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2018-09-05 03:00:04 UTC

Under obama there were hundreds of bases opened across Africa

2018-09-05 03:00:07 UTC

Too bad it's like investing into Venezuela, most of it will be "appropriated" by local war lords

2018-09-05 03:00:08 UTC

America needs to tell isreal to fuck off or stop fucking around

2018-09-05 03:00:11 UTC

well so has France, I dont know if the rest of Europe really gives a shit anymore

2018-09-05 03:00:28 UTC

There's like two powers in Europe

2018-09-05 03:00:30 UTC

UK and France

2018-09-05 03:00:35 UTC

they're the only ones with a stable army

2018-09-05 03:00:38 UTC

Germany is such shit now

2018-09-05 03:00:42 UTC

And I fucking hate it

2018-09-05 03:00:49 UTC

yeah germany isnt even in contention anymore

2018-09-05 03:01:05 UTC

i mean switzerland has a great army but they never instigate

2018-09-05 03:01:12 UTC

Germany has like

2018-09-05 03:01:14 UTC


2018-09-05 03:01:16 UTC

2 jets in function

2018-09-05 03:01:40 UTC

Tbf the Swiss are still operating 3rd and early 4th gen fighters

2018-09-05 03:02:02 UTC

Their military is pretty dated and inexperienced

2018-09-05 03:02:04 UTC

Nobody wants to fuck with the swiss

2018-09-05 03:02:07 UTC

>Thinking air power is the only indicator of a good military

2018-09-05 03:02:07 UTC

That's what happens when you try moving to over priced 4th and 5th Gen

2018-09-05 03:02:10 UTC

They got the dollaridos

2018-09-05 03:02:30 UTC

They don't need a good military, the economic weight they have is a good deterrent

2018-09-05 03:02:56 UTC


2018-09-05 03:02:58 UTC


2018-09-05 03:03:02 UTC


2018-09-05 03:03:10 UTC

so the Foreign legion?

2018-09-05 03:03:15 UTC

Not "Native Germans of Colour"

2018-09-05 03:03:23 UTC

Idk if Max is here

2018-09-05 03:03:29 UTC

He was in the french army and FFL

2018-09-05 03:03:39 UTC

he said that the germans were the msot shit of all the people he trained with

2018-09-05 03:04:00 UTC

Not shocking

2018-09-05 03:04:13 UTC

And the Italians, Belgians and anglos being the more pro

2018-09-05 03:04:33 UTC

>TFW the Italians are better fighters than you

2018-09-05 03:04:48 UTC

The Italians don't fuck around

2018-09-05 03:04:58 UTC

Yeah, great food

2018-09-05 03:05:13 UTC

I’ve heard Americans say we’re well trained

2018-09-05 03:05:13 UTC

The Italians army is pretty good

2018-09-05 03:05:25 UTC

By who, who u mean

2018-09-05 03:05:25 UTC

Oh, how times have changed

2018-09-05 03:05:37 UTC

Nigger if I qualify as well trained holy shit I fear for everyone else

2018-09-05 03:05:45 UTC

Leaf army, two years

2018-09-05 03:05:59 UTC

You prob have the same training as the UK or some shit

2018-09-05 03:06:21 UTC

Leaf army is just sad imo

2018-09-05 03:06:28 UTC

I’ve heard good stuff about col moschin from a friend who worked next to them in Afghanistan

2018-09-05 03:06:53 UTC
2018-09-05 03:06:55 UTC

Leaf infantry is p good

2018-09-05 03:07:12 UTC

For what it’s worth, it’s not for lack of trying

2018-09-05 03:07:22 UTC

Our equipment is garbage or from the 80’s

2018-09-05 03:07:28 UTC

France too dw

2018-09-05 03:07:29 UTC

Or personal purchase

2018-09-05 03:07:41 UTC

most soldiers having operations in africa buy their own stuff

2018-09-05 03:07:44 UTC

We've also got a large "Progressive" problem

2018-09-05 03:07:57 UTC

Canada has a moderate one

2018-09-05 03:08:02 UTC

At least in the army

2018-09-05 03:08:13 UTC

Macron upped the budget of the army so i cant rly say

2018-09-05 03:08:14 UTC

In the Navy then it's much worse

2018-09-05 03:08:50 UTC

I swear, many rad-fems that leave the Navy around here.

