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2017-01-13 19:28:40 UTC [Realism #general]  

great album

2017-01-13 19:29:17 UTC [Realism #general]  

ok never dwelled into them

2017-01-13 19:29:31 UTC [Realism #general]  

Therion's also ok

2017-01-13 19:29:41 UTC [Realism #general]  

I like the first album

2017-01-13 19:29:59 UTC [Realism #general]  


2017-01-13 19:31:16 UTC [Realism #general]  

actually I like Finnish version but there is quality stuff that came out of Sweden also

2017-01-13 19:31:44 UTC [Realism #general]  

but it might have something to do with the fact that I am from Finland

2017-01-13 19:32:09 UTC [Realism #general]  

Amorphis, Sentenced, Abhorrence

2017-01-13 19:32:14 UTC [Realism #general]  

my favorites

2017-01-13 19:32:18 UTC [Realism #general]  

yeah Desecresy

2017-01-13 19:32:38 UTC [Realism #general]  

oh yes

2017-01-13 19:32:49 UTC [Realism #general]  

Impaled Nazarene - my favorite

2017-01-13 19:33:34 UTC [Realism #general]  

umm... well I like the new one, Rapture, the first one

2017-01-13 19:33:59 UTC [Realism #general]  


2017-01-13 19:34:08 UTC [Realism #general]  

and Motรถrpenis is cool also

2017-01-13 19:34:23 UTC [Realism #general]  

pretty accurate

2017-01-13 19:34:47 UTC [Realism #general]  


2017-01-13 19:35:20 UTC [Realism #general]  


2017-01-13 19:35:27 UTC [Realism #general]  

underrated in my opinion

2017-01-13 19:35:35 UTC [Realism #general]  

the second album always gets the praise

2017-01-13 19:38:31 UTC [Realism #general]  

i have not read the alt-right blogosphere as actively as I used to so no idea

2017-01-13 19:39:21 UTC [Realism #general]  

with exception of which always hits the nail on the head

2017-01-13 19:39:25 UTC [Realism #general]  

so thank you

2017-01-13 19:41:46 UTC [Realism #general]  

actually there has been few nice blogs popping around here in Finland but they are mainly in finnish so...

2017-01-13 19:43:06 UTC [Realism #general]  

yes Sarastus is a great one

2017-01-13 19:43:10 UTC [Realism #general]  


2017-01-13 19:43:14 UTC [Realism #general]  

the best of Finland

2017-01-13 19:43:32 UTC [Realism #general]  

I just bought some old Linkola book

2017-01-13 19:43:38 UTC [Realism #general]  

a collection of some kind

2017-01-13 19:44:07 UTC [Realism #general]  

the way he writes is just astonishing

2017-01-13 19:44:21 UTC [Realism #general]  

I don't know if it translates to English as well

2017-01-13 19:46:01 UTC [Realism #general]  

I don't know if it's poetic but rather just raw power

2017-01-13 19:46:18 UTC [Realism #general]  

highly informative

2017-01-13 19:46:34 UTC [Realism #general]  

and you have to focus on every sentence and word

2017-01-13 19:46:50 UTC [Realism #general]  

It's the opposite of say a newspaper

2017-01-13 19:47:00 UTC [Realism #general]  


2017-01-13 19:48:41 UTC [Realism #general]  

I just like to read him, and Timo Hannikainen, who was highly influenced by him, not only for the content

2017-01-13 19:48:55 UTC [Realism #general]  

but also the style that is

2017-01-13 19:49:04 UTC [Realism #general]  

so precise

2017-01-13 19:49:14 UTC [Realism #general]  

and informative for the lack of a better word

2017-01-13 19:50:19 UTC [Realism #general]  

Hรคnnikรคinen, Timo

2017-01-13 19:50:30 UTC [Realism #general]  

part of the Sarastus group

2017-01-13 19:51:39 UTC [Realism #general]  

very interesting

2017-01-13 19:51:50 UTC [Realism #general]  


2017-01-13 19:52:34 UTC [Realism #general]  

alright sounds good

2017-01-13 19:53:21 UTC [Realism #general]  

Hรคnnikรคinen has translated some of your texts to finnish published at

2017-01-13 19:53:43 UTC [Realism #general]  

and Jack Donovan also

2017-01-13 19:55:45 UTC [Realism #general]  

ok I think it was Hรคnnikรคinen

2017-01-13 19:56:02 UTC [Realism #general]  

don't know anyone of that name

2017-01-13 19:57:05 UTC [Realism #general]  

also he has transled the manifesto by Unabomber

2017-01-13 19:57:27 UTC [Realism #general]  


2017-01-13 19:57:37 UTC [Realism #general]  


2017-01-13 19:57:45 UTC [Realism #general]  

it is pretty cool

2017-01-13 19:57:59 UTC [Realism #general]  

the Unabomber manifesto was great but it went largely unnoticed

2017-01-13 20:01:23 UTC [Realism #general]  

you were probably my red pill

2017-01-13 20:01:38 UTC [Realism #general]  

but also a finnish writer named Mika Waltari

2017-01-13 20:02:00 UTC [Realism #general]  

who was pretty famous at his time in the U.S.A.

