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Hey just confirming; you sent that letter out right?

Sure we can do something on Monday, and I’ll bring the stencil as well.

Same spot at 4?

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I could probably do Monday

Help with what exactly

How long are you planning staying? I should be back home earlier because I have work

Maybe I could go if I could catch a ride with you but I don’t know about staying so late maybe I should stay behind

Cause I got work and all that


Sure thing

If it works for you, it works for me

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Yes most likely yes. A family member has fallen terribly ill and if he doesn’t make it I won’t go but if all things go well I’ll be able to make it

Thank you for your concern

What time are we planning to leave and be there by

My cars terrible on gas so I can ride with you and pay you for gas

Do we have a tent?

I’ll bring my own dont worry

Anybody have an extra mask? I can’t find mine

@Nathan AR Thanks brah

I’m here

Silver hatchback, girlfriend dropping me off

Did I leave my lantern in your car?

Hello Zach, I was contacting you regarding the money I owe from the trip. How would you like the funds transferred to you??

I did not no

I think so yes

I have PayPal

I could just send you through PayPal, I don’t really mind so long as you don’t

You know what, that would require me to know yours too, so let me just make a cash app

I can do all of this after work

Does Venmo require my name?


Hail Columbia. Have a good night brother

Very important Meeting at 8:10

Mandatory attendance

Hey you free to meet tomorrow?

Make sure to bring that lantern

I have a dentist appointment today, so I’ll have to meet you a little later

The appointments at 4:15

Yeah should be

We don’t have to be too long, we can hit up a couple signs right there in crest hill

I was thinking around that gym, since fit guys are more inclined to like our stuff

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