2018-09-05 03:09:34 UTC

They join up, get positions they're not willing to fill, and then bugger off once they get what they want outta the system.

2018-09-05 03:45:08 UTC


2018-09-05 03:47:16 UTC

<:abyss:427183682747367425> <:abyss:427183682747367425>

2018-09-05 03:58:13 UTC

"Unexpectedly" Right...


2018-09-05 04:34:40 UTC


2018-09-05 04:38:29 UTC


2018-09-05 04:38:49 UTC


2018-09-05 05:42:22 UTC

*Heh*, I remember being 18 and buy my monster

2018-09-05 06:08:33 UTC

people are unironically sharing this shit in university
an institution of higher learning
I should have just learned a trade tbh

2018-09-05 06:17:21 UTC

>going to university

2018-09-05 06:17:35 UTC

I mean, in China they send you to re-education camps for free

2018-09-05 06:20:19 UTC

education system is infected

2018-09-05 07:00:17 UTC

Tbh considering just getting an rsa or something and being a bartender cos fuck this

2018-09-05 07:02:27 UTC

Blyat, what the fuck did I just read.

2018-09-05 07:02:50 UTC

Holy crap, that article.

2018-09-05 07:03:25 UTC

Hopefully they don't reproduce...

2018-09-05 07:12:33 UTC

Rostelle is too autistic to work with glass and alcohol

2018-09-05 07:37:20 UTC

>words like postman are now offensive

2018-09-05 07:37:27 UTC

this is really autistic

2018-09-05 07:38:41 UTC


2018-09-05 07:38:48 UTC


2018-09-05 07:44:59 UTC

Wait what

2018-09-05 07:47:17 UTC


2018-09-05 08:14:36 UTC

nibling sounds like a veiled racial slur

2018-09-05 08:15:00 UTC

rostell gonna break a spade over someones head when they complain about drinks

2018-09-05 08:15:32 UTC

my only consolation is that my degree is worth something at least

2018-09-05 08:35:46 UTC

The lesbian fish monster that I worked with was a low key one of those that bought into the pronouns and shit.,

2018-09-05 08:38:29 UTC

@-={rostelle}=- pro tip, its fucking gay in hospitality

2018-09-05 08:43:38 UTC

oh god, i can only imagine the insanity if i end up having some fat feminazi as a patient and completely ignoring the diet plan i give the damned thing.

2018-09-05 08:43:52 UTC

and insists i use those autistic pronouns.

2018-09-05 08:52:49 UTC

Rip dick in butt

2018-09-05 09:12:16 UTC

inazuma is too autistic to work period

2018-09-05 09:12:51 UTC

@blyat it's more socially acceptable than yeeting a child against the wall

2018-09-05 09:14:35 UTC

is yeeting a child against the wall ever acceptable though

2018-09-05 09:14:51 UTC

also @Tim Not Tamed aren't you in hospitality mate

2018-09-05 09:15:05 UTC

when the parents forget to pay me 3 days straight

2018-09-05 09:15:50 UTC

don't you charge by session for tutoring them whatever the fuck the kid needs help with

2018-09-05 09:16:01 UTC

how can they forget for 3 days

2018-09-05 09:16:13 UTC

"oh i'lll get it to you next time so sorry"

2018-09-05 09:16:25 UTC

@blyat thats why i know its fucking gay. I have never wanted to kill myself more than when im working

2018-09-05 09:17:03 UTC

where do you work again, like a hotel or smth?

