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@ND - James TX could you dm me the text itself

just copy and paste it


In the future I suggest that the three of us could get on mumble 15-30min earlier to discuss any topics that may need to be added to the agenda and addressed said night, or alternatively we could have a separate mumble meeting some other time throughout the week for the agenda to come.

I can get on now. Paul is busy vetting a Houston guy


ill be right there

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Douglas is confirmed

Nvm I seee



@NS - Jason TX Everyone's status as far as activism, and any changes for attendance for National, thank you


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Missing attachment: Clipboard - November 22, 2021 7:51 PM

Don't forget to DM me the text


Nate hasn't been on Rocket since the porn comment. Highly doubt he'll be attending tonight.

Yes, might be for the best if he doesn't show

he'll cast voodoo spells on us

More like spam the call with trying to "identity the kike rat"

He did behave retarded like this that time when he ripped the beaner out of a car. You must understand that, that behavior put the org in danger, thus he was put on suspension. he started being a faggot to me on text just like this until we did that meetup with him. when you him and I were all chatting late at night at the park.

Yes, we need an intervention. On mumble first, then in person, just you and me Jason, maybe Billy as well.

You are the only guy in shape to do any "persuading" if he chosses to start any issues.

3 vs 1 should be fine, even if Billy can't do much. We could bring Will as well if you want

I don't think he'd do anything, you and him go way back. Remember, when we sparred I tended to get the better of him, he mostly focused on evading. I don't think he likes getting hit, unless he goes rage mode.

he is a wildcard

so, if we get his ass on mumble. we need to hammer it home to him that he'll be required to tone down his attitude and primarily quit weed. these will be the conditions on which he'll had the privilege of remaining a member.

as LarryFL had to do with some old cats that returned in his neck of the woods, we must do the same. his old spiel won't be tolerated here anymore.

Yes, and meet with us in person at some point in the near future

the 28th was going to be that day until all this crap unfolded

Missing attachment: Clipboard - November 22, 2021 10:10 PM

I'll get George's.

How about Wednesday?

@ND - James TX George will now be off on Mondays to make the meetings.

Missing attachment: Nov23Mumble.txt

Thank you sir


NQ - Paul TX @PF-361071

3(4) problems of note.

While this problems are directed at people they should be taken as something to improve on.

1. Hounding by leaderships. There is, at present, no real sense that higher leadership cares about you. You are treated as a number that needs to be mobilized. Mobilization does not take into account that some time hacks can just not be meet.
2. Unprofessional local leadership. Local leadership has had limited leadership experience in the past, is shows. If accountability for activism is being taken through the chat then activism should make up a small part of the meeting. Likewise fitness, fit members should not be subject to long talks and rambles over fitness. This drove now previous members up the wall, and still does for present members. If meetings are important to attend then they should cover important things. If you are in a leadership position you do not punch into that role when the meeting starts, that is your full time role.
3. No local community. This falls on cluster 3. Getting together to preform activism fell by the way side. I am no exception to this, have to put off group runs for other things, some times selfish. Just because Friday night doesn’t work, doesn’t mean there aren’t other times. On us to organize and work things out.

NQ - Paul TX @PF-361071

I’ve already talked to James about this stuff, but these are some problems that led to Scott leaving PF that we can work on improving. The biggest thing obviously being the way we structure our meetings.

Taking NW10 as an example, rather than weekly meetings, we can switch to every two weeks.

when's the last time he actually attended a meeting? James has cut down on the time devoted to activism since. I send him the chart every mumble night.

As or local community, we been trying, yet logistics and conflicting schedules make it difficult. when something is difficult, you don't just quit.

These are valid concerns, but I am annoyed that Scott didn't ever voice these before. Same with anyone else, if someone has a criticism then please voice it, so we can address it.

Yes, Scott was had very poor meeting attendance. I'm not going to pander to his feelings

Every night in open forum you ask for CQ&C and nothing is voiced

he should've made attendance then voice the concerns in the open forum section

Don't forget, the reason we moved mumble to 9 oclock is because he said that's when he was available. He then very seldom was in attendance. Yet he complains that he was hounded.

so he has attended them all up until these last two the 15th and 22nd

On the 1st and 8th he could've voiced his concerns

not all al but he attended the first two of this month

Yes, Paul you and I discussed this, but I think he made up his mind he wanted to leave. These reasons, while they are valid, are simply excuses that he uses. He doesn't care if they're addressed, they are grievances that he can use as a reason to leave PF.

