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Sadmin is basically a really fat possum



incest and from the south

same thing you fuckin slut

and that's like actual canon

Effect of the curse, it warped her scalp
so she arranges her hair to make it look more fitting

Marisa ain’t a useless fuck like cirno


Fuckin dumbass fairy

Zun never asked for this

Zun needs to be drunk after touhou

>zun later kills himself upon sobering

Found at the local hairdressers


They said “kill yourself you damn weeaboo lmao”

You gonna take tim's furry fetish commission then?
you'd probably enjoy drawing it tbh @Inazuma

tim wants that nasu with a horsecock

I thought germans were into scat not fur


Fate steals its own OCs

Because even Takeuchi is self aware and the franchise memes about it @blyat

Unironic nazbols exist

Unironically shouting nazbol gang and shit

Nazbol League of Gamers rise up

gohan is just super wholesome

you get to see kerry happy tbh

Tbh considering just getting an rsa or something and being a bartender cos fuck this

inazuma is too autistic to work period

@blyat it's more socially acceptable than yeeting a child against the wall

when the parents forget to pay me 3 days straight

"oh i'lll get it to you next time so sorry"

where do you work again, like a hotel or smth?

your ass is the prize the jeriatrics were rollign for

English yeah
before that i worked with children in speech therapy

they're all like grade 7 now anyway they won't need the word geriatric

i teach them to write essays and boy do streetshitters suck at understanding the question

granted it's extremely bullshit

no white people ask for tutoring at grade 7
it's all pajeets and pajeetalinas

it's more accurate to use the word *tween*

shilling to that much helps

only outside in the street @Dickbutt

and ordinarilly like 7
otherwise i actually can't take it

it's stupid good for being a child
i only know one kid my age who makes more money

no that is another kid

this one works as a butcher

he does work 10 or so hours

>people commission you for fursuits

furries at least would pay way too much fuckin money

i think it's because it's hard to get anybody to draw furry scat

high demand low supply

are you a celloist?

blyat is just cerafuki in the future

so of course he has more practice

>not hunting squirrels with 50BMG

didn't they turn it into jazz for 14.5

i'm just imagining a really long saxophone solo

it's just a flight simulator

with all the themes turned into eurobeat

actually cos there's like a fuckton of music circles for 2hu i wonder if there is actual eurobeat shit of it

oh yeah 15.5 didn't yukari get a fuckin hardbass theme or some shit

boy theres alot of untz

>zun shotguns two bottles of vodka before making the theme

cirnos perfect fortnite default dance

i mean the fighting games for touhou just look wierd tbh

do it or your a pussy

when are you gonna build a patriot

is this military red bull

we need to get 50ccs of pure methylated spirits into zun stat

>all the numbers are ascii for a gachi meme

just shoot the nigger wyd lmao

But Tim’s a ham planet

AirDrop this to their phones


Now do a study on furry profile pictures

Ah understandable have day

Insert the greentext of the dinosexual Guy here

He’s just a shill

If they wanna be wolves we should have legal rights to hunt them

Furry art is just wolf monster girl

A wolfs tail sticks out straight

It’s chest is narrower

Niggas that genuinely think they’re deers though

Literally that one fucker in golden kamui

Listen up you chicken nugget looking asshole

Hey were the same height blyat

Grew an inch this year

He did it to take a massive fucking shit

And came back to her getting insect fetish arted

Can you bench tim though @Sadmin

Now that was an answer to the tim question

I was a skeleton this whole time I fooled you all


I’m inside ALL OF YOU

Blame sadmin he made it sexual

Or if you take her to Olive Garden

Italian food is fucking GAY @Sadmin

You are a breadstick

You’re just infinite gay


They’re gonna run out before you get here sadmin

Y’all Americans wildin

Y’all Americans fuck at 12 though

“I still have the night mark”

I’ll sleep with your mum you gay

Sadmin is a big poopoo head

Sadmin feasted on some brap girls dookie

What even is Olive Garden

Is it just Italian nandos

Go to church or smh sadmin

raifu waifu frontlaifu

They’re attracted to me magnetically


Sadmin also thinks girls are into insects going up their cunts in general so I don’t think you should trust him

Fuck the train tbh smh

she'll do it while fortninte dancing

i hate this almost

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