2018-09-05 09:17:44 UTC

Yeah, hotel and casino. I got moved in a vip only area. And fuck my life, i didnt think it could get worse. But i was wrong

2018-09-05 09:18:10 UTC

do old rich ladies touch your butt and invite you for special session πŸ˜‰

2018-09-05 09:18:41 UTC

your ass is the prize the jeriatrics were rollign for

2018-09-05 09:19:00 UTC

@-={rostelle}=- what do you teach

2018-09-05 09:19:03 UTC

is it English

2018-09-05 09:19:06 UTC

Unironically, more old men have touched me

2018-09-05 09:19:34 UTC

English yeah
before that i worked with children in speech therapy

2018-09-05 09:19:50 UTC

because the geriatrics who pay you to teach their children won't like the test scores their kids get with "jeriatric"

2018-09-05 09:20:15 UTC

oh so it is English
the joy of teaching kids who would rather do anything but learn the language

2018-09-05 09:20:56 UTC

they're all like grade 7 now anyway they won't need the word geriatric

2018-09-05 09:21:27 UTC

i teach them to write essays and boy do streetshitters suck at understanding the question

2018-09-05 09:21:40 UTC

granted it's extremely bullshit

2018-09-05 09:21:45 UTC

Fucking indians

2018-09-05 09:22:23 UTC


2018-09-05 09:22:29 UTC

teaching pajeets would make me suicidal

2018-09-05 09:22:34 UTC

no white people ask for tutoring at grade 7
it's all pajeets and pajeetalinas

2018-09-05 09:23:03 UTC

it's more accurate to use the word *tween*

2018-09-05 09:23:13 UTC

extra annoying

2018-09-05 09:23:18 UTC

How do you survive? Cause like, you racist as fuck

2018-09-05 09:23:26 UTC

60 an hour

2018-09-05 09:23:40 UTC

shilling to that much helps

2018-09-05 09:24:56 UTC

And how many hours are you putting in a week?

2018-09-05 09:25:00 UTC

imagine the smelle

2018-09-05 09:25:17 UTC

only outside in the street @Dickbutt

2018-09-05 09:25:35 UTC

and ordinarilly like 7
otherwise i actually can't take it

2018-09-05 09:26:11 UTC

Aye thats pretty good

2018-09-05 09:26:52 UTC

especially if you're a bab

2018-09-05 09:26:59 UTC

Wish I was on 60 an hour lmao

2018-09-05 09:27:16 UTC

NEET life till the end of hte month then back to living off my student loan

2018-09-05 09:27:52 UTC

I work so many fucked hours, im basically always on penalty rates, but it certainly dont get to 60

2018-09-05 09:28:12 UTC

it's stupid good for being a child
i only know one kid my age who makes more money

2018-09-05 09:28:24 UTC

he sell drugs?

2018-09-05 09:28:33 UTC

no that is another kid

2018-09-05 09:28:42 UTC

this one works as a butcher

2018-09-05 09:28:54 UTC

not bad

2018-09-05 09:29:02 UTC

Man I wish I;d actually gone into a vocation

2018-09-05 09:29:07 UTC

rather than suffering at uni

2018-09-05 09:29:10 UTC

he does work 10 or so hours

2018-09-05 09:29:20 UTC

I'm a pretty good tailor tbh

2018-09-05 09:29:23 UTC

for my own stuff

2018-09-05 09:29:28 UTC

Could prolly make something of it

2018-09-05 09:29:38 UTC

>people commission you for fursuits

2018-09-05 09:29:39 UTC

what do

2018-09-05 09:29:47 UTC

as much as i despise furries

2018-09-05 09:29:55 UTC

theres easy fucking money to be made

2018-09-05 09:30:08 UTC

I'd love to make my own uniform

2018-09-05 09:31:21 UTC

people tryna jew me Β£300 for a tailored WW1 uniform

2018-09-05 09:34:39 UTC


2018-09-05 09:36:22 UTC

furries at least would pay way too much fuckin money

2018-09-05 09:37:31 UTC


2018-09-05 09:38:22 UTC

what the *fuck*

2018-09-05 09:38:43 UTC

apparently I am not making as much money as I can be
catering to the furry market has a lot of cash in it for some goddamn reason

