Message from Sado Mana in Safe Space 3 #lobby-unvetted

2017-05-09 00:31:55 UTC  

IRC, maybe web hooks for matrix or something.

2017-05-09 00:32:08 UTC  

IRC is lovely, but doesn't have voice chat

2017-05-09 00:32:14 UTC  

Mumble then.

2017-05-09 00:32:32 UTC  

It has a shitty UI tbh fam

2017-05-09 00:32:39 UTC  

I could imagine a foss front end for a mumble network ..

2017-05-09 00:33:04 UTC  

Function over form here if we're talking about the extinction of our culture.

2017-05-09 00:33:30 UTC  

The reality is that we got reported once in like months of operation and it didn't really hurt us

2017-05-09 00:33:45 UTC  


2017-05-09 00:34:08 UTC  

The only thing that did is infighting and drama, which there isn';t too much of lately

2017-05-09 00:34:25 UTC  

But yeah, if you want to build a foss mumble front-end, that would be chill

2017-05-09 00:35:20 UTC  


2017-05-09 02:08:11 UTC  

how does ome get vetted?

2017-05-09 02:08:50 UTC  

By referral most of the time

2017-05-09 03:44:54 UTC  

The great migration is underway

2017-05-09 03:48:37 UTC

2017-05-09 05:10:47 UTC  
2017-05-09 05:10:50 UTC  

vet me

2017-05-09 05:11:29 UTC  
2017-05-09 05:21:40 UTC  

@Sado Mana ill vet u

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2017-05-09 05:23:18 UTC  

give me a sec

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2017-05-09 13:00:03 UTC  

The invasion has begun...

2017-05-09 13:34:46 UTC  

@Master Sethern to import immigrants?

2017-05-09 13:36:45 UTC  

@Nothing_Much That's been going on for a while, but yeah on a higher level, and now they're pressuring Poland, and Hungary to take in immigrants.

2017-05-09 13:37:06 UTC  

The politicians of Western Europe are committing treason

2017-05-09 13:37:12 UTC  

The only solution is death for those types

2017-05-09 13:37:17 UTC  

But, who is going to punish them for it? None.

2017-05-09 13:37:20 UTC  

I know

2017-05-09 13:37:34 UTC  

At this point political means of resolution aren't going to be enough

2017-05-09 13:37:41 UTC  

Either white flight to America temporarily

2017-05-09 13:37:54 UTC  

Or fight immediately and start losing more whites than what we have currently

2017-05-09 13:38:15 UTC  

Our numbers are still way too small and we still have paper nationalists who believe that even with nonwhites they can still retain culture

2017-05-09 13:38:28 UTC  

nononononono, if whites begin to leave Europe they will just fall in America --- Don't forget America takes in 1 million non white immigrants per year, that doesn't include of course the illegals that cross the border to the south.