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2017-01-17 00:00:13 UTC  

71 Fragments of a Chronology of Chance was impressive

2017-01-17 00:00:17 UTC  

I recently enjoyed a film by Tarkovsky, called Solaris

2017-01-17 00:00:45 UTC  

But I don't really consider it to be exceptional to my general sentiments about cinema

2017-01-17 00:01:11 UTC  

@Metalheim Have you seen a film called Dr. Caligari?

2017-01-17 00:01:20 UTC  

umm... no

2017-01-17 00:01:25 UTC  

I mean i enjoyed a drumb and bass and trance party i attended couple of weeks ago, which doesnt mean i dont hate trance and drum and bass

2017-01-17 00:02:49 UTC  

well, Haneke is pretty anti-cinematic

2017-01-17 00:03:00 UTC  

there's not much dialogue

2017-01-17 00:03:13 UTC  

@Metalheim Who could blame you? It's the earliest form of German expressionist film.

2017-01-17 00:03:29 UTC  

alright might need to check it out

2017-01-17 00:04:00 UTC  

I am no film-fanatic

2017-01-17 00:04:20 UTC  

I enjoy horror films and Finnish cinema

2017-01-17 00:05:05 UTC  

Dr. Caligari is a name that I've heard somewhere

2017-01-17 00:05:44 UTC  

Is it a horror film?

2017-01-17 00:07:07 UTC  

You could call it that, yes.

2017-01-17 00:09:33 UTC  

It is known for its stylistic sets, sharp angles and comment on Europe in 1920s. Not sure when it was flimed.

2017-01-17 00:10:26 UTC  

ok sounds interesting

2017-01-17 00:11:25 UTC  

wouldn't recommend reading up on it beforehand, spoilers

2017-01-17 00:12:55 UTC  

heh...Trump slams Merkel ......

2017-01-17 00:13:09 UTC  

yeah saw that newsline somewhere'

2017-01-17 00:13:09 UTC  

Not wth his cock surely.

2017-01-17 00:13:23 UTC  

no problem there

2017-01-17 00:13:26 UTC  


2017-01-17 00:13:37 UTC  

I think the times of Angela are over soon

2017-01-17 00:13:53 UTC  

she's terrified of him

2017-01-17 00:15:05 UTC  

she may get voted in again tho

2017-01-17 00:15:10 UTC  


2017-01-17 00:15:14 UTC  

the germans are just that cucked

2017-01-17 00:15:23 UTC  

They deserve it at that point if they do.

2017-01-17 00:15:37 UTC  

I don't have problems with them suffering the fate of Merkel

2017-01-17 00:15:39 UTC  

the problem is

2017-01-17 00:15:47 UTC  

through the EU, others suffer too

2017-01-17 00:15:51 UTC  

entire europe suffers

2017-01-17 00:15:58 UTC  

The good Germans need to get behind the idea of an ethnostate.

2017-01-17 00:16:03 UTC  

that's true

2017-01-17 00:16:16 UTC  

to entire europe suffering

2017-01-17 00:16:20 UTC  

some are already there. they are concerned they are still outnumbered

2017-01-17 00:16:57 UTC  

all the former cucks I know are voting AfD

2017-01-17 00:17:12 UTC  

you know many german cucks?

2017-01-17 00:17:26 UTC  

I do. Unfortunately. 😃

2017-01-17 00:18:18 UTC  

but they are voting AfD, and doing something about their cuckiness