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You're good to go for the trip, right? We must be in DFW by midnight Thursday the 2nd, to depart

Douglas TX @PF-8149

Okay. Sounds good. Gonna talk with Paul about arrangements


Hey man, since you payed for @NQ - Paul TX tire replacement I'm making sure you get compensated for that. Hope everything is going well for you since the march

We just got a new recruit in the Conroe/Woodland area. Would you be available this Saturday to go with me and vet him?

Douglas TX @PF-8149

My schedule is free Saturday so I’m down to help.

Wonderful, we have two applicants, both in the north Houston area. I've planned to meet one at 9 AM in Lake Conroe Park, and the other at 12 noon in downtown historic Conroe.

Douglas TX @PF-8149

Okay, sounds good.

The first meeting probably won't take 3 hours, so I'm checking with the 2nd guy that he can start earlier if needed

Douglas TX @PF-8149

Also did mean to not follow up on the opsec. Rocket logged me out and I had no idea.

Douglas TX @PF-8149

Sounds good.

No worries, it did the same for me.

I'll send you the address for the first guy soon. There's a new procedure for vetting Thomas will probably talk about tonight on Mumble, we have to check the guy's phone and social media such as Twitter, Telegram, and Gab. I'll put together some sheets for the interviewees

Douglas TX @PF-8149

Okay, will do.

Douglas TX @PF-8149

Also congrats, we all knew it, but it's offical now.

Man, thank you. You've done a great job with all your obligations you've got going on. Thanks for doing your part

For tomorrow, lets meet here:

15260 Hwy 105 West, Suite 138F, Montgomery, TX 77356

At 8:30 AM

We can walk to the meeting point

Douglas TX @PF-8149

okay see you then.

Here is the first intermediate's transcript

I'm parked by the marble slab creamery and Starbucks, under a giant billboard

Douglas TX @PF-8149

White Honda?


Douglas TX @PF-8149


I'm facing the highway

21/TX/Houston 40 min North
Conductor: Patrick TX
Notetaker: Randolph IL


Test Q: What do you expect will be asked in this interview?: How I came to my views. The circles I have been in. What my beliefs are. Job interview like.

-- Applicant Information --

Personal Transportation: Yes

Permanent Resident: No plans to move

Political Ideology: Pro-white. Nationalist

Drug Abuse: No

Religion: Broad Theism. Brought up Jehovah witness. Had to find his own spirituality. Doesn't like labels. Believes in a creator. No issue working with those of other religions.

Why Join: Has a buddy in a pool party. Pool party didn't respond to his email. Recent DC march. Reaction by cons to the march calling us feds because we are not fat. Made him realize that he needs to get off his ass and do something.

Skills: Fitness oriented. Warrior mindset. Wanted to join military but couldn't do so in conscience.

Read Manifesto: Yes. Reminds him of white nationalist materiel he has seen before except this seems like something that will stick around much longer. Organization. Thomas is very intelligent but not stuck in his ways. PF is a fluid organization.

-- In-depth Questions --

Q1: Yes. Went through interview process. Was not 21. Didn't have a car. Internet cut out during interview process and didn't follow through. Is mostly the same ideologically but has grown as a man. Got married. Focused on self improvement.

Q2: No crimes. No government employment.

Q3: No ailments

Q4: Grew up Jehovah witness. Conservative. Didn't watch tv because of religion and was spared of vile propaganda. Stared browsing the internet when he was 9. Found 4chan in 2013/14. Found Pol. Found people in "this sphere" while playing video games. Lots of White Nationalists in those crowds who are J woke. Was naturally and slowly introduced to white nationalism over time.

Q5: Watching Cville live and followed the various groups there like Vanguard. Sees it mentioned every now and then. Pool party buddy mentioned PF to him so he got more interested. Has watched the M2R doc and other march footage.

Q6: Civic Nationalism doesn't work. Racial differences make coming together to co-rule a country impossible. It has never worked. Every great empire falls because there are to many different nations. Doesn't like living near nonwhites.

