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Oh hi, thanks!

Hey man, I had an idea I wanted to send up the chain.

Are you aware of an app called liveua map, or live universal awareness?

Fella named Roland at the njp mentioned that they used to use it to track the movements of isis using their social media. And how it might be useful to track antifa during activism.

But that gave me another idea. Not sure if you’re familiar, but the Jewish community uses an app called ACT.IL to send their people towards “disinfo and hatespeech”. It occurred to me that maybe this Liveua Map could be used to track disinfo after an event, and send it keyboard warriors to help our messaging to normies.

Walltext over. Sorry about that lol.

Hi. Yep that was me.

For PF or NJP?

Don’t think I can.

Kinda short notice. But next one for sure

Hell yeah man. Looking forward to it!

I joined the mumble for authentication. If this is something that requires both of us to be present I can do it again at a different time.

Did you make up the costs already?

What’s a good way to get you a chunk of it?

I’m in here but not verified yet

Would now be a good time to get the green light for the meeting?

Workin on it

Damn. Nevermind, won’t take my card.

No worries.

Gonna get it done tonight

Well, I’ve got one. But I’ll see if I can’t pitch in with my next paycheck anyways. Thanks for the heads up man

Haha will do

I’m getting told the server is full

Missing attachment: IMG_1668.PNG
Missing attachment: IMG_1668.PNG
Missing attachment: IMG_1668.PNG

Nevermind I’m in

Nevermind I’m in

@ND - Eric PA Est. Correct?


I’m in the general channel for authentication when you’re ready.

Cool thx

Hey so.

I’m sure you did. But you saw that the last meeting was put up on twitter?

Kk just wanted to make sure you knew.

Was that Threema ID bit about everyone?


Sorry I was asleep

39 total messages. Viewing 100 per page.
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