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goddamn this is fuckin' wew


well guys

just don't forget

we still have white countries

that aren't nearly as pozzed

north dakota

and other places

it's time to work

and accelerate the economic decline

invest in bitcoins and other cryptocurrencies

@flooz you have to be white nationalist for that

because paper nationalism just won't cut it in this case

emmanual is a crypto-jew

he'll be safe with the rest of the spirit cooking crew

fuckin' horrible

i think i'm overly optimistic

because this is the accelerationism we need



the white pill is that

Accelerationism will wake up more and more whites

so whoever's in France

prepare for daily Jihadist attacks

it is actually

we still have lolbertarians that aren't starving

they believe that radical individualism can help, despite the fact that they live in majority/all white areas and have 0 care about anything except profits like jews



i might be blackpilling

currently discussing this on another server

not really

jews hate him

just as much as richard spencer

Israel hates white people existing

Jews have the most amount of supremacy of any "human" being that exists today

I don't believe he's controlled opposition

he's great for redpilling normies the same way InfoWars does

PJW is a part of infowars

Alex Jones is also a paper nationalist, saw a few bumper stickers that had infowars on their cars



His face is just too much

Well infowars itself is paper nationalism

who, Alex Jones?

probably from the unique id or something


@Master Sethern to import immigrants?

The politicians of Western Europe are committing treason

The only solution is death for those types

I know

At this point political means of resolution aren't going to be enough

Either white flight to America temporarily

Or fight immediately and start losing more whites than what we have currently

Our numbers are still way too small and we still have paper nationalists who believe that even with nonwhites they can still retain culture

What do you mean?

@Montanan Because Israel doesn't give second/third worlders equal rights

In fact, they don't even have niggers

They sterilize niggers and then ship them back to Africa

The nigger jews, that is

I've seen half of it

I really should finish it

But I've been convinced

Nothing_Much 2017-05-09 21:53:23 [Safe Space 3 #news]


Oy vey!

I'd say freedom is highly overrated because Libertarianism has been mocked for years and is inherently a jewish invention to make intellectuals like yourself fall into this circle of "oh i'm an intellectual, be an individual, be a consumer with nothing of value to offer"

Goddamn, every time I read any of your TL;DR posts @Virtue, I either laugh or frown

Libertarianism is a jewish invention, yes, whites do have an individualistic trait, but to betray their own people because they believe that ALL humans are created "equally" has been incredibly detrimental to pretty much all whites

sounds like you're moving away from civic nationalism, fam

good job I'd say

black racism

@Fireball Bastard The only children that are mistakes are race-mixed

Those are the depressing cases where they should not exist at all. Especially the Mulattoes that have a basic understanding of race and can easily see the differences between blacks and whites. Who's to blame? Well, sheeeeeeeeeeit who's in charge of the organizations that are saying shit like "love is love" and other garbage like that?

It's hard for men to be incentivized to stay with all of this degeneracy that gives them the temporary satisfaction we're all craving due to our lack of identity

It's also hard for white men in particular to be as perfect as hollywood depicts jewish/black men.

So women have overly high expectations nowadays to want pretty much EVERYTHING, like be a breadwinner with at least a 6 digit figure income

Unfortunately for most men like myself, it's tough to even bother with all the anti-white rhetoric going on... Which is one reason why I'm for accelerationism big time.

Well yeah

It's called propaganda

My area's pretty blackpilling too

Which is why I'm moving to North Dakota in a week or so

Watford City is the goal, but I might have to stay somewhere cheaper

Then again, the West part of NoDak is very nice and white

Oh by the way

Did you know

That the reserves areas for Native Americans overwhelmingly voted for Hillary Clinton?

Sioux County in North Dakota is a reserve area and it's as blue as the black vote for Clinton was

Native Americans?

Fuckin' degenerates

Yeah, fuck 'em

Just another goddamned burden for Whitey

... To be honest, white supremacy is becoming more logical and reasonable to me, really.

Goddamn I'm just a Millennial, I can only imagine that Generation Z is gonna wind up probably carrying out what Millennials have been talking about at least



She's a kike, dude

be careful with that


Oh wait, it's Green

Thing is

Their ideologies are dangerous

They're also genetic

The "coincidences" that people refuse to talk about are just so blatantly obvious

Subvert literally everyone, rather

They choose whites first because we're the only ones standing in their way at the moment

The Chinese are actually currently conquering Africa right now

Right yeah

Don't trust them

But trade with them

And don't fucking sell out your people

They aren't subversive

They're too paranoid for that

Of course

Chinks you have to be careful with

You think they'll be able to subvert whitey though? lol

After what our country's become after being treated by the kikes?