2017-01-13 20:03:19 UTC [Realism #general]  

no problem

2017-01-13 20:04:01 UTC [Realism #general]  

we're kind of an isolated country so there are a lot of phenomenons that go unnoticed outside our borders'

2017-01-13 20:04:30 UTC [Realism #general]  

Waltari was most famous for his historic novels

2017-01-13 20:04:57 UTC [Realism #general]  

The Egyptian being the most famous

2017-01-13 20:06:59 UTC [Realism #general]  

Winter war is of course beyond legendary

2017-01-13 20:07:09 UTC [Realism #general]  

and a part of our identity

2017-01-13 20:07:29 UTC [Realism #general]  

yeah lol

2017-01-13 20:07:49 UTC [Realism #general]  


2017-01-13 20:07:58 UTC [Realism #general]  

like in Afghanistan or something

2017-01-13 20:08:38 UTC [Realism #general]  

but of course we were endorsed by the nazis

2017-01-13 20:08:44 UTC [Realism #general]  

so we own them

2017-01-13 20:08:58 UTC [Realism #general]  


2017-01-13 20:09:08 UTC [Realism #general]  

ok neved heard of that

2017-01-13 20:09:26 UTC [Realism #general]  

ok that sounds pretty cool if it's true

2017-01-13 20:09:59 UTC [Realism #general]  

actually we own a lot to our war-

2017-01-13 20:10:05 UTC [Realism #general]  

time president Risto Ryti

2017-01-13 20:10:14 UTC [Realism #general]  

who made a pact with the nazis

2017-01-13 20:10:41 UTC [Realism #general]  

but then resigned as a president soon enough

2017-01-13 20:11:04 UTC [Realism #general]  

as the pact was only made between the president and the nazis

2017-01-13 20:13:51 UTC [Realism #general]  


2017-01-13 20:14:53 UTC [Realism #general]  

yes he is

2017-01-13 20:15:17 UTC [Realism #general]  


2017-01-13 20:18:49 UTC [Realism #general]  

ok I gotta go see you guys

2017-01-16 14:21:27 UTC [Realism #general]  

I think this was bound to happen with the alternative right being such a broad term

2017-01-16 23:14:03 UTC [GabberHangout #general]  

do you really need a proof that there is such things as the divine

2017-01-16 23:14:50 UTC [GabberHangout #general]  

I think it's a pretty materialistic view

2017-01-16 23:14:59 UTC [GabberHangout #general]  

to demand a proof of god

2017-01-16 23:15:33 UTC [GabberHangout #general]  


2017-01-16 23:15:42 UTC [GabberHangout #general]  


2017-01-16 23:16:05 UTC [GabberHangout #general]  

at least for our generation

2017-01-16 23:16:22 UTC [GabberHangout #general]  

it used to be different

2017-01-16 23:18:16 UTC [GabberHangout #general]  

well religion has become personal in our modern age

2017-01-16 23:18:40 UTC [GabberHangout #general]  

and you can choose whatever religion you want

2017-01-16 23:18:47 UTC [GabberHangout #general]  

like shopping groceries

2017-01-16 23:19:57 UTC [GabberHangout #general]  


2017-01-16 23:22:40 UTC [GabberHangout #general]  

yes but you do know that christianity is parts pagan

2017-01-16 23:23:03 UTC [GabberHangout #general]  

although the whole picture is distorted

2017-01-16 23:23:33 UTC [GabberHangout #general]  

but of course religion cannote exist without the people, the blood

2017-01-16 23:24:01 UTC [GabberHangout #general]  

and our blood is...

2017-01-16 23:24:11 UTC [GabberHangout #general]  


2017-01-16 23:25:06 UTC [GabberHangout #general]  

well that is kind of a dumb idea

2017-01-16 23:26:14 UTC [GabberHangout #general]  

well everyone does have their story about how it all started

2017-01-16 23:26:39 UTC [GabberHangout #general]  

yes for sure

2017-01-16 23:29:36 UTC [GabberHangout #general]  

the only story that I remember well is the Noah-arc

2017-01-16 23:29:44 UTC [GabberHangout #general]  

I think it's pretty brutal

2017-01-16 23:30:09 UTC [GabberHangout #general]  

god drowns all the non-believers

2017-01-16 23:31:39 UTC [GabberHangout #general]  

I think it's pretty aristocratic

2017-01-16 23:38:06 UTC [GabberHangout #general]  

have you guys read Demian by Herman Hesse?

