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typo at the top

*you are getting...


*discuss your issues remove the any

Cmon man it doesn't matter

add that he is a danger to the org with how he behaves

assuming he truly cares about that

Yes good point

@NS - Jason TX @NQ - Paul TX With the influx of new recruits we need to discuss proper vetting procedures and be on the top of our game. We don't want an infiltrator slipping through.

NQ - Paul TX @PF-361071

An idea I may have brought up before is to start requiring 2 in person meetings with each interviewee before accepting them. I think this is important because it’s very common for new guys to join and leave very quickly. Requiring them to meet up twice would test their dedication and interest to the organization. Perhaps the first meeting could be just a sit down interview to vet the applicant’s personality and the second could be an activism dedicated meet up to see if they’re willing to put up stickers and posters, etc.

NQ - Paul TX @PF-361071

Obviously if they don’t pass the initial interview meeting then we won’t have an activism meeting with them.

NQ - Paul TX @PF-361071

I would also like for us to talk with John WA sometime and see what he learned from the recent infiltration they had in their network.

John WA said that the infiltrator (Vincent WA) always seemed a little off, but they thought he was just a sperg. There are signs to look for. Vincent did not joke around with the other guys or seem to enjoy spending time with them, he just did what he was asked to do.

I'm going to vet one of the Houston applicants tomorrow. I haven't heard from Douglas, I'll see if Daniel is available. I plan on meeting this guy regardless. We talked on the vetting server for a bit. We can hold a 2nd meeting with him at a later date.

NQ - Paul TX @PF-361071

I still think it would be good to hear from John and get some advice on how he would’ve done things differently.

Yeah for sure

Alright, I'm planning on meeting both the Houston intermediates tomorrow. I know the one from Austin, been chatting with him on Telegram.

Alright, I'm planning on meeting both the Houston intermediates tomorrow.

NQ - Paul TX @PF-361071

I messaged Douglas on Telegram to see if he will be able to join you tomorrow.

NQ - Paul TX @PF-361071

If not I’d prefer to join you instead of Daniel.

Why not Daniel? Does he not ask questions, or is it a matter of responding to an ambush?

NQ - Paul TX @PF-361071

Daniel doesn’t really ask questions during interviews.

NQ - Paul TX @PF-361071

I think I would be a better partner to have for an interview.

I see. I agree, you would be ideal Paul. However, I don't want you to miss the Christmas Party. Also, we can have two vetting sessions, this is just the preliminary one.

This is to weed out the undesirables. Quickly establish contact and see if they meet the basic requirements. I will say, their transcripts don't have anything sus, but I will be very thorough in matching verbal answers to the transcript

NQ - Paul TX @PF-361071

Fair enough, in that case Daniel wouldn’t be bad to have just to have a second person with you.

I know the guides say two people minimum for vetting, so Daniel would be better than none.

NQ - Paul TX @PF-361071

I mean if both Daniel and Douglas are available you could take both for added security.

NQ - Paul TX @PF-361071

Douglas just replied that he should be available.

Yes, we are all set. Thanks Paul

I think the two of us should be fine, I don't want to intimidate the guys. Although these new applicants are some big boys

don't worry about intimidating the applicants, worry more about your secuity. and as the guides say, be at a vantage point, don't let the applicants run up on you, you walk up to them.

We have an updated guide to meeting intermediates.


We are now required to look at an intermediates phone and view all open apps, then have the intermediate close the apps. We then ask if they are on social media and view their social media timelines.

This includes Twitter, Gab, Telegram, any and all social media.

NQ - Paul TX @PF-361071

And if they refuse to show their personal social media?

NQ - Paul TX @PF-361071

Obviously if someone has an Instagram or Snapchat with their real information they would reasonably feel their security being breached.

We don't have to view anything with their real identity. I should've clarified that. If they don't have any political social media, we can ask to see their picture gallery for memes or political images. There might be some pushback, but if they flat out refuse to show anything, then we will terminate the meeting.

I'll link the guide momentarily

Missing attachment: MEETING INTERMEDIATES 121021.pdf

@NQ - Paul TX @NS - Jason TX do not share this document.

I want all 3 of us to vet the 2 intermediates that passed. We can't afford to be lacking. I have a good feeling about the Houston guy, the Austin one we need to dig deeper, but overall I feel okay about him.

Every intermediate should be vetted at least twice, as you suggested Paul. Maybe more.

After thinking about the first guy we vetted today, I think he was an infiltrator.

Missing attachment: Clipboard - December 12, 2021 12:27 AM
Missing attachment: Clipboard - December 12, 2021 12:29 AM

replaced the vibrant red with the flesh color. less eye straining.

