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I forgot, I got done with 3 12 hour shifts back to back and just got off work

No 12 hour shift today tho

Sorry about missing, I've been insanely busy today

I also may not be able to afford gas, but I will bring my vehicle

I'm off on Tuesdays and Wednesdays

I am getting paid today

So I'll have it

We will take my car up

And will split gas 50 50 or in thirds if Gabe is coming

Aight aight

Plenty of space

I'm taking the route around the Grand Canyon, because it is literally the same time but more fuel efficient

Also I hate Vegas traffic

Fair enough

Just saying because I have severe ADD and don't do well with alot of cars or info

I get overestimated easily, if you want take over there it'll be fine


Grey Toyota Corrola

Missing attachment: Az1
Missing attachment: Az2
Missing attachment: Az2
Missing attachment: Az3
Missing attachment: Az3

We will be in St George around 6ish


Thx homie



I'll get them

Hey guys, I think I may have the coof

Won't be sure until I get results back from test

Let's hope I don't and this is just a minor cough 🤞🏻

I'm good for now

I tested positive

I feel like crap

I hope it let's me refund

Missing attachment: Ticket

It's nonrefundable too 😐

Let's hope like he'll I get better

I think its 14 days until I'm no longer contagious

Or 10

This really makes me mad, I really wish I would have gotten sick a week earlier

Gay af

$255 down the drain

I'm sorry about this

Maybe I can mask my symptoms on the plane bt then, 2go knows, right now I'm feeling really rough, literally taking Dayquil and Nyquil nonstop

I'll try

This one is rough

I don't think I'm going to he able to recover by then other than for a small period after I took Nyquil, the coughing nd sore throat won't go away

Hopefully it ends by tomorrow

Good luck on the trip man, I haven't recovered at all, in fact I'm feeling much worse

Well it was bound to happen, just the timing was awful

What are the odds lol

I saw you guys marching in the news, God I'm pissed I caught the coof, that looked so fun

You guys safe? I heard somebody stole the UHaul

Ibapologize for not being able to attend the PF national, my health has been awful, as the coof amplified the symptoms of my Lyme Disease and asthma that I relieved from the tick bite on our last national March on Philly, I will say however I have been responsible for the notorious list that was seen all over social media and in our circles that was sued to get those numerous antifa bans and have been hard at work utilizing it to stop numerous Antifa doxxes that were posted yesterday

This will not happen again, and I owe it to my network to apologize

I will have am apology up this afternoon, and will make an effort to amend this mistake

Just want to apologize for not being able to attending this National event, I promise it will not happen again

It's on me for letting you guys down

Some antifa nerds posted this

Is it old news? And did we find who it was? And is my identity compromised at all?

I knew it

My car was there

He got our pictures

I could tell by his voice he was antifa

It was my parents car

Can you find identities through Arizona license plates?

Hey, your identity may be compromised, scrub your media

Was Vincent WA at the California hike?

They deleted their social media

All I showed was my license plate

How did they find his name then?

Can I have help finding this out for Arizona? It's hard to look anywhere

All I have is the license plate most likely to worry about

They did say they were gonna doxx PNW and beyond

My identity may have been compromised

That PF trip to Cali had an infiltrator

I was wondering if your license plate could be used to find your identity in Arizona

Or if that's illegal in Arizona

Should I go to the police?

Or will that sic feds on me

I need legal advice

I don't even have a lawyer

I am going to take a PF hiatus until the coast js clear, I want to make sure my parents and I, and my job, are safe

So I took my parents car

He may have got their license plate

Now, if I knew if it was possible or not to find rhe owner of a vehicle via license plate will tell me whether or not I'm safe


Hey I may have been doxxed

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