2018-09-05 09:40:13 UTC

yeah it does

2018-09-05 09:40:13 UTC

Why do you think there are so monay artists in the furry community. The name of the game is selling to peoples sexual desires

2018-09-05 09:40:16 UTC

artists get paid fuck tonne

2018-09-05 09:41:25 UTC

I think i had a stroke while i was typing "many"

2018-09-05 09:42:52 UTC

monet artist

2018-09-05 09:43:58 UTC

i guess it is also kinda like hush money for being discreet

2018-09-05 09:44:12 UTC

getting paid that much you don't wanna alienate the client by letting them know your

2018-09-05 09:44:20 UTC

if you can put up with drawing scat and furry shit all the time

2018-09-05 09:44:53 UTC

ah yes, the old art of doing undesirable things for money

2018-09-05 09:45:31 UTC

... I mean, thats what i do. I dare say im not getting paid enough

2018-09-05 09:45:32 UTC

i think it's because it's hard to get anybody to draw furry scat

2018-09-05 09:45:39 UTC

high demand low supply

2018-09-05 09:46:22 UTC


2018-09-05 09:47:07 UTC

my child you have graduated from a prestigious art school
will you take the path of the poor, avant-garde artist struggling to come up with new pieces
or will you want a lot of money to draw animals eating each other's shit

2018-09-05 09:47:39 UTC

Anthropomorphic animals at that

2018-09-05 09:47:43 UTC

also one of the RAs in my hall is called "Monet"
like the artist

2018-09-05 09:47:54 UTC


2018-09-05 09:48:24 UTC

Blyat, if you do art, it's best to just fucking best to accept that you're pretty much a hooker to some people and have to do things for money

2018-09-05 09:48:24 UTC

except her last name and appearance is distinctly japanese

2018-09-05 09:49:03 UTC

I sketch planes when I visit AFBs, that's about it
i have little artistic imagination to come up with things based on a description alone

2018-09-05 09:51:08 UTC

But no, when I need money it's either music, writing, or IT
those are done quick and pay well

2018-09-05 09:51:43 UTC

My artistic ability is limited to painting models

2018-09-05 09:54:09 UTC

Whats "artistic ability"

2018-09-05 09:54:45 UTC

you won't imagine how much people pay to have a string quartet at their events, whatever they may be

2018-09-05 09:55:35 UTC

are you a celloist?

2018-09-05 09:56:02 UTC

yes, I am

2018-09-05 09:57:54 UTC

Blyat> @cerafuki
Change my mind, pro tip, you cant

2018-09-05 09:58:05 UTC

that's mean

2018-09-05 09:58:24 UTC

blyat is just cerafuki in the future

2018-09-05 09:58:35 UTC

so of course he has more practice

2018-09-05 09:58:58 UTC

It is, but its mutual meanery
You know, now that you point it out, you might not be wrong

2018-09-05 09:59:06 UTC

>tfw I need an actual music degree to do music for the AF

2018-09-05 09:59:25 UTC

We need to get cerafuki to lift

2018-09-05 09:59:43 UTC

lifting fucks with cello and piano a lil but

2018-09-05 10:00:08 UTC

custom tailored my tux for more room in the shoulders and upper arm for movement

2018-09-05 10:01:17 UTC


2018-09-05 10:01:39 UTC
2018-09-05 10:06:24 UTC

whenever I think about how I won't be able to own one of those sweet bofors 40mms
I get the big sad

2018-09-05 10:09:13 UTC

Shitty memes have ruined me. I saw bofors and all i could think was bofa

2018-09-05 10:14:18 UTC


2018-09-05 10:14:34 UTC

You see it now too, dont you

2018-09-05 10:23:03 UTC

The first thing I saw was 40mms and I thought that I'm a fag for thinking about a caliber