2017-01-16 23:38:40 UTC [GabberHangout #general]  


2017-01-16 23:38:52 UTC [GabberHangout #general]  

and it has pretty good interpretation of the Kain and Abel story

2017-01-16 23:39:39 UTC [GabberHangout #general]  

You should check it out.

2017-01-16 23:40:20 UTC [GabberHangout #general]  

and it also, pretty esoteric,

2017-01-16 23:42:22 UTC [GabberHangout #general]  

umm... it's basically about a kid growing up and having an older kid as his esoteric guide of some sorts

2017-01-16 23:42:51 UTC [GabberHangout #general]  

they begin their journey with the older kid revealing that the Kain and Abel story has actually been reversed by christians

2017-01-16 23:44:33 UTC [GabberHangout #general]  

why is that?

2017-01-16 23:46:15 UTC [GabberHangout #general]  

modern cinema or cinema in general?

2017-01-16 23:46:44 UTC [GabberHangout #general]  


2017-01-16 23:47:09 UTC [GabberHangout #general]  

well the thing about cinema is that it leaves no room for the imagination

2017-01-16 23:47:15 UTC [GabberHangout #general]  

at least modern cinema

2017-01-16 23:49:23 UTC [GabberHangout #general]  

umm... art films is a pretty general term

2017-01-16 23:49:43 UTC [GabberHangout #general]  

could you elaborate

2017-01-16 23:50:21 UTC [GabberHangout #general]  

I have no problem enjoying the cinema

2017-01-16 23:50:41 UTC [GabberHangout #general]  

although I do filter my viewing a lot

2017-01-16 23:51:12 UTC [GabberHangout #general]  

just watched "The Descent"

2017-01-16 23:57:58 UTC [GabberHangout #general]  

ok have you tried Michael Haneke?

2017-01-17 00:00:13 UTC [GabberHangout #general]  

71 Fragments of a Chronology of Chance was impressive

2017-01-17 00:01:20 UTC [GabberHangout #general]  

umm... no

2017-01-17 00:02:49 UTC [GabberHangout #general]  

well, Haneke is pretty anti-cinematic

2017-01-17 00:03:00 UTC [GabberHangout #general]  

there's not much dialogue

2017-01-17 00:03:29 UTC [GabberHangout #general]  

alright might need to check it out

2017-01-17 00:04:00 UTC [GabberHangout #general]  

I am no film-fanatic

2017-01-17 00:04:20 UTC [GabberHangout #general]  

I enjoy horror films and Finnish cinema

2017-01-17 00:05:05 UTC [GabberHangout #general]  

Dr. Caligari is a name that I've heard somewhere

2017-01-17 00:05:44 UTC [GabberHangout #general]  

Is it a horror film?

2017-01-17 00:10:26 UTC [GabberHangout #general]  

ok sounds interesting

2017-01-17 00:13:09 UTC [GabberHangout #general]  

yeah saw that newsline somewhere'

2017-01-17 00:13:37 UTC [GabberHangout #general]  

I think the times of Angela are over soon

2017-01-17 00:16:03 UTC [GabberHangout #general]  

that's true

2017-01-17 00:16:16 UTC [GabberHangout #general]  

to entire europe suffering

2017-01-17 00:45:11 UTC [GabberHangout #general]  

what is it with the leftist and their violent fantasies?

2017-01-17 00:46:09 UTC [GabberHangout #general]  


2017-01-17 00:47:43 UTC [GabberHangout #general]  

and they also seem to hold their abilities in high regard

2017-01-17 00:47:57 UTC [GabberHangout #general]  

like a group of whiny lefties could stop the whole event

2017-01-17 00:48:02 UTC [GabberHangout #general]  


2017-01-17 00:48:42 UTC [GabberHangout #general]  


2017-01-17 00:50:07 UTC [GabberHangout #general]  

but ok... I am not american but I think there is "pretty" tight security with all events that the president is attending

2017-01-17 00:50:56 UTC [GabberHangout #general]  

plus all the volunteers

2017-01-17 00:51:16 UTC [GabberHangout #general]  

like, the bikers for Trump

2017-01-17 00:51:48 UTC [GabberHangout #general]  

so three guys at a pub planning to stop the whole event sounds a little far-fetched

2017-01-17 23:38:44 UTC [Realism #general]  

Disfear sounds good.

