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No its going to Newark

Unfortunately, I am obligated to attend this event. The hotel has already been paid for, and its not just suspicion I'm worried about. I've already ditched a couple other events this semester to do things with PF and my family just plain wants to see me. I am still assuredly going to be there for December 3rd, come hell or high water

Just finished up a sticker run

Missing attachment: 1E6FB251-0817-4F18-88D5-DC1C5AD8E5A1.jpeg
Missing attachment: DCC89D62-86D6-4E83-95F5-98785AD39A8B.jpeg
Missing attachment: CB95B10C-0792-46E0-B2C8-BDC17D351576.jpeg
Missing attachment: DA1D8FA3-4476-4AD2-BAE0-AC68E8BB3442.jpeg

Right now its looking so, but I still might buy a ticket to fly back

If I were to buy a ticket to fly back, what day should it be for?

Missing attachment: 1F29A303-31F1-49FB-B8ED-D328184D7842.jpeg
Missing attachment: A8441528-2D8D-422C-8550-BB58A3AAC164.jpeg
Missing attachment: 49FC46AB-4EA8-4A42-8489-4859B75620D7.jpeg
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Did a sticker run

Yeah sorry. I had just gotten back into town and did it. I will next time

I have two more stacks of stickers and one little stack of fliers. Probably like 20 of them

pm on the 3rd

Forgot that they were supposed to be at 8pm now. Apologies

What timespan would be best for a flight back from Newark that Sunday?

I'm going to get a fligh ticket back if I can. Do you know what timespan might work best for that? Like, when we'll be able to get me back to the airport?

Nevermind actually, I'll be needing to drive back

Does he have threema?

I'll be landing at Newark Liberty International airport at 8:57 pm on Friday, December 3. So later this evening.

I just messaged him on here too

If you want to give me your threema that might be good to communicate through later, but I have RC on my phone browser so you can always message me here too

@NQ - Paul TX Threema me when you can I’m at camp

What’s your status?

5:30 today

Totally my bad man. Hectic day. I can bring it back over to you tonight anytime, when works?

I'll bring it at 2 am if need be. Sorry again

Ok where should i meet you?

I was just saying lol, anytime tonight i can meet you

yeah i know, heading out rn ill meet you there at the front, that little parking lot

Wait where did you say you left it?

Gotchya omw

I did not have access of my phone until after the event had taken place. The van I was in took everyones phone before we got to camp.

Missing attachment: Clipboard - December 10, 2021 12:15 PM

I checked, i only have my jacket as well

Its an honor

13 pullups, 41 pushups, 6 min 56 sec mile, 2 min 37 sec plank

Dang, yeah I'm outta CS for the time being.

Thanks, you too. I'll let you know when I'm back and stable there

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