(DM) ND - Christopher AL & NQ - Henry MA

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Do you have any questions or concerns regarding our role as right screen section?

I understand we are 1. Screening for traffic on the right side
2. Protecting Cameramen and Flagmen on the right side
3. Keeping Flagmen in step on right side

Are these Action Items correct? Am I missing something? Is there anything you want me to keep in mind specifically with my team?

You are correct. I will more than likely position your team to the front of the screen. Keep that in mind. We’re having a meeting at 9pm CST Monday to briefly discuss our roles.

9PM Monday I'll be there


10 PM ESat



I'll be there bro

Apologies, brother. Been caught up at work. Let’s do tomorrow


7CST tonight

I may not make tonight

Are you available now?


Let’s hop on

16 total messages. Viewing 100 per page.
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