2017-01-17 23:39:10 UTC [Realism #general]  

Like Dismember doing some punk-covers.

2017-01-17 23:40:13 UTC [Realism #general]  

Dismember covering Discharge.

2017-01-17 23:40:20 UTC [Realism #general]  

too many disses

2017-01-17 23:40:54 UTC [Realism #general]  

yeah never heard of them

2017-01-17 23:41:06 UTC [Realism #general]  

where they from?

2017-01-17 23:41:14 UTC [Realism #general]  


2017-01-17 23:44:25 UTC [Realism #general]  

that is "the album" for hardcore

2017-01-17 23:44:57 UTC [Realism #general]  

I am rarely in mood for any punk

2017-01-17 23:45:13 UTC [Realism #general]  

I'd rather listen to some punk inspired metal like Impaled Nazarene

2017-01-17 23:45:49 UTC [Realism #general]  

or even Reign in Blood

2017-01-17 23:48:07 UTC [Realism #general]  


2017-01-17 23:48:45 UTC [Realism #general]  

that is very true

2017-01-17 23:49:38 UTC [Realism #general]  


2017-01-17 23:49:46 UTC [Realism #general]  

like at dawn they sleep

2017-01-17 23:49:48 UTC [Realism #general]  


2017-01-17 23:50:40 UTC [Realism #general]  

I am not really sure what that song is about

2017-01-17 23:51:01 UTC [Realism #general]  

as I dont speak English as well as a native speaker

2017-01-17 23:51:31 UTC [Realism #general]  

I have like no clue what that title means

2017-01-17 23:53:45 UTC [Realism #general]  


2017-01-17 23:54:08 UTC [Realism #general]  

because of their parents?

2017-01-17 23:54:31 UTC [Realism #general]  

no like mentally

2017-01-17 23:55:46 UTC [Realism #general]  

because their selfish?

2017-01-17 23:56:08 UTC [Realism #general]  

or do they want to take it down so something better can be born out of it?

2017-01-18 00:02:00 UTC [Realism #general]  

yes sounds genuine

2017-01-18 00:07:17 UTC [Realism #general]  

that we're going downhill?

2017-01-18 00:07:24 UTC [Realism #general]  

and fast

2017-01-18 00:07:30 UTC [Realism #general]  

as species

2017-01-18 00:10:16 UTC [Realism #general]  


2017-01-18 00:12:54 UTC [Realism #general]  

ok that sounds pretty accurate now that I think of it

2017-01-18 00:13:27 UTC [Realism #general]  


2017-01-18 00:14:25 UTC [Realism #general]  

sounds very clear

2017-01-18 00:16:06 UTC [Realism #general]  

yes I've always been impressed with their lyrical content

2017-01-18 00:17:00 UTC [Realism #general]  

as a kid I couldn't understand any of it

2017-01-18 00:17:45 UTC [Realism #general]  

great song

2017-01-18 00:17:51 UTC [Realism #general]  

still part of their live set

2017-01-18 00:19:58 UTC [Realism #general]  

what do you mean?

2017-01-18 00:22:43 UTC [Realism #general]  


2017-01-18 00:22:53 UTC [Realism #general]  

Slaughter of the christians?

2017-01-18 00:23:27 UTC [Realism #general]  

i've never thought that ImpNaz could have a deeper meaning in their lyrical work

2017-01-18 00:25:03 UTC [Realism #general]  

he seems to be obsessed with death and destruction

2017-01-18 00:25:19 UTC [Realism #general]  


2017-01-18 00:25:57 UTC [Realism #general]  

lol the Senteced guys all were in the top for sure

2017-01-18 00:26:32 UTC [Realism #general]  

i've got no clue

2017-01-18 00:26:47 UTC [Realism #general]  

over 1000 years?

2017-01-18 00:27:11 UTC [Realism #general]  

that could mean like 1200 years

2017-01-18 00:27:55 UTC [Realism #general]  


2017-01-18 00:28:45 UTC [Realism #general]  

ok that sounds pretty cool

2017-01-18 00:29:08 UTC [Realism #general]  


2017-01-18 00:30:14 UTC [Realism #general]  


2017-01-18 00:30:30 UTC [Realism #general]  

that sound very nietzchean

2017-01-18 00:31:04 UTC [Realism #general]  

yes they do

2017-01-18 00:31:11 UTC [Realism #general]  

now that you mention it

2017-01-18 00:31:50 UTC [Realism #general]  

I am following

2017-01-18 00:32:31 UTC [Realism #general]  


2017-01-18 00:32:46 UTC [Realism #general]  

sounds, very ImpNaz so to speak

2017-01-18 00:32:56 UTC [Realism #general]  

sodomize the weak and let overmen rejoice

2017-01-18 00:35:16 UTC [Realism #general]  

umm the animal metaphors?

