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Scots free, the home gain is fucking us
the tendinitus is real though, just a compounding issue

No clue if i'll be fit them, but i can drive with my left foot if needed

I have chin strap, have shin guards and hat insert is in the mail.

Some time we should get together and set all this stuff up

Friday night we are dropping a banner with Paul

be there or be square

Banner drop

too easy

Paul told me to update you. I won’t be able to make it up this weekend.
I have something else I need to attend and I got tendinitis in my right foot. I don’t know what good I’ll be there, since I won’t be able to spare, do shield drills or hike with you guys.

Stand yes, not very far.
Football game.

Attending is a loose term, but does apply to me. Sorry to disappoint.

I see if I can have Paul make a manual for me to review

Might not have mentioned the C word.

Also, could you have some diagrams and guides of the drills for me to look over?

Would you care for me to clear the confusion and explain my personal life or stay confused and know I tried my to best to get out.

Because that’s what brothers do for each other. If he doesn’t want to do it, that’s fine. If it means I’m off the shield team, then that’s the hand life deals me.

Mandatory attendance for cadets. Letter requesting to miss game was denied. Time of game and event don’t like up in time for me to jump between.

I’m seeing how that goes over now.

Probably just be told to quit one org or the other lol

We shall see.

Waiting for the service to the nation speech

It’s the original student body of the university I’m in. It’s offices purpose is to build leaders for the future. This is either for the private sector or military.

3 years in, 1 more after this. Same for the program.
Training at the military level does, but US military no longer interest me.

That’s when I finally get to go home.

Wednesday might work.

Tuesday night might also work

If you’re will to come to Magnolia then I’ll work out a day.

No, I was going to drive with you guys.

Yeah, I’m not flying

Being in the airport in uniform

Trouser blounced

Excuse me excuse me navy seal coming through

I can do 72 push ups in a row, out of my way

Games usually. But we also have parades, training events and competitions.

A week to months depending.


Time and location for the meetup?

Okay. Sounds good. Gonna talk with Paul about arrangements

That’s a little too late for me.

I was hoping to back family dinner

But if it’s just an interview I’ll put out

Happy Thanksgiving to you too

Happy Thanksgiving brother


I have chin strap, I have chin guards, cap insert is coming Wednesday.
I have no shield.

I have sand paper but no spray paint.

Wednesday or Thursday evening could work for me.


I forgot my laptop in the back of your truck

I’m out front

By the office

Are you there mate?

I’ll have to come back later to get it. I’ve got to go.

Anytime now honestly

2 am!?I have a project due at midnight I need to submit

Do you know commons?

Texas A&M University
700 Mosher Ln
College Station, TX 77843

Back of your car.

Seat pocket, passenger seat.

Maps are all fucked up

Ahaha lol

You're right

It is probably a combination of both. We mess with Conservative mind so much. A Nationalist group, is fitter, more organized and disciplined than anything they can put together.
They need us to be a federal group to justify the fact that they are can not do what we do. They lack the commitment to see a group like our's appear.
Same thing with the uniform and fitness. Hard to get people to organize amongst their own because they is no leadership or standard. The same is true for fitness. How many of them are chubby and the like?

Far too many so they want us to be feds so it takes the burden off them.

My schedule is free Saturday so I’m down to help.

@ND - James TX Apologies for delayed response.

Paul is correct. I turned my phone off when Vincent told us to turn them off and I did not turn it make on until we left the camp sight and began our trip home.

Okay, sounds good.

Also did mean to not follow up on the opsec. Rocket logged me out and I had no idea.

Sounds good.

Don't fail Q

Okay, will do.

Also congrats, we all knew it, but it's offical now.

okay see you then.

White Honda?

Where do you want to meet?

8 pull ups, 72 push ups, 7:30 mile and 2:00 plank

Me too, but yeah go ahead with another meeting.

I'm pretty sure the first guy was up to no good. I not sure what his plan was, but if I had to guess he heard about what happened in VA with the cars and thought he could replicate what the rat had done.

Okay, will do.

Long time no talk.

I've done all the steps for re verify as layed out in the guide.

I am also try to get my phone to where it can join calls, so DouglasTX.2 would also be me.

Phone? Computer? Both?

Okay, let me work on that

Getting my phone verified since I will not be at home this evening.

Go back to the question I asked about him being adopted, and how he accepts his adopted families heritage when compared to America adopting foreign peoples. He answered with that he wasn’t black, but I think that would be good to come back to and have him elaborate on.
Also have him elaborate on any buzzwords or typical characteristic that are associated with nationalism that he uses or says he is.
Remember how the fury tried to drive home that he was straight, like that was going to save him and make us instantly accept him. Look for signs like that.
I tried to thinks up more and honestly the guys seems fairly genuine. Just get him talking and keep him talking. Get to know him better and if he slips up so be it.

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