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Sorry, a lot going on today. Starbucks right?

Blue jeans, brown jacket, light grey hoodie underneath, and a faded green Johnny’s seeds cap

I think I like the name Ashby, or Ash for short

Do I direct message him on here? Still getting the hang of this

I keep getting an error message and it sends me to the general chat with the interviewees

thanks, sometimes I lack techy skills

I’m free all day Saturday

Summary of contact meeting:

I was early enough to get a coffee and wait for about 10 minutes. I had given a description of my attire and just waited to be approached. This occurred, we shook hands and my contact went to get himself a coffee before our meeting. He returned and the meeting began not much different from how the interview over the phone was, the difference being more personal friendly and laid-back. Primarily we were communicating to each other how our lifelong journey led us to where we currently were in our beliefs. About an hour in, two other activists arrived, we were briefly introduced and had a short discussion. Afterward we proceeded to go on a walk to put up a few stickers in the surrounding area.
Thoughts and experiences:

in general I was pleased with the first impression of my contacts, and I look forward to working with them further in the future. I was also pleasantly surprised to participate with them in the placement of a few stickers nearby. It’s always a joy to encounter people of like minds, or at least who are aware of and observe similar content.

I’ll take the name Jackson

Are you still available to ski? I’ll go whether you’re there or not, if you do go, you’ll bear witness to my poor skills

Certainly what time? And what location is best? It seems like the payday lift is the best bet.

what kind of meeting is this anyway?

Oh and I’m choosing the name Jackson... Ashby wasn’t on the list Thomas gave me

I didn’t know I could make a request

I already said I would take the name Jackson, oh well

27 total messages. Viewing 100 per page.
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