They wouldn't be able to pull off the (((fellow white people, we need to be more generous to other races because muh oppression))) meme

@flooz The 88 is mostly involving the 88 preceipts, but it's not exclusive to the 14 words as well.

Yeah the 88 is supposedly for Heil Hitler, but it's about 88 preceipts on how to run a white society

Tbh though we can figure it out ourselves

At the moment though time is not on our side

We are facing a literal existential crisis

We've gotta harden ourselves up

Which is why I'm personally moving to North Dakota and hoping to get some life experience

Hopefully I will, I've been blackpilled on women lately. This place is getting surrounded by a few Mulattoes.

"muh freedoms" Lolbertarian and Civic Nationalist arguments debunked by MW

Because there's too many coalburners in my area

@Fireball Bastard No no, they have Mulatto kids is what gets me sperging out

Yeah I know

My area is one gigantic black pill and it's why I'm getting the fuck outta here

I'm in Central FL

Deltona rather, I just don't give a fuck anymore

I'm moving to North Dakota to get the fuck out of this goddamned hellhole

The weather, the niggers, the spics, all of it is just garbage


start with Miami

I might consider starting a political party in North Dakota, after redpilling people of course.

I gotta search up in Williston


Or somewhere inbetween

Actually, nvm

The cheapest houses are never online

Scandinavians yeah

Same for Minnesota


Oh no, Minnesota has the most Somalis



The majority of immigrants from the old days before Hart-Celler to Minnesota



it's the treasonous governor Mark Dayton


the difference is

if you saw comments of where Mark Dayton collapsed on tv

the comments section of those videos

people in MN are calling for his death


"this man needs to die" "I hope he dies for turning Minniapolis into Somalia" "fuck this man, he betrayed this country for allowing these people into our cities"

@Master Sethern He's a Democrat, so basically a traitor

The problem are kikes

Scandinavian Socialism worked out fantastically

Until the kikes convinced the whites to bring in those fucking sand niggers

Yeah it's downright evil

Treasonous governments like that

It can't JUST be the Welfare

It's a damn good (((marketing))) scheme to bring in migrants


Who convinces the niggers to hop on the ships to actually move to Europe?

Those are the people who are supposed to be (((helping the economy)))

Those animals chat can't even fucking swim

For fuck's sake

The death of those animals are in the hands of the (((leaders))) of Europe

Yeah, who's Crom?



that's some nightmare fuel there

no wonder we have so many faggots these days

The worst enablers of THOTs are PUA's

Same for MGTOWs but the PUAs enable them to be worse

Yeah MGTOWs just let women "do whatever they want" and they turn into coalburners

PUAs enable them to become sluts, whores, thots and THEN they become coalburners

It's worse, but it's like comparing dog shit to elephant shit

It's still shit

I don't know, I've never had a girlfriend outside of my childhood sweetheart

Who sadly coalburned, but had a white child who's a bastard unfortunately

I'm not sure what you just said but it made ya happy so hurray?

Hot damn

I'm jealous lol

I'm just a measly 6'0

Short women are adorable tho



C-Sections are basically cutting open the belly

Without sedatives



At least that's what I was told by a couple of baby boomers


I wouldn't know

That sounds like a good idea not to have them

Collapses? O.o

Would that explain why I can crack my neck on a daily basis? :^)

Civic Nationalism is simply a delayed way towards the Leftist future that we want to avoid.

Not women either.

It's that or just be a manly role model

@Master Sethern You have a wife?

As long as it stays in the bedroom

Other than that, it's degenerate

they just needed to understand our cultur- oh wait nevermind we need to understand their culture as to why they demolished 9th century artwork that our ancestors sweat and bled over thousands of years ago

Social Justice in AI is bound to bring out the worst of humanity

They will not replace us

Nothing_Much 2017-05-13 20:36:22 [Safe Space 3 #news]

That's actually a thing that exists

bahaha amazing stream

Dawn of a new era is what Europe's right wing parties are gonna be called

Unifying whites all across the globe


hitler loved his dogs

@Fireball Bastard yeah it's also fascinating that when Hitler was invading Eastern Europe, they were begging Hitler to gas the kikes

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