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Tyler CT @PF-365252

It's very secluded like he told us earlier. He may try to go out there tonight.

As long as he makes it to Rendezvous on time I'm all for it

Tyler CT @PF-365252

Yeah, it shouldn't be a problem.

Tyler CT @PF-365252

Are you on track to be at the meet-up on time? I know it's almost 3 hours from the cape to here.

I am in RI rn tending to personal matters. I am 90 minutes from Rendezvous. Will be leaving at 1030 to arrive at midnight. TY for checkin in brah

Tyler CT @PF-365252

Just looking out for us all :D


Someone's got to

Tyler CT @PF-365252


PhilTruck is en route ETA 7:30 AM

You good?


Tyler CT @PF-365252

I was at the checkpoint, but we cant wait there until noon. Come back at noon

Event fees will be collected when you get there at noon

Tyler CT @PF-365252

K my eta is 11 32

Tyler CT @PF-365252

Im at the checkpoint. I'm with Grant MD and following his orders

Tyler CT @PF-365252

Our meeting can be earlier tonight if that helps you. I'm skipping the gym. I should have my car back tomorrow.

Roger that's awesome. 7 PM meeting with Norman MA he got back to me

7:30 PM with Josh to discuss new form of activism he thought of apparently like sign programming but way better

Then we'll discuss the coming weekend

Tyler CT @PF-365252


Hopping on now

Tyler CT @PF-365252

no sign of Norman :(

I know, he hasn't confirmed 7 PM

We'll wait till 9 PM then he's done, that's time he knows as of now

Tyler CT @PF-365252

:hiking_boot: :blond-haired_man_tone1:

Waiting to hear from Josh

Tyler CT @PF-365252


I saw that:smirk:

Tyler CT @PF-365252

I meant that it's time to kick him, but the emojis could have been interpreted in a violent way lol

Tyler CT @PF-365252

something: marxist library in cambrige (marshall)
stencils: 41.9375284, -71.4345790 (mike)
stencils: 41.6955362, -71.5413098 (mike)
stencils: 43°06'03"N 70°56'26"W (josh)
e-sign: 43°07'19"N 70°49'46"W (josh)
stencils: Legion Parkway, Brockton, MA (Phill)
e-sign: 43°08'39"N 70°55'06"W (Josh)

Tyler CT @PF-365252

Phill's 42.08414102778394, -71.02243970161486

Tyler CT @PF-365252

Hello! Please let me know if you're available for the following times in Massachusetts. They are two separate actions so you can confirm for either (or hopefully both). It's through constant labor and sacrifice that we will rebuild our nation!

Sunday: 1am to 2am
Sunday: noon to 8pm

42°21'05.2"N 71°06'23.5"W

42°21'03.4"N 71°06'02.4"W

Storrow Drive drops

42°20'56.2"N 71°03'36.0"W

42°20'48.6"N 71°03'47.4"W

Please inform each of our members to contact Norman MA no further. Since we are removing him we don't want him having any more info on anyon


Tyler CT @PF-365252

i don't think that's nessasary since he'll be removed so shortly, but i'll send you a draft of that message in a second.

Thomas said he would get to it when he has time, in the case that is actually a longer time we should send it out

Tyler CT @PF-365252

@all Discontinue any contact with Norman MA. He will be removed from the org shortly due to lack of communication and overall commitment. As Henry explained Thursday night, we are here to accomplish activism, and having a large member list means nothing if our activism output remains the same.

Send it only individually

No at alls

Tyler CT @PF-365252

Oh I see. That makes much more sense


Tyler CT @PF-365252

Sending DMs now.



Oh yes! Who hasn't made their commitments?

We also forgot to ask people for new ideas

You should add that to the Meeting Itinerary

So we don't forget

Tyler CT @PF-365252

The funny thing is that it was on my itinerary that I wrote for myself. I planned to include it in action reports, but I never mentioned it in the meeting. I think that's the best time for people to mention new ideas

Tyler CT @PF-365252

I'll post our activism commitments in a second.

Tyler CT @PF-365252

The good news is that these cans are epic. The bad news is that what I thought was a 2-pack was a 1-pack so we probably want to get one more can to be on the safe side. It is a huge 750 mL can, but it shoots paint out an an impressive rate. You can see my first line was way too runny, but with quick swipes, we can get very good coverage. The person doing this will need some skill.

That is very impressive, I can do the white can then

Tyler CT @PF-365252

Sunday Morning Meetup

60 Stockwell Dr, Avon, MA 02322
1:00 AM Sunday

PF Hat, PF Chevron Patch, PF Mask
Do not wear bright colors or distinctive markings
No other dress code is to be worn.

Tyler CT @PF-365252

91 Prospect St, Milford, MA 01757
12:15 pm

PF Hat, PF Chevron Patch, PF Mask
Warm clothing preferably in layers that can be removed
Additional Items:
• Backpack (if in possession)
• $10 to help cover banners
• Mouthguard
• Boxing gloves (if in possession)
• Muay Thai shin pads (if in possession)

Tyler CT @PF-365252

Hello! Please let me know your availability for either or both of these times. The exact times are subject to change.

Sunday 19th, 1:00am to 2:30am (this is late Saturday night)
Sunday 19th, noon to 8pm

Tyler CT @PF-365252

42.30046939130737, -71.43622008531544

42.285354, -71.498219

Oak St, Framingham, Rt 90

42.192556, -71.151206

Dedham St Canton, MA

42°13'22.0"N 71°10'09.2"W

Westwood Circle\

Blue Hills Reservation Trail, Randolph, MA 02368

42°11'35.1"N 71°04'40.8"W

42°25'03.2"N 71°12'17.7"W

Lexington, MA over Rt 2

42°22'36.2"N 71°16'00.4"W

Waltham, MA over I 95

42°31'45.8"N 71°16'24.4"W

Billerica, MA over Rt 3

Center for Marxist Education, Massachusetts Avenue, Cambridge, MA

42°21'47.7"N 71°06'06.0"W

Green St, Parking

Tyler CT @PF-365252

Just so you know, I was able to get the stenciling video from Joe. It worked when I got it through threema.


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