NQ - Paul TX @PF-361071

I can’t say that George has the clearest background. I will say that he was in the org way back since the last National in DC in early 2020 and had went to that event. In fact he was the one watching camp and warded away Antifa when they had showed up to the campsite.
With that said, he went off the radar suddenly and ignored contact with everybody. He says he had work and family obligations, but that’s not a good excuse for ignoring all communication attempts. I will say that he had an entire month’s heads up about the event and I believe I told him it would be in DC. I don’t know if he ever intended on going in the first place, but he has seemed interested in getting involved in activism since rejoining and I think that’s because he missed being a part of a group of guys like this.

NS - Jason TX @PF-1919

George was in since the AIPAC demos in '10, likely earlier.

You guys verified for mumble?

NQ - Paul TX @PF-361071

Not yet.


Also, sorry you're feeling bad Paul.

NQ - Paul TX @PF-361071

It's alright, I just have this cough that has lost my voice.

my mumble is verified

I can make the room and you guys join the link

sometimes it's screws up on mobile so you might have to download the app

NQ - Paul TX @PF-361071

The Houston Pool Party is having a Christmas get-together on the 18th. If y'all and NW1 are interested we can see about going to that and do activism with them?

I'm down, we could also bring the intermediate from Conroe along.

We should vet him again beforehand, but I think he's pretty safe.

NQ - Paul TX @PF-361071

I'm going to get more information from the PP leader on their plans/schedule for the day. In the meantime let's see if NW1 will be interested in coming down.

NQ - Paul TX @PF-361071

Is anyone in our network still on the infiltrator suspect list?

@NQ - Paul TX I mentioned the party to Thomas and Patrick. No guarantee yet. As for the suspect list, I haven't cleared George. I don't suspect him, but if there is even the smallest amount of uncertainty then I can't clear him yet. I've only met him once.

NQ - Paul TX @PF-361071

Ok, well then we won't want to attend the party since it will be at somebody's house. But I made sure to invite them out for activism/sparring.

He'll be in Austin for a wedding on the 18th. But, I understand if they don't want a bunch of people they've never met coming to their home

NQ - Paul TX @PF-361071


21/TX/Houston 40 min North
Conductor: Patrick TX
Notetaker: Randolph IL


Test Q: What do you expect will be asked in this interview?: How I came to my views. The circles I have been in. What my beliefs are. Job interview like.

-- Applicant Information --

Personal Transportation: Yes

Permanent Resident: No plans to move

Political Ideology: Pro-white. Nationalist

Drug Abuse: No

Religion: Broad Theism. Brought up Jehovah witness. Had to find his own spirituality. Doesn't like labels. Believes in a creator. No issue working with those of other religions.

Why Join: Has a buddy in a pool party. Pool party didn't respond to his email. Recent DC march. Reaction by cons to the march calling us feds because we are not fat. Made him realize that he needs to get off his ass and do something.

Skills: Fitness oriented. Warrior mindset. Wanted to join military but couldn't do so in conscience.

Read Manifesto: Yes. Reminds him of white nationalist materiel he has seen before except this seems like something that will stick around much longer. Organization. Thomas is very intelligent but not stuck in his ways. PF is a fluid organization.

-- In-depth Questions --

Q1: Yes. Went through interview process. Was not 21. Didn't have a car. Internet cut out during interview process and didn't follow through. Is mostly the same ideologically but has grown as a man. Got married. Focused on self improvement.

Q2: No crimes. No government employment.

Q3: No ailments

Q4: Grew up Jehovah witness. Conservative. Didn't watch tv because of religion and was spared of vile propaganda. Stared browsing the internet when he was 9. Found 4chan in 2013/14. Found Pol. Found people in "this sphere" while playing video games. Lots of White Nationalists in those crowds who are J woke. Was naturally and slowly introduced to white nationalism over time.

Q5: Watching Cville live and followed the various groups there like Vanguard. Sees it mentioned every now and then. Pool party buddy mentioned PF to him so he got more interested. Has watched the M2R doc and other march footage.

Q6: Civic Nationalism doesn't work. Racial differences make coming together to co-rule a country impossible. It has never worked. Every great empire falls because there are to many different nations. Doesn't like living near nonwhites.

Q7: Is of English and German Heritage. Not sure when his family came to America. Describes himself as English-German

Q8: Has been a part of online discord groups but no groups like PF. Has a friend in CA who believes the same as him. Has a pool party friend.

Q9: Violence is justified in self defense. There is a difference between morally justified and legally justified. Believes that we had the moral right to fight back in Philly but we made the right call in being defensive. Understands and agrees with the violence statement.

Q10: Got in a fight with older brother.

Q11: Schedule allows for weekly meetings. Runs his own business and makes his own schedule.

Q12: Biggest threat to America is Jewish domination over the world. Constantly finds new places that where destroyed by Jews.

Q13: Can get overloaded with fear when consuming too much info. Zero hedge. Social media. Gab. Pol sometimes but it is a garbage pit. 4chan.

