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I'll reach back out to all the network directors and just double check that they don't forget to bring the equipment. I don't think that the list should have changed from the last time I put an update in the channel with who is bringing how much of what, but it never hurts to make sure. I'll have that for you soon! Last time the list was updated it was as follows

Sam VA: 4 Baofeng uv5rs

Thomas: 5 Baofeng UV-5rs

Ryan OH/KY: 7 Baofeng UV-5r

Lawrence FL: 2 Baofeng UV-5r

Adam NC: 6 Baofeng UV-5r

As far as new comms standards go, I think the manuals we have are a phenomenal beginning. We have the "How-To-UV-5R", we have the "How to talk on the radio and be smart about it", and we have the software needed to program all the radios when they are at the December event. With the manuals we have we should be able to show those two to anyone and have them be competent enough to not fuck up, and the more technical aspects Mike and I will just program in automatically with the laptop