewing 250 per page.
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