Q7: Is of English and German Heritage. Not sure when his family came to America. Describes himself as English-German

Q8: Has been a part of online discord groups but no groups like PF. Has a friend in CA who believes the same as him. Has a pool party friend.

Q9: Violence is justified in self defense. There is a difference between morally justified and legally justified. Believes that we had the moral right to fight back in Philly but we made the right call in being defensive. Understands and agrees with the violence statement.

Q10: Got in a fight with older brother.

Q11: Schedule allows for weekly meetings. Runs his own business and makes his own schedule.

Q12: Biggest threat to America is Jewish domination over the world. Constantly finds new places that where destroyed by Jews.

Q13: Can get overloaded with fear when consuming too much info. Zero hedge. Social media. Gab. Pol sometimes but it is a garbage pit. 4chan.

Q14: Label: Nationalist. Had a Jewish preschool teacher. Her nephew wanted the blocks he was playing with. The kid went to the Jew teacher and got him in trouble in order to get the blocks.

Q15: Religious beliefs do not collide with political beliefs. They did the he was a JW. JWs look at Jews as "God's chosen people".

Q16: "Thus Spoke Zarathustra" by Nietchze. Did a dopamine detox after he got laid off during covid. Had a religious awakening effect. Read Mein Kampf.

Q17: Big into the gym. Recently dislocated knee cap. Was doing basic lifts but got more serious after recovering from injury. Is a little overweight rn. Is 230ibs. Bench 265. No martial arts.

Q18: Nuclear family. 3 or 4 kids. Stay at home wife. Everything is screwed up today. 2 parents work and still cant make ends meet. Kids are growing up to be gay and being taught messed up sex ed. They are also on all kinds of meds.

Q19: Admires Thomas Jefferson. Was against banking. Is from northern CA where the state of Jefferson movement is.

Q20: Despises the Rockefellers.

Q21: Nationalist movement is very unstable. Groups rise up and fall into obscurity quickly do to infighting. Lake of organization. From what he has seen, PF is the best American nationalist group he has ever seen. Focused on quality over quantity.

Q22: Wants to have a child. Wants to own a piece of land. Would like to do whatever he can to make a better future for his children.

I'm heading to "downtown conroe"

We can find a suitable location. The intermediate says he will be there at 11:30

Douglas TX @PF-8149


Douglas TX @PF-8149

Where do you want to meet?

I'm parking at the First Baptist Conroe parking lot



I have an overall good feeling about our Conroe guy, but I want to vet him again, with Jason and Paul.

Considering what happened in Virginia, the presence of antifascists in Houston, and some of the red flags the first guy displayed, I'm almost convinced he was an infiltrator and not some deviant sperg.

Douglas TX @PF-8149

Me too, but yeah go ahead with another meeting.

Douglas TX @PF-8149

I'm pretty sure the first guy was up to no good. I not sure what his plan was, but if I had to guess he heard about what happened in VA with the cars and thought he could replicate what the rat had done.

ND - James TX @PF-3637

Would you prepare some notes and questions you want to ask the intermediate next time? I'll do the same

Douglas TX @PF-8149

Okay, will do.

Hey Doug, when you get a chance can you send me any notes you have on our Conroe guy? Any questions you would like asked, or things he needs to elaborate on?

Douglas TX @PF-8149

Go back to the question I asked about him being adopted, and how he accepts his adopted families heritage when compared to America adopting foreign peoples. He answered with that he wasn’t black, but I think that would be good to come back to and have him elaborate on.
Also have him elaborate on any buzzwords or typical characteristic that are associated with nationalism that he uses or says he is.
Remember how the fury tried to drive home that he was straight, like that was going to save him and make us instantly accept him. Look for signs like that.
I tried to thinks up more and honestly the guys seems fairly genuine. Just get him talking and keep him talking. Get to know him better and if he slips up so be it.

Thanks for your feedback. Paul and I, possibly Daniel as well, are meeting him Saturday. We'll go over this and more, and take him on a sticker campaign

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