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2018-01-26 02:10:52 UTC


2018-01-26 02:28:12 UTC


2018-01-26 02:28:20 UTC

fixed spelling and resized

2018-01-26 17:15:22 UTC

I love this

2018-01-26 17:15:31 UTC

Good job @RagBat#9038

2018-01-26 17:15:57 UTC

LoS and TWP alliance is strong and good, as it ought to be.

2018-01-26 18:12:56 UTC

Thx bb

2018-01-26 20:01:52 UTC

Is LoS our, dare I say it, greatest ally? šŸ¤”

2018-01-26 20:14:14 UTC

if the <@&274905555318079488> want me to create prop I'll happily do it, just lmk what stuff you want

2018-01-29 00:17:43 UTC

we need more anti-labor union stuff

2018-01-29 00:46:38 UTC

labor unions are fine, at least in theory

2018-01-29 01:02:55 UTC

not in my opinion

2018-01-29 01:03:11 UTC

they're always hives of leftism.

2018-01-29 01:03:32 UTC

and they're antithetical to the National Socialist state

2018-01-29 01:04:47 UTC

The National Socialist state is the labor union of the Aryan Worker

2018-01-29 01:05:03 UTC

TWP is pro-worker, so anti-union rhetoric is counter intuitive to our platform.

2018-01-29 01:05:24 UTC

The Party should be the union

2018-01-29 01:05:43 UTC

We don't have state control, so that isn't possible, at the moment.

2018-01-29 01:06:34 UTC

we don't have union control, either. many, many union workers are leftists, especially the leadership

2018-01-29 01:06:48 UTC

Like I said, the idea of them is good

2018-01-29 01:06:57 UTC

Even if most modern unions are bad

2018-01-29 01:07:41 UTC

Most rank and file union workers are on our side, the union oligarchy are the ones who are PoS.

2018-01-29 01:08:20 UTC

and i don't think it's wrong or unfair if a company hired non-unionized workers. why should the union picket? To me, there's no quarrel if the men being hired are our blood. I believe in free enterprise, so long as there are controls

2018-01-29 01:08:45 UTC

LOL muh free enterprise...now that is contradictory to NS.

2018-01-29 01:08:54 UTC

no it's not

2018-01-29 01:09:11 UTC

The whole point of having a union is because the company can't fire everybody, they'd have nobody to run the place

2018-01-29 01:09:33 UTC

there's a difference between high finance and hiring a non-unionized construction crew

2018-01-29 01:09:41 UTC

If they can freely hire non-union workers, then the union can't protect anyone

2018-01-29 01:10:46 UTC

so what?

2018-01-29 01:11:04 UTC

the whole point of unions is to protect workers

2018-01-29 01:12:12 UTC

so their version of protecting people is throwing tantrums if someone wants to hire someone else who's unaffiliated? The state should provide protections for workers

2018-01-29 01:12:30 UTC

Yes, free enterprise = capitalism.

I consider myself a mixture of distributism and corporatism, which incorporates a level of "free enterprise", but not without the level of protection that worker syndicates and guilds provide.

2018-01-29 01:14:23 UTC

picketing their kin for living their own lives is wrong. if i want to hire a team of non-unionized construction workers, i'll do it. Money is going to White families and I get the work I want done. Laws will be in place to protect people. I'm allowed to hire who I think will best serve me for the money i'm doling out

2018-01-29 01:14:39 UTC

If companies can hire outside the union, they can diminish the protection the union offers until its meaningless

2018-01-29 01:15:05 UTC

Unions striking to prevent that is working as designed

2018-01-29 01:15:17 UTC

"living their own lives"...the people live for the nation and their folk, not to appease their own individual needs.

2018-01-29 01:15:38 UTC

so companies should be bound by law to hire only people who join unions?

2018-01-29 01:16:15 UTC

only in companies where unions are already established

2018-01-29 01:16:38 UTC

Bro, this is a socialist group, not a capitalist one...you are arguing for money, individualism, and capitalism...you are not going to get far with these arguments in TWP.

2018-01-29 01:16:58 UTC

If companies would do what's in the best interests of the people, it wouldn't be necessary

2018-01-29 01:18:32 UTC

The state should be the only thing a worker needs

2018-01-29 01:18:38 UTC

Worker's unions and guilds are sanctioned by the state to protect the interests of both business and the needs of the working-class.

