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This is for saturday right?


Will do, Vincent

Happy belated thanksgiving boys. Can’t wait to see how far we go by the next one.

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I had deleted one of the 4 thinking it was a duplicate, leaving me only with three so I didn’t throw this one in activism

Eric if I remember correctly I gave you my uniform jacket and bump cap at the first drilling event, and my patches, uniform t-shirt, and baseballcap at the second. Would you be able to double check the stockpile, and if they’re there bring them

While belated, I’d like to wish everyone a happy start to Advent. Very fitting our first demo in some time, at which we look forward in the hope of restoring our nation is at the start of the season where we look forward to the return of Christ.

Alright, thanks

Welcome aboard @Leo PA

Eric should I bring sparring gear and a mess kit? It wasn't on the packing list but I just want to double check

Sounds good.

I believe I did, but I still have one of my own

I don't think the back patch is mine

I think my patches were in the front pocket of the polo with the velcro sleeves

wait I found my patches in my camelbak, patches aren't mine

Yeah, if you could bring the jacket, polo, and the cap that'd be appreciated. Gaiters can be distributed if needed


I think it has some paint stains on it


Vincent does not being able to play video games today count as giving them up

Ok thanks

Jason says ETA 5:45

It’s me, Jason, Wayne and a non affiliate (Jeff)

Did you manage to get back to your truck?


Kind of

Sounded like you were driving

Whats the cashapp to donate for the costs


Sounds good man

Is it the same cashapp for the toy drive

Hey Rex, glad to hear last night everything’s going well with the kids. Mason also told me you and him dropped a banner, so here’s hoping he comes back into the fold full force. I saw this article about this guy Lyndon LaRouche and he seemed like someone you’d be interested in, so I figured I’d drop the name if you’re ever looking for something to delve into

Hey Henry, I could use your knowledge. Apparently there’s a guy near me that needs to be vetted, but Jason doesn’t have his truck right now. Are there any MA or VT guys more towards like Albany that you think would be able to help? We’d probably have to meet them half way

I gotcha. Jason says he’s from Albany, but I figured if Jason isn’t able to get his truck in a reasonable time I could see if the interviewee would meet me and one of your guys half way

But if it’s a long way then it’s probably best to just try and get Jason his truck sooner rather than later

I’d totally be down to take the trip to MA. It’s all good though, I’m taking care of my grandparents so my schedule’s pretty tight too. Apparently the LaRouche PAC got taken over by some trumptard treasurer, so Afaik it’s kind of dead in the water since his wife says the PAC isn’t representative of his ideas anymore

Hey Vincent, verifications should be starting soon right?


Thanks man.

Let me know when you nail down a date. But yeah, I read some articles about his beliefs and they’re pretty interesting. People called him crazy but like it’s kind of strange how he was part of the “old left” but went on to have the beliefs he did. Smart guy

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Gotcha. I had recalled seeing some before, will make sure to avoid in the future.

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