These problems are easily addressed, and if he was passionate about PF, he would want to solve them instead of leaving without mentioning them to us prior.

that first issue is heard a lot from people leaving the org, I find that it's typically from those who weren't all too involved to begin with

We are an ACTIVIST org, not a sit on your ass and bitch on telegram org

if you don't make many of the meetups, and just communicate with leadership over rocket, it might seem like how he described. however, if he simply made it to the meet ups he would see how that's blatantly not the case.

Yeah, sure. I care about every one of you guys, even the ones I don't know as well. But, we have standards for a reason, and I try my best to reinforce the standards without being a hardass.

number 1 is directed at the overall leadership, number 2 at us and 3 at his local cluster

Man, to be honest, I could go off the chain, but its late and not even worth it. Not saying he has doesn't have some relevant criticisms, but really, you are going to leave and then drop these complaints you never ONCE brought up?

Very lame of him to do this. As you said already, if these concerns were genuine he would've brought them up before considering departure from the Organization.

I do think mumble every week is unnecessary. We should think about holding it every other week.

I think that should be ok, spread them apart anymore and we might run the risk of meetings ending up how they used to. from stellar attendance to ok then to a few then to nothing.

Yes, it's all a game of balance. Too tight a leash, people complain and leave. Too loose a leash, people relax and drift away.

@NQ - Paul TX your thoughts?

NQ - Paul TX @PF-361071

I think we can manage weekly meetings so long as they’re a fraction of the time spent before. As I suggested to James yesterday, we can take the initiative to collect information we need to fulfill our leadership responsibilities on our own basis instead of routinely going down the line during Mumble meetings which unnecessarily draws out the time. There’s two ways of doing this: A.) We have a weekly announcement to guys in the network channel to send the information we need directly to Jason every week, or B.) We divide up the information collection to the officers that work with that information. Example, James would DM guys throughout the week asking about their plans to do activism/if they’ve done some yet. Jason could DM guys asking about their fitness concerns, and giving advice to those that seek him out. And I could be responsible for messaging guys to check up on the logistical things (promat,travel,uniform,etc.)

NQ - Paul TX @PF-361071

I like the second option better, not only because it gives us leadership the ability to do our roles on our own time and at our own pace, but it also gives us the opportunity for more conversation with guys in direct message which would make them feel less like just a number and more like a member.

NQ - Paul TX @PF-361071

I believe that if we make a goal for leadership to build relationships with the members we would see more consistency in attendance and fulfillment of the basic requirements.

makes sense

We should all use that spreadsheet site. @NS - Jason TX what is it called again? The secure excel equivalent?

I'll come out with an outline detailing the weekly info we all must collect. @NQ - Paul TX Do you have the travel plans for next weekend all sorted?

NQ - Paul TX @PF-361071

I know that I’ll be driving my truck there.

@NQ - Paul TX OK, just make sure you and Doug are there before midnight the 2nd.

Also, I'm checking with Leo LA to see whether he is riding with you to DFW or if the caravan is stopping in LA

@ND - James TX you're asking if the caravan would go from DFW down to New Orleans?

It'll be one of two ways, Leo drives up to AR or he drives up to College Station

Guys, we should have a mumble meeting sometime this weekend to establish how we collect info moving forward. @NQ - Paul TX I like the ideas you suggested, and we should all be on the same page. We should all get on cryptpads on decide who will collect what info and have it stored so we can all access it

As Scribe I keep track of activism, fitness, etc.

Paul as Quartermaster keeps track of promat, other supplies, etc.

James as Director keeps Tom informed about the network status and trajectory

Tom sent us each a document detailing what our roles are meant to do

or should've at least

the three of us shouldget together, yes

NQ - Paul TX @PF-361071

I’d be good to have a mumble meeting anytime tomorrow.

@ND - James TX what time works for you

Let's do 7 pm, sounds good?


I'm fine w 7pm
U? @paulPF-361071

NQ - Paul TX @PF-361071


Nice. Let's do it

Finally heard back from Nate. I'll fill you guys in during the meeting.

I told Nate to get on at 7pm and wait until our meeting is over, then we can bring him in to talk to him. The short of it is, is that he told me he needs help. So, we can discus how we can help him after our discussion.


Wonderful. See you guys soon

NQ - Paul TX @PF-361071


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