2018-01-29 01:19:41 UTC

Laws are meaningless, if people aren't held accountable to them by their peers...which is where syndicates and guilds come in

2018-01-29 01:21:25 UTC

People can be free within constraints. Companies have a right to do business so long as the laws are in place to protect employees and the greater culture & race. Rockwell believed in free enterprise and Hitler banned labor unions

2018-01-29 01:22:00 UTC

labor unions are antithetical to the goals of the National Socialist state. Wolves in sheeps' clothing.

2018-01-29 01:22:40 UTC

they're too left now and they'll suck power from the state in the future

2018-01-29 01:22:44 UTC

@John Mosby @Tarnfurt Hey try to avoid having conversations in these channels, this is one is supposed to be more of a database of posters lol

2018-01-29 10:52:14 UTC


2018-01-30 15:33:43 UTC




2018-01-30 15:33:51 UTC

Put these up today, feeling good

2018-01-30 15:35:01 UTC


2018-01-30 15:35:06 UTC


2018-01-30 15:35:15 UTC


2018-01-30 17:15:45 UTC

Love it

2018-01-30 17:33:56 UTC

Stolen from @Vic_Mackey

2018-01-30 17:47:32 UTC


2018-01-30 23:06:51 UTC


2018-01-30 23:07:07 UTC


2018-01-30 23:37:43 UTC

>implying it was a meme and not actual Tradworer propaganda

2018-01-31 00:08:09 UTC


2018-01-31 00:21:47 UTC


2018-01-31 03:19:09 UTC

@RagBat that's great! I bet those triggered the absolute dogshit out of the shitlibs

2018-01-31 03:19:32 UTC

Fed detected

2018-01-31 03:20:47 UTC

Heckeroo my fellow nazi, I betcha you sure triggered those libturds

2018-01-31 05:46:49 UTC

LOL not hardly.

2018-01-31 21:33:27 UTC

@Fevs I'm gonna fucking print that and poster it now just to spite you.

2018-01-31 21:37:37 UTC

Ughhhh bad ošŸ…±ļøtics

2018-02-01 06:56:21 UTC

@Flaxxer n-no balls

2018-02-01 07:12:51 UTC


2018-02-01 21:20:29 UTC


2018-02-01 21:24:07 UTC

Do any of you support a welfare state?

2018-02-01 21:30:10 UTC


2018-02-01 21:30:11 UTC

1)this is the wrong channel

2018-02-01 21:30:15 UTC


2018-02-01 21:30:18 UTC


2018-02-01 21:30:24 UTC

2) that's a loaded question you tardo

2018-02-02 11:01:35 UTC


2018-02-03 21:49:27 UTC


2018-02-04 04:29:02 UTC

@everyone Today I bought the domain for my new Nationalist Art website. We are just getting started, but seek content contributors in these mediums: Poetry, Fiction, Video, Visual Art, Photography and Music. The content doesn't have to be movement-specific, but we do seek contemporary art made by our guys expressing our worldview and experiences. It is named Outlawed Arts as our content is usually not welcome in mainstream spaces. This is a place for us to share our arts without apology. PM me if you are interested in being a part of this.

2018-02-04 04:35:04 UTC

>hidden valley ranch

2018-02-04 04:35:10 UTC


2018-02-04 05:00:41 UTC

Bleu cheese for life nigga

2018-02-04 11:43:12 UTC

@JCAdams hmu bro

2018-02-04 16:36:31 UTC

@HaupstĆ¼rmfuhrer Pepe Hidden valley? You mean that place where the brotherhood of steel hangout?

