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Hello, this is a scripted message to all local organizers that will be organizing travel parties to our action in early December. Please make your local network/cluster aware that it is their individual responsibility to have the following two lighting items. Lighting will be limited at our campsite and so it is each individual activists responsibility to have the following two items:

Lantern (4 pack may be split over 4 men)

Clip-on hat light

If more economic alternatives can be found they are acceptable, we simply need a lot of individual lighting.
Thank you

Ok will respond soon


Alexander PA already sent in his report to you for his vehicle. The most it will cost me is $500 for my insurance deductable. but I'm probably going to fix it myself and save the money.

okay, that's good to hear. Were there any "non-vehicle damage" related costs incurred as a result of the VE being attacked?

Not with him or I, no.

that is good to hear, as well that you and your party returned home safely. Have you had a chance to review the lost and found catalog yet? Do any of your constituent members have any lost items they've not accounted for?

I'll look over it now but I haven't heard any of my guys say they lost anything. Before we left I grabbed the only thing that Alexander left behind

I would suggest starting by putting an @all in your network chat to see if anyone is missing anything first, then ask what and finally review through the document


10 total messages. Viewing 100 per page.
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