2017-01-18 00:36:21 UTC [Realism #general]  

or metamorphosis

2017-01-18 00:37:45 UTC [Realism #general]  

like some reincarnation

2017-01-18 00:37:59 UTC [Realism #general]  


2017-01-18 00:39:02 UTC [Realism #general]  


2017-01-18 00:39:50 UTC [Realism #general]  


2017-01-18 00:40:01 UTC [Realism #general]  


2017-01-18 00:40:22 UTC [Realism #general]  

ok never really listened the first DT

2017-01-18 00:40:56 UTC [Realism #general]  


2017-01-18 00:41:34 UTC [Realism #general]  

ok maybe I'll take another listen at it

2017-01-18 00:42:46 UTC [Realism #general]  

really sounds pretty neat

2017-01-18 00:43:21 UTC [Realism #general]  

umm.. I am afraid to answer this question

2017-01-18 00:43:28 UTC [Realism #general]  

I like their stuff but not a huge fan

2017-01-18 00:44:45 UTC [Realism #general]  

if you were going to dwell into the Demilich lyrics that would be crazy

2017-01-18 00:45:41 UTC [Realism #general]  

no I am afraid

2017-01-18 00:46:22 UTC [Realism #general]  

actually Abhorrence and Demilich are touring Finland this year

2017-01-18 00:46:32 UTC [Realism #general]  

coming to my hometown also

2017-01-18 00:47:09 UTC [Realism #general]  

I like the Belial album

2017-01-18 00:47:15 UTC [Realism #general]  

underrated in my opinion

2017-01-18 00:47:47 UTC [Realism #general]  

or is it an EP?

2017-01-18 00:48:15 UTC [Realism #general]  

Wisdom of Darkness

2017-01-18 00:49:01 UTC [Realism #general]  

that is the only one I've heard of them

2017-01-18 00:51:45 UTC [Realism #general]  

so Wisdom of darkness is roughly same as the latter EP?

2017-01-18 00:51:58 UTC [Realism #general]  

and yes I am going to the show

2017-01-18 00:52:29 UTC [Realism #general]  

I was merely born when metal was at it's height so I have to see every band if they happen to perform live

2017-01-18 00:57:19 UTC [Realism #general]  

was happy to catch Incantation as they performed in Helsinki last summer

2017-01-18 00:57:28 UTC [Realism #general]  

good show

2017-01-18 00:58:21 UTC [Realism #general]  

great guys

2017-01-18 00:58:31 UTC [Realism #general]  

so down to earth

2017-01-18 00:58:46 UTC [Realism #general]  

especially John

2017-01-18 01:01:32 UTC [Realism #general]  

but damn I gotta go now, thanks for the lesson I will have to dwell deeper into Slayer lyrics

2017-01-19 00:24:41 UTC [GabberHangout #general]  

already at it

2017-01-19 00:30:23 UTC [GabberHangout #general]  

This is pretty good. Only listened to Godless Arrogance before, this is more... feral?

2017-01-19 00:30:41 UTC [GabberHangout #general]  

And grindcore influenced

2017-01-19 00:42:19 UTC [GabberHangout #general]  

@diversity_is_racism I am doing rather well, thank you.

2017-01-19 00:43:02 UTC [GabberHangout #general]  

This is one of my favorite articles.

2017-01-19 00:43:10 UTC [GabberHangout #general]  

Anyone agree?

2017-01-19 01:04:00 UTC [GabberHangout #general]  

ok I listened the whole album, I gotta say I am impressed

2017-01-19 01:04:52 UTC [GabberHangout #general]  

I've tried to listen to it before also but always rejected it as it wasn't as technically profinent as Godless Arrogance

2017-02-01 23:46:51 UTC [Realism #general]  

talking about sodom

2017-02-01 23:47:12 UTC [Realism #general]  

i am talking about the act

2017-02-01 23:47:24 UTC [Realism #general]  

did you ever find a motto for

2017-02-01 23:48:46 UTC [Realism #general]  

I like the line in Sentenced's North from Here - "while you were asleep I was awake to be a part of the dark".

2017-02-01 23:48:52 UTC [Realism #general]  

but that is kinda long

2017-02-01 23:49:52 UTC [Realism #general]  


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