2018-02-04 17:08:31 UTC

oh shit

2018-02-04 17:08:46 UTC


2018-02-04 17:50:02 UTC

Blue cheese is ultra white but #general my nogs

2018-02-04 17:59:57 UTC


2018-02-05 05:10:39 UTC

Remember: every youth who joins our fight is one less system catamite

2018-02-05 05:56:05 UTC


2018-02-05 22:17:34 UTC

^this, but unironically

2018-02-06 14:47:06 UTC


2018-02-07 22:27:30 UTC


2018-02-08 05:43:05 UTC


2018-02-08 05:43:06 UTC


2018-02-08 05:43:07 UTC


2018-02-08 05:43:08 UTC


2018-02-08 05:43:08 UTC


2018-02-08 05:43:09 UTC


2018-02-08 05:43:10 UTC


2018-02-08 05:43:11 UTC


2018-02-08 05:43:11 UTC


2018-02-08 05:43:12 UTC


2018-02-08 05:43:25 UTC


2018-02-08 05:43:26 UTC


2018-02-08 05:43:27 UTC


2018-02-08 05:43:28 UTC


2018-02-08 05:43:29 UTC


2018-02-08 05:43:30 UTC


2018-02-09 04:17:25 UTC


2018-02-09 04:17:27 UTC


2018-02-12 06:02:41 UTC


2018-02-12 06:02:51 UTC

My oldest OC

2018-02-13 12:11:47 UTC

Cab someone edit this to say faggots instead of gay community, the baby won't let me get on my laptop yet


2018-02-13 12:27:50 UTC


2018-02-13 12:28:01 UTC
2018-02-13 12:36:59 UTC

FUCKING THANK YOU cos I didn't want to be a bitch but I honestly needed it right now. @Joey zyklon

2018-02-13 12:37:27 UTC

And I won't be able to get on my laptop for at least several more hours

2018-02-13 12:43:15 UTC

No problem

2018-02-13 12:56:00 UTC

Fag semen and fag feces creating fag AIDs...

2018-02-15 17:23:11 UTC





2018-02-15 22:55:03 UTC


2018-02-15 23:02:39 UTC


2018-02-15 23:03:30 UTC

Good stuff

2018-02-17 18:07:49 UTC


2018-02-17 18:28:24 UTC

Hell yeah

2018-02-18 02:11:36 UTC

this is the best channel

2018-02-18 03:13:52 UTC

Careful Tarnfurt

2018-02-18 03:14:00 UTC

You might get doxxed from this

2018-02-18 03:14:20 UTC
2018-02-18 03:15:08 UTC


2018-02-18 03:21:59 UTC

You have your face on a public server

2018-02-24 07:39:16 UTC


I need someone to make a new version of the Heimbach speaks event for the monday nearest to March 5th at Michigan State University in LansINg MI

2018-02-24 07:39:21 UTC


2018-02-24 12:51:05 UTC

@Hand Banana im pretty sure Heimbach already has @Jason Augustus working on that.

2018-02-24 12:51:12 UTC

Also, Heimbach says he will call you

2018-02-24 12:51:28 UTC

Like, today I. Guess

2018-02-24 13:07:06 UTC


2018-02-24 13:39:11 UTC

The flyer should be done by noon today apparently

2018-02-24 17:15:09 UTC

My phone is lost in my hoie somewhere if he called

2018-02-24 17:15:15 UTC

House not hole

2018-02-24 19:20:02 UTC

He hasn't yet

2018-02-24 19:20:05 UTC

He's in the shower

2018-02-24 19:20:11 UTC

I'll let him know @Hand Banana

2018-02-26 00:04:58 UTC


2018-03-03 02:28:12 UTC


2018-03-03 02:29:02 UTC

@FashyHillbilly Did you make that?

2018-03-03 02:29:07 UTC

If so make it in a lossless format

2018-03-03 02:31:31 UTC



2018-03-03 19:02:16 UTC


2018-03-03 19:28:44 UTC

The hell with putting leaflets in books, I'm using that from now on

2018-03-04 01:13:00 UTC


2018-03-06 23:29:10 UTC


2018-03-07 01:08:34 UTC

Hell yes!

2018-03-07 01:09:10 UTC

@Treudeutsch Can you add the TWP logo?

2018-03-07 01:09:31 UTC

I like the SA there too

2018-03-07 01:09:46 UTC

Both would be badass

2018-03-08 00:16:45 UTC


2018-03-08 00:25:33 UTC

Best meme yet

2018-03-08 01:52:38 UTC


2018-03-09 13:57:06 UTC


2018-03-09 22:14:58 UTC

I'm not much of a photo editor but this idea came to me about 10 min ago lol I'm sure someone can improve upon it.


2018-03-09 22:37:37 UTC

I'm not much of a photo editor but this idea came to me about 10 min ago lol I'm sure someone can improve upon it.


2018-03-10 00:28:26 UTC


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