Q14: Label: Nationalist. Had a Jewish preschool teacher. Her nephew wanted the blocks he was playing with. The kid went to the Jew teacher and got him in trouble in order to get the blocks.

Q15: Religious beliefs do not collide with political beliefs. They did the he was a JW. JWs look at Jews as "God's chosen people".

Q16: "Thus Spoke Zarathustra" by Nietchze. Did a dopamine detox after he got laid off during covid. Had a religious awakening effect. Read Mein Kampf.

Q17: Big into the gym. Recently dislocated knee cap. Was doing basic lifts but got more serious after recovering from injury. Is a little overweight rn. Is 230ibs. Bench 265. No martial arts.

Q18: Nuclear family. 3 or 4 kids. Stay at home wife. Everything is screwed up today. 2 parents work and still cant make ends meet. Kids are growing up to be gay and being taught messed up sex ed. They are also on all kinds of meds.

Q19: Admires Thomas Jefferson. Was against banking. Is from northern CA where the state of Jefferson movement is.

Q20: Despises the Rockefellers.

Q21: Nationalist movement is very unstable. Groups rise up and fall into obscurity quickly do to infighting. Lake of organization. From what he has seen, PF is the best American nationalist group he has ever seen. Focused on quality over quantity.

Q22: Wants to have a child. Wants to own a piece of land. Would like to do whatever he can to make a better future for his children.

Here is the Conroe guy's transcript. I have a good feeling about him. I'd like to ask him more about the books he's read, and what most influenced his decision to not only join PF, but to embrace Nationalist/Fascist ideology in the first place. Beyond just where he learned it, but the driving force behind his attraction to our cause. We touched on this briefly the first interview, but not enough.

I'll get

Here is the Conroe guy's transcript. I have a good feeling about him. I'd like to ask him more about the books he's read, and what most influenced his decision to not only join PF, but to embrace Nationalist/Fascist ideology in the first place. Beyond just where he learned it, but the driving force behind his attraction to our cause. We touched on this briefly the first interview, but not enough.

I'll get Douglas' feedback soon, but I think this guy is legit and would be a good addition. He seems healthy, sound of mind, and eager to get active.

Click the following link to join the meeting:


Just want to dial in on your phone?

Dial-in: +1.512.647.1431 PIN: 1539469552#

Click this link to see the dial in phone numbers for this meeting

As for Anthony, @NS - Jason TX you can probably confirm this, but he did display a few flags. Nothing major. He talked about firearm manufacturing, and how he has a licence to do so. Although he discussed that in the virtual transcript, he expressed regret as he figured it wouldn't be appropriate. His Telegram seemed legit, a lot of NS stuff. It seemed organic, with many channels I've never heard of, which is a good sign. His self description as a misanthrope isn't ideal. He seemed very philosophical.

regarding Anthony

we have an intermediate in Temple

NQ - Paul TX @PF-361071

@ND - James TX Just a heads up, Douglas says he won't be available this Saturday. So if you're interested in coming down to Houston to vet the guy I'll be the one to come with you.

Ok, sounds like a plan. I should be in the area with family Friday, I'll be there

@ND - James TX when are you interested in meeting up w the Temple intermediate. You, Paul and I could all meet him.

NQ - Paul TX @PF-361071

@NS - Jason TX I think you and James could meet the intermediate without me.

We could but Temple is only 1 hour from CS, so you can make it if you're available

NQ - Paul TX @PF-361071

It's more like 1.5 hours, but that's about the same time that it probably takes for James to get there. I could go in place of James since he has already been doing a lot with interviews already.

I still need to reach out to him on the vetting server. My work responsibilities have ramped up lately, sorry I'm not able to check rocket as frequently. I don't mind meeting him, as I'll have to go to Austin to vet Anthony again as well, and I'd like to get them both done if possible.

Since I'll be in the Houston area Saturday, @NQ - Paul TX let's focus on the Conroe guy. I do want you to meet Anthony, the drive is a pain. @NS - Jason TX You could get a ride from Will, it would be good to have him help vet Anthony again as well as the Tenple guy. Temple guy's transcript looks solid.

For Anthony and Temple, I'm thinking Sunday the 19th, maybe someday during the week.

NQ - Paul TX @PF-361071

@ND - James TX What time and where are we meeting the interviewee this Saturday?

If we're talking about meeting the Temple guy, it doesn't make much sense for him to drive all the way down to Austin. If you want Will to attend, during the week would be your only option as he is off on Tue and Wed.

NQ - Paul TX @PF-361071

I'm talking about the Conroe guy.

I don't have a place picked out yet, I'll get one tonight. I'm thinking we sticker a school of some sort

@NS - Jason TX let me get home real quick, and we can work the details out on the Temple and Austin intermediate


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