2018-09-05 10:23:16 UTC

Cuz the artsy stuff you talked about

2018-09-05 10:26:03 UTC

Then I read the rest of it and yee

2018-09-05 10:30:29 UTC

This is truly the worst timeline

2018-09-05 10:46:16 UTC

what a great and diverse crowd we have

2018-09-05 10:47:19 UTC

I'll be here all night folks

2018-09-05 10:51:20 UTC

Finna kms before in a day older than 22

2018-09-05 10:53:59 UTC

I'm a year older than you boy

2018-09-05 10:54:04 UTC

You're not an old man yet

2018-09-05 10:54:26 UTC

Now 23

2018-09-05 10:54:30 UTC

I'd consider it

2018-09-05 11:12:04 UTC

Just do shit if you wanna be artsy

2018-09-05 11:13:27 UTC

Im a photographer so I do a mix of personal work mostly being street photography and urban exploration, then the stuff I get payed for which is shooting events and individual or couple photoshoots

2018-09-05 11:15:10 UTC

Semi pro photographer here and hes right.

2018-09-05 11:15:22 UTC

photograph these nuts

2018-09-05 11:15:24 UTC


2018-09-05 11:15:48 UTC

I usually get paid for weeb shit and cosplay and take gun photos in my free time

2018-09-05 11:15:55 UTC

I also dabble in stock photos

2018-09-05 11:18:06 UTC

i got paid to climb a mountain with some folks and take photos for them

2018-09-05 11:18:19 UTC

check gigs for those, they pay pretty damn well

2018-09-05 11:21:43 UTC

lowkey glad I didn't go to Japan cause they're eating shit from a big-ass typhoon atm


2018-09-05 11:23:34 UTC


2018-09-05 11:38:26 UTC

Lol it's usually the Philippines that get assfukt by typhoons

2018-09-05 11:38:57 UTC

Guess you are a jap?

2018-09-05 11:38:58 UTC

yeah it do

2018-09-05 11:39:18 UTC

@Tim Not Tamed did you write something and delete it

2018-09-05 11:39:20 UTC

I saw

2018-09-05 11:40:39 UTC

Did i?

2018-09-05 11:41:07 UTC

did you?


2018-09-05 11:41:18 UTC

there's no escaping @Tim Not Tamed

2018-09-05 11:41:52 UTC

you stated that rabbit was a jap
either that, or you asked if he was

2018-09-05 11:42:11 UTC

*there is no escape*

2018-09-05 11:42:19 UTC

Yeah, its still there? Because i know its typhoon season in jap land atm

2018-09-05 11:42:42 UTC

I am not a jap

2018-09-05 11:42:59 UTC

Ah my bad

2018-09-05 11:43:09 UTC

oh it's still there? maybe i just can't see it then

2018-09-05 11:43:13 UTC

It's aight moi nigge

2018-09-05 11:43:24 UTC

what are u

2018-09-05 11:43:40 UTC

Fuckin peenoi

2018-09-05 11:43:59 UTC

cool beans

2018-09-05 11:48:12 UTC

I also take pictures

2018-09-05 11:48:19 UTC

Of ingame tonks

2018-09-05 11:49:09 UTC

If I was at my desktop I'd drop ingame photos that are peak aesthetic

2018-09-05 11:55:28 UTC

Best one yet


2018-09-05 11:55:35 UTC

Looking forward to em my dude

2018-09-05 11:57:31 UTC

flower fields are aesthetic


2018-09-05 11:59:03 UTC

Where is that?

2018-09-05 12:39:04 UTC

Tomita Farm

2018-09-05 12:39:16 UTC

they're most famous for their lavender fields

2018-09-05 12:45:26 UTC

in ur mum

2018-09-05 14:59:20 UTC

The new ops are fucking lulzy

2018-09-05 14:59:35 UTC

Wakanda lady vs Baguette boi

2018-09-05 14:59:40 UTC

Shields up

2018-09-05 14:59:43 UTC

Guns out

2018-09-05 14:59:45 UTC

Who win

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