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Will do, im off today in the evening if you're free then

Really sorry man, my phone charger was broken , didn't have access to it , just now got a new one.

Also understood.

I dont work tonight as I just now got off so I might not be able to attend the meeting as I still don't have wifi at my house. Though if necessary I can follow up with a 1 on 1 mumble chat in the evening tommorow if I don't make it.

I'll do what I can though.

Alright, I'll try and head up to my job a bit early tonight , there's wifi over there so I'll try and give you a call.

Im off work now, if you're available, im free to speak on mumble.

Wifi here is quite slow though

It might cut out but I'll be waiting on mumble for a few

Will do. Most likely best would be Saturday during the evening.
I will have home wifi on by Friday hopefully.

I landed a new job that I need to be there early on Monday so Sunday won't be the best.
But yes, there's a cafe nearby that I have the wifi password to and ill use that to contact you.
Tommorow at 8pm EST

With the new job im working landscaping at a golf club for 15 an hour, and the boss understands my situation so he's gonna try to help me get my papers together for that.

Its a 4 month subcontract and if he likes my work ethic he'll move me up to full time.

Everyday from 5:30am to 2:30pm with weekends off.

Im interested in that aswell though im gonna give this a shot and see how it turns out

The wifi kinda sucks but it should work for now

Im on the mumble

My phone is nearly kaput though
Low battery and water damage so I have a limited time

I'm back on my rocket, thanks for for help

Ello lads

Great seeing you out there man, Hope to meet again some time 👌

Good shit boys

We gave em hell out there

Heyo, what's up


Yup, how about you guys?

Missing attachment: IMG_20211206_153154_415.jpg

Me Too man, I'm on my bus home right now

We gave em hell


Nice talking to you too brother, I'll keep you updated. Currently on a bus back to Miami

Hell yeah, you too

Feds is when not fat

Much appreciated, likewise

Hey, I read in announcements you're in need of Interviewers? What's the process of applying for this role?


Hey, it's Ryan.
Really sorry about what happened at the exchange.
How you holding up man?

My legs are in shape but I could definitely improve calisthenics
I max 140 on Leg Press

I need to work on my mile and pretty much everything else on the fitness test

Back in Miami now.
Gonna try and check out Vitalchek which is a website to get birth certificate online without ID.

From there I can get the rest of my docs

I don't have my SS Card but I have the number

Hell yeah, I should be able to get all this done once I get paid hopefully

Will do brother, I really appreciate it

Of course brother, I'm thankful it didn't turn out worse, antifa are unhinged.

I've been planning on dirty bulking with mass gainer , I can't really diet due to high metabolism so I pretty much need to eat anything and everything (except high estrogen food products of course) in order to put on some weight

Understood. I'm aware, and will put more effort into it.

I'm not sure if Lawrence filled you in about my unique situation but I've got an update on it
Sent out for a replacement birth certificate just now.

Just ordered my birth certificate off vitalchek

Understood, Sir.
That's the plan.

Roger that, brother

I'll soon be able to devote myself 100% to activism

Wayne mugging on da infiltrators

Mogging *

My birth certificate arrived

I paid for an extra copy just incase

Indeed, I have my birth certificate and the package it came in can be used as proof of residence

Which I can put towards my ID


The certificate arrived

I've got that and the package it came in can be used as proof of residence

Yeah, I need to take a driver's test though so I'm just gonna go for State ID nezt


Then my SSN card, then a drivers test

Weight gain and exercise are pretty decent, I'm going to order some weight gain dietary supplements and I have a 12lb bag of mass gainer in my Cabinet. Going to take advantage of those things.

I'm doing about 10 push-ups a day and increasing it over time

I'm currently weighing 115lbs at 5'9

My goal is 150

Understood, doing some training right now.
I don't know if you'd like to use this for sons of Columbia or not but heres something I took



My internet was slow at the time so I couldnt make it, I had a follow up call with Lawrence FL earlier todat

Also I've got an appointment with the DMV now.

They're booked as hell though so it's January 4th


Of course, brother

Roger that brother

Did a training action today, took this pic



Definitely bro

Hey, I took this today while training and was suggested to send it to you

Hold on, the image doesn't seem to be sending



Hey, where could I possibly buy one of those Navy blue shirts with Reclaim America on the back?

Roger that

I had "covid" like 2 times and my immune system slaughtered it each time

Hey norm, how's everything going lately?

I'm doing pretty good, got my birth certificate so I'm on the right track again towards getting my shit together.
Keep me updated on that temple and dojo btw I might see about moving to Alabama in the near future for that.

I also bought a pull-up bar from Walmart to start home workouts

As in One of those 23andme tests?

I haven't yet but I plan to. I've been told that I'm German, Irish and French though so I normally just go by that.

I Checked my sister's 23andme and she got 29% Scottish, 26% German
So I normally use hers as a reference for my ethnic background

The rest are little bits of Eastern European

Kek, my mother tried to convince me I was Part Mongolian because we have distant Hungarian relatives

Same here, I only Consort with Germanic or celtic/Anglo women

Gotta keep my bloodline pure

Hell yeah brother
My current woman is a blonde hair blue eyed dane

Yeah, she's also got somewhat of a blue green combo, I'm blonde with brown eyes, I am quite pale but also with a bit of a tan because Florida does that



In-between dark and light
Also what do you use to preserve paleness? I need to get on that

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